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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Monday, July 9, 2018

Herbal Remedies for Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis (PFIC)

Progressive familial intra hepatic cholestasis is a cluster of familial cholestasis. Cholestasis is the condition in which there is an obstruction to the bile flow from liver to duodenum. In this case, it is caused by the damage of biliary epithelial transporters. PFIC certainly has some genetic connections. The clinical representation first begins in the childhood. Later tends to become progressive cholestasis. In most of the victims, it ends up in failure to thrive & cirrhosis. This leads to an urgent need for liver transplantation.


  • Type 1 - also called Byler disease
  • Type 2 - also called ABCB11 deficiency or BSEP deficiency
  • Type 3 - also called ABCB4 deficiency or MDR3 deficiency
  • Type 4 - from mutation in TJP2

These are generally caused by some mutations and genetic factors.


Usually the first symptoms appear around the age of 2. But there are cases where it was under diagnosed till adolescence. Among the different types of PFIC, type 3 shows the symptoms at the earliest. The main symptoms of PFIC includes:-

  • Cholestasis in early childhood
  • Jaundice
  • Failure to thrive
  • Intense pruritic
  • Fat Malabsorption
  • Fat soluble vitamin deficiency
  • Osteopenia
  • Watery diarrhea in type 1 PFIC
  • Hepatocellular damage in type 2 PFIC
  • Cholangitis in type 3 PFIC (infection of the bile duct)

The inheritance pattern of PFIC is in autosomal recessive fashion.


This considered to be the most important risk factor for PFIC. Intra hepatic cholestasis of pregnancy can also be linked with PFIC.

This typically progressive liver disease of childhood, later leads to liver failure which will be fulminant in nature. In absence of liver transplantation, it will certainly lead to death in childhood. PFIC has even chances to develop as hepatocellular carcinoma, if left unattended.

In Ayurveda, PFIC shows tridosha – vata, pitta & kapha – vitiation. Aggravation of these three humors tends to destruct the body.


  1. Indian Echinacea
  2. Yakrit Plihantak Churna
  3. Phyllanthus Niruri Capsules
  4. Liver Detox Capsules

Liver Care Pack

Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis, PFIC, Herbal Remedies, Ayurvedic Treatment

1. Indian Echinacea

Andrographis paniculata – 'King of Bitters' – which is indigenous to India, is used widely to treat infections. It is well known for its immune boosting powers. The anti-inflammatory property of kalamegh is used in the treatment of PFIC. The fruits, flowers and leaves are all packed with the essentials to fight against diseases. It is best used in respiratory tract infections & liver cirrhosis.

Dosage – 2 capsules twice or thrice a day after meals with lukewarm water.

2. Yakritplihantak Churna

It is a magical mixture of drugs which is excellent for liver and spleen function. Yakrit plihantak choorna is a liver cleanser and helps to regenerate the liver cells. Hence it helps to avoid liver failure. The capability of the choorna to increase the bile production in turn enhances the liver function. The ingredients of yakrit plihantak choorna includes:-

  • Bhumi amla – Phyllanthus niruri
  • Katuki – Piccorrhiza kurrao
  • Makoy – Solanum indicum
  • Punarnava – Boerhavia diffusa
  • Kalmegha – Andrographis paniculata
  • Kaasni – Cichorium intybus
  • Sharapunkha – Tephrosia purpurea
  • Bringaraj – Eclipta alba

Yakritplihantak churna is best in alcoholic liver diseases, fatty liver and in enlarged spleen.

Dosage – 2 capsules twice a day after food with lukewarm water.

3. Phyllanthus Niruri Capsules

The potent liver cleanser, phyllanthus niruri capsule is manufactured out from the standardized herbal extracts of the herb, bhumi amalaki (Phyllanthus niruri). The antioxidant property and the antimicrobial activity of the drug enhance the liver function. The proven statistical study on phyllanthus niruri shows decrease in insulin resistance and reduction of fatty liver symptoms. It is considered to be the best drug for enlarged liver.

Dosage – 2 capsules twice a day after food with lukewarm water.

4. Liver Detox Formula

as the name indicates, liver detox formula helps in liver detoxification. It helps to boost the natural defense system of the body. An enhancement of liver function heals poor digestion, bloating, hormonal irregularities & fatigue, as there is an increase in bile secretion. Besides the therapeutic effect, it also has liver failure preventive action if taken daily. The major ingredients of liver detox formula includes:-

  • Katuki – Piccorrhiza kurrao
  • Punarnava – Boerhavia diffusa
  • Kalamegh – Andrographis paniculata
  • Makoy – Solanum indicum
  • Kaasni – Chichorium intybus
  • Biranjasipha – Achillea millefolium – yarrow
  • Jhavuka – Tamarix galluca
  • Himsra – Capparis spinosa
  • Haritaki – Terminalia chebula

Hepatitis, cirrhosis, jaundice and all other liver disorders are well managed using liver detox formula. It is a guaranteed product of Planet Ayurveda, which will certainly improve your liver function. SGPT & SGOT are well balanced using liver detox formula.

Dosage – 1 to 2 capsules twice a day with lukewarm water either half hour before food or half hour after the food.

It is very unfortunate that PFIC has no absolute cure as it has genetic relations. But Ayurveda offers excellent choices of medication, which will certainly improve the quality of life of the patients. Please don't panic and you will certainly get better.

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