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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wheat Allergy Alternative Treatment- Flour for Wheat Allergy

Wheat Allergy

There are many Wheat Allergy patients who visit me and come to my clinic and ask me what they can eat other than wheat. Though there are many gluten free foods available in the market, but still I have come up with an idea of a flour which can be made at home without any wheat content in it.

The combination is as followed -

Take each of the ingredients in the below mentioned ratio, make powder of them and you can use it as a flour to be used instead of wheat flour.

  1. Rice flour (1 kg)
  2. Soyabean flour (1/2 kg)
  3. Corn flour (Makki) - 1 kg
  4. Black gram flour (Brown Chickpeas) - Kale Chane - 1/2 kg
  5. Jwar flour (Barley or Jow) - 1/4 kg
  6. Bajra flour (Millet) - 1/4 kg
  7. Rye (Raagi) - 50 Grams

The combination can be made at home easily and can be given to those who are suffering from wheat allergy.

This is about treating one aspect of wheat allergy by avoiding wheat, but the wheat allergy ayurvedic treatment combined with this preventive flour can give excellent results.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kidney Failure Alternative Treatment

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There are several reasons for kidney failure. One of the most common causes are diabetes, chronic blood pressure, nephrotic syndrome, kidney stones, cysts, drugs like Allopurinol (Zyloric) and many, inflammatory kidney diseases. Kidneys are basically performing function of a sieve in our body. They filter the toxins away from the body especially the urea and creatinine. If the kidneys fail, the urea and creatinine levels increase and can be life threatening if not treated in time.

The modern treatment of kidney failure is to treat the underlying cause, which is usually diabetes or blood pressure. At present, it is not possible to cure the diabetes and blood pressure using modern medical techniques or methods. The kidneys are prevented from further damage be doing regular dialysis, which is nothing but a machine doing the function of kidneys for a while.

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The most important way to tackle the problem of kidney failure is kidney transplant or use of some alternative methods which are actually useful. There may be many people around the world offering various solutions, but you should be cautious following everything together. Just give time and monitor the levels of urea and creatinine levels regularly. It is very important for a kidney failure patient to know his disease.

Here are some link which can be useful for a chronic kidney failure patient -

Is there any Alternative Treatment for Kidney Failure?

This is a big question but yes, there are some Ayurvedic herbs which can be very useful alternative treatment for kidney failure. The herbs should be taken from a good source and should not contain any impure heavy metals or impurities which may further damage the kidneys.

Remember to monitor the kidneys by doing regular renal function tests and measuring urea and creatinine levels in blood. It is also important to keep records of electrolytes like sodium and potassium if undergoing any alternative treatment for kidney failure.

There are some Ayurvedic herbs offer good alternative to dialysis if used under the recommendations of an experienced ayurvedic practitioners. The herbs like Punarnava (puna - again, Nava - new), Phyllanthus Niruri, Kaasni which are all found in a classical ayurvedic formulation called Mutrakrichantak Churna. The mutrakrichantak churna is an effective combination of all these rare herbs to improve functions of kidney. When the creatinine level is below 3, then Mutrakrichantak churna alone is sufficient and when it is higher than 3 then it should be used along with Rencure Formula, Varunadi Vati, Punarnava Mandur.

These all are used in Ayurvedic medicine as alternative to dialysis and help in lowering down urea and creatinine levels. The results are evident within few days. All these can be read in details at the website If some patient wants to send the reports, he can send at

The combination given along with Mutrakrichantak Churna gives excellent results in chronic kidney failure due to any reason.

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure can be continued along with modern drugs or even while on dialysis as it is not having any side effects. The results can be seen initially within 15 days of treatment but the real differences can be observed after 1-2 months of treatment.

The treatment can be continued along with the ongoing modern medical treatments or dialysis without any contradiction.

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