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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Herbal Remedies for Diabetes & Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a major problem most of the diabetics suffer from. Diabetes causes neuropathy i.e. weakness of nerves. This leads to Erectile dysfunction due to Diabetes.

There are many herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction due to diabetes or diabetic neuropathy. Safed musli is one of them. Safed Musli - Chlorphytum borivilianum is a small herb, the root of which is very useful to cure erective dysfunction.

Our product Atirsadi churna contains safed musli and powders of semal musli, black musli and other herbs useful in erectile dysfunction.

These herbs are also very good for diabetes. They do not help to control diabetes directly but prevent further complications, helps in painful leg syndrome - calf myalgia, general body weaknes and other problems.

Herbs like Ashwagandha and Shilajit also play excellent role in such conditions. I would recommend the following combination for patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy erectile dysfunction -

  1. Ashwagandha Capsules
  2. Shilajit Capsules
  3. Atirasadi Churna
  4. Tribulus Power
  5. Chandraprabha Vati
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Allergic Rhinitis - Ayurvedic Remedies


I have seen many patients suffering from Allergic rhinitis and seen them responding very well to the Ayurvedic remedies.
There are some classical formulations whereas some are new patent formulations of various herbal pharmaceuticals.
The various herbal remedies for allergic rhinitis are -
Swarn Basant malti Ras- 2 gm
Nardiya Laxmi Vilas Ras - 5 gm
Shwas Kuthar Ras - 5 gm
Abhrak Bhasma- 5 gm
Trivang Bhasma - 5 gm
Chandramrit Ras - 5 gm
Kafketu Ras - 5 gm
Kafkuthar Ras - 5 gm
Giloy Satv - 10 gm
Make 20 packs of all these, mix them together, consume with honey .

2. Cap. Curcumin - 2 capsules thrice daily x 1 month
3. Cap. Guggul - 2 capsules thrice daily x 1 month
4. Praanrakshahk Churna - 1 teaspoonful twice daily (or make decoction of this herbal mixture)
5. Cap. Tulsi - 2 capsules thrice daily x 1 month

Many of these herbs are anti-allergic especially Turmeric in Curcumin capsules and albezzia lebbock in praanrakshak churna.
Many herbs like Kantkari in Praanrakshak churna have anti-histaminic activity without inducing any sleep.
Guggul is anti-inflammatory and acts like modern NSAID's without causing any side effects of gastric mucosal erosion etc.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Interstitial Lung Disease Herbal Remedies - ILD Ayurvedic Treatment

There are many patients who suffer from interstitial lung disease. This is what I would like to recommend to such patients. This is a formula is made after discussion with many experienced Ayurvedic doctors and my own practical experience in my clinical practice.

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Interstitial Lung Disease Herbal Remedies - Ayurvedic Treatment of ILD

  1. Godanti Bhasma - 10 gm
  2. Abhrak Bhasma - 2 gm ( Shata puti)
  3. Punarnava Mandur - 5 gm
  4. Kaf Kuthar Ras - 5 gm
  5. Kas Shwas Chintamani Ras 2 gm
  6. Swran Sameer Pannag Ras - 1 gm
  7. Swarn Basant Malti Ras - 2 gm
  8. Praval Bhasma - 10 gm
  9. Kamdudha Ras - 10 gm
  10. Praval Panchamrit Ras - 10 gm
  11. Praval Pishti - 5 gm
  12. Mukta Pishti - 3 gm
  13. Kamdudha Ras - 5 gm
  14. Swarn Makshik Bhasma - 5 gm
  15. Somyog or Somlata Churna - 20 gm

Make 60 sachets of equal quantity and consume twice daily, with honey - Will last for 1 month.

Vassa Avaleha (Herbal Jam) - 1 tablespoonful twice daily, after meals - (3 Pcs. x 1 month).

Kantkari Avaleha - 1 tablespoonful twice daily, after meals (3 Pc x 1 month).

Aller-G Care Capsules - 2 capsules twice daily (2 Pc. x 1 month).

Amyron Tablet - 2 twice daily.

Boswellia-Curcumin - 2 twice daily.

Praanrakshak Churna - 1 teaspoonful twice daily or consume after boiling in water - take 1 tablespoonful of powder, boil in 400 ml water, untill it remains 50 ml. Filter it and consume lukewarm twice daily. Make fresh daily.

These are pure ayurvedic medicines for interstitial lung disease. The treatment is purely natural without causing any side effects. This Ayurvedic treatment of Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) can be continued along with any ongoing treatment. The herbal remedies for interstitial lung disease give results within few days of usage and should be continued for few months.

You can write at for feedback and information about how you can get these remedies delivered at your home or fix a telephonic or physical appointment with Dr. Vikram Chauhan - Visit the website - WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM OR WWW.ALWAYSAYURVEDA.COM

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spastic colon - Herbal home remedies for Spastic colon

Today there was a patient, suffering from spastic colon. I thought I should put the herbal remedies for this terrible problem on my blog as well. The remedies are -

If someone is suffering from Spastic colon syndrome he must try this home remedy for spastic colon

Boil 1 teaspoonful of Thyme, Fennel, Cumin seeds in about 200 ml of water, let it boil untill it remains about 30-40 ml.
filter it and add some honey or sugar to taste, consume this decoction twice daily. This should bring the relive and alleviate the pain because of the spasm in the colon.

This should help lot in spastic colon syndrome
Along with this I would recommend some ayurvedic remedies for spastic colon

1. Tablet Himcospaz- 1 tablet twice daily x 15 days
2. Drakshaavaleha - 1 tablespoonful twice daily x15 days
3. Tablet Agnitundi vati - 2 tablets thrice daily x 15 days
4. Ashwagandha Capsules - 2 capsules twice daily x 1 month

This combination should be of great help in Spastic colon syndrome. Avoid fried, spicy food stuffs. Drink lukewarm water - 1 glass of it twice daily.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Natural remedies to dissolve gall stones

These are traditional Ayurvedic remedies to dissolve gall stones.

Surendraabhra Ras - 2 gm
Tapyadi Loh - 5 gm
Praval Panchamrit - 5 gm
Mukta Pishti - 2 gm
Akik Pishti - 5 gm
Jahar Mohra Pishti - 5 gm
Yav kshaar - 5 gm
mooli kshaar - 5 gm
Apamarg kshaar - 5 gm
Kalmegh Navayas loh - 5 gm
Rohitak Loh- 5 gm
Yakrit Plihari Loh - 5 gm
Giloy Satv - 10 gm
---------------- Make 30 packs of all these mixed togehter, consume 1 pack, once daily with honey. This pack helps to dissolve gall stones.

2. Tablet Arogyavardhni Vati - 2 tablets twice daily x 1 month
3. Juice of "Patharchaat" herb ( Berginea lingulata- 3 tablespoonful twice daily. You can even plant this herb in your house. (Pathar means stone and "Chaat - means to chew or swalloow)
4. Yakrit plihantak Churna - 1 teaspoonful twice daily , after meals for 1 month

How to Reduce PSA levels - Prostate Natural Treatment

Natural treatment of Prostate is mainly focused on reducing prostate size, reduce PSA levels and helps in reducing the symptoms of enlarged prostate. The following natural treatment of prostate is based on ayurvedic principles of prostate treatment. The PSA levels come down after using these remedies and there have been numerous testimonials to this treatment. These Ayurvedic remedies mentioned here are purely natural and can be used along with any ongoing treatments or medicines.

These remedies help to reduce PSA levels without causing any side effects. PSA is known as Prostate Specific Antigen and the levels are increased in case of Prostate enlargement and prostate Cancer. The combination of medicines is not only treatment to reduce PSA levels but also helps in treatment of Prostate Cancer.

These herbal remedies have been found to be very useful in prevention and treatment of prostate cancer as well as prostate enlargement. This natural treatment for Prostate helps to reduce PSA levels within few days (about 1 month) of using them

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  1. Kachnaar Guggul - 2 tablets twice daily , with plain water after meals.
  2. Prostate Support Tablets - 2 tablets twice daily with plain water after meals (contains Saw Palmetto, good for Prostate).
  3. Varunadi Vati - 2 tablets twice daily - Excellent natural remedy to reduce PSA levels.
  4. Shilajit Capsules - 1 capsule twice daily - Good for enlarged prostate and to reduce PSA levels.

More information about the Natural treatment of Prostate Enlargement or Prostate Cancer can be gathered from

Friday, December 5, 2008

Ayurvedic Treatment of Cancer - Natural Remedies

Ancient Ayurvedic texts are full of chapters dedicated to this disease called Cancer. Cancer is not new and it was known as "arbud" (tumor) and Granthi, vridhi in Ayurvedic texts. Arbud means tumor and karkatarbud is known as malignant cancer. Modern medical science recommends use of Chemotherapy and radiotherapy for fighting cancer cells but there is not much emphasis on supportive nutritional therapy or improving the host cells defense mechanisms to fight the disease from with in. Immunity suppressing drugs are given to kill the cancer cells but they not only kill the cancer cells but also do a lot of harm to the body.

There is no harm if we do Ayurvedic treatment for cancer along with the Chemotherapy or immunosuppression therapy or radiation, rather there will be much more support to the body using ayurvedic medicines along with the ongoing modern treatment of cancer. These are all natural remedies for cancer and can be used along with any ongoing homeopathic or allopathic treatment of cancer.

Now a days the no. of people suffering from this disease has increased manyfolds. The following ayurvedic treatment mentioned here contains herbo-mineral-metal based formulations which are developed only using ayurvedic principles. This gives excellent result in Cancers of all types like adenocarcinomas, sarcomas, brain tumors, hodgkin's lymphoma and many others. The diamonds (Hirak Bhasma), Gold (Swarn Bhasma), Silver (Rajat Bhasma) and others make it very effective treatment of cancer of all types. If someone is having cancer of initial stage, then he can opt for Items no. 2 to 9 and see the results.

1. Mixture of the following -

  1. Hirak Bhasm 300 mg
  2. Swarn Bhasm 500 mg
  3. Rajat Bhasm 2.5 gm
  4. Swarnbhasantmalti Ras 2 gm
  5. Abharak Bhasm Sahasar Putti 3 gm
  6. Swarnmakshik Bhsam 5 gm
  7. Shwaschintamani Ras 2 gm
  8. Rasraj Ras 2 gm
  9. Bhrami Vati with gold 2 gm
  10. Yogender Ras 1 gm
  11. Cancervidhwansan Ras 2 gm
  12. Shilasandoor 2.5 gm
  13. Navratankalpamrit Ras 2 gm
  14. Rajmrigank Ras 1 gm
  15. Sarweshar Parpati Ras 2 gm
  16. Hemgarbhpotli Ras 1 gm
  17. Vaikrant Bhasm 2.5 gm
  18. Vrhitvangeshvar Ras 2 gm
  19. Basantkusmakar Ras 1 gm
  20. Vrhitsutshekh Ras 2 gm
  21. Dhatri Loh 5 gm
  22. Kalmeghnavayas Loh 5 gm
  23. Punarvamandoor 5 gm
  24. Tamar Bhasm 1 gm
  25. Giloysatv 10 gm
  26. Mukta Pisti 2 gm
  27. Parval Panchmamrit Ras 5 gm
  28. Sidhmakardhwaj 2 gm
  29. Vrhtvatchintamani Ras 2 gm

Mix all the above medicines and make Sixty equal doses.Take 1 dosage, twice a day with one to two teaspoonful of honey and half teaspoonful of almond oil. This will last 1 month. These are all micro-minerals and micro-nutrients which are essential for metabolism of the cells. For example, Mukta Pishti is made from pure pearls and is rich in natural calcium and phosphorus and provides strength to bones and cooling in nature, thereby protecting the heating effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy.

Agastya Haritaki Avaleha Jam - 1 tablespoonful twice daily, with warm water - A herbal jam made from rejuvenating herbs like Haritaki and about 20 more herbs. This jam provides strength to cells and is very important factor in treatment of all types of cancers.

Giloy Capsules - Take one capsule three time a day - These capsules are made from Tinospora cordifolia herb extract and improves overall immunity of cells and helps in fighting with cancer cells. Giloy herb is a twine and popular in Ayurveda for its role in combating almost every disease and improve body's immunity.

Bramhi Capsules - 2 capsules twice daily with water.

Guggul Capsules - 1 capsule twice daily with water.

Chanderprabha Vati - 2 twice daily twice daily with water.

Curcumin Capsules - 2 capsules twice daily, Curcumin has came into limelight now a days because of its healing properties and anti-cancer properties. All other described here along with Curcumin has equal and even better properties than Curcumin for their role in Cancer of all types and without causing any side efffects.

Kachnaar Guggul - 2 tablets twice daily - Kachnaar is a tree and the bark is useful in various forms of cancers. Guggul is a resin from the bark of a shrub growing in deserts of India and Africa. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The Ayurvedic preparation Kachnnar Guggul has excellent cancer healing properties.

Arjun Saar - 20 ml twice daily - It's a juice of Indian goosberry + Arjuna bark. Indian gooseberry is world's richest source of natural vitamin C and Arjuna is rich in natural Co-Q 10 and high quantity of natural polyphenols, anti-oxidants.

Arjun Saar is a juice of both of these herbs and is very powerful to protect from harmful effects of cancer and support the body system to fight against cancers.

Various cancers are basically aggravated forms of chronic inflammatory processes. There are herbs and minerals which are used in Ayurveda as natural anti-cancer substances. These are all natural and can be used in people suffering from any type of cancers and can be used along with ongoing treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy or any other therapies. These work on principle of improving body's inner strength and vitality so that it can fight cancer in a better way.

Recently there has been a lot of research going to explore the possibility of using ayurvedic herbs for treatment of cancer. Curcumin and Kachnaar are used since ages as Ayurvedic treatment of cancer and are now available. Read more about Curcumin and read more about the author of this article Dr. Vikram Chauhan

Check the various testimonials of Brain tumor, Adenocarcinoma of Pancreas, Sarcoma of lungs, Bone Cancers, Leukemia patients

This patient is from Macedonia (Near Greece) and was suffering from Adenocarcinoma of Pancreas with metastasis to liver. She used products from 2 to 9 only and came out of hospital and gave this testimonial after 3 months of using these. She was given 10 days time of life by the hospital.

Brain Tumor Testimonial - This testimonial is in Hindi language. This patient suffered from Brain tumor and was healed using Ayurvedic medicines.

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