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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ayurvedic Treatment of Psoriasis- Natural Cure

Ayurvedic Treatment of Psoriasis - Natural Remedies and Cure

According to ayurveda, the disease psoriasis is called Ekkushtha and it is mentioned as a curable kustha rog but with a lot of efforts. We have treatment many patients world wide with a lot of success. 

Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient healthcare system of India and still being practiced and quiet popular worldwide. Ayurvedic medicines for psoriasis are available not only in India but also in many parts of the world. Natural Treatment of Psoriasis comprises of clearing of the psoriasis scales, reducing the itching and preventing recurrence. Traditionally many bitter herbs are used to keep the skin clear of the plaque and flakes. Neem is one of the best ayurvedic herbs which is bitter in taste and known for its blood purifying properties. Now a days Neem capsules are available along with other traditional remedies to help the patients of Psoriasis. 
Neem is not only useful in psoriasis but also useful in conditions like skin disorders, oozing wet eczema, scaly flakes, acne and infections.
There is another wonderful combination of 9 herbs known as "Navkarshik Churna blend" . These 9 herbs are described in ancient ayurvedic text called "Chakradutt samhita - written in 11th century) These 9 herbs are most effective blood purifiers useful in clearing skin rashes, psoriasis flakes, reduce itching due to psoriasis. The herbs mixture known as Navkarshik Churna can be used in other blood impurity conditions like uric acid, urea, creatinine and skin eczemas. A popular formulation used in Ayurvedic medicine called Mahamanjisthadi kwath is having similar composition to Navkarshik churna. So Navkarshik Churna can be used instead of Mahamanjisthadi kwath for all skin problems including Psoriasis. It is very specific herbal blend for psoriasis. 

Kishore Guggul is another ayurvedic remedy for skin rashes, skin inflammation, psoriasis and scaly patches over the skin. It reduces the itching due to psoriasis and other reasons. The Kishore guggul is made up of 3 fruits powder called Triphala with a twine called giloy. These herbs are made into beautiful tablets to clear the skin off the scales, acne and psoriasis patches. It helps to reduce the itching due to psoriasis remarkably. 

There are certain classical ayurvedic herbs and minerals which are used together to heal psoriasis completely. The following combination has given 100 % results in all the patients

1. Cap. Neem - 2 twice daily
2. Cap. Echinacea -2  twice daily
3. Tab. Kishore Guggul - 2 twice daily
4. Panchtikt Ghrit guggul tablets -2 twice daily
5. Tab. Purim - 2 twice daily
6. Tab. Talekt - 2 twice daily
7. Mahamanjisthadi Ghan vati - 2 twice daily
8. Navkarshik Churna - 1 tablespoonful twice daily
9. Gandhak Rasayan - 1 tablet twice daily

Praval Pishti- 10 gm
Akik Pishti - 10 gm
Jaharmohra Pishti - 10 gm
Swarn Makshik Bhasma - 20 gm
Kalmegh Navayas Loh - 5 gm
Tapyadi Loh - 10 gm
Giloy Satv - 20 gm
Mukta Pishti - 4 gm
Kamdudha ras - 10 gm
--------------------- mix all and make 60 sachets, give 1 sachet twice daily with honey or syp. Purodil

Slowly the patches will go away and it takes about 1 year atleast to clear up the disease which is spread all over body. I also recommend Lippu oil and 777 Oil for local usage. Read more about all these Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis here 

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Psoriasis Natural Remedies and Home Remedies

Psoriasis in a complicated and chronic skin disease characterized by thick, red silvery, scaly patches on the skin. Natural remedies for psoriasis include using various herbal remedies, Neem capsules made from Neem extract, Navkarshik Churna – a combination of 9 blood purifying herbs and other traditional ayurvedic remedies. In Psoriasis, the extensor surface is usually affected and there are inflammatory red lesion causing severe itching and cosmetic problems.

These Ayurvedic Remedies work naturally without causing any side effects and giving results within few days of using them. These natural remedies for psoriasis help to clean the skin of psoriatic lesions within few days of using them. These along with various home remedies for psoriasis should be given to a psoriasis patient. Using them along with other treatment methods or modern medical method is not harmful.

Speaking of topical application of various oils or herbal remedies on the skin lesions, yes there are various ayurvedic oils and natural remedies which can be applied over the psoriasis patches. These not only help to relieve the pain and itching but also help to clear the lesions in long term. The 777 Oil ( Click here ) can be used along with Psoralin ointment to get rid of itching and pain in psoriasis.

Sometimes the psoriatic patches may come over the face leading to severe depression and failure to face public. Psoriases affects both sexes and usually appears in the age fo 15-40 years of age. It is rarely found in infants or elderly people.

Psoriasis is not a communicable disease and is considered as an auto-immune disease i.e. wrong immune response triggered by unknown reasons causing disturbed skin metabolism.

Various Psoriasis types are

Plaque Psoriasis – This is a very common type among all 5 and characterized by raised, reddish skin covered by silvery-white scales. These psoriatic patches covers almost all part of the body.

Guttate psoriasis
Small red spots appear on the skin

Pustular psoriasis
White pustules surrounded by red skin appears on the skin

Inverse psoriasis
Smooth, red lesions are formed in the folds of the skin.

Erythrodermic psoriasis

There is itching, pain and redness of the skin.

Causes of Psoriasis –
There is still uncertainty over the causes of psoriasis but various factors are believed to be

Heredity factor - Abnormality in the metabolism of amino acids and proteins
Seasonal changes
Injury to the skin
Various infections
According to Ayurveda- Imbalance of “fire” energy is the major reason for psoriasis.

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Olive oil can be applied over the psoriasis patches. It gives relief from pain, swelling and itching. This is one of the effective home remedies for psoriasis.

Another wonderful home remedy for psoriasis is all kind of gourd juices. Bitter gourd, round gourd, long gourd ( Zuccinni)  which are all growing on twiners / climbers  are all good for skin problems especially psoriasis. These are effective home remedies for psoriasis.

Seabaths and application of seamud over the affected parts once a day is also very beneficial. Those who are not living near the sea can apply “fuller’s earth” popularly known as potter’s mud or slippery mud or Chiknai mitti or Multani mitti. These muds work as effective home remedies for psoriasis. These are also very effective and purely  natural psoriasis remedies.

These natural mudpacks help relieve itching in psoriasis and absorb and remove the toxins from the scales.

Long gourd juice is another wonderful home remedy for psoriasis. As written above, the various gourd  juices should be consumed  about 50 ml twice daily, which work as effective natural remedies for psoriasis.

Cabbage leaves can be used as compresses and can be applied over affective parts. These cabbage leaves also work as an effective home remedy for psoriasis.

Natural sunshine is also needed in psoriasis patients. This is also a natural remedy for psoriasis patients. Seabath and sunbath is recommended for all psoriasis patients.

Vitamin E therapy has been found effective in the psoriasis treatment. A daily dose of 200-800 I.U is recommended as they reduce itching of the area.

Lecithin is also considered as a remarkable remedy for the psoriasis treatment.

Neem is a blood purifying herb and is found to be very effective natural remedy for psoriasis and other skin problems. Neem capsules – 500 mg extract capsules ( Click here) are recommended and better than most of the natural remedies for psoriasis.

Application of Aloe Vera gel and consumption of Neem capsules prove as wonderful natural remedies for psoriasis.