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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Congestive Heart Failure - Ayurvedic Treatment for Congestive heart failure

Chronic hypertension leads to this problem as the blood pressure keeps on putting load on heart. It is just like your heart is not able to pump sufficiently to irrigate distant cells, which leads to breathlessness (especially when lying down), edema in feet or whole body sometimes, fatigue and difficulty in walking.

The remedies explained in Ayurveda give excellent results in Congestive heart failure. These can be consumed along with the ongoing lanoxin (digoxin) or lasix tablets (diuretics).

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These ayurvedic medicines are meant to provide strength to the heart and do not cause any side effects.

  1. Punarnava Mandur Tablets - 2 tablets thrice daily – These tablets help to remove excessive fluid from the body without affecting the electrolyte balance. They also provide strength to the body. Punarnava is a herb and the literal meaning is "puna (Again) Nava (New). This helps to rejuvenate the body.
  2. I would recommend the mixture of the following combination of ayurvedic minerals and heart rejuvenating remedies. These are authentic classical ayurvedic formulations recommended for congestive heart failure.
    • Swarn Bhasma - 1 gm
    • Jawahar Mohra Pishti(Swarn Yukt) – 2 gm
    • Swarn Makshik Bhasma – 10 gm
    • Mukta Pishti - 2 gm
    • Praval Bhasma - 10 gm
    • Kamdudha ras – 5 gm
    • Swarn Sidh Makardwaj – 2 gm
    • Prabhakar vati – 5 gm
    • Nardiya Laxmi Vilas Ras – 5 gm
    • Akik Pishti – 5 gm
    • Hridyarnav Ras – 5 gm
    • Tankan Bhasma - 5 gm
    • Kapardika Bhasma - 5 gm
    • Navrattan Ras - 2 gm
    • Nagarjun Abhra Ras – 5 gm
    • Tamra Bhasma - 5 gm
    • Kalmegh Navayas Loh - 5 gm

    All these are mixed together and made into 60 packs of equal dosage.

    1 Pack is consumed twice daily, with Honey + 3-4 drops of Almond Oil ( It's ok to consume 1 teaspoonful of honey twice daily, even if you have diabetes).

  3. Rencure Formula - 2 twice daily.
  4. Total Heart Support - 2 twice daily.
  5. Arjuna Capsules – 2 capsules twice daily.

To get all these delivered to your doorstep, please write to Or call at 0172-521-4030 for further information.

This combination can be used along with ongoing treatment of modern drugs like Lasix, Dytor, Lanoxin, Cardarone and others. There are no interactions.

CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) Treatment in Ayurveda - Testimonial