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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Primary Polycythemia Vera

Primary Polycythemia Vera is a slowly progressing blood cancer that usually affects the bone marrow making it to produce too many RBCs and sometimes platelets and WBCs also.

It is known by many different names such as Erythremia, Primary Polycythemia, Vaquez disease, Osler – Vaquez disease and Polycythemia Rubra Vera.

The major concern with this type of neoplasm (adversely functioning cellular structrures) is the thickening of blood which is the cause of major complications caused by this disease.

The disease may not always be symptomatic and if at all, minor symptoms like erythema, itching, pruritis and bluish discoloration of the skin may occur. The diagnosis may only be incidental when the patient goes for a routine check up.

Complications of the disease occur gradually and it may even turn into more severe types of cancers if left untreated.

Thickening of blood is one of the major problems faced by the patient which may result in formation of blood clots.


  1. Frequent skin itching especially after bath or shower.
  2. Headache
  3. Dizziness
  4. Excessive perspiration
  5. Gout or gouty arthritis
  6. Burning in hands and feet.
  7. Difficulty in breathing especially while lying down.
  8. Tingling or numbness in hands or feet.
  9. Bloating of the abdomen
  10. Enlarged spleen or splenomegaly.


It is thought to be an acquired genetic disorder which affects the genes responsible for the formation of blood cells in bone marrow. This is the reason why the body in such patients loses control over the formation of red blood cells in most of them and other blood cells like platelets and WBC s in a few.

The cause of the development of this mutation is still not clear and researches are still on to unfold the real reason behind the development of this condition.

Most patients of Polycythemia Vera have this type of mutation in their genetic makeup which is considered to be the major factors for the development if this disease.


Usually, elderly people are at maximum risk of development of this disease but, there is no such clear theory to prove that. PCV can affect any person at any point of time in their lifetime.


There are not one but many complications that PCV patients may face depending upon the severity of symptoms and their overall health.

Blood clots are one of the major issues that may lead to problems in any part of the body causing pulmonary embolism in lungs, brain stroke, deep vein thrombosis etc.

Skin is always hypersensitive in these patients and there may be a variety of symptoms occurring all because of it.

Ulcerations are also common in such patients which may affect the inner lining of stomach, intestines etc.

Joints may get inflamed in one or more places and gouty arthritis may also commonly occur.


These usually include a raised hematocrit and haemoglobin levels. Platelet count and WBC count is also increased. Erythropoietin levels are usually found to be low in such patients as the RBC count is exceptionally high.


Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicines and is responsible for guiding the world to follow a natural approach towards leading a healthy life and fighting deadly diseases.

If we look at a patient of Polycythemia Vera from an ayurvedic point of view, his pitta body energy is exceptionally high as we know that blood and skin are predominantly governed by this bio – energy.

Secondly, in case of multi – system involvement we can also suggest a considerable degree of vata involvement which is causing joint pains, spleen enlargement etc.

To help such a patient it becomes essential to cleanse his rakta (blood) and meda (marrow) dhatu and balance the exorbitantly severe pitta body energy as much as possible.


Role of nutrition and nutritional supplements is often undermined when it comes to dealing with deadly diseases. Patients of Polycythemia Vera can easily benefit with the use of good quality natural supplements which can help improve upon general symptoms and quality of life.


PCV Care Pack

1. Neem Capsules

Planet Ayurveda's Neem Capsules contain standardized extracts of Azadirachta indica (Neem). They are purely herbal and can prove to be very beneficial when dealing with deranged pitta.

Pack: 2 Bottles

Dosage: 2 capsules twice (Morning-Evening) daily with plain water, after meal.

2. Cap. Pitta Balance

Capsule Pitta balance from the house of Planet Ayurveda's is another cooling natural supplement that helps to pacify the fire and heat of pitta body energy helping in controlling most of the aggravated signs and symptoms of pitta.

Pack: 1 Bottle

Dosage: 1 capsule twice (Morning-Evening) daily with plain water, after meal.

3. Kachnaar Guggul

This is a classical ayurvedic formulation that can help deal with soft tissue overgrowths in the body. It is absolutely safe and natural so there are no side effects experienced by the patient.

Pack: 1 Bottle

Dosage: 2 tablets twice (Morning-Evening) daily with plain water, after meal.

4. Curcumin Capsules

Curcumin is one of the most popular natural supplements in use today. Planet Ayurveda's Curcumin capsule contains standardized extracts of Curcumin obtained from pure and natural Turmeric.

Pack: 1 Bottle

Dosage:1 capsule twice (Morning-Evening) daily with plain water, after meal.

5. Navkarshik Churna

This is another preparation from Planet Ayurveda which can help support healthy skin and joint conditions. It is a natural blend of many herbs which can help people with any kind of skin and joint problems in a very healthy way.

Pack: 1 Jar

Dosage: 1/2 teaspoonful twice daily, after meals, with plain water.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

HLA B27 Test Positive - Herbal Remedies for Spondyloarthritis - An Autoimmune disease

Are you suffering from joint pain? Or there is stiffness or swelling in your affected joints? Now, worried about the reason behind this problem. The reason can be predicted with the help of a test. Well, we are going to give you a detailed description of a blood test that can be used to detect the cause of your joint pain. We will give you a natural treatment also for the same. But before proceeding to the treatment, we should be aware about the test. So let us discuss first, what is HLA B27?

HLA B27 is an antigen that stands for human leukocyte antigen B27. HLA B27 blood test is here to just confirm the presence of this protein. Yes, HLA B27 is actually a protein that is found on the surface of white blood cells. A positive result means the protein is present in the body.


A positive HLA B27 result means you are having higher chances of developing auto-immune disease. We are well aware about the fact that an autoimmune disorder occurs when our body's immune system destroys its own healthy cells by mistake.

The test is actually done to confirm the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease- Spondyloarthritis.


It is a form of arthritis that includes several types of arthritis in it. It is in fact a name given to a group of arthritis. It includes following arthritis-

  • Ankylosing spondylitis (Arthritis that affects the spine)
  • Psoriatic arthritis (Inflammation of the skin and joints)
  • Reactive arthritis (Occurs due to bacterial infection and causes inflammation in the joints)
  • Sacroilitis (Arthritis in lower back and buttocks)
  • Crohn’s disease arthritis (or ulcerative colitis)
  • Uveitis (Eye inflammation)


Joint pains that occur during this arthritis is due to the aggravation of vata dosha. Accumulation of ama in the body is another main reason behind this problem. Ama (toxic products left by improper digestion) circulates in the body and gets deposited at the weaker sites. The deposition of ama in the joints leads to this joint pain.


Yes, natural way is there to manage the disorder very well and the treatment is permanent. Ayurveda is the one that deals with the disorder by its root. With the herbs, it controls all the symptoms. A balanced diet and a regular physical activity or exercise will contribute a lot in handling the disorder.


Planet Ayurveda is known for offering natural treatment for most of the serious diseases. The house also has some effective Herbal Remedies for Spondyloarthritis. Let's have a look at these.


A great herbal product from the house for all kinds of above mentioned arthritis. As the name suggests- the product removes the toxins or Ama from the body by keeping digestion healthy enough and balances the vata dosha. So what more we want to handle the disorder?

The product is packed with effective herb such as Ashwagandha (Withania somnfera), Methi (fenugreek), Sonth (Zingiber officinale) and Haridra (Curcuma longa) etc.

Pack Size - Each pack contains 100 g in it.

Dosage - 1 teaspoonful twice daily.


This is a great herbal remedy for Spondyloarthritis that is made using the pure and standardized extracts of two most important herbs- Boswellia serrata and Curcuma longa. Being the combination of anti-inflammatory herbs, the product is effective one to control the inflammation of the joints. The product is, in fact, a great supplement for all forms of arthritis.

Pack Size - Each pack contains 60 capsules in it.

Dosage - 2 capsules, twice, daily.


It is a product that is helpful in balancing the vata dosha of the body and in turn offer relief from the problem associated with the vata dosha. It is a great product for all kinds of joint pains. The product contains the Guggul (Commiphora mukul) as the main ingredient in it.

Pack Size - Each pack contains 120 tablets in it.

Dosage - 2 tablets, twice, daily.


These capsules contain the pure extract of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). The herb is known for its numerous medicinal properties including anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-oxidant properties. These properties make the herb a great choice against this disorder.

Pack Size - Each pack contains 60 capsules in it.

Dosage - 2 capsules, twice, daily.


This product increases the digestive fire and will reduce the formation of Ama in the body. It is also helpful in the burning of toxins present, already. Hence, an effective way to control the production of toxins in the body. It will in turn reduces the pain, inflammation and swelling of the joints. Hence, an effective herbal remedy for Spondyloarthritis.

Pack Size - Each pack contains 120 tablets in it.

Dosage - 2 tablets, twice, daily.


To Buy Above Mentioned Herbal Remedies, Please Visit -,

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ayurvedic Treatment for Bell’s Palsy


Bell's palsy is the paralysis or weakness of the muscles on one side of the face. In this disorder there is a damage to the facial nerve that controls the muscles of the face. It causes the affected side of the face to droop. The nerve damage can also effect the sense of taste. It is not the result of a stroke or transient ischemic attack while these disorders can cause facial paralysis. The sudden weakness that occurs on the one side of the face should be checked by a doctor to rule out the serious causes.


  • The main cause of the Bell's palsy, is the damage of the nerve that control the one side of the face by inflammation.
  • Another cause may be herpes virus that cause cold sores.
  • Many health problems cause weakness or paralysis of the face. If the specific reason for the weakness not found, the condition is known as Bell's palsy.
  • Tumors in the facial region can also be one of the cause of Bell's palsy.


  • Sudden drooping of the one side of the face due to the weakness and paralysis of the muscles. It is difficult for the person to close the eye of the affected side.
  • Expressionless face.
  • Excessive tearing or dry eye.
  • Loss of taste buds.
  • Pain in or behind the ear.
  • Numbness in the affected side of the face.
  • Increased sensitivity to sound.


  • Pregnant women in third trimester or after giving birth.
  • Diabetes.
  • Family History


  • First doctor will ask some question’s regarding Bell’s palsy symptoms.
  • Physical and neurological examination.
  • Blood tests
  • MRI and Scan



According to Ayurveda, Bell's palsy is caused by the Vitiation of the Vata dosha. It is known as Ardita disease in Ayurveda. Planet Ayurveda provides herbal remedy for Bell's palsy and that is Bell's palsy care Pack. The herbs and formulations used in this Pack helps to balance the vata dosha. It provides the combating effect to the nervous system and improve the immunity of the body. As compare to the modern medicine treatment, they provide only symptomatic relief but Planet Ayurveda's herbal remedy for the Bell's palsy that is Bell's Palsy Care Pack helps in achieving a long lasting relief from the disorder without any side effects.


  1. Ashwagandha capsules
  2. Brahmi Capsules
  3. Curcumin Capsules
  4. Gandhak Rasayan
  5. Mahakalyanaka Ghrit
  6. Nirgundi oil
Bell's Palsy Care Pack

Let's see the description of the herbal formulations:


These capsules are the standardized extract of the Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera).

It is regarded as the first class Adaptogenic tonic in one of the world's greatest herbal medical system "Ayurveda". It is a very popular herb for vitalizing property on the body. Aswagandha is the best herb for balancing the "Vata". It provides strength to the nervous system and improves the functioning of the body. It helps in the early recovery from the disorder.

Pack Size: 1 Bottle (60 capsules).

Dosage: 1 capsule twice a day with plain water, after meals.


These capsules are manufactured by the standardized extract of the Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri).

These capsules are one of the best herbal capsules which have all round effect on nervous system and nerve disorders. In Bell's palsy it helps in the fast recovery of the facial nerve so that it starts functioning properly. It also have an anti-inflammatory property. It has vata pacifying effect therefore, it is very helpful to treat the nerve problems.

Pack Size: 1 bottle (60 capsules).

Dosage: 1 capsule twice a day with plain water, after meals.


These capsules are prepared from the standardized extract of natural herb known as a Turmeric. Its Latin name is curcuma longa. It is the best anti-inflammatory herb.

In the case of the Bell's palsy when the nerves get inflamed due to infection or injury, it helps to suppress the inflammation of the nerves. The herb helps to coordinate all three body energy's vata, pitta and kapha. When these three energies are not in coordination, they may lead to disordered body functions and may alter the proper functioning of the body systems. This herb helps to bring back these energies in equilibrium.

Pack Size: 1 Bottle (60 Capsules).

Dosage: 1 Capsule twice a day with warm water after meals.


This classical herbal preparation is prepared from purified sulphur. It gives very effective results in Bell’s palsy patients. The tablets are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & immuno modulator in nature.

Pack Size: 1 Bottle (120 Tablets).

Dosage: 2 Tablets, twice daily with warm water after meals.


Nirgundi oil is prepared form the lead extracts Nirgundi (Vitex nirgundo). Nirgundi is a sanskrit word which literally meaning which protects from ailments.

This oil helps to balance the vata dosha. Vata energy controls all the nervous activities in the body. This oil has a fat and oily texture which is just opposite to the dry characteristic of the vata dosha. It is used for massage in patients of Bell palsy, its regular use improve the weakness of the facial nerves.

Dosage: Gentle massage over the face, once daily.


  • Planet Ayurveda offers following benefits over other market products
  • The medicines are 100% pure and natural.
  • The medicines are free from side effects.
  • The products are made without the addition of chemicals or additives and preservatives.
  • The products are formulated by the MD Ayurvedic doctors.
  • The products are safe to use.
  • The product are 100% pure vegetarian.



  • The face must not be exposed to the drastic weather like cold or rain.
  • In winter season special care should be taken, as nerves get numb during this season. One should cover properly the whole body with warm clothes or shawl.
  • In some of the facial paralysis, the eyes cannot be closed. There is a chances of introduce of foreign bodies in the eyes. Hence, the eyes should be cleaned regularly.
  • Tiredness and sleepiness during day time aggravates vata. So, it’s important have proper sleep in night.


  • One should avoid curd and other sours.
  • One should avoid fermented food, as it increases the vata dosha in the body.
  • One should have green leafy vegetables as, they are very beneficial in Bell’s palsy.
  • One should do hot fomentation.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Ayurvedic Treatment For Bulge Disc / Slip Disc

Disc is shock-absorbing pads which are present between the bones of the spine. They are also called as intervertebral discs. The center of the disc is called as nucleus, which consist of gel like substance that receives shock of standing, walking or running. A disc may bulge, split, or rupture due to some external pressure on them; the condition is commonly called as "slip" (slip disc).

A slip disc injury is a common injury that takes place in the intervertebral disc. It can occur in the lower back (in lumbar spine), upper and mid-back (in thoracic spine) or in the neck (in cervical spine). Because of this, disc cartilage and the tissues which are nearby can fail, this condition is called herniated, due to which the disc rupture and the gel like substance from the inner part of the disc come out to the surrounding tissues. This can place pressure on the spinal cord or on an adjoining nerve to cause symptoms of pain, numbness, or weakness around the injured disc or anywhere along the area where the nerves are present.

It can commonly call as a slipped disc, bulging disc, a protruding disc or Herniated disc.


Symptoms of slip disc depend on the location or the type of tissues involved.


If the rupture/ bulging disc has taken place in the back (thoracic spine):

    • Muscle weakness, numbness, or tingling in one or both legs, arms, hands, neck
    • Increased reflexes in one or both legs that can cause spasticity
    • Changes in bladder or bowel function
    • Paralysis from the waist down

If the rupture/bulging disc has taken place in the neck area (cervical spine):

    • Pain while moving your neck
    • Deep pain near or over the shoulder
    • Radiating pain in the back of the skull, upper arm, forearm, and in the fingers

The pain start very slowly, but it get worse with the passage of time.


The condition may occur due to weakness of annulus (outer ring of the disc, which provides structure and strength to the disc). The annulus consists of a complex sequence of mingled layers of fibrous tissue that keep the nucleus in place.


  • Due to severe accident or sudden jerk
  • Due to heavy weight lifting
  • Due to sitting for long hours
  • Due to Obesity
  • Genetic Factors can also be one of the reasons.
  • Sprain


Diagnosing begins with the investigation of complete history of the problem and a physical exam.

The history includes the information about the old illness or problems like any old spin problem, arthritis problem, any old injuries, for how long a person is experiencing the symptoms.

This history will include questions about other illnesses, old spine problems, arthritis if any, injuries, type of symptoms and since when the symptoms are there, and response to treatments.

Physical examination is done through full checkup of the person.

X-Ray, CT scan and MRI are suggested to obtain clear picture of the problem and to know exactly which part of the spine is affected.


Ayurveda has categorized Slip disc as one of the problem which occur due to Vata vitiation i.e. swelling of the abdomen (it is one of the main dosha in the body which is responsible for the functionality of the body). Ayurvedic treatments for bulge disc focus on bringing back the irritated vata, to the normal state and make it healthy again.

Planet Ayurveda provides some of effective herbal supplements for slip disc which can be taken on regular basis for better control. They can be taken with ongoing allopathic medicines initially and can be reduced slowly depending upon body's requirement. Herbs take care of problem from the root level hence one should be patient to have positive results of their.



Hakam churna is a perfect blend of herbs like chandershoor (Lepidium sativum), kalaounji (Nigella sativa), methi (Trigonella foenum) and ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi). This is well advised in painful joint like back pain with morning stiffness. This amazing herbal powder has ability to restore digestive health and balace vitiated vata dosha.

Dosage - 1 tsp twice daily.


Boswellia Curcumin Capsules of Planet Ayurveda are packed with standardized extract of Curcumin, a principal compound of turmeric (Haridra) and Boswellia serrate (Shalakki). This combination helps to give strength to discs and relives pain and inflammation.

Dosage - 2 cap twice daily.


Ingredients of Yograj Guggulu are Shudh Guggulu (Commiphora mukul), Chitraka (Plumbago zeylanica), Pippali (Piper longum), Jeeraka (Cuminum cyminum), Devdaru (Cedrus deodara), Ela (Eletteria cardamomum), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Mustaka (Citrus rotundus), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Ardraka (Zingiber officinale) etc. This is very useful in reducing pain and improving digestive system.

Dosage - 2 tab twice daily.


Another herbal blend with ingredients such as ashwagandha, Haridra, methi etc, aamvatantak churna is excellent as a detoxification formula. It reduces pain, inflammation and morning stiffness. All herbs are best known for their actions and properties in Ayurveda and they work in synergistic manner to control acute and chronic back pain.

Dosage - 1 cap twice daily.

Besides treating the disorder by Ayurvedic means one should also practice yoga & pranayama techniques. They should make the required modifications in life-style & dietary habits to make sure the best possibility of recovery.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ayurvedic Treatment for Primary Polycythemia Vera


It is a disorder of bone marrow that leads to an abnormal increase in the number of blood cells. In general, red blood cells are affected, most of the times. Although the disorder is rare, but if not treated well, it may pose some serious health concerns. So, it is better, to get the treatment in time. The disorder occurs more often in men than women. Mostly, the problem occurs after the age of 40 years.


The main cause of this disorder is increased production of red blood cells. There may be an increase in the white blood cells and platelets as well.

The disorder often occurs due to a gene defect, JAK2V617F. However, the exact cause of this gene defect is still unknown.



  • Dizziness, Headache, fatigue and Breathing problem.
  • Excess bleeding.
  • Feeling of fullness after taking meals.
  • Itching and redness.
  • Blue colored skin.
  • Red colored spots on the skin.
  • Eyesight problem.


The disorder can be well diagnosed with the tests such as bone marrow biopsy, complete blood count and erythropoietin level. Sometimes, oxygen saturation of blood and ESR may also require to confirm the diagnosis.


No doubt, modern treatment is available for the same disorder. But the greatest disadvantage of this treatment is that it causes side effects also. Here is another alternative also. Ayurvedic treatment is the best one to cure any disorder. As it is a natural treatment, it is safe for everyone. Instead of causing any side effects, it gives side benefits. Hence, an added advantage of this treatment.


Planet Ayurveda is one of the best herbal manufacturing companies that uses pure herbs in their formulations without addition of any chemical, additive or preservative. All of them are safe to use and are 100 percent pure and vegetarian.


PCV Care Pack

1. Neem Capsules

Neem capsules are made using the pure extracts of Neem herb. The herb is a natural blood purifier. It helps to remove the toxins from the body and improves the symptoms such as itching and redness on the skin. It is, in fact, a great tonic to maintain the skin healthy enough.

The product in short, reduces the abnormal increased production of blood cells and thereby controls the disorder.

Dosage - 2 capsules, twice daily, after meals with water.

2. Cap. Pitta Balance

The product is the excellent one to balance the aggravated pitta dosha in the body. The imbalanced pitta dosha leads to excessive heat production in the body and enhances the growth of blood cells. So the house offers this product to give a cooling effect on the body and maintains healthy digestion as well and thereby controls the feeling of fullness after meals. The product is also useful to control excessive bleeding that occurs during this disorder.

Dosage - 1 capsule, twice daily, after meals with plain water.

3. Kanchnaar Guggul

Another important herbal product from the house for this blood disorder is Kachnaar Guggul. The product is made using several wonderful herbs, including Kachnaar and Guggul as the main ones. It is useful in the detoxification process and purification of the blood and reduces the abnormal growth of blood cells.

Dosage - 2 tablets, twice daily, after meals with water.

4. Curcumin Capsules

The product is made using the pure extract of Curcuma longa (Curcumin). Curcumin disrupts the abnormal growth of blood cells. Being a source of anti-oxidants, the product is the good one to boost the immune system and make the body healthy enough to withstand the symptoms of this disorder.

Dosage - 1 capsule, twice daily, after meals with water.

5. Navkarshik Churna

This is herbal powder by the house that is prepared using the blend of 9 useful herbs. The product is a great source of healthy nutrition. It controls the feeling of dizziness and fatigue. It makes the digestion healthy and thereby manages the fullness feeling after eating food.

Dosage - 1/2 teaspoonful twice daily, after meals, with plain water.

The combination of these products will cure the disorder in a natural way without causing any side effects.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Natural Supplements for CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease)

Neuropathies are quite common in people and as is the variety of neuropathic problems so are there numerous reasons for their occurrence.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease is a syndrome which includes numerous genetically driven neuropathic problems which are mostly a result of developmental problems of the nerves in the person concerned.

The name of the disease is derived from the names of the four scientists who have contributed to the discovery and identification of this disease (Jean Martin Charcot, Pierre Marie, Howard Henry Tooth and Hoffman). Other name given to this condition is Peroneal muscular atrophy.

It is sometimes also classified as a subtype of Muscular dystrophy.

As many as 80 genes affect the nerves and nerve fibres in various ways causing numerous types of disease in a large number of populations. It is a very common and infact, number one cause of inherited neuropathies in the world.

As per modern medicine, the cause and treatment of the disease are still not very clear but being a very common neuropathic problem it is a constant cause of concern and disability among the affected people.


  1. Symptoms may occur as early as in childhood in some to as late as in the forties in others; the onset in this way is very inconspicuous.
  2. Initial symptoms of the disease include, foot drop, and hammer toes, numbness and weakness of the muscle tissues of the lower body parts.
  3. Slowly progressive weakness in the hands and limbs.
  4. Loss of sensation in various parts of the extremities like the fingers, toes, hands and wrists etc.
  5. Highly arched or extremely flat foot is a characteristic feature of this disease.
  6. Other symptoms are usually quite varied and occur as breathing difficulty in some to scoliosis, tremors and gastro – intestinal problems in others.
  7. Pain in some or the other form is regularly associated with the disease.


It is usually caused by defective formation of proteins that form the myelin sheath of the nerves and axon fibres of nerve cells. These are two primary mutations which affect the formation of these two nerve cell structures. As a result, there is faulty transmission of information by the nerve cells of the affected body part which manifests in the form of various signs and symptoms that the patient exhibits.


Ayurveda has a different approach while dealing with neuromuscular problems and inherited disorders. According to Ayurveda, problems related to the nerves and the nervous system are a result of faulty vata body energy in the body. It is said that balanced vata body energy is responsible for the normal functioning of nervous sytem and all its associated structures in the body.

As for the inheritance part, such disease is classified as "Beej doshaj vyadhi" which affect the individual by birth due to faulty "Beej" or ovum (having inherent genetic mutation) which forms the rest of the progeny.

The line of treatment in such cases focuses on balancing dosha energies and relieving pain and disability.

There are many ayurvedic remedies which can help patients of this disease by relieving and managing the symptoms and improving the quality of life of such patients.


Planet Ayurveda is the hub of many natural and ayurvedic supplements which work towards the management and support of human body and its nutrition. Following is a list of natural supplements which can help people improve their quality of life and manage the condition in a better way.

1. Brahmi Capsules

Planet Ayurveda's Brahmi capsule contains standardized extract of Brahmi (Bacopa monieri). Brahmi herb is well known for its beneficial effects on the nervous system.

It is highly recommended by many Ayurvedic practitioners and naturopaths all over the world for their amazing effects on the human nervous response.

Planet Ayurveda's Brahmi Capsule can be taken by people of all ages and are absolutely safe for consumption as they are free of any artificial additives, chemicals or gelatin. These capsules are pure and vegetarian and can be taken by everyone.

Dosage – 1 - 2 capsule, twice a day.

2. Curcumin Capsules

Planet Ayurveda's Curcumin Capsules contain standardized extracts of Curcumin obtained from pure turmeric. Curcumin is one of the most extensively researched plant extract available today. Its great anti –inflammatory and rejuvenating properties can help in supporting the human body positively.

Planet Ayurveda's Curcumin capsule is the right supplement containing pure form of curcumin which can be safely consumed at any age.

Dosage – 1 - 2 capsule, two to three times in a day.

3. Ashwagandha Capsules

Planet Ayurveda's Ashwagandha capsule contains standardised extracts of Ashwagandha (Withania somniferum). It contains pure and natural Ashwagandha extracts which are pure and natural and absolutely safe for consumption.

Dosage – 1 - 2 capsule, twice a day.

4. Tablet Kaishore Guggul

Kaishore guggul is a classical Ayurvedic preparation. It contains a combination of many Ayurvedic herbs and extracts which have been in use for a very long time. With its multiple beneficial effects on the body, this is a very effective herbal combination for people of any age group.

Planet Ayurveda's Kaishore guggul tablets are pure, natural and herbal without any artificial chemicals or additives whatsoever.

Dosage – 2 tablets, two to three times in a day.

5. Medhya Churna

Planet Ayurveda's Medhya churna is a herbal combination of some 11 odd herbs which work together in a synergistic manner to support the nerves and brain helping out as a very effective health supplement for these body parts.

Dosage – 1/4 teaspoon once daily with 1 spoon of Cow Ghee (Clarified Butter).


To Buy Above Mentioned Herbal Remedies, Please Visit -,

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Monday, April 4, 2016

10 Reasons To Buy Shilajit Capsules

With the growing shift in interest of the world's population towards a more holistic, natural and preferably herbal way of life, the demands for good quality health supplements are plunging new heights every day.

No one wants to take antibiotics or for that matter other modern medications just for the sake of the doctor's prescription. (We are all fully aware of the side effects these medicines have on our body plus the indiscriminate use of many modern medicines has only made our body more vulnerable).Indeed these medications are the go to drugs when it comes to managing certain conditions especially emergency, but for all other lifestyle problems, major and minor health issues, nature always has support for us.

With the vast variety of supplements available, for a common man, not only is it practically tiresome to fetch a raw herb or extract every time from its habitat, it is equally challenging to select the most authentic and efficient supplement for his condition.

With the growing demand of supplements, the authenticity of the product seems always questionable. So is it really not a good idea to choose raw extracts over supplements?

The answer is no.

Firstly, raw extracts in the form they have to be taken are a challenge in itself for the patient, especially if his health condition is not very good. Secondly, the risk of taking a supplement without knowing its authenticity makes us think twice about them. But, under the guidance of a good natural practitioner, and a brand that has proven results, natural supplements are nothing but a blessing in disguise.

Shilajit is one of the most talked about and discussed natural resinous extract, thanks to its amazing health benefits explained since olden times in various Ayurvedic texts. It is commonly known by the name of Mineral pitch and Asphaltum. With its wide spectrum of effects on the body, it is not a surprise that it is a common presence on any natural supplement store.

It is a common belief in people that certain natural producs like Shilajit are a rarity to find in their purest form and so their supplements may not be as effective. But here we are going to debunk a few myths about the usage of Shilajit Capsules preferably over raw powder and why it is necessary to understand that raw may not always be as pure as it appeals.

1. Easy Availability

Shilajit Capsules are easily available in most major cities all over the world. There are a number of e - stores as well which have these capsules available in many brands online. If we talk about the raw form of Shilajit, there is not one but many difficulties if one goes all out to search for these medicines.

Firstly, Shilajit is usually found in and around the Himalayas. It is actually formed by a natural phenomenon between the rocks of the mountains and other particulate matter commonly found there. It takes years for the formation of Shilajit resin after which it seeps through these mountainous regions as a resinous extract from where it is collected and sold. So, to recognise the right resin as Shilajit is a big challenge in itself. Local sellers usually sell it in Himalayas but the quality is always questionable.

Frankly, very few people can recognise the right quality before its use. If one feels like performing the purity tests as well, it will take a very long time before one would come across a good enough sample. I think this tiresome job should be best left to the herbalists and herbal companies who conduct many layers of screening for such samples before they are put to use.

Good quality, authentic Shilajit Capsules (Planet Ayurveda's Shilajit Capsules) are not only safe for consumption but also show equally beneficial effects on the body as does pure Shilajit.

2. Purity

Shilajit in raw form or as a raw powder or resin is also commonly available. You can even find it online on any herbal e-store but the problem remains the same. Raw samples do not have to go through FDA checks as do other natural supplements so you cannot even tell at times whether you have got the right herbal sample or not.

Another concern is adulteration. Raw Shilajit is usually obtained from the wild and sold as it is without undergoing any purification. Therefore, chances of adulteration of the sample with microbes, dirt, metals and other impurities are quite high.

3. Better Purification Methods

Companies preparing highly pure and authentic Shilajit capsules deploy high quality machinery to get pure Shilajit while preserving and enhancing its medicinal value at the same time. Latest techniques of vacuum distillation, reverse osmosis and filtration are used to get rid of the water soluble as well as water insoluble impurities.

Fulvic acid is one of the main chemically active compounds found in Shilajit. It is responsible for major medicinal properties of this natural extract. It needs to be carefully preserved in right amounts for Shilajit to exhibit its properties. Latest techniques used in the purification have been devised keeping this fact in mind.

Raw Shilajit powder if purified by ancient procedures as done by local sellers (if at all) loses many of its active ingredients and organo - metallic compounds in the process. This is where modern technology has made our lives a lot more easy and comfortable.

4. Standardised Extract

Planet Ayurveda's Shilajit Capsules are made up of 100 % standardized extracts of Shilajit resin which are not only pure but natural, without any impurities or fillers. The same may apply to other products from similar reputed brands also.

These companies comply with the standard and norms put forth by the Government for the sale and distribution of any natural supplement keeping in mind the safety and demands of the population by and large. Planet Ayurveda's Shilajit Capsules are suitable for vegetarians as they are devoid of any gelatine which may induce allergies in many people.

5. Non - Toxic

Low quality Shilajit Capsules or tablets may contain Shilajit in raw form or have many impurities or other toxic materials in combination. But, Planet Ayurveda's Shilajit Capsules are made up of 500 mg of pure Shilajit resin with no raw ingredients whatsoever.

The same applies to all capsular formulations of this brand. Raw Shilajit is although claimed to be very beneficial for the people but, sadly this is not always the case. With the advancement of technology, a great combination science is developing which is helping in better utilisation and availability of natural treasures like Shilajit for the benefit of mankind.

6. Better User Compliance

Coming back to raw Shilajit, there are usually four forms in which it is available in the wild, seeping through the rock crevices in the foothills of the Himalayas and other mountainous regions where it is commonly found (Tibetan mountains, Altai Mountains etc.). This demarcation is on the basis of the height at which Shilajit is collected. Normally Shilajit in its purest form is collected at a height of 16000 feet and above. It is reddish – golden in color and is supposed to be the purest and most effective form.

Coming to compliance again, even if one manages to get this raw and pure form of Shilajit, the way it has to be taken and its vulnerability to the fluctuating dosage can be very harmful for the person.

Normally, it is advised to take just a pinch of the powder every morning for its beneficial properties and the slightest of dose variation can cause serious gut problems like gastritis, vomiting, rashes etc. Taking good quality capsular form of Shilajit poses no such threat. This is because the dose is always monitored by the company and the capsule packaging reduces the gastric irritation caused by the extract immediately upon consumption.

This way it becomes easier for people of all ages to comfortably take Shilajit and reap its amazing benefits.

7. Recommended By Doctors

Good quality Shilajit Capsules are prescribed by many reputed Ayurvedic doctors across the world. They are in fact aware of the best brand names for the same and can guide for the right dosage that is suitable for the person and other do's and don'ts associated with it.

Under the guidance of a good doctor, the patient feels secure and safe and can satisfy all kinds of queries that may arise in his mind regarding the usage of Shilajit.

8. Good Packaging

In the era of modernisation, not many people would volunteer to consume a raw herbal powder or Shilajit extracts as it may produce a bad taste in mouth and may not be good for children and old people. A good quality, vegetable capsule can be easily consumed by the patient of any age without causing ill effects like vomiting and nausea due to the raw taste of the herb.

9. Combination Forms Available

Many Shilajit Capsules come in combination with other compatible herbs like Ashwagandha (Withania Somniferum) and Asparagus. This way it can be used for more specific effects on the body. In combination with Ashwagandha and Asparagus, Shilajit becomes an even more potent aphrodisiac and antioxidant. These three herbs can have a synergistic effect on the body, all combined into one capsule.

Planet Ayurveda's Male Support Formula is an example of such combination of Shilajit with Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris). Likewise, many other combinations of Shilajit are available as per the health condition in which it is recommended.

10. A Great Substitute For Viagra

Shilajit is one of the many natural extracts and herbs which are known for their amazing health benefits over the human body. It has been known for ages to strengthen the hormonal and immune system of the body thereby having a positive impact on the reproductive system, especially in males.

Unlike many other allopathic medicines used for enhancing sexual stamina, Shilajit Capsules are neither habit forming nor have any major side effects. Instead they have additional effects on the body such as a strong anti –oxidant action, control over blood sugar fluctuation and many other systemic problems in the body.

All in all there are enough reasons for any person looking for information on authentic Shilajit capsules to start taking it shunning all doubts about its usage and credibility.