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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Monday, December 28, 2020

How to lose belly fat through Ayurveda

Nowadays, diseases due to over nourishment are on the surge. Eventhough we are happy to see the Santa clause and the laughing Buddha with their protruding bellies, nobody wishes to have tummies like them personally. Even then, a large number of people are under the pressure of excess abdominal fat. It is true that our present day sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits have contributed to this scenario. It can affect almost any age group and gender. The main culprit behind this is obesity. When we start moving towards obesity, the excess fat gets deposited in the abdomen at first and gets removed at last only despite of exercise and diet. Apart from general obesity, certain other factors like any underlying disease conditions of hypothyroidism, PCOS, abdominal tumors, cancers etc. can also result in pot belly. Hormonal imbalances and genetic factors may also lead to the accumulation of fat in the body. In Ayurveda, each of these conditions are addressed separately and effectively. Let us see, in general, what Ayurveda has to say about reducing belly fat.

Belly fat

According to Ayurveda, like any other disease, the first step towards an effective shedding of those extra pounds is 'Nidana parivarjana' (abstain from the causative factors) itself. This involves control over excess sleep, junk food, over food intake, inappropriate postures in sitting, standing and lying, sedentary lifestyle etc. This withdrawal should be gradual and not all of a sudden. Along with these, intake of certain Ayurvedic formulations, external applications and suitable Panchakarma therapies are advised in a customised manner for each individual.

Since many a times pot belly is associated with obesity, Ayurveda mainly applies sthoulya chikitsa (obesity treatment) for it which includes reduction therapies like deepana (carminatives), pachana (digestives), fasting, enduring thirst, exercises, sun basking and exposure to wind. The procedures are based on various criteria like strength of the individual, age, digestive capacity, constitution, season etc.

In Ayurveda, treatment for abdominal fat or pot belly aims mainly at reducing the medas (fat) and kapha dosha. Alongside this, such people may also have ‘srotorodha’ (blockage in their body channels) and ‘dhathukshaya’ (reduction in body tissues). These factors are also given prime importance while selecting the treatment procedures. For internal use, mainly those herbs possessing medohara (fat removing), lekhana (scraping) and kaphahara (kapha dosha pacifying) properties are generally used. Drugs with predominating bitter taste, hot potency and which are light and dry in nature are used for obtaining the hypo-lipidemic action. Herbs like Guggulu (Commiphora mukul), Triphala (Myrobalans), Trikatu (Piper longum, Piper nigrum and Zingiber officinale), Vidanga (Embelia ribes), Chitraka (Plumbago Zeylanica), Haridra (Curcuma longa) etc has got profound influence in weight reduction.

The procedure of ‘Udwarthana’ (powder massage) is worth mentioning here in this context. ‘Udwarthanamkaphaharammedasahapravilayanam’ which implies that Udwarthana has got both kaphahara and medohara action which are essential in cases of protruded belly and obesity. It has been included under Dinacharya (daily regimen) which can be practiced regularly. This powder massage is done all over the body in upward direction and can be done either dry (without adding lipids) or wet (by adding lipids). Triphala powder, kottamchukkadi powder, kolakulathadi powder and many more are used for this purpose.

Hanging belly can also be a cause of concern in the post-partum period. For this, ‘Udaravestana’ (abdominal binding with tight cloth) for 3-4 hours daily and certain exercises are recommended along with other post-natal care procedures. It helps in strengthening the lower back and abdomen.

Ayurveda advises to involve more of pungent, bitter and acrid tasting food in daily regimen to cut off excess fat and that too in limited quantity. Food items like ash gourd, bitter gourd, barley, green gram, horse gram, millets, whey, buttermilk, honey with water etc would be more beneficial in reducing unwanted fat. Alongside this, yoga practices, swimming, cycling, jogging or atleast simple walking should be made a part of life.


Planet Ayurveda introduces the 'THINNER YOU PACK' for reducing the excess body fat which contains herbal supplements like:

  1. Trim Support Capsules
  2. Stholyantak Churna
  3. Garcinia Capsules
  4. Guggul Capsules

Thinner You Pack

Thinner You Pack, How to lose belly fat through Ayurveda

1. Trim Support Capsules

Trim support capsules are the herbal formulation from Planet Ayurveda which is efficacious in weight loss. It is made of ingredients like Vrikshamla (Cascina indica), Musta (Cyperus rotundus) and Triphala (Myrobalans). It helps in eliminating the toxins from the body. Triphala is a good anti-oxidant and balances the tridoshas. It cleanses the colon and helps in body weight reduction and belly fat. These capsules help in burning the body fat without any side effects. It corrects the metabolism and reduces body weight. Moreover, it improves the bone strength which is much required in obese people as there are chances for low bone density. It reduces abdominal fat as well as increases bone mineral density.

Dosage- 1 capsule twice daily with plain water after meals.

2. Stholyantak Churna

Planet Ayurveda brings the Stholyantak churna which provides best result against obesity including pot belly. It is a combination of herbs like musta (Cyperus rotundus), Balbach (Iris ensata), Ashoka (Saraca indica), Triphala (Myrobalans), Arjuna (Terminalion arjuna), Jamun (Syzigium cumini), Vidanga (Embelia ribes), Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata), Dalchini (Cinnamomum zeylanica), Chirabilwa (Haloptela integrifolia), Babool (Acacia arabica), Chitraka (Plumbago zeylanica), and Sonth (Zingiber officinalis). These herbs help in weight reduction and abdominal fat loss by providing a rejuvinative effect. It scraps off the excess fat by activating the metabolism and without any side effect.

Dosage- 1 teaspoon twice daily with plain water after meals or in the form of decoction.

3. Garcinia Capsules

Garcinia capsules are prepared by Planet Ayurveda with the view of burning fat in obesity. It is extracted from the fruit rind of Vrikshamla (Garcinia cambogia). It improves the digestive strength and is good for pacifying kapha and vata dosha and is a cardiac tonic too. Since it is also very useful in bloating and flatulence, abdominal distension due to these can be combated through its consumption.

Dosage- 2 capsules twice daily with plain water after meals.

4. Guggul Capsules

The Guggul capsules from Planet Ayurveda are made from the standardized extract of Guggulu (Commiphora mukul). Excess fat can make the bones and muscles weak. It helps in strengthening the musculo-skeletal system which is essential in conditions like obesity and abdominal fat. Moreover its rejuvenating in nature. It improves the overall strength even after fat reduction. It clears the body channels and possesses scraping properties. Charaka Samhita mentions Guggulu as the best herb for obesity and vata dosha balance.

Dosage- 1 capsule twice daily with plain water after meals.


Ayurveda emphasize on the view that emaciation is better than obesity as the treatment is difficult in the latter case. So prevention would be the best option, if possible. The main focus in Ayurveda is on warding off the extra fat without disturbing any other bodily mechanisms. Rather it provides an overall energy and enthusiasm along with fat removal.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Herbal Remedies for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)


The main focus of this article is on Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) disease. The article contains much useful information such as symptoms, facts, risk factors, complications, herbal remedies, diet and lifestyle changes. ALS is a disease that affects the spinal cords and nerves in brain. With the passage of time, the effect of ALS increases. It may shrink your muscle size, produce difficulties when you breathe, eat, and walk. It creates other complications also that are discussed below. To treat the symptoms of ALS, Planet Ayurveda offers many herbal remedies that are natural and pure.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a disease that is related to the nervous system. It affects the cells in the nervous system, spinal cords, loss of control in muscles, etc. It is also called Lou Gehrig's disease. There is no particular cause found by doctors. It is very rare and in some cases, it is believed that it is caused due to family history or inheritance. It affects the muscles that results in loss of control in speaking, movement, breath, and eating. Yet, there is no particular treatment for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The nourishment of the muscles may lose in this disease. When it occurs, the muscles become weak and small. It also affects the spinal cord. It affects young ones, teens, adults, and older people too. The process of the transmission of a message from the brain to the spinal cord may work slowly and in worse cases, a person may suffer from the paralysis that he or she may unable to move.


  1. Muscle twitching in the arm, leg, shoulder, etc.
  2. Stiffness in muscle
  3. Difficulty in swallowing
  4. Muscle cramps
  5. Increased clumsiness
  6. Difficulty in walking
  7. Pain
  8. Difficulty in breathing
  9. Fatigue
  10. Cognitive changes
  11. Muscle weakness
  12. Memory loss


  1. It is started with the muscle weakness.
  2. According to research, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) causes no pain.
  3. It causes death.
  4. It is very rare and difficult to understand.
  5. There is not treatment found yet in modern medicine system, for ALS.


  1. Age: This disease can attacks at any time at any age. But it usually affects the people with the age of 50 and above.
  2. Gender: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is developed in men more than women.
  3. Heredity: Many people suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) have inherited this disease.
  4. Smoking: Due to smoking, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) affects the health of women especially after menopause.


  1. Breathing issue
  2. Speaking problem
  3. Dementia
  4. Eating problem
  5. Unable to move


According to research, there is no treatment found yet for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). There are natural treatments that can treat the symptoms of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Treatments like herbal remedies, home remedies, and lifestyle changes that are discussed below:

1. Herbal Remedies

Planet Ayurveda offers many herbal products that are very much effective in treating Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) disease. These products are made with natural herbs under the guidance of Ayurvedic experts. All herbs used in these products are pure and safe. These herbal products are mentioned below:

  1. Ashwagandha Capsules (Withania Somnifera): It is a very useful medicine that is helping in reducing stress, nervous breakdown, etc. These capsules provide strength to our muscles, calm down the system and enhance the mental as well as physical stamina in people suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

    Dosage: 1-2 capsules twice daily, after meals.

  2. Vrihat Vatchintamani Ras: This helps in controlling the functions of the brain, supports mental health, digestion, balance the two dosha that is pitta and Vata. In Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), it is useful in treating shrinkage of the brain. Ingredients include swarna bhasma, rajata bhasma, abhraka bhasma, loha bhasma, pravala bhasma, mukta bhasma, suta bhasma, and juice extracts of Aloe-Vera.

    Dosage: 125 mg twice a day, after meals.

  3. Musli Strength Capsules: These capsules balances the Vata and pitta doshas. This capsule is made from two herbal ingredients safed musli and gokshura. It enhances the circulation of blood and improves sexual stamina in both males and females. It also helps in boosting our immune system.

    Dosage: 1-2 capsules twice daily, after meals.

  4. Boswellia Curcumin Capsules: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, these capsules are best to treat inflammation of the brain. If people suffering from brain edema, and want to reduce it is important to take the combination of Boswellia curcumin in their therapy.

    Dosage: 1-2 capsules twice daily, after meals.

  5. Brahmi Ghrita: This juice is available in the form of herbal ghee. It improves learning and speech skills. It also balances all the three doshas. Ingredients include Brahmi, trikalu, shwets and Krishna trivrit, danti, shankhapushpi, nripadruma, saptala, krumihara, and ghrita.

    Dosage: 1/4 to a half teaspoon, once or twice a day with water.

Contact my assistant to provide you the costing / ordering and delivery information at - or call at +91-172-5214030 Or Check Website -

2. Dietary Tips

People with ALS should always take proper diet which is nutrients-rich and maintains the health. There are some tactics for your caretakers so, that they can do accordingly:

  • Always choose foods that are soft and easy to chew such as bread, rice, boiled eggs, apple sauce, etc. These foods provide protein to your bones and muscles in ALS.
  • Modify the consistency of food by making some puree with the help of blender we can blend meat, fish, and vegetables. So, it becomes easy to eat food.
  • Always try to eat dry food with sauces, dips, chutneys, etc. Because it is difficult for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients to swallow dry food.
  • Taking small-small bites of food that you are going to eat.
  • Increase the number of calories in your food such as avocado, guacamole, nut butter, cream sauces, soups, cheese, etc.
  • Drink smoothies and energy drinks. You can also take fresh fruit juice in order to get nutrients for your body.
  • Drink more water in a day to keep your body hydrated.

3. Lifestyle Changes

  • Keep in touch: It is important to always keep you in contact with others via phone calls, messages, social media, etc. This is important to keep you up-to-date about diseases.
  • Be practical: You need to become more practical. You should always have hand wipes, a piece of equipment or device to raise the toilet seats in your house.
  • Exercise daily: In order to keep yourself fit, it is important to do exercise daily for the betterment of the bones and muscles in your body.
  • Do not take stress: As in ALS, the memory becomes weak and there is a fear of memory loss in ALS. So, it is suggested not to take much stress.
  • Proper hygiene: Follow proper hygiene in this disease in order to keep yourself healthy.
  • Regular walks: You must go for a walk daily in the early morning. It provides peace and keeps your mind calm. This can also freshen up your body.


As we discussed many things on Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) disease. There is no treatment found, yet by the doctors but we can treat the symptoms of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) disease by herbal remedies. We also discussed various lifestyle changes and home remedies. Planet Ayurveda offers many herbal products that are very beneficial to treat the symptoms of ALS. All the products are made with natural herbs and are pure. It has no side effects.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Ayurvedic Treatment For En coup de sabre (ECDS) - Linear Scleroderma

En coup de sabre is the other name of Linear scleroderma. In this article we'll be discussing this rare disease, its occurrence, signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment. The special part of this article will be the Ayurvedic management and treatment of this rare ailment. This disease usually affects the children or we can say paediatric patients.


En coup de sabre is also known as linear scleroderma because it covers band-like areas with linear distribution. It is located in the frontoparietal region. En coup de sabre is a unique localized scleroderma which affects children or young adults and is usually diagnosed before the child attains 18 years of age. En coup de sabre develops suddenly in the form of plaque or scar like band on the scalp or along the line of a limb. However it can affect anyone of any age or gender. There can be multiple lesions of linear scleroderma present at a time. The differentiating feature in Morphea and En coup de sabre is that the skin in the former one is localized but the skin in the later one is fixed to underlying tissue. Although the calcinosis can be seen in this condition rarely. The serological abnormalities found in this condition are rheumatoid factor, anti-single stranded DNA antibodies, and anti nuclear antibodies.

En coup de sabre


Linear scleroderma is differentiated from systemic scleroderma on the basis of below listed points:

  1. Absence of Acrosclerosis
  2. Absence of Raynaud's phenomenon
  3. Absence of systemic organ involvement
  4. Prognosis in Linear scleroderma is better as compared to systemic sclerosis


In Linear scleroderma the main finding observed is endothelial cell injury and profibrogenic pathway upregulation. In the long term it can be associated with dementia, epilepsy, and neurological deficit.


  1. Skin discoloration
  2. Band like sclerotic lesion
  3. Band not extending below the eyebrow
  4. Atrophy of skin and muscles
  5. In some cases atrophy of bone is also seen
  6. Ophthalmological involvement like ptosis of eye
  7. Facial asymmetry
  8. Facial hemiatrophy
  9. Facial palsy


Diagnosis of En coup de sabre can be done on the basis of deep skin biopsy, ophthalmological investigations, CT scan and MRI.


Specific treatment for Linear scleroderma or En coup de sabre is not found yet in modern medicine system and the treatment is done symptomatically. Treatment may include tropical and oral steroids, surgical intervention for bone reconstruction, and physiotherapy.


Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of medicine which is now practiced and used for the treatment of various diseases worldwide. As per Ayurveda there is vitiatation of three different doshas involved in various diseases. Scleroderma is compared here with the Vata rakta. Treatment for it is also based on a similar pattern. Medicines are prescribed on the basis of similar Vata and rakta pacifying herbs. Other than herbs courses of Vamana and Virechana also have healing effects on Scleroderma.


Planet Ayurveda is a renowned herbal company offering treatment for various diseases. All the medicines manufactured and prescribed are prepared pure and standardized from the best quality of herbs. Here for En coup de sabre Planet Ayurveda offers a Sclero Care Pack. It consists of various herbal remedies prepared from herbs that specifically act on pathophysiology of this disease.


Sclero Care Pack Includes:

  1. Gotu Kola Capsules
  2. Sanjivani Vati
  3. Boswellia Curcumin
  4. Ashwagandha Capsules
  5. Gandhak Rasayan
  6. Sinhnaad Guggul

Sclero Care Pack

herbal remedies, scleroderma, ayurvedic, treatment, ayurveda


1. Ashwagandha Capsules

These herbal capsules are prepared from standardized extract of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). It has immunomodulatory properties and also provides strength to the body as a whole. It balances the tri dosha in the body and eliminates toxins from the body.

Dosage: 1 capsule twice daily with warm water.

2. Boswellia Curcumin

They are made from standardized extract of two herbs, i.e. Sallaki (Boswellia serrata) and Curcumin (Curcuma longa). Sallaki poses anti-inflammatory properties and Curcumin contains anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti cancer properties. It also relieves pain.

Dosage: 2 capsules twice daily with warm water.

3. Gotu Kola Capsules

It is prepared from pure extract of herb Gotukola (Centella asiatica). These herbal capsules promote healthy metabolism, blood circulation, combats stress, fatigue and anxiety.

Dosage:2 capsules twice daily with warm water.

4. Gandhak Rasayan

These herbal tablets consist of purified sulphur, i.e. shuddh gandhak. Gandhak rasayan helps in maintaining healthy skin and helps in treating various skin problems. It also fights against infections and treats inflammation. Gandhak rasayan is a strong herbal blood purifier.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice daily with warm water.

5. Sanjivani Vati

It is a poly herbal remedy, consisting of various herbs like Vidanga, Sonth, Pippali, Haritaki, Amalaki, Vacha, etc. These herbal tablets help in managing Vata and Pitta dosha in the body. Sanjivani vati other than possessing anti inflammatory properties also acts as toxin cleanser for the body.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice daily with warm water.

6. Sinhnaad Guggul

It is a classical Herbal formulation. It is prepared from the herbs like Triphala (Three myrobalans), shuddha gandhak (Purified sulphur), shuddha guggul (Purified Commiphora mukul) and Eranda taila (oil of Ricinus communis).

Dosage : 2 tablets twice daily with warm water.


En coup de sabre is a rare disease affecting the people in the first or second decade of their life. With the help of Sclero care pack this complex and difficult to treat disease can be managed and treated successfully also patients can have better quality of life with these herbal medicines without having any side effects even when taken for long term.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Herbal Remedies for GIST Cancer - Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor


Gastrointestinal tract is also known as the alimentary canal or digestive tract. It is a muscular tube which is hollow starting from the oral cavity. Digestive tract includes the mouth, pharynx, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and anus where the waste is excreted. The large intestine consists of appendix, cecum, colon and rectum while the small intestine has three parts called duodenum, jejunum in the middle and ileum in the end. There are various organs which help in enzyme secretion which in turn helps in breaking food into nutrients. The main purpose of the gastrointestinal tract is to breakdown food to consume the nutrients from it. GIT has four layers called mucosa, sub mucosa, muscularis externa and serosa.


GIST means Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor. A tumor is formed when the cells grow abnormally forming mass. A tumor can be both benign (non-cancerous) and malignant (cancerous) spreading from one part of the body to the other. There are many types of tumor and one of them is Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor.

Gastrointestinal Stromal tumors are soft tissue sarcoma which can occur anywhere on the digestive tract but the most common sites affected in the digestive tract are Small intestine and stomach. The sarcoma cells are the cells which hold the body together and it consists of fat cells, tendons, joints, blood vessels etc. The tumor starts from the pacemaker cells found in the walls of the Gastrointestinal tract. The pacemaker cells are called ICCS (Interstitial cells of Cajal). They send signals to the digestive tract to move food and liquid into the digestive system.

GIST Cancer, Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor


Other types of GIT malignant tumors which develop from other cells:-

  • Adenocarcinomas:- This GIT cancer can occur in esophagus, colon, rectum and stomach. It starts from the gland cells which line almost all the parts of the digestive tract.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma:- This cancer starts from the squamous cells or flat cells which covers part of our digestive tract. It covers the upper part of the esophagus and the end part of the anus.
  • Neuroendocrine tumor:- They have common functions like nerve cells and also with endocrine cells (Hormone producing).
  • Epidemiology:-
    • 4000 to 6000 adults are affected by gastrointestinal stromal tumor all around the world.
    • 60 percent of gastrointestinal stromal tumors are of the stomach while 35 percent is of the small intestine.


Clinical features presented in Gastrointestinal stromal tumor are:-

The symptoms depend on the severity, size and location of the tumor in the digestive tract. The signs may vary from person to person. Below are the commonly presented symptoms:-

  • Abdominal pain or discomfort
  • Blood while passing stool
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Feeling or Sensation of Mass inside the stomach
  • Weakness all the time
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Obstruction of bowels


The main cause for the gastrointestinal stromal tumor is not known yet. But the cancer develops when the cells start to grow uncontrollably. They can spread to the liver and even cause death. The main reasons to develop GIST are due to mutation of certain genes. There are some risk factors which are the cause for developing gastrointestinal stromal tumor.


  • Age:- People who are above 50 are more likely to develop this cancer while people below 40 are less likely to have it and occur in very rare cases.
  • Sex:- Men are more likely to be affected by gastrointestinal stromal cancer as compared to women.
  • Hereditary syndrome:- Mutation of the gene called neurofibromatosis type1. If this mutation runs in the family for example if your mother or father had GIST then you are more likely at risk to develop this cancer. But this does not happen in every case.
  • SDH gene mutation:- The mutation of succinate dehydrogenase gene and people born with this mutation are more likely to develop GIST.


There is variety of laboratory test to diagnose for GIST which includes:-

  • Physical examination:- It is done to look for any mass around the abdomen or any other health related issues. Medical history along with family history should also be included to detect the cause of GIST.
  • CT scan:- It is useful for the patient to determine the location and size of the tumor present in the digestive tract.
  • MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) scan:- This shows the detailed images of tissues in the body. It will help with the patient who has GIST to know how much has it spread?
  • Barium X-Rays:- Before the test you have to do fasting the night before or you may need to take laxatives to clean the digestive tract for examination. In this test, you have to drink barium liquid which coats the esophagus and the x-rays are taken to detect for tumors.
  • PET scan:- It is done to look for possible areas where the cancer has spread. It is also useful to know if the treatment is working or not.
  • Endoscopy:- In this test a tiny video camera is inserted into the digestive tract to have a clear image of tumors on the lining of the GI tract.
  • Biopsy:- The sample tissue from the affected area is taken and further sends it for pathology. It is done to detect a type of tumor if it is benign or malignant.


All the herbal medicines provided by Planet Ayurveda are 100% vegetarian, pure and natural. Planet Ayurveda provides herbal remedies prepared from the best quality herbs and follow the strict rules of Ayurveda. All herbal remedies are free from chemicals, preservatives, and additives. These herbal medicines will help to stop the abnormal growth of cells in the body and manage the disease. Below are the medicines which will help you to manage the disease:-

  1. Curcumin Capsules
  2. Kanchnaar Guggul
  3. Digestion Support
  4. Mahashankh Vati
  5. Graviola Capsules
  6. Pitta Balance
  7. Praval Panchamrit

Herbal Remedies for GIST Cancer

Herbal Remedies for GIST Cancer


1. Curcumin Capsules

It contains the herbal extract of Haridra (Curcuma longa) and is one of the best remedies to treat cancers and tumors.  It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties. It is useful in all kinds of Digestive Problems. Curcumin helps to stop the spread of Cancers. It is also helpful in purifying the blood.

Dosage:- 1-2 capsules two times daily after meals with water.

2. Kanchnaar Guggul

Kanchnaar is a beautiful tree growing in India, it has been found effective in tumors especially in the gastrointestinal stromal tumor. Also, it helps in both malignant and benign cancers having anticancer properties. It is also recommended in cases like Gangrene, Fistula in ano, Adenoids and tonsillitis too.

Dosage:- 1-2 tablets twice daily with water after meals.

3. Digestion Support

This is the safe herbal formulation prepared using Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Sounf (Foeniculum vulgare), Pippali (Piper longum) and many more. All these herbs help in all kinds of digestive problems. These aid in balancing the ‘kapha’ dosha and removing all the toxins from the intestine. It also assists in treating the ailments like constipation, gas or flatulence related to GIST cancer.

Dosage:- 1-2 capsules with water, after the meals.

4. Mahashankh Vati

It contains extract of herbs like Chitrak (Plumbago zeylanica), Danti (Baliospermum montanum), Sarjikakshara (Natural Sodium carbonate) etc. Combining all these herbs, make it the best remedy for any kind of tumors and bars the cells from growing abnormally. Mahashankh vati also helps in digestive problems.

Dosage:- Take 1-2 pills daily with water, after meals.

5. Graviola Capsules

It is made up of herbal extract called Graviola (Annona muricata) which contains antioxidant and anticancer properties, thus, aids the body to restrict the growth of tumor and cancer. It is useful in treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal stromal tumor. It also detoxifies the body.

Dosage:- 1 capsule twice daily with water, after meals.

6. Pitta Balance

It contains herbal extract of Akik Pishti (Agate compound), Jawar Mohar Pishti (Calcium compound) Praval Pishti (Coral compound) etc. Pitta which means Fire element, also called Agni helps in balancing our digestion. It helps in treating the disorders of gastrointestinal tract including tumors.

Dosage:- 1 capsule twice daily with water.

7. Praval Panchamrit

This is a classical herbo-mineral formulation in the tablets form, prepared by following the ancient Ayurvedic principles. It is helpful in reducing any growth or mass in the abdomen and all the problems related to the digestive tract like diarrhea or constipation. It helps to remove toxins from the body and aids the cells for growing normally. The tablets are also useful in cough asthma and urinary tract related problems.

Dosage:- 1-2 tablets twice daily with water, after the meals.

Contact my assistant to provide you the costing / ordering and delivery information at - or call at +91-172-5214030 Or Check Website -


Gastrointestinal stromal tumor is one of the rare but dangerous disorders. But, it is treatable and can be well managed through Ayurvedic medicines. All the herbal medicines mentioned above, will help in treating the disease and stopping the cells from growing more abnormally. Moreover, these also help in managing the entire health of the individual. For consultation, you can write us at:

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Obesity - Tips to Combat it Naturally and Obtain a Healthy Weight


Acharya Charka in Charka Samhita Sutra 21 had described about 8 type of condemned persons. Out of those 8 types Acharya had mentioned that over-obese persons and over-lean have other despicable features too. These both conditions are mostly based on dietary habits and to some extent on life style.

Ancient reference

(Charka Sutra 21/ 17)

Out of these two conditions i.e. obese & lean, the lean person are better because, even after consuming same type of lifestyle & diet, the obese is more affected if some disease arises. In this article, let's discuss about some key features about obese according to Ayurvedic aspect & their line of treatment in brief and the daily balanced diet useful for weight loss in detail.

Balanced Diet to Reduce Weight


After hearing the word Obese these type of questions pops up in mind. When we can say the person is obese? What are the symptoms of being over obese? What are the causes of obesity? What are the consequences of being obese? Well Acharya Charka had already answered all these queries in Astonidniya adhyaya in Charka Sutra 21. Let’s know a brief about it:


(Charka Sutra 21/9)

The person is said over obese when due to excessive increase in muscles & fats, has drooping or pendulous abdomen, buttocks and breasts, these type of inappropriately arranged body built will result in metabolism deficit and reduced energy. These persons are termed as Over obese.


(Charka Sutra 21/4)

The person can lead to obesity by these 8 factors:

  1. Atisampoornat: Over-eating.
  2. Gurumadhursheetsanigdhoupsevyat: Frequent use of heavy, sweet, cold and oily (fatty) diet.
  3. Avyayamat: Lack of physical exercise.
  4. Amaithunat: By suppressing urge to indulge in sexual activity.
  5. Divasvapanat: Sleeping during day hours.
  6. Harshnityat: Being happy in all situations.
  7. Achintnaat: Lack of mental work & stress.  
  8. Beejsvbhavat: Due to some inherited causes.


(Charka Sutra 21/4)

Acharya Charka had properly explained the 8 defects which are raised as the consequence of obesity. These are:

  1. Shortening of life span: There is excessive collection of fat in obese person and this over accumulation will lead to reduction in the nourishment of other body tissues (dhatus), therefore, due to lack of proper nutrition there is depletion of other rasadi dhatus (blood, lymph like body tissues), thus the life span of obese person is shortened.
  2. Hampered movements: Due to fluffiness, laxity and heaviness of fat there is lack of freshness, energy which results in restricted movements of the obese people.
  3. Difficulty in sexual activity: The depletion of other body tissue due to excessive production of fat in obese person will also lead to reduction in the formation of shukra dhatu (Semen & other male reproductive hormones), thus there is difficulty to indulge in sexual activity for obese person.
  4. General debility: The person feels weak due to the disequilibrium of other body tissues.
  5. Foul bodily odour: The defect & nature of fat along with excess sweating will cause foul smell from the body.
  6. Over-sweating: Due to the combination of Kapha with meda, their oozing nature, excessive collection of fat tissue & inability to tolerate the physical activity, there is sweating in abundance.
  7. Polyphagia: Because of the increased agni and abundance of vayu which will keep on intensifying the digestive power which leads to excessive hunger.
  8. Polydipsia: Due to the same reason i.e. increased digestive fire, will also lead to excessive thirst.


Being obese according to Modern medicine is also the basic cause or a major risk factor that may result in many life style disorders such as metabolic disorders which includes diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemia, prone to various heart diseases, abdominal discomforts, various types of arthritis (gout, rheumatoid etc.), pain in joints, also in females it is considered as major cause for many conditions which leads to infertility which includes Polycystic Ovarian Disorders (PCOD), menstrual disturbances and other hormonal changes.


गुरु चातर्पणं चेष्टं स्थुलानां कर्षणं प्रति।

(चरक सूत्र 21 /20)

This quotation contains the general management line for obese persons. It states for reducing the bulk/ excessive fat of the obese person, heavy but non saturated diet is beneficial.

Thus, instead of skipping the meals for faster reduction of fat & immediate weight loss it is very much necessary to provide adequate amount of food & nourishment to the body at very right time. Acharya had mentioned some beneficial & effective herbs & home remedies using with daily edibles which will help in weight loss due to their kapha & fat reducing properties. These include:  (Charka sutra 21/21-28)

Use of guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), devdaru (Cedrus deodara), musta (Cyprus rotendus), haritaki (Terminilia chebula), bhivitak (Terminilia bellarica) and amlaki (Emblica officinalis), Takra sevan (Use of buttermilk) and madhu (honey), use of millets and the churna of Ambla (Emblica officinalis) is highly recommended for weight loss.

Similarly, introduction of these home remedies in diet such as:

  • Consumption of bilvadi panchmool (roots of five plants which including bilva i.e. Aegle marmelos) mixed with honey is very beneficial.
  • Use of Shilajatu i.e. Asphaltum (mineral pitch) along with the juicy extract of Agnimantha (Premna integrifolia) is recommended.

Acharya also described the favorable food items (Pathya Aahar) for weight reduction (Atistholyanashak) as:

(Charka Sutra 21/25-27)


  • Prashatika (a type of cereal)
  • Priyangu (Aglaia elaeagnoidea)
  • Shayamaka (Barnyard millet- Echinocloa Frumentacea)
  • Yavaka (a species of rice)
  • Yava (Barley- Hordeum vulgare)
  • Jonhari (Sorghum- type of millet)
  • Kodrava (Kodo millet- Paspalum scrobiculatum)
  • Mudga (Vigna radiata)
  • Kulthi (Horse gram- Macrotyloma uniflorum)
  • Vanmudga (Moth bean- Vigna aconitifolia)
  • Adhki (Arhar - Cajanus cajan)
  • Beejani pataolam amlakai seh- Seeds of pointed gourd/luffa -Trichosanthes dioica with Amlaki churna (powder of Emblica officinalis).

For drinking purpose madhudkam means honey mixed water is best for obese person.

Also, various medicated drinks that eliminates the adverse effects of vitiated mans, meda and kapha are available as fermented decoctions known as Arishta can be used along with the edibles after meal for better results.


The dietary & drinks advised above are considered as the best for the obese person diet regimen. If these items are consumed in proper way and proper time they provide adequate nourishment to the body and by eliminating excessively vitiated meda and kapha dosha, and ultimately correcting the disturbed equilibrium of the dhatus (body tissues) and agni. The agni if remained in normal state and adequate amount of fuel is provided to it, it will help in start healing the depleted body tissues and then covert the excess meda dhatu into next asthi or majja dhatu which results in reduction of fats. Thus, balanced diet can be very effective in weight loss, and providing strength & enhancing immunity of the body.

After knowing the dietary things mentioned in the Ayurvedic text for weight reduction & their mode of action. Now let’s discuss about balanced diet & the things that must be introduced & avoided from diet plan for obtaining optimum results.


The diet which consist of sufficient amount of nutrients (vitamins, minerals etc), comprises of all six rasa (shadrasahara), carbohydrates, saturated fats and essential proteins. The balanced diet is obtained by the combination of fruits, pulses, vegetable & favorable cereals such as positive millets. This type of diet plan when consumed at proper time & in perfect state it can promote health & is very much beneficial in reversing the adverse effects of many diseases including obesity.

Dietary Advises: (Do's)

  • Fruits: Use of seasonal fruits must be promoted in daily diet regimen. Introduction of fruit salad as breakfast is the best option. Fruits are the rich source of vitamins, minerals & other essential nutrients. Freshly prepared fruit juice is a healthy choice. Coconut water is the juice of choice as it is the best source of minerals.
  • Vegetables: Fresh seasonal green leafy vegetables are highly recommended. Vegetables can be used in raw form as salad, as smoothie (freshly prepared), in boiled form or in cooked form.
  • Millets: Millets specifically positive millets (Barnyard, Kodo, Foxtail, Little, Brown top millets) are rich in fiber content and having many other therapeutic values.
  • Dry fruits: Dry fruits are rich proteins & vitamins. They must be consumed on daily basis to get nourishment. Soaked resins are the dry fruits of choice.
  • Other drinks: Pulses soup, buttermilk, honey water, lukewarm water are highly recommended for weight loss.
  • Hunja tea: The tea made with ingredients like cinnamon, cumin, coriander seeds, basil leaves etc. for better digestion.
  • Agnisandeepan yoga: Person could start taking one small piece of garlic along with Saindhav namak (pink salt) very morning empty stomach. It will improve the digestion & help in faster weight reduction.
  • Try consuming fresh prepared meals, hot meals, and frequent meals at adequate interval.
  • Use of mustard oil for cooking must be promoted.
  • Jeerneashniyat: One should take food after the digestion of previously taken meal.

Dietary Advises: (Don'ts)

Avoid consuming these food items for better results:

  • Stale food articles
  • Cold stored or preserved foods.
  • Milk & milk products.
  • Packed food items & packed juices.
  • Regular use of Wheat/ rice.
  • Fast foods & junk food items.
  • Non vegetarian food items.

Avoid skipping the meals. As mentioned above it will results in depletion of bodily tissues. Don't eat in hurry.

Along with these dietary advises one must take adequate amount of sleep, and do some yoga asana and daily walk & physical activates.


कालभोजनं आरोग्यकाराणां।।

(चरक सूत्र 25 /40)

Acharya Charka gives highest value for intake of food at proper time for maintenance of proper health and considered balanced diet as best in preventing aspect in various diseases. Thus, by just introducing the above mentioned dietary advises & some life style modification one can easily lose weight by normal edible food items & prevent from many life threatening consequences lead by obesity.

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Amrita Guggul - Ingredients, Preparation, Indications and Dosage


Beauty is of two types i.e. external and internal. Everybody in this world wants to look beautiful and attractive but nobody wants to embellish their internal beauty. In the present era, skin diseases are increasing rapidly and the beauty is getting affected. As per the studies, the ozone layer is depleting very quickly due to which people are gaining more exposure to UV rays that is one of the major reasons of skin diseases. To get rid of all these skin ailments, Acharayas mentioned a wonderful formulation named Amrita Guggulin the ancient texts. This article will clarify its properties and numerous health benefits.


Amrita Guggulu is a polyhedral classical Ayurvedic formulation which is beneficial in numerous health conditions like piles, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, indigestion, constipation etc. The main two ingredients are Amrita / Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) and Guggul (Commiphora mukul). As per Ayurvedic medicine science, Gudichi is the best herb rich in almost all the beneficial medicinal properties and Guggul is a wonderful analgesic and anti-inflammatory.


Amritadi Guggul is a classical herbal formulation, composed of the following ingredients:-

  1. Shuddha Guggul (Commiphora mukul): Guggul is the chief ingredient of Amrita Gugguland is used in various health related disorders. Commiphora mukul is a small thorny tree from which Guggulis obtained. It has various health benefits such as it contains antioxidants due to which it detoxifies the minute channels and clears all the infections from the body.
  2. Amrita / Giloy / Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia): The second main ingredient used in preparation of  Amrita Guggulis Giloy which acts as tridosha shamak (pacifies Vata, Pitta and kapha ) and shows wonders in people suffering from pyrexia and respiratory ailments like bronchitis, COPD etc. Giloy also possesses anti – inflammatory, analgesic and rejuvenating properties. It also fights with bacteria, viruses and safeguards the body by boosting the immune system.

Other additional ingredients used to make it more effective and supportive in the treatment of various diseases are:-

  1. Danti Mool - Baliospermum montanum
  2. Black pepper - Piper nigrum
  3. Pipali (Long Pepper) - Piper Longum
  4. Amla (Amalaki) - Emblica officinalis
  5. Bibhitaki - Terminalia bellirica
  6. Haritaki - Terminalia chebula
  7. Cinnamon (Dalchini) - Cinnamomum zeylanicum
  8. Ginger - Zingiber officinale
  9. Vaividang - Embelia ribes


Amritadi Guggulis prepared through the following process:

  • Make coarse powder of above mentioned herbs and then make the decoction of this mixture in 26 liters of water.
  • When it remains 1/8 th then add Guggul in the decoction and allow it to liquefy.
  • Sieve the decoction and mix Go-ghrita and cook by adding guduchi satva, shunthi and Pippali churna until it becomes a thick paste.
  • Allow it to cool down and prepare tablets with it, 500 mg each.


  • Amrita Guggul is a very efficacious medicine indicated in all types of skin, joint and abdominal disorders.
  • It is helpful in managing digestive health issues like loss of appetite, indigestion, low digestive power, nausea, vomiting, etc.
  • This is very helpful in patients suffering from low digestive power (agnimandya).
  • It also aids in reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Amritadi Guggul is suitable for respiratory disorders also like cough, cold, congestion, etc.
  • Amrita is itself a wonderful herb with a wide range of health benefits. Thus it assists in rejuvenation and enhances the immune system of the body.
  • Amrita in combination with Guggul becomes very productive in managing the stiffness, pain and inflammation of joints.


  • Skin diseases
  • Gout
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fistula in ano
  • Fissure in ano
  • Leprosy
  • Osteoarthritis


2 tablets twice daily with plain water after meals.


  • Amrita Guggul is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.
  • It should be taken under supervision of expert Ayurveda practitioners only.


Planet Ayurveda is a renowned organization offering 100% herbal products across worldwide. Planet Ayurveda’s Amrita Guggul is very effective as it contains the standardized extracts of herbs and is prepared as per the reference given in the ancient Ayurvedic text, Bhavprakash Madhyam Khand, Vatarakta Chikitsa. The formulation is manufactured under strict guidance of Ayurveda Experts by following the Ayurveda principles. As the herbal products including Amrita Guggul, from the house are 100% vegetarian and organic, they are not showing any adverse effects on people’s health.

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Therefore, we can conclude that along with management of various types of skin diseases (Kushta roga) Amrita Guggul is an amazing classical herbal formulation for many other health related issues also such as Joint Disorders including Various types of Arthritis, fistula in ano, digestive issues like indigestion, low appetite, etc. Planet Ayurveda is serving mankind with the best of Ayurveda and offers many herbal products worldwide along with this formulation. For more details or query regarding any health issue, you can contact us through

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Kallmann Syndrome - Symptoms, Causes & Herbal Remedies

Puberty is a phase of a human’s life which comes with a lot of changes that are needed to be young and leave childhood days. Delayed or Absent Puberty can be seen in many people, not generally, but rarely. The thing is though it is rare, it can never be ignored as just a natural thing. This delay consequently causes a lot of life problems emotionally, mentally, and physically as well. So, let us understand what the medical system names this deformity and how the traditional system, Ayurveda, is helping people in reducing its effects and improving their life.


Kallmann syndrome can be considered as a neuro-hormonal disorder of Gonadotropin Releasing hormone production and olfactory bulb. It is a form of congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism associated with partial or complete loss of smell (hyposmia or anosmia). There is impairment in the production of hormones that control sexual development, along with the failure of olfactory bulb development, which leads to defects in the sense of smell. This impairment in sexual hormones leads to obstruction in starting puberty or completing it naturally and also results in infertility. This can occur both in males and in females. It can be identified either during infancy, early adolescent period or in adults when infertility problems arise. But, it is very difficult to diagnose it in childhood.

Kallmann syndrome


The spectrum of symptoms varies in each individual. From the newborn to an adult, the symptoms differ with respect to their body development.

Reproductive Symptoms

  • In infancy, there might be cryptorchidism (undescended testis into scrotum) or micropenis (no fully developed penis).
  • Childhood may be mostly normal.
  • At Young age, Disruption of Puberty with either limited or absence of secondary sexual characters.
    • In males: Reduced or no facial and pubic hair growth, immature voice, decreased testicular enlargement etc. Breast enlargement is also seen rarely. Loss of Libido (sexual drive) and erectile dysfunction also occurs.
    • In females: Absence of first periods (menstruation) and no or little breast development. Sometimes menarche may be present but its cessation occurs after some cycles.
  • Non-reproductive symptoms of Kallmann Syndrome
    • Cleft lip and palate
    • Absence of a kidney
    • Hearing loss
    • Skeletal abnormalities


The long-term health consequences of kallmann syndrome can be put into two categories:

  1. Physical - It involves weak bone health, osteopenia or osteoporosis, anemia, and metabolic problems like weight gain, risk to diabetes, etc.
  2. Psychological - Kallmann syndrome affects their intimate life in several ways which can deteriorate the mental health. In adolescent age, they get isolated from their peers due to their distinct behavioral pattern.


Coming to an early diagnosis in case of kallmann syndrome is really critical. Mostly, the patient himself can feel the difference between themselves and others and consult a doctor. As far as the diagnosis is considered, there is no gold standard test for kallmann syndrome. Even though no simple diagnostic blood test is there, the following can be taken into consideration:

  • Detailed clinical examination and family history
  • Hormonal tests involving LH (luteinizing hormone), FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), testosterone, estradiol, etc. are examined which are low in case of Kallmann syndrome.
  • Bone density exams are often done to assess the bone growth.
  • MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) is done to rule out the presence of any tumors causing delayed puberty.


Since, it is a genetic disorder, changes or mutation in certain genes results in this syndrome whose causes are unknown. Males are more prone to it than females. It may occur with or without a family history but sometimes a person with Kallmann syndrome may have somebody with delayed puberty, hearing loss or anosmia in their pedigree.


Treatment of kallmann syndrome mainly involves two approaches:

  • Inducing secondary sexual characters in puberty
  • Specialized treatment for infertility

Generally hormone replacement therapies are performed and treatment may continue for the lifetime which have many adverse effects on Life. So, here’s an alternative treatment which does not cause any bad effect on health, rather improve your natural appearance and body growth.


Ayurveda describes the various features of Kallmann syndrome under the contexts of ‘Shandatha’ or ‘Napumsakatha’ in male and ‘Artavadosha’, ‘Anartava’ (amenorrhoea), ‘vandhyatwa’ (female infertility), etc. in female. We can find these references in most of the Ayurveda classics and the treatment is done according to the symptoms. Along with proper regimen and healthy foods, Ayurvedic drugs can do wonders in this disorder. Generally, ‘Vatanulomana’ (regulation of vata dosha), ‘Amahara’ (removal of toxins), ‘Vajikarana’ (aphrodisiac) drugs are used for the treatment. Digestive fire and vitiated dosha is also considered. Sodhana chikitsa (purificatory therapies) are also advised depending on the condition of the patient.

Natural Treatment of Kallmann Syndrome


Planet Ayurveda is a leading herbal manufacturer whose products are completely pure, safe and economical. These products are made strictly abiding by the rules of classical Ayurveda and under the administration of Ayurveda experts. Planet Ayurveda brings the following herbal supplements for the treatment of Kallmann Syndrome:

  1. Male Support Formula
  2. Atirasadi Churna
  3. Tribulus Powder
  4. Musli Strength

Herbal Remedies for Kallmann Syndrome

Herbal Remedies for Kallmann Syndrome


1. Male Support Formula

As the name suggests, Male support formula from Planet Ayurveda helps in improving the overall male reproductive health and would be very useful in Kallmann syndrome. The key ingredients are Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Shilajit (Blackbitumen) and Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris). Shilajit helps in maintaining the gonadotropic hormones. Ashwagandha is effective both mentally and physically. It enhances sexual performance. Moreover, Gokshura acts well on genito-urinary disorders.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules twice daily after meals.

2. Atirasadi Churna

This churna (powder) is a herbal formulation prepared by Planet Ayurveda which focuses on male reproductive system and improves sexual health. It is very effective in erectile dysfunction as well as premature ejaculation. It contains 13 ingredients which are rare age-old herbs. These are white Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum), semal Musli (Salmalia malabarica), Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Akarkara (Anacyclus pyrethrum), Vidarikand (Pueraria tuberosa), White behmen (Centaurea behmen), Javitri (Myristica fragrans), Taalmakhana (Hygrophilia spinosa) and Kesar (Crocus sativus), black Musli (Curculigo orchioides, Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris), Varahikand (Dioscorea bulbifera).

Dosage: 1 teaspoon with plain water twice daily, after food.

3. Tribulus Power

These are the capsule formulations from Planet Ayurveda which contain pure extract of Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris). It acts on the male reproductive as well as urinary system. It is vrushya (aphrodisiac) and helps in improving sperm production. It is tridosha samana (pacifies vata, pitta and kapha dosha) and also aids in increasing the libido. Moreover it promotes the overall strength and nourishment of the body.

Dosage: 2 capsules twice daily with plain water after food.

4. Musli Strength

Musli strength is an Ayurvedic formulation produced by Planet Ayurveda, which is used in infertility treatment and for enhancing sexual vitality. It is a combination of two herbs, white musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum) and Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris). Musli helps in reducing male weakness, improves penile tissue strength and has erectogenic effects.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules once or twice daily with plain water after meals.

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This article provides overall brief information on the genetic disorder Kallmann syndrome which can be a socially embarrassing as well as mentally challenging condition. Ayurveda helps in sailing through this disturbing situation in a holistic way by adopting different yet right natural combinations of medicines and procedures. For more personalized consultation, reach us at or contact at +91-172-521-4030.

How modern cultures are disturbing the reproductive health of females?


HEALTH IS WEALTH”. But, in the modern world, the meaning of this phrase is completely different. Here, a person is too busy & stressed to achieve a luxurious life that he/she has no time to take care of his/her health. As a result, miscarriage, abortions, endometriosis, difficulty in conceiving a child, PCOD, uterine fibroids/tumors or even female infertility and other disorders related to female reproductive system is becoming very common. The increasing rate of junk food such as pizza, burgers, French fries, pasta, macaroni, packed food items & other oil based unhygienic cooked items, and sedentary lifestyle are the major cause of it. Stress is also one of the major causes for it. Thus, let’s discuss the leading causes in modern culture responsible for disturbing the female’s reproductive health & how Ayurveda can play a great role in preventing those & maintaining a healthy life ahead.

How modern cultures are disturbing the reproductive health of females?


Modern world is considered as a world full of luxury. More comfortable the lifestyle, the more the person is considered to be happy. But as the consequences of this lifestyle, lack of exercise & balanced diet, various metabolic & reproductive system related disorders are generally seen in even young aged girls, which are further leading to different menstrual diseases ranging from amenorrhea (absence of menses), and dysmenorrhea (painful menses) up to various uterine cancers. The leading causes are unhealthy food items, mental stress, use of various man made hormonal therapies & lack of physical activity. Let’s discuss these in detail with some Ayurvedic & modern aspect:


1. Fast Foods/Street Foods

Most fast foods that are available in the market are oil based preparations or too spicy. That can cause Agnimandya (reduction in digestive power) which leads to ama (undigested food which leads to toxins) formation which in turn can cause vitiation of tridosha & lead to various reproductive related issues in females. Also, the toxins formed can affect normal metabolism of the body resulting in metabolic disorders such as diabetes, which is one of the leading causes of PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) & uterine fibroids.

What To Use: Introduction of salad before meals. Salad can be prepared with seasonal vegetables ranging from cucumber, radish, carrot, tomatoes & many other vegetables.

2. Smoking & Drinking

In the race of being socialized & cool, nowadays youths are specially misled towards drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking cigarettes. As, all of us know, alcohol has so many hazardous effects on the whole body including the liver & reproductive system. Also, cigarettes contain numerous carcinogens which can lead to reproductive system related tumors or carcinomas in females. These are very bad practices that must be avoided. Besides that, drinking coffee and milk based tea should also be restricted.

What To Use: Chewing dry fruits, cardamom and drinking freshly prepared fruit juice or herbal smoothie is far much better & nutritious. Use of herbal tea with ingredients including cinnamon, basil leaves, cardamom, fennel seeds, coriander seeds etc. can be used as an alternative to coffee or other drinks.

3. Packed Food Items

Items that are available in food markets or supermarkets are either cool stored or are packed in plastic or polyethylene containers. Cold drinks, chips, packed vegetables, packed grains, packed nuts, dried meat, packed fruit juices and many other items have preservatives added to them. Various preservatives contain numerous amounts of toxins which can cause mutation in genes on regular consumption and hence can cause hormone related disorders in females such as menstrual disturbances, PCOD, or even can lead to infertility.

What To Use: Fruits & nuts can be used as the best alternative.

4. Microwaved Food Items

Microwave oven uses electromagnetic rays (microwaves) for heating or cooking the food items. Any rays other than natural sources such as sunlight might cause alteration in gene pattern which can lead to various reproductive related disorders in females, e.g. repetitive & continuous use of it can cause premature birth of baby in pregnant females.

What To Use: Prefer cooking or heating up in gas or stove that too in stainless steel or earthen pots.

5. Hormonal Drugs

The use of hormonal drugs to treat various systemic as well as menstrual diseases is common these days. Modern Science uses medication such as thyroxine for hypothyroidism, insulin for diabetes & various other corticosteroids for numerous ailments & emergency conditions, also the increasing trend of oral contraceptive pills (hormone based) as birth control method and treating PCOD or post- menopausal syndrome, which all are man made hormone based drugs that disturb the whole hormonal functioning of the body and in turn results in creating more and more reproductive system related ailments and syndromes in females.

What To Use: Ayurveda is an ancient science of living that uses herbal drugs obtained from natural sources and are effectively treating various ailments since ages. So, despite going for various steroid / hormone based treatment on long term basis, one can shift to more effective line of treatment i.e. Ayurveda.

6. Milk & Milk Products

Due to drastic increase in population, the demand of milk & milk products also increased. So, to cope up the increasing demand the use of various hormone based injections are being used on young calves, so that they can grow faster & yield more and more production of milk. Thus, these steroid based altered milk & milk products which are available in the market are too dangerous and can cause disorders ranging from indigestion to hormonal changes.

What To Use: Use vegan curd (made from peanuts & rice). Freshly obtained cow’s milk can be used in small quantities. Buttermilk (freshly prepared) can also be a great choice.

7. Non-Vegetarian Food Articles

Like, milk & milk products the demand & consumption of non-vegetarian food articles is also increased. Again, special steroid based vaccinations are given to hens to increase production of eggs, and also to the broilers (chicken which are bred & raised to obtain meat), pigs, goats, sheep and other meat yielding animals to enhance the quantity of meat which on regular consumption have drastic adverse effects on reproductive health of females.

What To Use: Seasonal fruits & vegetables can be the best choice.

8. Conventionally Used Grains

Wheat & rice (paddy) are the most conventionally used grains which also have suffered from high adulteration for high production. Use of various pesticides and harmful chemicals may have increased the quantity of cultivating these grains but also results in many diseases including female reproductive system related ailments.

What To Use: The use of Millets specifically little millets, kodo millets, barnyard millets, brown top millet and foxtail can be promoted due to their many therapeutic properties instead of congenitally used grains.

9. Use Of Refined Oils For Cooking

Despite using pure extract of vegetable oil such as kachi ghani mustard oil there is an increasing trend of using refined oils. This trend is leading to elevation in cholesterol and triglyceride levels which can result in metabolic syndromes thus indirectly affecting the reproductive systems in females.

What To Use: Prefer oil free cooking or can use Kachi ghani Mustard oil.

10. Use Of Refined Salt & Sugar

The salt that we conventionally use i.e. white salt is also harmful when consumed regularly. Use of white sugar is also not very much advisable.

What To Use: Use of Sindhav lavan (pink salt) must be promoted due to its many medicinal & nutritious properties. In Ayurveda it is considered as the best of all the salts. Also, use of jaggery or honey should be promoted instead of white sugar.


Unhealthy lifestyles include both mental & physical activities that affect the female reproductive health. These include:

1. Sedentary Lifestyle

Due to increase in comfortable lifestyle with rising technology, there is complete lack of physical activities which leads to obesity and ultimately resulting as a major factor responsible for PCOD and infertility like issues.

What To Do:

  • Daily walk for 2-3 km is recommended in an open area like a park or garden.
  • Sunlight exposure for about an hour per day.
  • One can perform regular exercise and Yoga asanas. Some Most Beneficial yoga asanas for better reproductive health of females:
    1. Bhadrasana
    2. Kati chakr asana
    3. Chakrasana
    4. Setubandh asana
    5. Paad hast asana
    6. Gomukh asana
    7. Pashimotaan asana
    8. Shsanak asana
    9. Surya Namshkaar (12 poses)
    10. Vajr asana & Shavasana

2. Stress

Stress can cause disturbance in mental health which can result in several endocrine changes in the body. Altered hormones levels in turn affect the female reproductive health to a greater extent.

What To Do:

Indulging oneself in tasks and not to overthink is one of the best precautionary methods. Apart from these various Pranayamas (mind-relaxing exercises) that must be done on regular basis for relaxing of mind includes:

  • Naadi shodhan pranayama
  • Sheetli pranayama
  • Kpaal Bhati pranayama
  • Ujjayayi pranayama
  • Bhramri pranayama


This article shows how modern cultures are disturbing female reproductive health. Thus Nidana parivarjana is the basic & most useful treatment protocol in Ayurveda which can be implied to any mental or physical disease. Nidana parivarjana simply means the avoidance of causative factors. Thus, by eliminating the causative factors (diet or lifestyle) mentioned in the article & following the recommended diet plan & lifestyle, females can easily lead to a disease free healthy life ahead.