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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Obesity - Tips to Combat it Naturally and Obtain a Healthy Weight


Acharya Charka in Charka Samhita Sutra 21 had described about 8 type of condemned persons. Out of those 8 types Acharya had mentioned that over-obese persons and over-lean have other despicable features too. These both conditions are mostly based on dietary habits and to some extent on life style.

Ancient reference

(Charka Sutra 21/ 17)

Out of these two conditions i.e. obese & lean, the lean person are better because, even after consuming same type of lifestyle & diet, the obese is more affected if some disease arises. In this article, let's discuss about some key features about obese according to Ayurvedic aspect & their line of treatment in brief and the daily balanced diet useful for weight loss in detail.

Balanced Diet to Reduce Weight


After hearing the word Obese these type of questions pops up in mind. When we can say the person is obese? What are the symptoms of being over obese? What are the causes of obesity? What are the consequences of being obese? Well Acharya Charka had already answered all these queries in Astonidniya adhyaya in Charka Sutra 21. Let’s know a brief about it:


(Charka Sutra 21/9)

The person is said over obese when due to excessive increase in muscles & fats, has drooping or pendulous abdomen, buttocks and breasts, these type of inappropriately arranged body built will result in metabolism deficit and reduced energy. These persons are termed as Over obese.


(Charka Sutra 21/4)

The person can lead to obesity by these 8 factors:

  1. Atisampoornat: Over-eating.
  2. Gurumadhursheetsanigdhoupsevyat: Frequent use of heavy, sweet, cold and oily (fatty) diet.
  3. Avyayamat: Lack of physical exercise.
  4. Amaithunat: By suppressing urge to indulge in sexual activity.
  5. Divasvapanat: Sleeping during day hours.
  6. Harshnityat: Being happy in all situations.
  7. Achintnaat: Lack of mental work & stress.  
  8. Beejsvbhavat: Due to some inherited causes.


(Charka Sutra 21/4)

Acharya Charka had properly explained the 8 defects which are raised as the consequence of obesity. These are:

  1. Shortening of life span: There is excessive collection of fat in obese person and this over accumulation will lead to reduction in the nourishment of other body tissues (dhatus), therefore, due to lack of proper nutrition there is depletion of other rasadi dhatus (blood, lymph like body tissues), thus the life span of obese person is shortened.
  2. Hampered movements: Due to fluffiness, laxity and heaviness of fat there is lack of freshness, energy which results in restricted movements of the obese people.
  3. Difficulty in sexual activity: The depletion of other body tissue due to excessive production of fat in obese person will also lead to reduction in the formation of shukra dhatu (Semen & other male reproductive hormones), thus there is difficulty to indulge in sexual activity for obese person.
  4. General debility: The person feels weak due to the disequilibrium of other body tissues.
  5. Foul bodily odour: The defect & nature of fat along with excess sweating will cause foul smell from the body.
  6. Over-sweating: Due to the combination of Kapha with meda, their oozing nature, excessive collection of fat tissue & inability to tolerate the physical activity, there is sweating in abundance.
  7. Polyphagia: Because of the increased agni and abundance of vayu which will keep on intensifying the digestive power which leads to excessive hunger.
  8. Polydipsia: Due to the same reason i.e. increased digestive fire, will also lead to excessive thirst.


Being obese according to Modern medicine is also the basic cause or a major risk factor that may result in many life style disorders such as metabolic disorders which includes diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemia, prone to various heart diseases, abdominal discomforts, various types of arthritis (gout, rheumatoid etc.), pain in joints, also in females it is considered as major cause for many conditions which leads to infertility which includes Polycystic Ovarian Disorders (PCOD), menstrual disturbances and other hormonal changes.


गुरु चातर्पणं चेष्टं स्थुलानां कर्षणं प्रति।

(चरक सूत्र 21 /20)

This quotation contains the general management line for obese persons. It states for reducing the bulk/ excessive fat of the obese person, heavy but non saturated diet is beneficial.

Thus, instead of skipping the meals for faster reduction of fat & immediate weight loss it is very much necessary to provide adequate amount of food & nourishment to the body at very right time. Acharya had mentioned some beneficial & effective herbs & home remedies using with daily edibles which will help in weight loss due to their kapha & fat reducing properties. These include:  (Charka sutra 21/21-28)

Use of guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), devdaru (Cedrus deodara), musta (Cyprus rotendus), haritaki (Terminilia chebula), bhivitak (Terminilia bellarica) and amlaki (Emblica officinalis), Takra sevan (Use of buttermilk) and madhu (honey), use of millets and the churna of Ambla (Emblica officinalis) is highly recommended for weight loss.

Similarly, introduction of these home remedies in diet such as:

  • Consumption of bilvadi panchmool (roots of five plants which including bilva i.e. Aegle marmelos) mixed with honey is very beneficial.
  • Use of Shilajatu i.e. Asphaltum (mineral pitch) along with the juicy extract of Agnimantha (Premna integrifolia) is recommended.

Acharya also described the favorable food items (Pathya Aahar) for weight reduction (Atistholyanashak) as:

(Charka Sutra 21/25-27)


  • Prashatika (a type of cereal)
  • Priyangu (Aglaia elaeagnoidea)
  • Shayamaka (Barnyard millet- Echinocloa Frumentacea)
  • Yavaka (a species of rice)
  • Yava (Barley- Hordeum vulgare)
  • Jonhari (Sorghum- type of millet)
  • Kodrava (Kodo millet- Paspalum scrobiculatum)
  • Mudga (Vigna radiata)
  • Kulthi (Horse gram- Macrotyloma uniflorum)
  • Vanmudga (Moth bean- Vigna aconitifolia)
  • Adhki (Arhar - Cajanus cajan)
  • Beejani pataolam amlakai seh- Seeds of pointed gourd/luffa -Trichosanthes dioica with Amlaki churna (powder of Emblica officinalis).

For drinking purpose madhudkam means honey mixed water is best for obese person.

Also, various medicated drinks that eliminates the adverse effects of vitiated mans, meda and kapha are available as fermented decoctions known as Arishta can be used along with the edibles after meal for better results.


The dietary & drinks advised above are considered as the best for the obese person diet regimen. If these items are consumed in proper way and proper time they provide adequate nourishment to the body and by eliminating excessively vitiated meda and kapha dosha, and ultimately correcting the disturbed equilibrium of the dhatus (body tissues) and agni. The agni if remained in normal state and adequate amount of fuel is provided to it, it will help in start healing the depleted body tissues and then covert the excess meda dhatu into next asthi or majja dhatu which results in reduction of fats. Thus, balanced diet can be very effective in weight loss, and providing strength & enhancing immunity of the body.

After knowing the dietary things mentioned in the Ayurvedic text for weight reduction & their mode of action. Now let’s discuss about balanced diet & the things that must be introduced & avoided from diet plan for obtaining optimum results.


The diet which consist of sufficient amount of nutrients (vitamins, minerals etc), comprises of all six rasa (shadrasahara), carbohydrates, saturated fats and essential proteins. The balanced diet is obtained by the combination of fruits, pulses, vegetable & favorable cereals such as positive millets. This type of diet plan when consumed at proper time & in perfect state it can promote health & is very much beneficial in reversing the adverse effects of many diseases including obesity.

Dietary Advises: (Do's)

  • Fruits: Use of seasonal fruits must be promoted in daily diet regimen. Introduction of fruit salad as breakfast is the best option. Fruits are the rich source of vitamins, minerals & other essential nutrients. Freshly prepared fruit juice is a healthy choice. Coconut water is the juice of choice as it is the best source of minerals.
  • Vegetables: Fresh seasonal green leafy vegetables are highly recommended. Vegetables can be used in raw form as salad, as smoothie (freshly prepared), in boiled form or in cooked form.
  • Millets: Millets specifically positive millets (Barnyard, Kodo, Foxtail, Little, Brown top millets) are rich in fiber content and having many other therapeutic values.
  • Dry fruits: Dry fruits are rich proteins & vitamins. They must be consumed on daily basis to get nourishment. Soaked resins are the dry fruits of choice.
  • Other drinks: Pulses soup, buttermilk, honey water, lukewarm water are highly recommended for weight loss.
  • Hunja tea: The tea made with ingredients like cinnamon, cumin, coriander seeds, basil leaves etc. for better digestion.
  • Agnisandeepan yoga: Person could start taking one small piece of garlic along with Saindhav namak (pink salt) very morning empty stomach. It will improve the digestion & help in faster weight reduction.
  • Try consuming fresh prepared meals, hot meals, and frequent meals at adequate interval.
  • Use of mustard oil for cooking must be promoted.
  • Jeerneashniyat: One should take food after the digestion of previously taken meal.

Dietary Advises: (Don'ts)

Avoid consuming these food items for better results:

  • Stale food articles
  • Cold stored or preserved foods.
  • Milk & milk products.
  • Packed food items & packed juices.
  • Regular use of Wheat/ rice.
  • Fast foods & junk food items.
  • Non vegetarian food items.

Avoid skipping the meals. As mentioned above it will results in depletion of bodily tissues. Don't eat in hurry.

Along with these dietary advises one must take adequate amount of sleep, and do some yoga asana and daily walk & physical activates.


कालभोजनं आरोग्यकाराणां।।

(चरक सूत्र 25 /40)

Acharya Charka gives highest value for intake of food at proper time for maintenance of proper health and considered balanced diet as best in preventing aspect in various diseases. Thus, by just introducing the above mentioned dietary advises & some life style modification one can easily lose weight by normal edible food items & prevent from many life threatening consequences lead by obesity.

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