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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Peyronie’s Disease- Causes, Symptoms & Ayurvedic treatment

In general, Peyronie's disease is a health problem in men that is caused by the formation of scar tissue, also known as plaque, inside the penis. Due to this, the penis bends upward or to the one side. Most of the men with this penis problem can still have sex while for some, it is difficult and painful.


The exact cause of this health problem is unknown. But it is believed that, the problem occurs after trauma or injury to the penis that a person may not even notice. The trauma causes bleeding inside the penis and forms a plaque.

Sometimes, the genes are responsible for this health problem.

Even some medications can cause side effects.


Generally, it is more common in middle-aged men but it can occur in younger as well as older men too. The problem becomes more common as a man gets older, but it is not a part of ageing.


The symptoms of the disease may appear suddenly or may develop gradually. The common symptoms of this penis problem are listed below:

  • The most common symptom of this health problem is Scar tissue. This scar can be felt as a flat lump or a band of hard tissue under the skin of the penis.
  • A significant bend to the penis is another common symptom of this problem. The penis may curve upward, downward or bent to one side.
  • A man with this problem may suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction too. He may have difficulty in getting or maintaining erection.
  • The problem may result in shortening of the penis. 
  • A man with this problem may have penile pain, even without an erection.
  • The curvature of the penis may gradually worsen.


Ayurveda is known to cure many difficult health problems which the modern medicines could not cure. Ayurveda offers a treatment that brings balance to the body without the side effects. While allopathic medicines on the other hand are responsible for long term side effects.

Ayurveda takes some time to cure any disease but provides a permanent cure. And hence, Ayurveda is known to be a holistic procedure to heal oneself from his health problem.

For Peyronie's disease, Ayurveda offers an effective Ayurvedic treatment which we will discuss in the next section.


Planet Ayurveda provides an effective treatment for Peyronie's disease. The medicines offered by our house are made using effective and pure herbs without the addition of chemicals or additives or preservatives in it. Hence are safe and free from side effects.


1. Curcumin Capsules:

One of the most effective medicine from our house for this penis problem is curcumin. The capsules are made using the pure and standardized extracts of Curcumin herb. The herb is frequently used in Ayurveda for a number of health purposes. The capsules are great for managing the pain as well as the infection in the penis.

PACK SIZE- Each bottle contains 60 capsules in it.

DOSAGE- 1 capsule, twice a day, after meals with plain water.

2. Kachnaar Guggul:

The Kachnaar Guggul is another product from the house for the treatment of Peyronie's disease. The tablets are effective in managing the symptoms of this health problem in men.

The tablets are made using the pure ingredients including useful Ayurvedic herbs. Ingredients include Kachnaar bark (Bauhinea variegate), Triphala (Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellerica, Emblica officinalis), Trikatu (Zingiber officinale, Solanum nigrum, Piper longum), Varun bark (Crataeva nurvala), Elaichi (Elettaria cardamom), Dalchini (Cinnamomum zeylanica), Tejpatra (Cinnamomum zeylanica leaves) and Guggul (Commiphora mukul).

PACK SIZE- Each bottle contains 120 tablets in it.

DOSAGE- 2 tablets, twice a day, after meals with plain water.

3. Gandhak Rasayan:

These are the tablets that contain pure Gandhak and pure Sharkara in it. This is another product from the house for managing the infection. Hence a great way to treat the disease.

PACK SIZE- Each bottle contains 120 tablets in it.

DOSAGE- 2 tablets, twice a day, after meals with plain water.

4. Jatyadi oil mixed with Nirgundi oil:

The herbal formulation in the form of oil is another effective way to manage the symptoms of the problem.

How to use:

For local application only.


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Saturday, January 23, 2016

How to Reduce Uric Acid Naturally


Uric acid is formed due to the purine breakdown in our body which flows through the blood and reaches the kidneys and later flushed out from the body. However sometimes it remains in the body and its level increases. This situation may create a problem for the body. High uric acid levels in the blood have two main reasons. Either the kidneys are not functioning properly and are unable to flush out uric acid quickly or uric acid is being produced in very large amount in the body. High uric acid levels in the blood is known as hyperuricemia. It forms needle shaped uric acid crystals which accumulates in the joints and causes stinging pain in the joints which results in severe pain, redness, swelling and stiffness of the joints. High amount of uric acid may cause gout hence it is necessary to control the amount of uric acid in the body.

Here are some simple and intuitive options to reduce the uric acid levels in the body without any adverse effects.

  1. High levels of uric acid can be lowered by keeping the body hydrated. Drink two to three litre of water every day. Appropriate amount of water helps to flush out the uric acid from the body. High levels of acid in the body is known as acidosis. It is related with the uric acid levels in the body. If pH level drops below 7, the body becomes acidic. It is very much necessary to keep the body alkaline. Apple cider helps to increase blood pH and hence reduces the high uric acid levels. Use raw, non-pasteurized apple cider without mixing the water.
  2. Fruits such as cherries, strawberries, blueberries and grapes are very beneficial for reducing high uric acid levels in the body as these fruits decreases the swelling. Especially, Cherry contains anthocyanins which helps in lowering of uric acid levels. Consume 10-25 cherries per day. If fresh cherry is not available then opt for cherry juice which is equally effective. Eat citrus fruits which are the great source of vitamin C. Consume at least 500 mg of vitamin C per day as it helps in flushing out uric acid through urine.
  3. Stick to low-purine food. Uric acid is derived from breakdown of purines which is the part of our daily diet. Avoid eating poultry, red meat, organ meat, sea food, all types of bean, simple carbohydrate and some vegetables such as peas, asparagus, mushrooms and cabbage as all these triggers the uric acid levels. Include essential fatty acid, low fat dairy products, and complex carbohydrate food in the diet.
  4. To reduce uric acid naturally, limit the consumption of fructose. According to a research high intake of fructose increases the level of uric acid. Alcohol consumption causes dehydration in the body. Beer has a high content of yeast. Instead of beer and alcohol opt for wine as it doesn't affect the uric acid level.
  5. Baking soda works wonderfully to reduce the high uric acid levels in the body. Add half a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water. Mix it well and drink thrice in a day. This will increase the uric acid solubility and it will also dissolve the uric acid crystals. However high intake of sodium needs to be monitored as it may increase the blood pressure.
  6. Use olive oil to cook the food instead of vegetable oil or butter. It is a rich source of vitamin E which plays an important role in controlling the high levels of the uric acid. Olive oil will also prevent the formation of excess uric acid in the body.
  7. Extract of carom seed is a very popular natural remedy to cure gout and to reduce the high uric acid levels in the body. It has analgesic, antioxidant, diuretic and urinary antiseptic properties. It is also very beneficial in insomnia, nervous breakdown and anxiety.
  8. Include high fiber food in your diet such as broccoli, oats, spinach and semolina. Eat antioxidant rich diet as it will prevent the free radicals from attacking the muscle and body organs. Red bell peppers, tomatoes, grapes and broccoli are the rich source of antioxidants.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nerve Weakness- Types, Causes, Symptoms & Herbal Remedies

Nerve Weakness also known as nerve palsy is a collective term for a range of nervous disorders that causes weakness or immobility of nerves in some parts of the body. In some cases it is only temporary and fades over time. However, sometimes it doesn’t respond well to either the passing of time or various treatment options. In that case, nerve weakness possesses a permanent health issue that must be dealt with care. Nerve weakness means anything from a weakness to a complete paralysis. It can result from any sort of damage to the nerve.


Autonomic nerves control the involuntary or partially voluntary activities of the body, including heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and temperature regulation.

Motor nerves control the movements and actions by passing information from brain and spinal cord to muscles.

Sensory nerves relay information from skin and muscles back to your spinal cord and brain. The information is then processed to let the feel pain and other sensations.

Since nerves are essential, nerve pain, weakness and damage can seriously affect the quality of life.


  • Autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barré syndrome (condition in which the immune system attacks the peripheral nerves), myasthenia gravis, lupus and inflammatory bowel disease
  • Cancer
  • Compression or trauma
  • Diabetes and diabetes neuropathy
  • Drug side effects and toxic substances
  • Motor neuron diseases
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Infectious disease like Lyme disease, the herpes viruses, HIV and hepatitis C


Autonomic nerve damage or weakness may produce the following symptoms:

  • Inability to sense chest pain such as angina or heart attack
  • Excessive sweating or less sweating
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dry eyes and dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Bladder dysfunction
  • Sexual dysfunction

Motor nerves weakness may produce the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Twitching or fasciculation
  • Paralysis

Sensory nerve damage and weakness may result in following symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Sensitivity
  • Numbness
  • Tingling or prickling
  • Burning
  • Problems with positional awareness


  • Peroneal nerve palsy
  • Ocular nerve palsy
  • Cranial palsy
  • Ulna palsy
  • Bell’s palsy

These are other forms of Nerve weakness or nerve palsy that produces similar results, in which the nerves associated with the particular region becomes ineffectual and are not able to produce the desired function.


Contractures of joints around the weak nerve may complicate motor nerve damage. Loss of sensation may lead to accidental burns or other injuries. Scarring may occur in and around the damaged nerve, resulting in the formation of neuroma. With imperfect healing and prolonged weakness, there may be paresthesias, changes in hot or cold sensitivity, paresis, or paralysis.


  1. Cap. Boswellia Curcumin
  2. Cap. Ashwagandha
  3. Tab. Yograj Guggul
  4. Medhya Churna


1) Cap. Boswellia Curcumin

Boswellia-Curcumin is the combination of two anti-inflammatory and analgesic herbs, Boswellia serrata (shallaki) and curcumin (turmeric). These herbs not only relieve the joint pains but are also beneficial in reducing swelling and therefore improve flexibility. These herbs also increase circulation to the joints and promote health.

Benefits and Uses : Boswellia has anti-atherosclerotic properties making it a good herb for the cholesterol and heart. Boswellic acids have anti-inflammatory properties and are of supreme importance as they are very beneficial when used for aches and pains that are caused owing to different ailments. Curcumin is well known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anticancer properties and is used in various health conditions. It has therapeutic activities for a wide variety of conditions and diseases including those of pains, wounds, nerve weakness, pulmonary and gastrointestinal systems. It has strong antioxidant that removes toxins from the body.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules twice daily, after meals with plain water.

2) Cap. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha Capsules consists of root extract of ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) herb which is also known as Indian ginseng. It is known to possess miracle healing qualities. It is known as adaptogenic. Ashwagandha plant is 5000 ft tall with life span of 5 years. Leaves are small and oval shaped with yellowish green flowers and rough, strong, thick roots. Ashwagandha root powder extract is used in therapeutic procedures as it contains active components withanolides and withaferin A. It is the best herb for balancing vata which governs entire body movement and nerve impulses.

Benefits and Uses : Ashwagandha is useful in conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, palpitation, restlessness, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, ageing, diabetes neuropathy, sudden weight loss and weakness. Ashwagandha strengthens and relieves the nerves and muscles by calming down the nervous system. Being a nerve tonic it enhances physical and mental stamina. Ashwagandha works wonderfully for curing erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and premature ejaculation. Ashwagandha has anti-infective, anti-biotic qualities and is effective for treating all types of cancers and swollen glands.

Dosage : 1-2 capsules twice daily with plain water after meals.

3) Yoraj Guggul

Yograj Guggul is a herbal formulation comprised of Guggul, Ghee and 27 other herbs such as chitraka (Plumbago zeylanica), pippali (Piper longam), yawani (Trachyspermum ammi), jeeraka (Cuminum cyminum), devdaru (Cedrus deodra), chavya (Piper retrofractum), maricha (Piper nigrum) etc.

Yograj guggul is effective for the treatment of vata and kapha related disorders. Gum, resin and volatile oil are the active ingredients with medicinal effects. It is primarily used to treat a variety of musculo skeletal and nervous disorders. Nerve weakness is a painful condition of the nerves accompanied by inflammation, loss of sensation and stiffness, limiting the movement and mobility. Yograj guggul reduces pain, swelling and flushes out the toxins out of the body.

Benefits and Uses : Yograj guggul tablets boosts immunity and is useful to treat musculo skeletal disorders, arthritis and various nervous disorders including nerve palsy or nerve weakness. It is beneficial in abnormal ligament and tendon tear. It relieves cervical spondylitis, fibromyalgia and nerve damage. It is also used in indigestion, constipation, flatulence and dyspepsia. It curbs obesity by detoxifying the body, removing the excess fats and toxins from the body.

Dosage : 2 tablets twice or thrice daily with plain water or milk after meals.

4) Medhya Churna

Medhya churna is an excellent mixture of eleven herbs including vacha (Acorus calamus), ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), ajmoda (Apium graveolens), jeerak (Cuminum cyminum), patha (Cissampelos pareira), shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) and brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) and many more.

Ashwagandh treats stress related ailments and neurological disorders. It rejuvenates brain by curbing metabolic and emotional stress. Cortisol, the stress hormone contributes to mental ageing. Ashwagandha combats the stress by decreasing cortisol production. It also acts on endocrine system, encourages hormonal balance and reduces the hot flashes, anxiety and mood swings.

Brahmi effectively improves memory, recollection and retention of things. It calms down the mind and also treats anxiety, hallucination. Brahmi contains an active protein molecule bacoside B which strengthens nervous system and nourishes the brain. Brahmi has a positive effect on cognitive functions. Being an antioxidant brahmi protects the neural oxidative stress and stimulates brain's own chemicals that protect neurons from damaging. Brahmi contains bacoside A which protects the areas of the brain responsible for serotonin uptake and balances the neurotransmitter. Brahmi may help balance dopamine levels and stabilize certain chemicals in the brain.

Shankhpushpi prevents neurotoxicity and reduces stress. Alkloids in shankhpushpi boosts serotonin production and acts as a brain tonic, memory enhancer, promotes intelligence, eliminates hypertension, anxiety, stress-related disorders, epilepsy, insomnia and numerous neurodegenerative diseases. The herb works primarily by supporting the central nervous system.

Benefits and Uses : Medhya churna helps in improving memory, recollecting and retaining things in a better way by rejuvenating the nervous system. It is effective as a nerve tonic for overall improvement of mental health. It is suitable to treat forgetfulness, cloudy thoughts and confused mind. Medhya churna is popularly used as a nerve tonic which helps to balance vata, pitta and kapha energies thus, improving concentration, alleviating stress and anxiety.

Dosage : 1/4 teaspoon once daily with 1 spoon of Cow Ghee (Clarified Butter).


  • For strong central nervous system, respiratory system, immune system and digestive system.
  • To curb musculo - skeletal ailments and nervous disorders.
  • To treat arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis and rheumatism.
  • To strengthen, nourish and rejuvenate the nerves.


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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Herbal Remedies for Menstrual Problems

There are many issues that concerns women. Being proficient in both personal and professional life requires a lot of commitment and that at times takes a toll of her health. A women goes through various hormonal changes all her life and these hormonal changes affect her both physically and emotionally.

One of such change is menstrual cycle. Menstrual cycle is basically a series of hormonal changes in where the women body prepares itself for pregnancy. Hormonal changes in the body prepares the body for uterus.

Whenever, a women is on her period along with the physical changes she also gets effected emotionally. They get emotionally vulnerable but it is necessarily not the case for everyone. The condition differ from women to women.


1. Painful Periods

Painful periods is common problem with all the women. At times the pain gets so severe that women opt for pain killers.

2. Heavy Periods

Some women have heavy periods than others and they have to change sanitary protection in small duration.

3. Irregular Periods

Irregular periods is the common problem that most of the women faces nowadays. Periods may arrive early or late. It could be heavy or light. Number of the days that the period last can also differ.

4. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual syndrome is basically related to hormonal changes that women experience during the periods. Not all women experience PMS and the severity differs from person to person.

  • Irritation
  • Mood swings
  • Head aches
  • Depression
  • Tender breast

There are some changes that remains for a longer period of time, under this condition there are chances that one could have suffered from endometriosis. Under this condition, the cells present in the inner lining of the womb appear in the other parts of the body.

To prevent it or control it for a certain level, many women take painkillers and drugs that causes temporary and reversible menopause by stopping the production of estrogen.

All these drugs poses a great risk on women health and brings complication in pregnancy. Therefore, it is always advisable not to interrupt the natural menstrual cycle. There is one effective and safe way by which of one can limit the problems that are related to menstrual cycle without taking the risk of any kind of complications.

One can opt for Ayurvedic treatment for several problems that are related to women’s health. Female Health Support is the Ayurvedic product available in the market to cure various issues related to women health.


Is a package of all the essential herbs that are very effective is healing various issues related to women's health. Female Health Support consists of:

  • Ashok
  • Lodhra
  • Shatavari

1. Ashok

One of the prime uses of Ashok herb is in the treatment various menstrual disorder like congestion, pain and bleeding. It is very beneficial to the endometrium and uterine muscles. It is also very effective in clearing congestion and has a nourishing effect on the circulatory system. In addition to this, Ashok is very helpful in treating hemorrhagic dysentery. It is also useful in treating pain. Along with that Ashok also has lot of beauty benefits.

2. Lodhra

Lodhra bark has been in use for thousands of years in Ayurvedic healing practice. Lodhra has a lot of beauty benefits. Lodhra bark helps in treating various skin disease, swelling, bleeding wounds and ulcers. Along with this, Lodhra is very helpful in treating diarrhea and dysentery.

3. Shatavari

Shatavari comes from Asparagus species in Ayurveda. Shatavari is very beneficial in dealing with gynecological issues and alleviate abdominal cramping, headaches and inflammation. It is very beneficial in strengthening the reproductive system of women and regulate hormonal imbalance.


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Karpura / Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora)- Indications & Medicinal Uses


Cinnamomum camphora




HINDI - Kapoor

SANSKRIT - Karpura

ENGLISH - Camphor


It is a tall tree of height up to 100 feet. The bark is rough on the outside and smoother inside. All parts of the tree have the peculiar fragrance of camphor.


The leaves are 2 -4 inches long, yellowish –green in color with a leathery texture. The leaves resemble the leaves of Tejpatra also known as Indian bay leaves.


The flowers are yellowish – white in color and occur in clusters.


The fruits are dark green in color resembling peas. The fruits dry out and later turn black.


The seeds are small and have the peculiar fragrance of karpura.


There are many varieties of camphor depending upon its place of occurrence, color and ripeness.


One of the varieties of this camphor is found in Borneo, Sumatra from where it derives its name. This plant exudes a resinous white fragrant extract.

Another variety of the tree belongs to Chinese and Japanese main land. It is also cultivated in India.
Another, third variety of camphor is native to the Indian subcontinent and occurs in Dehradun, Maharashtra, Mysore, Kolkata etc.


Menthol, Thymol, Phenol, Salicylic acid and Naphthol are amongst the fragrant chemical constituents obtained from this plant.

GUNA (Characteristics)

Tikshna (Pungent), Laghu (light)

RASA (Taste)

Tikta (bitter), Katu (pungent), Madhura (sweet).

VIPAKA (After taste that develops post digestion)

Katu (Pungent)

VIRYA (Potency)

Sheet (Cold potency)

PRABHAVA (Special response)

It is especially effective in cases of lymphadenopathy.


It balances the three body doshas collectively (Vata, Pitta and Kapha)


  • Bad breath
  • Pyorrhea
  • Digestive problems
  • Microbial infections
  • Blood disorders
  • Heart problems
  • Muscular cramps
  • Joint pains
  • Mental debility
  • Sinusitis
  • Chest congestion
  • Obesity


125 -375 mg.


Purified Extracts


  • Camphor has a very healing effect on the skin problems. It effectively controls the inflammation and pain and has a cooling and soothing effect. Any itching, pruritis or rashes are also controlled by the use of camphor locally over the affected area. For this reason it is used in the treatment of many kinds of skin disorders.
  • It helps relieve muscle cramps and pains when mixed with an effective oil base for example Mustard oil.
  • It is very effective for treating acne and acne scars etc. when mixed with coconut oil, olive oil etc.
  • It is a great chest decongestant and can be used in vapor form to relieve severe cough and cold.
  • It r can be used as an effective treatment for hair loss. It is applied when mixed with coconut oil or mustard oil or any of the other such skin friendly oils and massaged over the head. It can help cure dandruff, head lice, itchy scalp.
  • It is a great stimulant for the heart and the whole circulatory system.
  • It can be used as a mouth cleanser to cleanse the saliva and improve the sense of taste.
  • It improves the digestive secretions but it is only to be consumed in small amounts as over dosage of camphor causes indigestion, nausea and vomiting.
  • It is a great diuretic and keeps the urinary system free of bacterial infestations.
  • It is used in general to control excessive sweating and burning sensation of the skin.


Gum Care Powder

It is a very effective mouth paint for treating problems of the oral cavity like gingivitis, bleeding gums, pyorrhea, bad breath etc. It scraps off the tartar deposited over the teeth and cleanses the overall pharynx.

It has a combination of Camphor, Clove (Syzigium aromaticum), Dalchini (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), Haritaki (Terminalia chebulla), Mustaka (Cyperus rotundus) etc.

It is pure herbal formulation that has a very effective role to play in maintaining oral hygiene.

DOSAGE/HOW TO USE - Apply two to three times per day and massage over the teeth and gums. Rinse with water after 10 minutes.


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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kachnaar (Bauhinia variegata)- Indications & Medicinal Uses


Bauhinia variegata




HINDI - Kachnaar

SANSKRIT - Kachnaar, Gandaari, Yugpatraka, Karbudara

ENGLISH - Mountain Ebony


It is a medium height tree. The bark is dusky brown in color and has multiple slits all over it.


The leaves are 2.5 - 6 inches long, rounded with tapering ends and are heart shaped.


The flowers are large white purple to white in color with the inner margins having yellow colored spots.


The fruits are long, flat and smooth which can easily bend. Each of these fruits contains, 10 – 15 seeds.


The seeds are contained in the fruits and are present in multiple numbers ranging from 10 – 15.


According to the color of flowers the Ayurveda texts have divided Kachnaar into three varieties white, red and yellow variety. This division is made on the basis of the color of the flowers.


It is found all over in India up to the height of 4000 feet above sea level. It usually prefers acidic soils and cannot tolerate salty conditions. It is acommonly occurring and fairly resistant plant.


It has many tannins, sugars and resinous extracts which are brown in color.

A yellow colored oil is extracted from the seeds.

GUNA (Characteristics)

Ruksha (dry), Laghu (light)

RASA (Taste)

Kashaya (Astringent)

VIPAKA (After taste that develops post digestion)

Katu (pungent)

VIRYA (Potency)

Sheet (cold potency)

PRABHAVA (Special response)

It is especially effective in cases of lymphadenopathy.


Regulates the elevated Kapha (Phlegm) and Pitta (Fire) doshas.


  • Diabetes
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Tumors
  • Weak immunity
  • Liver problems
  • Bacterial infections
  • Ulcers
  • Cancers
  • Thyroid problems
  • Varicose veins
  • Edematous conditions
  • PCOD (Poly cystic ovarian disease)
  • Fibroid uterus


Powdered bark -- 3-6 g, Decoction -- 40-80 ml, Flower extract -- 10-20 ml.


Flowers and Bark.


  1. It is a very effective anti–diabetic agent with great hypoglycemic activity. The ethanolic extracts of the plant are found to be useful in this regard.
  2. Kachnaar extracts are very effective anti-inflammatory agents and used in skin diseases, stomatitis or mouth ulcers, anal prolapse etc.
  3. It has a purgative action on the digestive system by which it cleanses the bowel and any other worms or infections growing inside. The flowers can be made into a sweet recipe for relieving constipation.
  4. It can also be used with vomiting inducing products as a stimulant.
  5. In lymphatic problems like lymph node swellings or any other type of soft tissue swelling kachnaar has been found to be very useful in effectively reducing the size of the glands or the organ concerned.
  6. It has a scrapping off effect on the fatty tissue depts. In the body, thereby helping in reducing weight in obese people.
  7. In case of rectal or anal prolapse, kachnaar has been found to be very useful in reinstalling the prolapsed organ and reducing the extent of prolapse of the organs.
  8. It is also a very effective liver stimulant that helps maintain its proper functioning and metabolism as a whole.


Kachnaar guggul is a classical ayurvedic preparation that is very commonly used in reducing swellings of all kinds like thyroiditis, varicose veins, pedal edema, lymph node swellings, poly cystic ovaries, fibroids in the uterus, tumors, cancers etc.

It has a vast scope of application in all kinds of patients that are suffering from any kind of soft tissue enlargements.

The tablets are however combined with other medicines also depending upon the type of disease and the organ affected.

The herbal extracts used in the preparation of kachnaar guggul tablets are purely herbal and natural. They have no side effects and can be used by people of all ages.

Kachnaar is combined with Guggul (Commiphora mukul) in this formulation, which is a very effective anti-inflammatory agent that can be used in any kind of mild to severe inflammatory conditions.


The tablets are consumed in the dose of 2 - 3 tablets twice to thrice daily with plain water.


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Monday, January 4, 2016

Herbs for Kidney Failure Treatment

The kidney failure is the condition where the kidney fails to do the adequate filtration of the body waste. In such condition the functions of kidney are affected and after some it gets converted into chronic kidney disease or chronic renal disease. This time varies from a week to a year. There are no specific symptoms observed of this disease. The person can feel low appetite or unhealthy. The high risk of kidney failure is observed in high blood pressure or diabetic person.


The kidney failure can be identified by checking the creatinine concentration in blood. If the creatinine concentration is high, the glomerular filtration will decrease resulting to the improper removal of waste from the body. But in the early stages of kidney failure, sometimes there is no changes in the creatinine concentration. If there is low protein and RBCs in the urine, can be a considered a start of renal failure. The diagnosis of renal failure can be done by different techniques like medical imaging, blood tests and renal biopsy.


The various reasons are there which are responsible for the renal failure. Some of the causes are as follows;

  1. Diabetes is the big reason of kidney failure.
  2. Use of excessive medicines can also be a reason because it puts extra burden of purification on kidneys.
  3. High blood pressure can also damage kidney. Blood pressure will be increased due to the excess of fluids which results in the secretion of vasoactive hormone by kidney. In such condition the risk of hypertension urea accumulation increases. This is a possible reason of azotemia or uremia, in which extra pressure of fluids on kidney is observed.
  4. The deposition of sulfates, phosphates and uric acid can also cause renal failure.
  5. Some physical accidents, internal infection and kidney stones can results in kidney disease.


  • Change in the in taste and metallic taste feel is observed.
  • After the consumption of beans, oats, dairy products, meat, eggs etc. the indigestion is observed.  
  • Shivering and increased/ decreased in urination.
  • Blood in urine.
  • Formation of bubbles or foam in urine due to high protein presence.
  • Feeling of nausea or vomiting and loss of appetite.
  • Breathing problem and itching in the body.


The list of various herbs is as follows, which are used in kidney failure;

1. Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris)

Useful in curing renal infections. Enhances the immunity and provides support to the immune cells against antigens.

2. Palaash (Butea monosperma)

The working of kidneys is streamlined by this herb, also due to the antimicrobial properties it is useful to fight against various infections of the body. It also maintains the level of blood sugar and controls diabetes.

3. Rakt Chandan (Pterocarpus santalinus)

Possess the healing properties and prevents the excessive bleeding. It is known for its antimicrobial property which is useful in fighting various infections during kidney failure.

4. Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa)

It possess anti-inflammatory activity which helps the patient of kidney failure. It decrease the swelling of joints and prevents the accumulation of fluid in the body. It is helpful in improving appetite. It balances the fluid levels and results in good urine flow.

5. Kaasni (Cichorium intybus)

Useful in healing all the problems of kidney. It increases the hemoglobin amount and also known as anti-inflammatory herb which removes the inflammation during kidney failure.

6. Varun (Crataeva nurvala)

Used in healing of kidney failure and helps in strengthening the urinary tract muscles. Also helps in reliving the kidney stones, intestinal bleeding, headache, migraine, renal calculi etc. The compound present in it named as lupeol which deactivates the glycolate oxidase, which prevents the kidney stones formation.

The various formulations are present in the market, which are helping kidney failure patients to recover from their symptoms. Some formulations are Mutrakrichantak churna, Rencure formula, Punarnava Mandur and Varunadi Vati present in the market, which are best formulation for kidney failure.



To buy Planet Ayurveda Revive Kidneys Pack, please visit the websites - WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM OR WWW.ALWAYSAYURVEDA.COM

The above mentioned herbs are used in the kidney failure and are the best recommended herbs for the prevention of the complications of renal failure. As the popularity of herbal medicines is increasing day by day, the people are getting aware and using this treatment frequently to get recovered. The reason popularity of these herbal remedies is no side-effects. The other reason is the herbal treatments provides relief to the patient kidney failure patient at that stage when the allopath recommend dialysis or surgery. The dialysis can be delayed by using these herbs by maintaining the electrolyte balance of the kidney, which results in the removal of toxins at higher rate from the body. Sometimes the complete kidney is healed by this treatment.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Khadira (Acacia Catechu)- Indications & Medicinal Uses


Acacia Catechu




HINDI - Khaira

SANSKRIT - Raktasaara, Dantadhawan, Balpatra, Kantaki


It is a full green tree having a medium height. The bark is dark brown to black in color. The branches are bent and speculated.


The leaves are 10 – 15 cm long, hairy having longitudinal stripes


Flowers are small, white or yellow in color.


The fruits are smooth, wrinkled and rounded which turn brownish in color with longitudinal stripes.


The seeds are contained in the fruits and are present in multiple numbers ranging from 10 – 15.


It is a tree belonging to the Himalayan region. It grows up to the height of 5000 feet and prefers dry and windy conditions.


  • Catechin
  • Catechu tannic acid

GUNA (Characteristics)

Ruksha (dry), Laghu (light)

RASA (Taste)

Kashaya (Astringent), Tikta (bitter)

VIPAKA (After taste that develops post digestion)

Katu (pungent)

VIRYA (Potency)

Sheet (cold potency)


Against skin disorders of all kinds.


It balances the Kapha (phlegm) and the Pitta (fire) type of body energies.


  • Bleeding disorders
  • Dental problems
  • Dysphasia
  • Cough
  • Leucoderma
  • Vitiligo
  • Diarrhea
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Splenomegaly


Powder 1 -3 g, Decoction – 50 -100 ml, Khadira extract – 0.5 -1 g.


Bark and Extracts.


  • Khadira is a very useful herbal medicine for the treatment of oral problems like dental caries, gum infections, gingivitis, pyorrhea etc. It has an anti-microbial action and works as a mouth freshener diminishing bad breath. The tender twigs of this plant are used as herbal brush for its anti–microbial and natural cleansing properties.
  • It is known for its amazing properties for maintaining the skin in perfect condition. It is able to fight skin infections and allergies. It is also very effective in the treatment of pigmentation disorders of the skin like Leucoderma, Vitiligo etc.
  • Acacia catechu has amazing homeostatic properties for which it is used in bleeding disorders like menorrhagia, or any other trauma that leads to frank bleeding.
  • In patients of anal fistula, diarrhea etc. khadira is used as a natural herbal supplement for the treatment of the disease. It may be combined with other herbal supplements for this.
  • For patients of Vitiligo and Leucoderma, Khadira decoction is applied locally as well as consumed orally for better results. It acts on the Pitta body energy that controls the skin complexion and pigmentation. Khadira alleviates this fire energy present in the skin and stimulates formation of melanocytes that impart normal coloration to the skin.
  • It is a great liver stimulant that has hypo-glycemic properties for which it is used as a natural herb for achieving blood sugar control.
  • It is also a great blood purifier that helps to purify blood and maintain optimum Hemoglobin levels in blood.
  • It is used in combination with other medicines for the treatment of respiratory problems as it has a unique phlegm destroying property by which it decongests the respiratory tree, throwing out excessive mucous and infections associated with it.
  • It is great for the digestive system and it acts on the digestive glands to optimize their secretions. It controls the acidity in the stomach and regularizes bowel movements also. For internal bleeding in conditions like gastric or peptic ulcers or variceal bleeding or ulcerative colitis, Khadira is orally consumed as powder form or as a decoction to prevent bleeding.

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Herbal Cure for Liver Cirrhosis

Liver is one of the most vital organ of human body and especially digestive system. There is no way by which one can compensate the absence of liver in the human body in a long run. Though various scientific conventions has evolved over the time, none of the option has been proven to be very successful.

Human liver weights around 3 pounds and is the largest solid organ of the human body.

Some of the vital functions that liver performs are

  1. It helps in removing harmful substance from the blood streams which also includes alcohol and some amount of drug.
  2. Liver breaks down saturated fat present in the body.
  3. Liver helps in storing sugar in the form of glycogen in the body.
  4. It also plays a very important part in detoxification.
  5. Liver helps in the protein synthesis in the body.
  6. Other than above functions, this gland (liver) plays a very important part in body metabolism and digestion.
  7. It manufactures bile which is required in digesting food.

Function of liver in Digestion

Liver plays a key role in the process of digestion. It produces bile that constitutes water, bile salts, cholesterol and pigment bilirubin. Hepatocytes that is an important constitute of liver produces bile. Bile which then is stored in gall bladder functions in emulsifying fats. Therefore turning the large clumps of fats into smaller ones, making it easier for the body to digest it.

Function of liver in Metabolism

The hepatocytes present in the liver perform various metabolic functions that are important for the support of the cells in the body. Since all the blood leaving the digestive system passes through hepatic portal vein, liver is very important in converting carbohydrates, lipids and protein into useful materials.

After going through all the points that specifies an important role that liver plays in our body one thing is certain that a human body cannot work without proper functioning liver. Any kind of impairment in this gland can hamper the total metabolism of the human body.
One such impairment in liver that couldn’t possibly be removed by any allopathic treatment is liver cirrhosis.

Liver cirrhosis is a disease in which healthy liver tissues are progressively replaced by scar tissue that eventually prevents liver from functioning. Cirrhosis prevents the flow of blood from the liver tissues and also slows down secretion of proteins. Liver cells also processes various nutrients, hormones, drugs and natural toxins.

Disease like liver cirrhosis eventually hampers the production all the above material.

Let's go Through Some of the Factors that Can Lead to Liver Cirrhosis

  • Chronic viral infections of the liver like hepatitis B and C.
  • Certain blockage in bile duct can also lead to liver cirrhosis.
  • Bile duct is a pipe that carries bile from the liver to the intestine.
  • Fatty liver that are associated with obesity and diabetes.
  • People who are suffering from heart failure can also get affected by liver cirrhosis.
  • Excess amount of alcohol.

One can prevent liver cirrhosis by making few changes in life styles. Some steps that one can adopt are mentioned below:

  • Avoid alcohol
  • Opt for a low sodium diet
  • Avoid infections and take proper care of sanitation
  • Making a habit of having healthy diet

Though various disciplines have claimed of making various breakthrough in the treatment of liver cirrhosis but none has proven to be successful in curing cirrhosis effectively. Some of the allopathic treatment that are around in the market carries its own risk and side effects.

There is an alternative by which one can cure this disease without facing any complications or side effects. Ayurveda is the best treatment which has been adopted across the world for the treatment of liver cirrhosis.

One can cure liver cirrhosis with herbal remedies. Planet Ayurveda is providing a very helpful and effective means of herbal cure for liver cirrhosis. Liver Care Pack is the combination of all important herbs and have been proven to be effective in the curing liver cirrhosis.

Liver Care Pack Constitutes of

  1. Yakritplihantak Churna
  2. Phyllanthus Niruri Capsules
  3. Echinacea Capsules
  4. Liver Detox Capsules

Read more here -

Enlarged Liver Herbal Remedies


Liver is the second largest vital internal organ in our body. It controls the entire body as it performs varied range of functions in the body such as breakdown of food, cholesterol and hormones production, protein synthesis and detoxification. When fat accumulates in liver cells it results in enlargement or swelling of liver called Enlarged liver. It is indication of various disorders like heart failure, alcoholic hepatitis, glycogen storage disease, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis A, B, C or cancer. This disorder can be best treated by Ayurveda without having any side-effects.


  • Weight loss and Fatigue
  • Jaundice
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Low grade fever
  • Leg edema
  • Abdominal pain
  • Yellowing of skin
  • Itching
  • Black stools


  • Poor diet
  • Consumption of excessive alcohol
  • Malarial infections
  • Increased dose of medicines


  • Reduction of alcohol intake
  • Consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables
  •  Intake of vitamin and mineral rich diet
  • Aloe with black salt and ginger is useful for treating hepatomegaly
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Chicory juice is helpful in curing liver enlargement

Along with natural treatment ayurvedic system of medicine is the safest way of treating liver enlargement and various disorders.


Ayurveda is effective and helpful way of treatment for enlargement of liver. This system reduces the size of liver and useful in proper functioning of liver by using natural herbs. Planet Ayurveda offers Liver Care Pack of herbal composition includes the following herbal supplements:

  1. Phyllanthus niruri
  2. Yakrit plihantak churna
  3. Liver Detox Capsules
  4. Echinacea Capsules

1. Phyllanthus Niruri Capsules

Phyllanthus niruri capsules are effective in curing many diseases like liver enlargement, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, viral hepatitis and many other like anemia, asthma, urinary discharge, thirst and bronchitis. It aids in alleviating discomfort, pain, build up immunity, cleansing liver, nourishes other organs and produce red blood cells. Phyllanthus niruri has anti-hypertensive, anti-hepatitis and hepatoprotective properties.

2. Yakrit Plihantak Churna

Yakrit Plihantak Churna is combination of herbs for treating liver enlargement and various liver disorders such as fatty liver, alcoholic liver disease, liver inflammation and liver cirrhosis. This churna has pure and natural herbs to protect liver. Planet Ayurveda's Yakrit Plihantak Churna has blend of traditional herbs for detoxification and enlargement of liver. Kaasni, Sharpunkha, Kalmegh and Punarnava are herbs for reducing excess fat from liver.

  • Kaasni (Chicory): Kaasni is renowned healing herb that is useful in blood purification for curing fatty liver.
  • Sharpunkha (Purple tephrosia): It acts as natural alkaliser and aids in curing gas problems. It also decreases acidic levels while regenerating the liver cells.
  • Kalmegh (King of bitters): necessary liver care herb for liver disorders like liver enlargement, hepatitis, and alcoholic liver disease. It is useful for removing toxins from the liver.
  • Punarnava (Hogweed): Punarnava has rejuvenating and detoxifying properties and eliminates, fat and water from the body. This herb also eliminates the extra accumulation of fluid due to liver failure.

3. Liver Detox Capsules

Liver Detox Capsules are blend of herbs which maintain balance of hormones and keep liver healthy in a natural way. Liver has main role to detoxify body from harmful substances so these capsules are perfect formula to remove toxins. Kutki is efficient herb present in liver detox capsules for curing liver cirrhosis, cooling body, enhances immune system and normalizes enzymes of liver.

4. Echinacea Capsules

Echinacea has anti-microbial, anti-infection, anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory properties. It strengthens the immune system. Echinacea reduces the growth of herpes virus, influenza and hepatitis B.

These herbal supplements by Planet Ayurveda are effective for proper functioning of liver in a natural way. These remedies are beneficial for the entire body and are 100% pure and natural having no side effects.


To buy Planet Ayurveda Liver Care Pack, please visit - WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM OR WWW.ALWAYSAYURVEDA.COM