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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Diet Chart in Myelodysplastic Syndrome - MDS Diet - Blood Cancer

Diet in Myelodysplastic syndrome or MDS diet – Precancer - Leukemias and other cancers

It is very important to follow a strict diet in fighting blood cancer or any other cancer types. Even all the diseases respond to this diet chart. The preleukemia which is also called Myelodysplastic syndrome should be managed with the below mentioned diet.

In all blood cancers or MD, all types of fruits are recommended, except citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, pomegranate (if sour), Mosami. Also avoid "Ama" producing and sticky, heavy greasy foods like Yogurt, Banana, Arbi, Bhindi (Lady's finger),cheese, sweets and milk products, Packaged food, noodles, pasta (packaged), food full of preservatives, canned food is not good. Grapes, Chikoo and mangoes are allowed if there is constipation and there is weakness in general and no diabetes. Dates are not recommended in large quantity, although they have so much energy but still they are hot in nature, so should be avoided. Can be used once in a week or so. Amla berries are fine.

For Calcium – I have added Mukta pishti (pearl calcium and coral calcium (praval Pishti / praval panchamrti) in the packs.. so nothing to worry about calcium.

Advised – Warm food, Fresh Food – Vegetable soup made from fresh green leafy vegetables is recommended. Once daily or twice daily is good. Alkaline diet is recommended. God made foods are good rather than man made (Processed) – as this machine is made by God and not by man and he knows better which fuel is good for this machine. So most of the things which grow in fields, trees, forests is good for you. Packaged food, processed food is very bad. Soft drinks are bad because they provide CO2 (carbon di-oxide) and deprive living cells of oxygen.

Since malignant cancers are – mainly caused by Vata-Pitta imbalance, the use of GHEE is recommended. Medicated ghee like Bramhi Ghritam, Maha Chaitas ghritam, ashwagandha ghritam, Swamla compound (made from amla base), Maharishi Amrit Kalash are various preparations which can be added depending upon various conditions. Coconut water should be consumed everyday early morning to neutralize the toxins produced by acidic diet in the body. It's a miracle.

Fruit juices should be consumed - one fruit juice at a time or in a day. For example fruit juice of Apple, Water melons and avoid sour fruit juices like Lemons, Oranges. For vitamin C, Amla fruit berries are excellent, and although they are sour but they become sweet in "Vipaka" (Metabolic property) after digestion. So they are good. Amla berries are there in Amalaki Rasayan, All chawyanprash, and other herbal jams of Ayurveda.

Fresh Beetroot juice is very important. 30-100 ml daily is recommended to boost immunity and improve blood count.

Use of Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) is recommended. Wheat grass juice, Amla Juice is also recommended.

Green leafy vegetables should be made into soup every evening. Potatoes are fine but fried are not recommended. Mushrooms are very high in protein and increase fire element in the body. So they should be consumed after few days gap only and are fine if the patient is having protein energy malnutrition or low energy or muscle mass.

Butter is not recommended but Ghee is recommended. It's good for vata and pitta. The leukemia or the blood cancers (Myelodysplastic syndromes) are pitta disorder, so cooling herbs and vegetables are recommended. High protein diet should be avoided.

Non-Vegetarian soup and small chicken chunks are allowed if the patient is very weak, otherwise it will again increase pitta content in the body.

Wheat and mix of various grains breads / chapatti is recommended. Rice are not recommended and should be avoided. Once or twice in a week, mixed with various herbs and spices (made as Pulao) can be consumed.

Avoiding Constipation in MDS, Blood Cancers and other cancers

Consitpation should be avoided at all costs. Consuming soups of green leafy vegetables, consuming fruits like papaya, melons, apples, pears and coconut water will help to get rid of constipation and improve appetite. Don't force feed and let the appetite generate itself. It is written in Ayurveda, if there is no food, the digestive fire will burn the "ama" (toxins) . So it is good to keep a fast once a week to enlighten the digestive fire and improve appetite. Keep fast on coconut water or soups.

Apple rich diet for MDS and other cancers

Apples are excellent for all tumors/cancers. Fresh apples, without pesticides spray should be consumed almost everyday. Don't mix them with Yogurt or milk. Consuming whole, along with the peel is recommended as it is rich in quercitin but washing for about 5 minutes is recommended to clear the disinfectants. Locally grown apples are recommended rather than imported, as they are sprayed with chemicals. 1-2 apples a day are fine.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Ayurvedic Treatment of Anal Fistula- Herbal Cure

Anal fistula is also known as fistula in ano.  It is a separate tract from the inner wall of anal canal to the outer surface / skin. It is an abnormal connection between inner lining of anal canal directly to the outer skin. Check the picture to understand what is anal fistula in actual.

How Anal fistula develops and is there any Cure ?

Anal fistula originates from infected anal glands, which are present between anal sphincters, which usually drain into anal canal. If there is any blockage in these glands, there is formation of pus which wants to come out but does not get any way. Slowly it makes a track and comes out of the skin near the anus.
Sometimes the skin seals the outer opening of the fistula but after a few days the pus forms again and puts pressure and leaks out of the skin. This process keeps on repeating and the patient is in deep pain and sometimes fever also.
Sometimes the stool also come out of this new tract and the fistula is really painful. The abscesses formed in this anal fistula can lead to severe pain, discomfort and can also cause serious systemic infections.

Is there any Ayurvedic treatment of Anal fistula or any herbal cure ?

Yes, there are certain ayurvedic herbs which offer effective herbal cure to this problem. The herbal supplements work together to dry the pus and help to heal the fistula naturally. There are many cases in which Ayurvedic treatment has proved to be very successful. Even the surgery is averted in many cases.
It is very important that the constipation should be avoided at all costs. Rather than taking anti-biotics or anti-inflammatory drugs for long term, the patients should be encouraged to use fruits and vegetables, soups, fiber rich diet, herbal products like Trifla guggul, Triphala capsules, Digestion Support and apply Nirgundi Oil twice daily after defecation to keep the surface infection free.

Herbal Fistula cure – Using Ayurvedic medicines –

There are certain ayurvedic medicines which give excellent results in treatment of anal fistula. This Ayurvedic treatment for anal fistula should be continued for about 3 to 6 months to completely cure the problem and even avoid surgery. The results are evident within first week of the treatment. The Ayurvedic medicines given in the Ayurvedic treatment of Fistula are purely natural and without any side effects. Alkaline diet, fiber rich diet is highly recommended. Constipation causing foods like pizzas, burgers, cheesy, greasy foods, soft drinks, sweets (because sweets cause more growth of pus and bacteria), should be avoided. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed more. Salads are recommended. Yogurt and rice are also not good as there are increased chances of fermentation and gas formation causing more abscess formation. Yogurt also causes channel blockage, so it is also not recommended.

The fistula Cure combination Package – The fistula cure package comprises of a few Ayurvedic products which are 100 % natural and free from any chemicals or preservatives or side effects. These are given to patients suffering from Anal fistula and there are excellent results within few days of using them. The fistula cure package works in a natural way to stop the pus formation, clears the stools, avoids constipation and prevents infection. There are several testimonials which we get regularly because many have benefited.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Anal Fistula – Herbal Cure Package  consists of these Ayurvedic products which help to heal the fistula naturally within few days.

These are –
1.      Curcumin Capsules – 2 thrice daily, 1 hr. after meals with plain water
2.      Tab. Triphala Guggul -2 thrice daily, 1 hr. after meals with plain water
3.      Vara Churna- 1 teaspoonful twice daiy, 1 hr. after meals with plain water
4.      Nirgundi Oil- apply locally twice daily, after defecation

These are simple Ayurvedic medicines but very effective and can be purchased online here 


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What are the other treatments for Anal fistula ( Mainly Surgical Procedures) 

There are certain treatments which are given in Anal fistula which do not yield any progressive results and mostly the patients are suffering again and again from the anal fistula. These procedures are costly, painful and yield no good results.

Cutting seton, Laying it open, Fistulotomy, fibrin glue injection, colostomy, anorectal advancement flap all are various surgical procedures which help temporarily. Ayurvedic treatment gives better results than all of the above without causing pain or any surgical procedure. 

Ayurvedic Prescriptions - Dr. Vikram Chauhan

Ayurvedic prescriptions for various health conditions by Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD Ayurveda

Cap. Madhumehanil – Yamuna Pharmacy
Tab. Zpter – ( Solumix)
Tab. Hyponidd – Charak
Diabeta Plus – Planet Ayurveda
Cap. Gymnema – Planet Ayurveda
Cap. Bittermelon – Planet Ayurveda
Cap. Fenugreek – Planet Ayurveda
Karela Saar- Juice – Planet Ayurveda
Blood Pressure
Tab. Samvyan  ( Vashisth Pharmacy)
Tab. Cardimap ( Maharishi Ayurveda)
Cardiol H  -  Bacfo
Mukta Vati – Swami Ramdev
Cap. Arjuna  -  Planet Ayurveda
Total heart support – Planet Ayurveda
Cap. Gotukola – Planet Ayurveda
Arjun Tea- Planet Ayurveda  (herbal tea for heart)
Brento Tablets – Zandu
Prabodh – Trigunayu pharmacy
Cholesterol –
Abana – Himalaya
Lipistat – Dabur
Detox Tea – Planet Ayurveda
Guuggulipid – Planet Ayurveda
Arogyavardhni Vati – Planet Ayurveda
Obesity –
Trim Support – Planet Ayurveda
Punarnava mandur – Planet Ayurveda
Garcinia  - Planet Ayurveda
Stholyantak Churna – Plane tAyurveda
Slim me Capsules – SAS pharmaceuticals
Lipolyte -  Yamuna pharmacy
Obino – Rudra Pharmacy
Stholyantak churna - - Planet Ayurveda
Improving Eye Sight –
Netramrit Capsules  - Pravek
Amalaki Rasayan Capsules – Planet Ayurveda
Bilbery Capsules – Planet Ayurveda
Saptamrit Loh Tablets – Nagarjuna pharmacy
Male sex Health Improvement ( prostate, infertility, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation etc. )
Neo Tablets ( Charak )
Ashwagandha Capsules ( planet Ayurveda
Camne vid  - Dabur 
MM Forte – Yamuna Pharmacy
Tribulus Power – Planet Ayurveda
Pallrywyn forte – Charak Pharma
Vigorex – Zandu Pharma
Male Support – Planet Ayurveda
Shilajit capsules – Planet Ayurveda
Atirasadi Churna – Planet Ayurveda
Chanderprabha vati – Planet Ayurveda
Hyper acidity
Acidocid tablets – Yamuna pharmacy
Alsarex – Alarsin
Amlant – Maharishi Ayurvedic pharmacy
Amalpit Mishran – Dhootpapeshwar
Digestin Support – Planet Ayurveda
Amalaki Rasayan capsules – Planet AYurveda
Sooktayan – Alarsin
Maha Shankh Vati – Planet Ayurveda
Prostate Health
Varunadi Vati – Planet Ayurveda
Rencure formula – Planet Ayurveda
Punarnvava mandur – Planet AYurveda
Tribulus Power – Planet Ayurveda
Bangshil – Alarsin
Cap. Procure – Pravek
Himplasia – Himalaya
Saw Palmetto – Planet Ayurveda
Effecto – SAS pharma
Female  health
Pradrantak Churna – Planet Ayurveda
Female health support – Planet Ayurveda
Pushyanug tablets – Nagarjuna pharmacy
Leucoline capsules – Yamuna pharmacy  
Bosom up powder – Dhuri pharmacy
Lukol capsules – Himalaya
Leucogyl – trio Pharma
Excessive menstruation –
Mehnovita – Chandrodya pharma
Styplon – Himalaya
Raktstambhak – Dhootpapershwar
Pradrantak Churna – Planet ayurveda
Female Health Support – Planet Ayurveda
Irregular menses –
Hakam Churna - Planet Ayurveda
Naari kalian churna - Planet Ayurveda
Female support - Planet Ayurveda
Shatavari Capsules - Planet Ayurveda
Punarnava mandur – Planet Ayurveda
Ashutone tablets- Solumix
Femihill Capsules- Zandu
Femiplex – Charak
Vara Churna – Planet Ayurveda
Yakrit plihantak churna – planet Ayurveda
Panchsakar tablets – Nagarjuna pharmacy
Kurs Mulayan- Hamdard
Myrolex forte – Solumix
Stress – Anxiety
Stress Support – Planet Ayurveda
Gotukola- Planet Ayurveda
Bramhi – planet Ayurveda
Saraswat tablets – Nagarjuna
Manasmitra vatakam – Nagarujna
Stresscom – Dabur
Memory Enhancing
Memodin – Pravek
Memory Support –Planet Ayurveda
Gotukola – Planet Ayurveda
Magma Plus Capsules- Pravek
Bramhi- Planet Ayurveda
Mentat – Himalaya
Dimaag doshhari – Baidyanath
Medhya churna - - Planet Ayurveda
Arthritis /  muscle stiffness
Maharasnadi Ghan vati – Nagarjuna
Joint aid plus - Planet Ayurveda
Boswellia- curcumin - - Planet Ayurveda
Guduchi ghan vati – nagarjuna pharmacy
Curcumin capsules - - Planet Ayurveda
Ashwagandha capsules - - Planet Ayurveda
Rheumachandravita – Nagarjuna
Fenugreek capsules - - Planet Ayurveda
Aamvatantak Churna - - Planet Ayurveda
Navkarshik Churna - - Planet Ayurveda
Habbe-e- Suranjan – Hamdard
Rheumayog gold – Zandu
Rumalaya forte – Himalaya
Rheumatil tablets- Dabur
Arthrella – Charak
Osteolief- Charak
Re-osto – Himalaya
Skin Problems
Cap.Radiant Skin hair and nails – Planet Ayurveda ( for psoriasis)
Aloe heal capsules – planet ayurveda
Manjisthadi Ghan vati – nagarjuna
Neem capsules – Planet ayurveda
Radona tablets – Solumix
Purim tablets – Himalaya
Purodil  tablets – Aimil
Dermovita capsules – Chandrodya
Skin oils
Jatyadi Oil
Marichyadi Oil
777 Oil
Lippu oil
Somraji Oil – For leucoderma
Karanj Tail – For eczema
Cutisora oil – Vasu pharma
Nirgundi oil – For piles and wound healing
Kumkumadi Oil - - Planet Ayurveda  ( for blemishes )
Kashayam – Syrups.  All from Nagarjuna pharmacy
Abhayadi Kashayam – Nagarjuna
Aargavadha kashayam – Nagarjuna
Aroshoghan Kashayam – Nagarjuna
Dashmool Kashayam
Kushthan Ghan Kashayam
Punarnavadi Kashayam
Kachnaar Kashayam
Maharasanadi Kashayam
Asthma and Allergies
Vasaka capsules -- Planet Ayurveda
Aller-G care capsules - Planet Ayurveda ( for cold and cough)
Praanrakshak Churna -- Planet Ayurveda
Kaashar churna- Planet Ayurveda
Agastyaharitaki avaleha- Nagarjuna
Sitopladi tablets – nagarjuna
Vaasaghan Vati – Nagarjuna
Yashtimadhu ghan vati – Nagarjuna
Thalees throat Lozenges - - Planet Ayurveda
Septivita capsules – Chandrodya
Tab. Trishun – Zandu  ( for cold and cough)
Tab. Aflu oc cil – Dhootpapeshwar ( for colds and cough)
Tulsi capsules - - Planet Ayurveda
Kidney problems- Stones, High urea creatinine, Nephrotic syndrome
Neeri Tablets – Aimil
Calcury tablets – Charack
Cystone – Himalaya
Varunadi Vati - - Planet Ayurveda
Punarnava capsules - - Planet Ayurveda
Punarnva mandur - - Planet Ayurveda
Liver problems - Jaundice, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis
Yakrit Plihantak Churna -- Planet Ayurveda
Arogyavardhni Vati - Planet Ayurveda
Livotrit tablets – zandu
Livomyn – Charak
Pravek Liv tablets- Pravek
Vimliv tablets – Solumix
Livomap – Maharishi
Liver detox capsules - Planet Ayurveda
GHRITAM  ( all of Nagarjuna pharmacy )
Arjun Ghrit
Ashwagandha ghrit
Bramhi Ghrit
Panchtikt Ghritm – for skin
Phal ghritam – for gynae problems
Shatavari Ghritam
Maha kalyanak ghritam – Stress and anxiety
Agastya haritaki
Chitrak Haritaki
Bilvaveleha – Dabur
Amrit bhallatak avaleha – Cancers
Draksha avaleha –
All bhasmas from Dhoot papeshwar and Nagarjuna company
1) Pelvic pain (due to congestion) - 

Tab. Punarnava mandur - 2 thrice daily 
Tab. Arogyavardhni Vati - 2 twice daily 
Tab. Varunadi Vati - 2 thrice daily 
Cap. Curcumin - 2 twice daily 
Vara Churna -1 teaspoonful twice daily with warm water

All these can be taken together after meals 

2) Stroke patient: 79 yr old Stroke patient (MCAI)

Rasraj Ras - 2 gm 
Vriht vat chintamani ras - 2 gm 
Sameer Pannag ras - 2 gm 
Vat gajankush ras - 5 gm 
Vat kulantak Ras - 5 gm 
Giloy Satv - 10 gm 
Bramhi Vati with gold - 2 gm 
Mukta Pishti - 2 gm 
Praval Panchamrit - 10 gm 
--------------------------------- make 60 sachets of equal dosage, give 1 twice daily with honey. 

2. Tab. Brento - 2 twice daily ( zandu) 
3. Cap. Gotukola -2 twice daily 
4. Tab. Bramhi - 2 twice daily 

3) Osteoporosis

Tab. Re-osto  - 2 twice daily ( Himalaya) 
Tab. Lakshadi Guggul - 2 twice daily  ( planet Ayurveda) 
Tab. Praval Panchamrit - 2 twice daily ( Zandu ) 
Tab. bocomo- (Gufic) 

4) Severe Gas, bloating

Hakam Churna - 1 teaspoonful twice daily ( Planet Ayurveda) 
Tab. Alsarex - 2 twice daily ( Alarsin) 
Dizomap tablets  - 2 tablets twice daily  ( maharishi Ayurveda) 
Cap. Digestion Support - 2 twice daily ( Planet Ayurveda ) 
Gasex ( himalaya ) 

5) Gastritis / Gastric problems associated with pain and burning

Cap. Amalaki Rasayan- 1 twice daily ( Planet Ayurveda) 
Tab. Alsarex - 2 twice daily  ( Alarsin ) 
Tab. Mahashankh Vati - 1 twice daily ( Planet Ayurveda) 

Praval Pishti - 5 gm 
Jaharmohra pishti - 5 gm 
Akik pishti - 5 gm 
Kamdudha Ras - 5 gm 
Mukta pishti - 2 gm 
Giloy satv - 10 gm 
------------------ make 20 sachets of equal dosage, give 1 sachet twice daily with coconut water or milk. 

6) Schizophrenia (& intolerance, impatience); depression etc

Cap. Gotukola - 2 twice daily 
Cap. Bramhi - 2 twice daily 
Cap. Memory Support - 2 twice daily

Jatamansi Churna -50 gm 
Shankhpushpi churna - 50 gm 
Vacha Churna - 20 gm 
Tagar Churna - 20 gm 
Ashwagandha churna - 100 gm 

---------------------------------------------------mix all together, give 1 teaspoonful at night, with warm water 

7) Tinnitis

Vara Churna - 1 teaspoonful twice daily 
Medhya Churna - 1 teaspoonful twice daily 
Cap. Ashwagandha - 2 twice daily 
Cap. Bramhi - 2 twice daily 

10) weak eye - eye strain

Cap. Amalaki Rasayan -  2 twice daily 
cap. bilberry - 2 twice daily 
Vara Churna - 1 teaspoonful at night with warm water 

11) Visual-spatial probs

Cap. Ashwagandha - 2 twice daily 

Cap. Amalaki Rasayan -  2 twice daily 
cap. bilberry - 2 twice daily 
Vara Churna - 1 teaspoonful at night with warm water