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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Friday, July 20, 2018

12 Herbs To Shrink Ovarian Cysts Naturally


Ovarian cyst is most common issue that is associated with the female reproductive system. Ovarian cyst is a condition in which fluid filled sac is developed over ovaries. Growth of ovarian cyst may occur in single or both ovaries.

ovarian cyst

Causes of this problem varies in different patients but common causes that are found are hormonal imbalance, irregular menstrual cycles, hypothyroidism and weight gain. In some cases women experience very less or no symptoms while in other cases patient suffer with heavy nausea, vomiting, urinary system related problems, severe pain and heavy swelling in breast. With the time, ovarian cyst may grow very large that they get ruptured and cause heavy damage to both ovaries. Excessive large growth of cyst may be the major reason of displacement of reproductive organs.

Ovarian cyst is common problem that occurs in women during child bearing age and in rare cases, it may occur in postmenopausal age.


  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hormonal disturbance
  • Heavy consumption of alcohol and cigarettes
  • Disturbed menstrual cycles
  • Very early start of menstruation
  • Gonadotropins used for infertility treatment


  • Irregular or heavy menstrual flow
  • Spotting during menstrual cycle
  • Heavy pelvic pain after intercourse
  • Nausea and vomiting after rupturing of ovarian cyst
  • Vaginal pain
  • Abdominal blotting and abdominal swelling
  • Severe pain during urination
  • Infertility


Ovarian cyst is very common problem that every third women is facing today. We all opt allopathic medicines and surgeries to get quick relief from ovarian cyst. But natural herbs are the best way to nourish our endocrine system, to regulate hormonal imbalance and to improve the circulation of our reproductive system. This condition may be considered as stagnation of reproductive system in the body that affect the liver and other body parts. Below mentions herbs work naturally and help to shrink ovarian cyst normally without any serious ill effects. These natural herbs help to reduce estrogens levels, promote normal hormonal level and naturally reduce the growth and size of the cyst. Herbs are the natural holistic approach to the ovarian cyst that protect our body from the ill effects of surgery and also save our money.

1. Lepidium Meynell (Maca Roots)

It is herbaceous biennial plant of brassicacea family and useful part of this plant are its miraculous roots with various medicinal values. It is great remedy that is beneficial to treat infertility and also helps to improve the hormonal imbalance. It helps to nourish our endocrine system as a result progesterone works very effectively. This natural herb also aid with other reproductive system related problems. It is also used for erectile dysfunction and improves the volume of semen in males. It is also considered to be effective herb for menopausal symptoms.

2. Tribulus Terresteris

Main chemical compounds present in tribulus are kaempferol, tribulosin and harmine. Leaves of this plant also contain steroidal saponins. This herb is natural treatment to shrink ovarian cyst. It seems to be very to increase the level of luteinizing hormones. It also helps to start the production of testosterone which helps to improve libido and treat infertility naturally. This natural herb also contributes to return ovarian cycle into normal.

3. Actaea Racemosa

Black cohosh is a effective natural remedy that treats menstrual problem, hormonal imbalance and other genealogical problems. It helps to promote the regulation of menstrual cycles. It is also very effective for curing ovarian pain.

4. Vitex

Vitex is again great herbal remedy to cure this disorder. This natural herb helps to improve hormonal imbalance. Pure extract of vitex plant is used to cure premenstrual syndrome that includes premenstrual dysphoric disorder and hyperprolactinemia. It is also good natural remedy for those who are struggling with infertility.

5. Achillea Millefolium

It is erect, herbaceous and perennial plant commonly known as yarrow. It helps to improve hormonal imbalance and regulate menstrual cycle.

6. Echinacea

Echinacea is again very effective herbal remedy to reduce the size of ovarian cyst. It helps to improve the hormonal imbalance and to cure cyst naturally.

7. Dandelion

Dandelion roots are also very effective herbal remedy to get relief from ovarian cyst. Extract of dandelion roots are very useful to promote overall health of liver. Healthy liver helps to remove harmful toxin and regulate hormones that are responsible for causing ovarian cyst. It helps to relieve excessive pain of cyst and promote relaxation to body.

8. Almonds

High content of magnesium present in almonds helps to relieve abdominal cramps and severe pain caused by ovarian cyst. It is also beneficial for other health related issues.

9. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are also a very good natural remedy to cure cyst. It helps to balance the estrogen level in the body and removes the harmful toxins from the body. Its higher fibre content help in flushing out harmful dangerous particles from the body. You can use flaxseeds by preparing salads, soups and you can also take it with yogurt.

10. Beetroot

Beetroot is most effective naturally remedy that helps to strengthen our liver. It helps liver in the production of new blood cells and remove toxins. It purify our blood and good remedy to cure ovarian cyst.

11. Castor Oil

Fomentation with castor oil is gain very effective and natural cure that helps to remove ovarian cyst. It helps to heal abdominal tenderness and abdominal pain usually caused by ovarian cyst.

12. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is natural remedy that helps to reduce ovarian cyst very easily and quickly. It helps to boost and strengthen our natural immune system. It is very effective remedy to reduce abdominal swelling and pain caused by ovarian cyst.


  • Totally avoid soy products because soy products contain mimic estrogens that creates hormonal imbalance which becomes main reason for ovarian cysts.
  • Do not eat food stored in plastic bags and hot food served in plastic materials because xenoestrogen is released when food is microwaved in plastic material which is harmful for our hormones. Always use glass containers to cook and heat food.
  • Avoid plastic water bottles because water stored in plastic water bottles contribute to cause ovarian cyst.
  • Do not use harsh and heavy chemical containing detergents.
  • Try to avoid skin products that contain paraben.


  • Eat only organic food.
  • Add green leafy vegetables, legumes and fruits to your diet.
  • Avoid processed and junk food.
  • Use glass jars to cook and heat food in microwave.
  • Use natural laundry detergents.

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