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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ayurvedic Treatment for Lupus Nephritis - Causes, Symptoms, Stages, Diagnosis, Herbal Remedies, Diet & Lifestyle

It is a condition that arises due to inflammation of kidneys that is caused by autoimmune diseases referred to as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

In this situation the body’s tissue self-attacks the immune system of the body.

This situation arises when lupus involves the kidneys. This problem if not controlled can further lead to kidney failure as protein keeps leaking out of the kidneys.

People with lupus problem are more prone to urinary tract infection.

This problem is diagnosed with some tests that include;

  1. Urine test,
  2. Blood test,
  3. Imaging test that includes ultrasound and kidney biopsy.


  1. Minimal Mesangial Lupus Nephritis
  2. Mesangial Proliferative Lupus Nephritis
  3. Focal Lupus Nephritis
  4. Diffuse Lupus Nephritis
  5. Membrane Lupus Nephritis
  6. Advanced Sclerosis Lupus Nephritis

This problem starts from very lower stage and can turn into a life taking diseases if not treated well.


  • Blood in urine
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Foamy appearance in urine
  • Increased urination
  • Swelling in body parts(feet, ankles, legs, finger)


As far as medical treatment is concerned there are only few ways that can help to stop this problem from getting worse but there is no permanent cure to this problem. The medicines can only help in preventing further kidney damage and kidney transplant.

Some Common Treatments Include;

  • Medicines (cyclophosphamide or mycophenolate)
  • Taking blood pressure medication
  • Using steroids to prevent swelling and inflammation (prednisone)
  • Less intake of protein and salt

As we know that there is no scientific medication for the cure to this problem so, people have shifted their interest to herbal remedies in order to get rid of this problem permanently.

Many Ayurveda medicines are present for curing this disease and among those, here are some of the best medicines that have proven to be most effective.

  1. Chanderprabha Vati
  2. Punarnava Capsules
  3. Arjuna Capsules
  4. Sarpgandhaghan Vati

Herbal Remedies for Lupus Nephritis

1. Chanderprabha Vati

These tablets are made with the combination of different products. These can be used by the patients who are suffering from excessive urination which is one of the symptom of this particular disease and many more problems such as diabetic neuropathy, burning sensation during urination, retention of urine, anemia, jaundice, ovarian cysts, low sex drive in men and women, inability to conceive due to inflammation in the ovaries and pelvic organs.

Each tablet is of 500 mg and consists of herbs such as shilajit, guggul, katpoor, sunthi, pippali, danti, dalchini, tejpatta, ela, maricha, amla, Chavya and many more.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice a day (after meals with plain water).

2. Punarnava Capsules

Punarnava is a plant fount mostly in India and Brazil. Different parts of the plants are having different properties. The roots of the plants are considered beneficial for kidney problem .The leaves of the plant are helpful in relieving joint pain. The seeds of the plant are used as blood purifier. Due to its diuretic properties these capsules are best recommended for kidney failure.

Dosage: 1 or 2 capsules twice a day (only with plain water after meals).

3. Arjuna Capsules

These capsules are manufactured using the bark of Arjuna tree. The bark of the tree is considered to have heart protecting properties in addition to strengthening the heart. The bark of the tree is rich in minerals like copper, magnesium, zinc that are considered as important elements for proper functioning of the heart.

Arjuna is also considered as a good astringent and also consists of some anti-inflammatory properties.This herb proves to do wonders in case of heart problems as it tones the cardiac muscles and protects the heart. So, the intake of this capsule may eliminate many heart problems and may prevent the situation from getting worse.

Dosage: Regular intake 1 capsule a day (with plain water after meals.

4. Sarpgandhaghan Vati

Sarapgandha which is known as Indian snakeroot is considered to be efficient in problems such as insomania, high blood pressure, hysteria and psychological disorders. The tablets consist of pure extracts of sarapgandha. To cure this particular type of diseases, this herb plays a very vital role. Sarapgandha vati is completely natural and free from any chemical and has been used since ages as a medicine for relieving hypertension. The alkanoid known as reserpine is useful as a tranquilizer and acts as a hypotensive agent prescribed for relieving psychoneurotic conditions.

People suffering from high blood pressure, insomnia or epilepsy can use this herbal remedy.

Dosage: 1 tablet twice a day (with plain water after meals).

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Besides these herbal remedies it is considered better to follow some lifestyle and diet tips, which are given below.

Lifestyle and Diet Advice

  • Maintaining healthy and well-balanced diet including fruits, fresh salads, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Avoid oily, spicy or greasy, frozen and non-veg foods.
  • Drinking lots of water flushes out toxins and pathogens from the body.
  • Take plenty of rest and sleep.
  • Avoid suspected allergens and chemicals.
  • Protection from ultraviolet radiations of the sun by covering all the exposed parts of the body.
  • Smoking should be avoided and limit the use of alcohol as it aggravates the condition.
  • Regular exercises or Yoga and meditation keep your body healthy.

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