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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Yogendra Ras - Ingredients, Method Of Preparation & Its Uses


Rasa Shastra is an integral part of the Ayurveda that deals with various metals, minerals, poisonous plants and different aquatic medicinal substances. Rasa medicines are very helpful in promoting the overall health of the body, increasing immunity, and has a rejuvenating effect on the body. These are very effective because they are given in lower doses but still show beneficial effects with fasten action. These medications have prolonged shelf life, higher potency and maximum efficacy. Nowadays, many diseases are developed due to the vitiation of our lifestyle, because of our increased sitting period, bad dietary habits, lower physical activities, or more stressed jobs. These all help to develop serious diseases in the concerned person but Ayurveda gives proper solutions by various means like herbal formulations, mineral formulations, panchkarma therapies etc. to improve the general health and enhance the body's immune system. In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of yogendra ras in different conditions.


Yogendra ras is an ayurvedic formulation that is prepared with various herbs and minerals mainly used in the management of neuromuscular disorders. This is widely used as the treatment method of epilepsy, helps to balance Vata and pitta dosha and can be administered in high blood glucose levels, mutra rogas, in many psychotic conditions, helps to treat fistula, piles, other anorectal diseases, gives in eye related disorders, abdominal entities, and useful in maintaining the strength of all over the body.

Rasa Aushadis involve various types of formulations like bhasmas, pishti, parpati, potali, kupipakva, kharliya, rasayana etc. These are made up of different means and modes, and may include minerals, metals or herbs in purified form. In Rasa shastra, these means are also divided into further groups such as Rasa, uprasa, maharasa, sadharana rasa, Ratna, upratna, visha, upvisha. All are having their respective properties that help to make them different from one another. These all are used in purified form so they can not harm the body with their impurities. They are said to be the most efficient and have faster action than other medicines. These are purified by various procedures that are famous by the names of Shodhana, Mardana, Marana, and Bhavana.

Planet Ayurveda provides a natural classical formulation in a classical manner. All the formulations here are made with 100% natural ingredients taken in a purified form without using any adulterant or substitute. Yogendra rasa is one of our effective formulations prepared for needful persons that gives wonderful results in the diseases. Here, all the medications are prepared under the supervision of MD Ayurveda doctors and are purely free from side effects, fillers, dyes, substitutes, adulterants, and chemical preservatives, etc.


It has been made by using the following ingredients which are mentioned below:

  1. Parada (Purified mercury)
  2. Loha bhasma (Iron bhasma)
  3. Gandhaka (Purified sulphur) along with Rasa sindoor
  4. Swarna Bhasma (Gold bhasma)
  5. Shuddha Mukta (Purified pearl)
  6. Abhrak Bhasma (Purified silica)
  7. Vanga Bhasma (Bhasma of tin)

Ref. Ayurvedic Text - [ Bhaishajya Ratnavali ]


1. Shuddha parad (Purified and processed mercury)

Parada is said to be the pure and auspicious gift of nature, it has shadarasa properties, snigdh (moist), guru (heavy), along with ushna (hot) potency with madhur (sweet) vipaka and is yogavahi in nature. Its therapeutic properties involve yogavahini or heightens the medicinal properties with which it is compounded, rasayana in nature, balya or strengthens the body and have vrishya (aphrodisiac) qualities.

2. Shuddha gandhak (Purified and processed Sulphur)

Gandhak is madhur (sweet), katu (pungent), tikta (bitter) in taste, have moist and heavy gunas with ushna potency, or madhur and katu vipaka according to its variety used. This mineral is vata and kapha shamak, and pitta vardhaka in nature. It is deepana, pachana, visha ghana, enhances vision, strengthens the body, rasayana, yogvahi, krumi ghana, yakritpleehaghana.

3. Loha bhasma (Iron bhasma)

Rasa panchaka of loha is tikta (bitter), kashaya (astringent), having guru (heavy), rooksha (dry), sara (mobile in nature), veerya is sheeta and madhur after digestion. This is said to be a great immune-booster, aphrodisiac in nature, strengthen the musculature, beneficial for eyes, improves complexion, gives good digestion power and kapha-pitta shamak properties.

4. Swarna bhasma (Gold bhasma)

It is a natural aphrodisiac in nature, cardiac tonic, has scraping effect, used in blood disorders, relieves anemia, asthma, tuberculosis, epilepsy, skin ailments, increases sexual abilities, and relieves parkinsonism. It is possibly used in all disorders with effective results.

5. Abhrak bhasma (Purified silica)

It is kashaya (astringent), sweet (madhur) in taste, properties are smooth, sheetla, sweet after metabolism. This gives a calming effect on the body by implies on all the three doshas. It can relieve headaches, dementia, brain atrophy, vertigo, it relieves from anxiety, insomnia, schizophrenia in nature.

6. Shudha mukta (Purified pearl)

Consists of madhur rasa, laghu guna, and is of shita veerya, it respectively alleviate the kapha and pitta dosha and may aggravate Vata dosha. It promotes cardiac health, regulates blood pressure, drops cholesterol levels, relieves skin ailments, treats insomnia and fortifies bone health.

7. Vanga bhasma (Purified tin)

It is tikta (bitter), laghu, ushna, ruksha in nature, katu (pungent) after digestion, aphrodisian in nature, pcifies mainly kapha dosha and gives relief in urinary disorders, amenorrhea, male reproductive organ diseases.


Take all the above-mentioned minerals in the fine powder form or s bhasma and mixed in the aloe vera swaras, mix them and make a paste of the ingredients then roll them in the form of tablets. Dry and keep them in an air-tight container for further use.


125 mg twice daily after meals or as directed by the physician.

Yogendra Ras, Benefits of Yogendra Ras


  • It can be given in tridosha prakopaka avastha, gives moisten effect on the body, rejuvenates the cells or tissues.
  • Yogendra ras is a rasayana in nature, strengthens the body, krumi ghana, yakrit-pleehghana in properties.
  • It acts as a natural aphrodisiac, relieves stress, improves the vitality of reproductive organs.
  • This formulation is very beneficial in vataj disorders associated with prameha, and hridaya roga.
  • It is used in various ano-rectal disorders, psychological conditions, and cardiac disorders.
  • Reduces the diabetic neuropathies.
  • This formulation helps to balance the Vata and pitta dosha effectively.
  • Actions like a catalyst when it is given with other medicines.


Planet Ayurveda provides natural products with herbal and mineral compositions that are very effective in various pathologies, for the needful persons. This formulation is used to treat neuro-muscular conditions and gives relief to various metabolic disorders. Herbal and rasa aushadhis both are very effective in their respective fields. They help the patient to fight with ongoing conditions and eliminate the rogas from the root. Ayurvedic medicines improve the Oja or immunity power, removes the toxins and detoxifies the blood.

Note :- This is pure classical Ayurvedic medicine and should be strictly consumed only after prescription of an Ayurvedic doctor and to be taken under medical supervision only.

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