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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Can Alternative medicines Cure ITP - Idiopathic Thrombycytopenic Purpura


ITP, Idiopathic Thrombycytopenic Purpura

Many people ask if Alternative medicine can cure Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura or ITP and if there is really an alternative treatment available for it. The answer is Yes, Ayurvedic medicine can be really helpful to treat a variety of conditions. It is described in Ayurveda as "Rakta-Pitta" disease and there are many natural herbo-mineral compounds mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts to cure "Rakta-Pitta".


Ayurvedic medicine is an Indian healthcare system and practiced in India since last 5000 years and still going on. The government of India and the WHO and many other governments recognized it as a system of traditional healthcare which is very effective to treat many health conditions.

Ayurveda means Ayur+ life. Ayur means life and veda means knowledge. The ancient texts like Charak Samhita and Sushrut Samhita which were written more than 2500 years ago are still read in Ayurvedic schools in India.


ITP is a disorder in which the platelets are marked by our immunity ( Antibodies) and destroyed by spleen.

Modern medicines are given to suppress the immunity and given steroids (Wysolone, Predmet, Medrol, Omnacortil), stronger drugs like Immunosuppresants (Azoran, Imuran), Colony Stimulating factors (Revolade, Promact), IvIG (Immunoglobulin) injections, and platelet transfusions and stronger drugs like mycophenolate or even cyclosporine.

Many patients respond to such treatments but in many cases there is no response and patients are advised splenectomy. Even Splenectomy does not cure the condition in many patients and the people are stuck. Many poor patients visit my clinic who have gone through all such expensive treatments and did not get any results and after ayurvedic medicines there were positive results and their platelets became normal to more than 2, 50,000.

My experience with Alternative medicine practice in India and worldwide:

I am doing clinical Ayurvedic practice in Chandigarh and later Mohali from last 20 years. I am visiting various countries in Europe, USA and South East Asia for giving Ayurvedic training and patient consultations in Macedonia.

I read about this disease during my 5 and half year Ayurvedic medicine graduation and later 3 years of MD but I never saw any patient of it until 2015. I received a phone call from extensively traumatized mother of a child who was begging for treatment of her 8 months child suffering from ITP from last 7 months. They went to every big hospital and were getting platelet transfusions on and off. Took costly IV IG injections but there were no results. The platelets would go up and drop down in few days. The distressed mother called me as they were looking for alternative treatment for Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) the longest disease name they ever heard of.

They were in state of panic, disturbed, depressed and without any hope.

I guided the patient according to the disease mentioned in Ayurveda i.e. "Rakta-Pitta" and asked them to get a set of Ayurvedic combinations which were good for this disease. It was Friday evening when they called me, and to their surprise, the platelet count of the child jumped over 1, 00, 000 after my medicines in 3 days. It was a big surprise to me also. I expected the results but I didn't expect results this quick. ITP is a chronic complicated disorder which is difficult to cure rather many doctors would say it's impossible to cure chronic thrombocytopenia but my first patient of ITP was cured in 3 days. After 3 more days, the platelets were normal. Both parents rushed to my clinic which was around 6 hours' drive from their home. I gave medicines to the child for 1 more month from my clinic and as the mother was still breastfeeding him, so I gave some medicines to her mother also. The platelets remained stable after that and after about 2 months, we stopped all medicines and even when I called them in 2019, everything is fine.

After that the couple sent me more ITP patients, and I made few videos and uploaded on You tube and started reading more about ITP. Now it has been around 4 years, I am treating ITP and every day I see around 2 or 3 patients of ITP in my clinic.

This Is The Video Of That Patient


I never thought it was cured on its own. If I apply allopathic medicine mind, the doctors would say it was cured on its own but they have been taking allopathic treatment since many months but it was not getting cured and after this case, there were many more ITP patients (children and adults) which were healed and which were not getting any relief from allopathic medicines.

More Experience With Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Patients

It was not that easy as my first patient. Now I see Chronic ITP patients and adults with complicated associated problems and Chronic ITP. Adults and Children from various corners of India and sometimes overseas.

In many, the splenectomy has already been done and still no results. Most of the patients have gone through regular treatments or taking treatments like IVIG, Steroids, Dapsone ( Anti-leprotic drug) and immunosuppresants ( Imurazn, Azoran) and Revolade or Promact ( Eltrombopag ) . They were looking for alternative medicine for ITP as ray of hope and I have been working in the field of Immune thrombocytopenia from last many years now, with a lot of positive experiences I got more and more confident about the treatment and cure of idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura with Ayurveda.

Many people advised me to go for a Patent in India and USA and don't disclose this Ayurvedic combination to the world but I don't care. I am not a lawyer or a business person but I was excited to share the new knowledge with the modern world. The knowledge was already there in Ancient ayurvedic texts but there were certain combinations which I made which worked.

This One Is Very Touching

And Another One

Check Below Playlist For Testimonials of ITP Patients

And Check Many More Videos Over Youtube About ITP - Click Here


I devised a combination of diet which I would help all of ITP patients. I have made many youtube videos on diet in ITP. I recommend usually Red Juice and Green Juice.

Green juice consists of Spinach, Coriander leaves, Fenugreek leaves, Kale, lettuce, wheatgrass, Amla ( Indian gooseberry) and Green Grapes.

Use whatever is available. Make it tasty. Consume 100 ml of these juices each, 2 times per day.

The diet should be rich in natural grains, seeds, vegetables, fruits and wheat, corn, bread etc can be consumed without a problem.


Milk and milk products should be stopped. I asked my patients to stop them because I think there can be trigger for auto-immune reaction in the body and the body generates antibodies. Although it's not scientifically proven fact, but there is no harm in doing it as long as it gets you treated. Do it for 6 to 9 months or 1 year. You will see the results.

People ask me, from where we will get our calcium. I ask them from where the animals like cows get their calcium from. Is there any bone mineral deficiency in cows or bulls or any other animals out there in the forests who eat grass?

Consume green leafy vegetables in raw form. Consume leaves as salads if you want to have calcium in your body.

Many people in India want to consume Goat milk as they have heard it is good for low platelets as it helps in low platelet counts due to Dengue fever. In Dengue, the platelets go down because of virus and body needs liquids and fluids. So Goat's milk is ok to be given in low platelets due to Dengue but in ITP, I do not recommend it. It is however different than Cow's or buffalo's milk. It's lighter and not seem to have any auto-immune antibody reaction. So I have started saying now that it's ok to take Goat's milk in small quantity but avoid milk of other animals like cow or buffalo.



1. Can I consume my allopathic medicines like Revolade or Dapsone or Steroids along with Ayurvedic medicines?

Yes, you can. Slowly when the count increases, you can stop them by the advice of allopathic doctor. There is no contraindication of using Ayurvedic medicines for ITP and taking allopathic medicines along with them.

2. For how long the treatment will last?

As I have mentioned, I have seen miracles happening but sometimes it gets tough. I have seen a patient who was 21 years of age, suffering from chronic ITP from last 7 years and no response with allopathic medicines or treatments given and with Ayurvedic medicines also there was no response in 1st month. The platelets were 6000 only. The 2nd or 3rd month didn't give any results. He started seeing results after about 5 months when the count jumped to 80,000 for the first time even after giving Ayurvedic treatment. The parents started hoping and they continued the treatment. After 8 months the platelets went up to 2,34,000 and the parents continued the treatment and everything was ok. He was advised splenectomy but there was no need now. So it was difficult for the parents and also for the patient to continue Ayurvedic treatment for such a long time not because of medicines but because its difficult following something which is not allopathic for such a long time.

3. Where and How can I get medicine for ITP?

You can get them by sending your reports via E mail to or via Whatsapp to +91-991-559-3604

4. How costly are the medicines?

The medicines usually cost around 15,000 Rs. in India and around 450 US $ out of India. The cost however various according to patient to patient. The cost mentioned here is an average cost.

5. Is there any guarantee of 100 % result or cure of ITP?

It's not possible to give 100 % guarantee of cure in any health condition especially those which are declared incurable by allopathic system of medicine but still I can see that there are excellent results in most of the patients. Around 70 to 80 % positive results are there.

6. Are these medicines going to harm me?

No, these are natural medicines and they are not harmful to you.

7. Any other restrictions in diet or herbs ?

Avoid blood thinning herbs like Turmeric, Pepper, Chillies, Ginger, Garlic and other hot herbs. Also avoid spicy food or spices.

Coconut water is excellent as its cooling and rehydrating. Drink 1 to 2 coconuts every day. If it is not available then you can drink fruit juices. Avoid citrus fruit juices like lemon, vinegar, oranges. These juices many increase "Pitta" element and cause more problems. Avoid nuts as they may increase the "Pitta" or cause imbalance of fire element in the body, which is responsible for all diseases of the blood.

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