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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Mother Fixation & Its Ayurvedic Treatment With Herbal Remedies



Being a parent is a blessing and a responsibility as well. There is no such love as the love of a mother and love of a father. For a mother her son is always a prince and for a father his daughter is always a princess. Parents' love is the most precious thing a child can have and with that love they get the enthusiasm to win whatever they want. Still with time there are many things which have But there are some complexities with the love of mother and father. Such complexities are being highlighted under many studies which are done. This article is about one such complexity which is called the phenomenon of Mother- Fixation. In this article we will discuss the phenomenon of Mother- Fixation and also will discuss some ayurvedic formulations which can be given in this situation.

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Phenomenon of Mother Fixation is described as the behaviour in which a child or even a well grown adult is having overdependence on the mother. There is a presumptive explanation for this and that is overfondness on the part of the mother. It can also be because of the conscious or unconscious holding of a child to a close intimacy beyond the appropriate age of infancy. As due to this assumption that extreme dependence of the child is because of the indulgence of mother and her inordinate bonds of affection, the therapy is done and the therapy consists of the attempts to convince or persuade mother to release the child. This also encourages children directly as well as indirectly towards self reliance and also experiencing the adventures of freedom. Through many studies it is observed that the mother fixation started from the idea of a child clinging with the mother. In many other cases it is also observed that the phenomenon of mother fixation starts when the child is least favoured by the mother. But in most of the cases it is plainly observed that mothers devoted behaviour to provide the child with best possible time and services.

What Causes Mother Fixation?

As mentioned above there are many factors which can start the phenomenon of mother fixation. The summary of such factors are as following

  • Overfondness from the side of Mother
  • When the mothers tends to express devoted behaviour for best possible services and time to the child
  • If the mother is least favouring the child. In Such cases children develop a clinging habit with the mother.
  • Conscious or unconscious holding of the children. This may involve overprotective behaviour of the mother, favouring the child on every mistake, providing the child with everything, providing them with everything so that they do not need to struggle.

Behavioural Changes In Mother Fixation

The value of waist circumference can be used to assess the girth of a person's abdomen. It is usually measured from the hips to the narrowest point between the rib cage and shows if the person is having adequate abdominal fat or not and can be seen being measured at school or workplaces. Waist circumference is said to be having following normal values: -

The Phenomenon of mother fixation is generally seen in boys and girls are usually father fixated. In both of the cases fixation is done from the side of one parent. In the phenomenon of Fixation both male or female children can carry the damage of fixation into their adulthood and thus face problems. In the phenomenon of Mother fixation, the most common symptoms are as follows:

  • Obsession with mother: Not able to do anything without the presence of mother
  • Expect all females (girls/women) to serve him: This starts from a sibling sister, then the relatives and other females as well.
  • May attack: As his mother won't say anything, firstly the hitting starts with the mother and then others are involved too.
  • Have anger issues: Anger issues are common and mostly takes out anger on some female figure
  • Difficulty establishing relationships: As they have a habit of being spoon fed, they are not able to develop healthy and loving relationships. Such males may grow to be jealous or being too controlling.
  • Development of insecurity, anxiety or expectations of being treated as special being 
  • Might blame mother for every failure or problems even for their personal grown habits

The Mother fixation is one type of Fixation which is seen in male children or even adults. On the other hand Father fixation is a type of fixation which is commonly seen in the female child or adult as well. In addition, some studies or theories also show that mother and father fixation are pseudo. The main phenomenon which is responsible for all of this is the "Oedipus Complex".

Let's discuss Oedipus complex in a little detail

Oedipus Complex

A psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud has mentioned a theory in 1899. In this theory he states that the oedipus complex refers to the child's desire for sexual involvement with the opposite sex parent, peculiarly the boy's attention towards his mother. This desire is kept out of conscious awareness through a process called repression. Repression is unconscious blocking of unpleasant impulses and emotions. According to his theory children progress through a series of stages for psychosexual development. In his theory he suggests that at each stage the subconscious mind is centred on the pleasure related to some part of the body. These are as follows:

  • Oral Stage: Starting from birth till 18th months
  • Anal Stage: From 18 months to three years
  • Phallic Stage: Starting from three to five
  • Latency: From age five to twelve
  • Genital: After age 12 to adulthood

That's all about the Mother fIxation according to Modern science. Yes, the condition can become psychological if the child is not freed from the dependency of mother and thus he can face problems in future, when his mother won't be there to do things for him. Such children or even adults may develop severe anxiety, low self esteem, not able to rule out what is to be done next, problems with decision making, and are not able to face a lot of situations in life and need someone to instantly blame either their mother or it can be their female partners as well.

These types of conditions are the clear indications why children need to be freed from the dependency of parents so that they should know how to take responsibility for their actions, do their regular work like cooking, cleansing, dealing with society toxicity etc. One of the two parents must take responsibility for making their child independent and also helping them in dealing with situations. The ignore and extra towards the child, both are dangerous, so the parental behaviour must be balanced. Parents need to be strict as well as understanding, that's how good parenting works.

Herbal Remedies by Planet Ayurveda For Mother Fixation

Planet Ayurveda is Herbal product manufacturing company that has its resellers around the world. Even in India, in many cities the company holds its resellers so that easy availability of medication can be provided. The products by Planet Ayurveda are totally herbal and are free from any type of dyes, fillers, additives, flavouring agents, adulterants etc. In addition, they can be given to children as well as to adults. Along with counselling of mother and child the herbal formulations give impressive results in the case of Mother Fixation. All of the products are certified kosher, halal, FDA etc. The following formulations are mostly recommended in such cases:

Products List

  1. Neurogenie Capsules
  2. Brahmi Capsules
  3. Arjuna Capsules

Herbal Remedies For Mother Fixation

Mother Fixation, Causes Of Mother Fixation, Behavioural Changes In Mother Fixation, Herbal Remedies, Symptoms, Treatment, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Treatment, Diagnosis

Products Description

1. Neurogenie Capsules

Neurogenie capsules is a patent product of Planet Ayurveda. The formulation has only two ingredients: Ashwagndha (Withania somnifera) and brahmi (Bacopa monnieri). Both of these ingredients give good results in supporting the neurological system and also help with unwanted stress and anxiety. Mothers tend to show supporting behaviour because they are really stressed about the discomfort of their child. On the other hand, a child can also be anxious. So in both of the cases neurogenie helps by relieving stress and thus brilliantly helps in mother fixation. The formulation is herbal and has no side effects.

Dosage: One Capsule twice a day after meals with lukewarm water.

2. Brahmi Capsules

Brahmi capsules are the single herbal formulation and is also a patent product of Planet Ayurveda. The capsules have brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) standardised extract. In this situation there is recurrent stress and anxiety thus brahmi due to its vata pacification effect gives good results. Vata aggravation in case of Phenomenon of Mother Fixation is due to the recurrent stress/anxiety which can be present in mother or in children or in both of cases. It also improves thought processes, has a positive impact on the mind and also boosts brain functions. The brahmi capsules are prepared with vegan gelatin which quickly dissolves in gastric mucosa.

Dosage: One Capsule twice a day after meals with lukewarm water.

3. Arjuna Capsules

Arjun capsules are very impressive formulations by Planet Ayurveda. The Arjun Capsules have only one ingredient and that is Arjun (Terminalia arjuna). Arjun alone gives impressive results in controlling the anxiety/Panic which mother or child may be facing. Mothers when worrying about their children forget to worry about their heart but with Arjun capsules the working of the heart can be stabilised. It is important as long term stress, anxiety, being anxious can put a lot of pressure on the heart thus may cause uncertain symptoms. So, Arjun Capsules can help in this a lot.

Dosage: One Capsule twice a day after meals with lukewarm water.


The Phenomenon of Mother Fixation as mentioned above is related to Boys whereas the Phenomenon of father Fixation is related to girls. Children may carry this Phenomenon into their adulthood if the Father or Mother do not free their children from the attitude of giving too much attention or giving no attention at all. Though it's a complex process and needs proper understanding of the behaviour. Ayurvedic herbs help in this situation along with counselling and both the parent and the child can live a normal life. In case of any query kindly visit

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