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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Friday, July 17, 2020

Treatment of Erythema Dyschromicum Perstans (Ashy Dermatosis) in Ayurveda

The biggest organ of our body is very prone to develop the problems i.e. skin. There are various disorders which change the color of our skin and causes hyper pigmentation or hypo pigmentation. One among these skin disorders is Erythema dyschromicum perstans. This is not a common disease but can affect any age group. In this article we are going to discuss about the causes, disease presentation and its Ayurvedic aspect and Ayurvedic management with the help of herbs.


Erythema dyschromicum perstans (EDP) is a rare disease which is presented with dark patches or hyper pigmented macules that are ashy grey in color. These lesions are usually at the skin surface but in initial stages they might be bit raised and their shape and size varies. These ashy grey colored pigmentations can occur in multiple areas. This disease is also known by the name Ashy dermatosis and Dermatosis cinecienta.

As said earlier, it can affect any age group but the incidence ratio is quite high in young adults and darker skin people and affects both the genders equally.

Erythema dyschromicum perstans


This disease is also categorized under Twak vikar. Where all the three doshas especially, Vata and Pitta are vitiated with the vitiation of Rasa, Rakta, and Mamsa dhatu which in turn reflect on the twak (Skin).


This acquired hyper pigmented skin lesions are not having a known etiology. But some factors that are responsible for causation are as follow:-

  • Excessive indulgence in things that aggravates Vata and Kapha dosha.
  • Exposure to radiations.
  • Harmful chemicals.
  • History of allergy and infections.
  • Hereditary involvement.
  • Adverse effect of medications.


The signs and symptoms of this disease are as follow:-

  • Discoloration of skin – dark grayish or ashy like appearance of lesions. Initially the color will be blue or reddish and then gradually it will turn to grey. This is the main cardinal feature of this disease. 
  • Irregular patches.
  • With defined margins and they are somewhat elevated.
  • Sometimes associated with itching and then causes some discomfort.


These ashy patches can be diagnosed on the basis of clinical representation but to differentiate this disease from other similar diseases where hyper pigmentation occurs, Skin biopsy along with blood investigations are required.


In Ayurveda, these diseases are successfully managed with the help of herbal formulations, mineral formulations and calcium compounds. Planet Ayurveda is dealing with such diseases and efficiently increasing the success rate in these diseases with markedly very good improvement by strictly following the principles and maintaining the ethics of Ayurveda. This disease can be treated well from its root with the help of these natural herbs. Let’s discuss about the management of the Erythema dyschromicum perstans (EDP), the below written medicines are effective in this condition:-


  1. Radiant Skin, Hair & Nails Formula
  2. Manjishtha Capsules
  3. Pitta Balance
  4. Gandhak Rasayan
  5. Kumkumadi Tailam

Herbal Remedies For Erythema Dyschromicum Perstans

Herbal Remedies For Erythema Dyschromicum Perstans


1. Radiant Skin, Hair & Nails Formula

As the name of the capsule explains its action on our body, it will provide the normal colour to the skin. The herbs like kumari (Aloe barbadensis), Pitta papda (Fumaria officinalis), etc are helpful to retain the normal color and texture of the skin. So it is helpful in reducing the hyper pigmentation of the skin.

Dosage: 1 capsule twice daily after meals with normal water.

2. Manjishtha Capsules

Manjishtha is a well known herb in Ayurveda which has immense actions on blood and skin. These manjishtha capsules just contain the standardized extract of this Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia) herb. It helps to purify the blood and aids a perfect color to the skin. It is effective in case of any kind of lesion on the skin due its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions.

Dosage: 1 cap twice daily after meals with normal water.

3. Pitta Balance

This patent formulation of Planet Ayurveda is composed of calcium compounds as well as herbs. It contains Mukta, Praval, Jawar mohra, Kamdudha and Giloy satva. These medicines work well on all the systems of the body hence maintains the equilibrium of tridoshas and it will be an excellent medicine in regaining the color of the skin. It also avertes the chances of this hyper pigmentation to occur again. If any kind of immune modulation occurs due to this disease, these calcium compounds can help in managing that.

Dosage: 1 cap twice daily after meals with normal water.

4. Gandhak Rasayan

This classical medicine contains the active ingredient gandhak (Sulphur) in it which is purified well. This medicine is beneficial in treating all the skin diseases from its root along with this it also detoxifies the blood thus, works well to curb the toxins inside the body. It is effective to reduce the macules and itching in this case.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice daily after meals with normal water.

5. Kumkumadi Tailam

This classical formulation in oil form is very much useful in treating the hyper pigmented skin issues. It helps to reduce the melanocytes and also have anti- anti-inflammatory, anti- bacterial properties and antioxidant properties. The normal skin color can be adopted with the topical use of this oil.

Method of Application: Wash the area, pat dry and gently massage with a few drops of Kumkumadi Tailam. And apply this oil once or twice in a day.

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The main precaution which we need to take in this condition is - avoid the exposure of chemicals and radiations.


Ashy dermatosis or Erythema dyschromicum perstans (EDP) is not a life threatening condition but needs proper care because these skin lesions will spread gradually and can cover various parts of our body. These conditions if managed with topical steroids will relapse again but if managed once with herbal medicines then the chances of occurrence are negligible.


    Radiant Skin, Hair & Nails Formula
    Manjishtha Capsules
    Pitta Balance
    Gandhak Rasayan
    Kumkumadi Tailam
    The above medication is on your website for ashy dermatitis but I am prescribed 1.kaishore 2.guggul,3.navkarshik churna ,4.gleaming skin,hair,nails 5.gandhak rasayan 6.manjistha 7.youth restora 8.recumin gel for ashy dermatitis.Is my prescription right? I have been taking the medication since Dec 26,2022.

    1. When you see a doctor, your prescription is according to symptoms and their severity. I will suggest you re-consult in case of more doubts and queries.

  2. Bro aapko kush result milla