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Monday, July 10, 2017


The Evil Marijuana - It's recommended that you watch all the videos

There is growing section of community in western countries especially young adults which are pro marijuana use. Many states in US and Canada are trying to do it legal. This is kind of a good news for users and weed growers, cultivators, but the users don't understand that it's business for the politicians and businessmen who operate these drug businesses and want you to use weed.

Many Marijuana users are educated and from good families, but the loose connection with their own self and their families. They resort to theft and petty crimes to smoke the pot. They read about Marijuana and convince many others to consume Marijuana.

They take the plea that many doctors are recommending Marijuana now a days. They say Medical marijuana is different than the regular Marijuana. It's better and useful. They start reading so much about Marijuana that they start telling doctors that you don't know about it. First consume Marijuana then you will see what it does, but they are so much trapped in Marijuana's illusion that they are not able to see beyond certain limits.

What Marijuana Does To Your Mind?

Marijuana contains active compounds called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and Cannabinoids. These are psychoactive compounds responsible for temporary physical pain relief, temporary helping the person to feel the high, temporarily helping the person to a feeling of heightened focus and fake allurement of getting connected to the spirituality or God almighty. In fact it's a gateway to higher drugs called Opium or Heroine.

Weed ( Delta 9 tetra Hydrocannabinol) incapacitates your mind. It blocks your channels of communication with your own self. It destroys your own neurons and you are not able to analyze what you are saying and what you are doing in life.

Most Marijuana users are living on social welfare schemes and suffer from irregular jobs, changing jobs, shifting places, irregular sleep, irregular eating habits and criminal records.

Marijuana is a drug. THC affects certain areas of the brain which are responsible for high ( Euphoria) and brain nuclei responsible for addiction and abuse. Regular use of Marijuana leads to irreversible increase in size of such nuclei ( Nucleus accumbens) and leads to lower IQ, impaired memory and poor decision making.

Marijuana users say it's like alcohol or cigarettes. No It's not like Alcohol or Ciggarettes. It brings the physical changes in the gray matter in real and quickly. Alcohol brings the physical changes in the brain after many many years, but Marijuana destroys the communication and coordination between the neurons permanently. Many changes like addiction are permanent and irreversible changes. So it becomes very very difficult for the person to live without Marijuana.


These Cannabidiols are other components in the Marijuana plant but they are not going to get you high. If the THC content is high in a plant, you get Euphoric and if Cannbidiol content is high, you get more physical effects of Marijuana, but both the compounds have addictive and abuse properties.

Most Euphoric drugs release dopamine from the brain and the person feels good for few hours. Marijuana also activates the endocannabinoid system which leads to stimulation of so many neurotransmitters causing feeling of Euphoria or High.

This "High" is temporary. It goes away within few hours but then the secondary effects of Marijuana start to take effect. The Nucleus accumbens start to grow bigger. This leads to impaired memory, lack of decision making capacity, the addiction center.

The neurons communicate with each others via various neurotransmitters. The gap between 2 neurons is called Synapse.

Normally One neuron end releases the neurotransmitters like Serotonin (5 HT) or Adrenaline Or Acetylcholine and so on at presynaptic area. From Pre-Synaptic area they go to Synapse and then reach other neuron called Post- Synaptic area.

But if there is THC in the neurons, it THC blocks the synapse and the neurons are not able to communicate with each other. The thinking process stops and the decision making is hampered. It's like a chaos in the brain. There is darkness and the person is addicted and trapped in the net of Marijuana and he doesn't even know about this is happening. He feels happy and Euphoric and slowly he changes jobs, looses jobs, not able to work at one place, fights with other people, become argumentative, goes in debt, his reaction time is slowed and suffers accidents and still does not know if anything is wrong with him.

The person gets detached from his loved ones and the family members. He loses trust, love, starts to lie and makes fake promises and he has so many arguments in favor of Marijuana.

There are certain chemicals named on Sanskrit word "Ananda" called Anandamide held responsible for feeling High. It's not a bliss. It's a trap. It's a big big trap of Marijuana to incapacitate your mind. The governments in US or Canada start giving 1000 $ welfare to such users so that they can just take Marijuana without resorting to criminal activities like stealing or robbing.

Message to All Marijuana Users

You are smoking weed pot for recreational purpose, "FUN" or relieve the painand so on but you are getting addicted to it in the process.

Marijuana Is A Gateway Drug

It's an addictive drug. It turns your life around to nothing. It gets destroyed. You don't think you are addicted to it but you are. You are stoned but you feel you are high. You give arguments about it's safe, it's natural, it's organic, it's good and its not addictive, but all arguments are fake. It's not safe, it's highly addictive and it ruins your life and you don't even come to know about it. You get in debts and loose jobs and you still don't know about it.

The biggest truth about Marijuana is that people think that they can live their life and smoke weed at the same time but they can never do that.

You take please like you suffer from stress, depression, anxiety, pain and lack of focus. Even after taking Marijuana these problems don't go away. They are still there but Marijuana becomes additional problem. It becomes part of your life, your lifestyle and you accept it and that's the problem.

Marijuana has 20 times more Ammonia than cigarettes. So it destroys your lungs as well. It also has high hydrogen cyanide and nitric oxide. It's called Gateway Drug.

How To Know You Are Addicted

You are tired, you are irritable, nervous, anxious, can't sleep without it and feeling of not able to open up, communicate properly, dumb and blocked feeling. These are signs of addiction to Marijuana.

The Marijuana is not solving any life problems here. It's just temporarily covering them up.

Pot smokers loose jobs, unintentionally get separated from their families or the loved ones, usually staying alone in the dark, won't take jobs which will do drug tests, get involved in road accidents, end up in prisons or mental asylums.

Lately the Marijuna consumers go further to take Cocaine, when they have more money and ultimately end up with Heroine.

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