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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Global LV Hypokinesia - Causes, Symptoms & Herbal Remedies

global lv hypokinesia

The problem of global hypokinesis is a condition in which the heart becomes very weak because of blockages in the coronary arteries. The mild or severe blockages can be observed in different positions of heart, like arteries, ventricles, walls and membranes. Due to this weakness the functioning of the heart is reduced.

The problem of global hypokinesis can leads to the low heart output which can results the heart failure. In such kind of condition the heart failure, the functioning of heart decreases, as the pumping of blood slowed down in this situation but the heart keeps on pumping. The subsequent decrease in the blood flow from the heart to the body raises the cardiac pressure. This also causes the deficiency in oxygen and nutrients to the whole body. This can lead into thickening and stiffening of cardiac chambers which holds more blood and then pump it out. If this condition is continued for long time can results into congestive heart failure. The condition of global hypokinesis can generally occur because of ischemic heart disease, cardiomyopathy and heart attack.



It is a hereditary disease, can be transferred to the offsprings from parents.

Heart Disorders

Also there are lots of heart disorders which can aggravate or stimulate this disease. These are;

  • Coronary artery disease reduces the supply of oxygen to the heart by affecting arteries, which blood to the heart, characterized by deficient passage of blood to the cardiac muscle. The extreme blockage or narrowing of the arteries can lead into the scarcity of nutrients and oxygen to the heart.
  • Heart attack occurs due to sudden clogging of a coronary artery which damages the cardiac muscle by stopping the blood supply and damages it. It results in the scarred region which does not function properly.
  • Cardiomyopathy is a cardiac damage which occurs due to use of drugs, alcohol and underlying infections.


  • Fluid or water retention in the body, leading to edema, bloating weight gain, frequent urination, nausea and appetite loss.
  • Fast or Irregular heartbeat which pumps more blood to the body to provide the supply of nutrients and oxygen.
  • Congestion in the lungs occurs due to backflow fluids, resulting in the breathing problems.
  • Weakness in the arteries leads to the decreased blood supply to the brain which results in the dizziness.


Global LV Hypokinesia, Herbal Remedies

1. Punarnava Capsules

It is also named as Boerhavia diffusa and known for its natural diuretic property, which is helpful in removing the excess water which is accumulated in the body due to congestive heart failure in global hypokinesia.

DOSAGE – 1- 2 capsules twice daily (after meals).

2. Giloy Capsules

The botanical name of giloy is Tinospora cordifolia which is a very effective herbal formulation used for rejuvenation of body cells and improves the vitality by improving the pumping efficacy of the heart. It is also immunity booster and helps in fighting against the metabolic disorders. It provides support to the heart muscles as it acts as a natural health rejuvenating herb.

DOSAGE – 1- 2 capsules twice daily (after meals).

3. Arjuna Capsules

Arjuna is known for its medicinal properties to cure different diseases. It is very useful for heart because it provides nourishment to the cardiac muscles, which helps them to be strong. It is beneficial for various heart disorders like myocardial infarction, ischemia and coronary artery disease. It is very beneficial because of the reason, it lowers the cholesterol level hence prevent many disease to emerge.

DOSAGE – 1-2 capsule twice daily (after meal).

4. Total Heart Support

Total heart capsules are designed to reduce high cholesterol and helps in opening the blocked coronary arteries. This is useful to distribute proper nutrients and oxygen to the body, as blood pumping becomes normal. Which reduces the risk of the congestive heart failure. These capsules also provides strength to the failing heart muscle. Helpful in reduces the chances of heart attack or myocardial infarction and CHF (Congestive Heart Failure).

There are lots of herbs present in this formulation, which make it so effective against global hypokinesis and other related heart diseases. It contains Arjuna bark useful in coronary artery disease, angina, congestive heart failure, blood pressure and high cholesterol. The presence of Ashwagandha reduces the blood pressure and provides strength to the heart muscles useful in the cardiac ailments. Brahmi helps in relaxing the nerves, arteries, controls blood pressure and provide strength to the muscles. The presence of Shankhpushpi and Jatamansi calm the body and lower the blood pressure.

DOSAGE – 1-2 capsule twice daily (after meal).

5. Gotukola Capsules

It is a pure Ayurvedic formulation and also called as "Mandukparni" in Ayurveda. It is known as a nervine tonic. It possess the qualities of rejuvenation and helps in providing strength to the weak and worn out heart muscles during the heart failure. It helps in improved circulation of blood. It provides energy to the fatigue body because of this disease. If these capsules are used regularly, can reduce the chances of developing CAD (Coronary Artery Disease).

DOSAGE – 1-2 capsules twice daily (after meal)

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