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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Blood Pressure - Diet, Lifestyle, Home & Herbal Remedies by Dr. Vikram Chauhan

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  1. Lemons increase Vata + Pitta as they are sour in taste. Blood pressure is caused by Vata + Pitta. So lemons can’t decrease blood pressure. Lemons should not be given to BP patients. All food which is Sour and Spicy in nature should be avoided in BP. 
  2. Fenugreek is hot in Potency. The Virya of Fenugreek is Ushana... It is not recommended for Pitta diseases. It's for Vata+ Kapha diseases like Prameha ( Diabetes) 
  3. So don't give for BP 
  4. Coconut water is ok for BP 
  5. Water melon is ok for BP 
  6. Pomegranate and Bananas are ok for BP.  Green leafy vegetables and other greens are good for BP. Rich in magnesium, rich in calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, manganese, chromium and other anti-oxidants.
  7. Garlic is a disaster for BP. It's ushana, tikshana.. It’s not give to BP patients. They can get stroke. It's very hot in properties. Many studies say it has sulphur, that's why it lowers down BP, but it has many other compounds which are heating for the body and can lead to high BP. 
  8. Onion juice, Cider Vinegar, is bad for BP. It's too hot ( ushana) property. Not good for BP.
  9. Arjun Tea -  Arjuna is cooling ( Sheet Virya) and good to reduce BP as well as cholesterol. Being Astringent, it also cleanses the arteries. So it's excellent for BP and cholesterol. 
  10. Walking is recommended for BP. As Walking leads to prespiration and sweating. That leads to loss of Salt ( Sodium ) from the body. It leads to decrease in BP.
  11. Yoga, Deep Breathing and Pranayama ( Not Kapal Bhati) is good for BP. It helps to give more oxygen to body and brain. It relaxes the muscles. Eliminates the acidic carbon di oxide leading to decrease in BP due to relaxation of arteries. 
  12. Meditation - Meditation leads to relaxation and decrease in levels of adrenalin, which is the leading cause of BP. 
  13. Massage with Dhanwantaram Oil or Sesame Oil with drop of Lavender essential oil - Massage relaxes the tense muscles, relieves anxiety and leads to drop in BP. 
  14. Shirodhara - Dropping of Oil on the forehead - A procedure in Ayurveda is good for BP. It gives relaxation to mind and balances the chakras leading to drop in BP. 
  15. Giving away the feelings of hatred, jealousy, anxiety, phobias, fears, anger decreases the levels of Adrenaline. This leads to decrease in BP.
  16. Adrenaline from adrenal glands is cause of high BP, which are releasing more adrenaline when people are in state of fear, Anger and frustration. Forgiving people, letting go and maintain peace within oneself and society leads to drop in BP. 
  17. Food which is stale, hot in properties, spices, fried, fast food, cola drinks ( Rich in Carbon di oxide ), Garlic, Chillies, onions can lead to BP. 
  18. Foods which are rich in Amino Acid - Tyrosine. Adrenaline is made from Tyrosine in the body.  Pork, Beef, Cheese, Tofu, lamb, Fish, Soya beans, nuts, eggs and oats are rich in Tyrosine.  Using more cheese and this amino acid rich food ( High protein diet) can leads to BP.  Moderation is the key. Balance with fruits and veggies. Best is to avoid it. 
  19. Homocysteine is a protein which is increased in people suffering from chronic stress, anger, rage, frustration, fear and anxiety and high consumption of proteins. It hardens the arteries. Hard arteries lead to high BP. It's like hardened garden rubber pipe can't adjust itself to more water pressure and gives up. Similarly hardened arteries give up when the pressure is high, that leads to leakage and stroke. Diabetes makes the arteries more friable ( fragile ) leading to their rupture and hemorrhages. 
  20. Herbs for Calming mind - Bramhi, Shankhpushpi, Jatamansi, Tagar, Ashwagandha, Lavender, Chamomile are all good to relax / calm the mind. Use them regularly. 
  21. Tea / Coffee - Nicotine and Caffeine contract the arteries leading to high blood pressure. Same is the case with other stimulants like Alcohol. 
  22. Arjun Tea - A perfect herbal tea for heart, BP and Cholesterol. Arjun ( Terminalia arjuna) is a tree, the bark is rich in Co-Q 10, gives strength to heart and artries, rich in natural gallic acid, Polyphenols, proanthocyanin complexes ( flavonoids) Natural antioxidants, Arjunetosides ( Arjunetin I and Arjunetin II -which are the best cardiac glycosides. It's a herbal tea, free from nicotine/ caffeine and other stimulants. Cleanse the arteries, lowers down the BP. 
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