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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dietary Recommendations for Stomach Cancer Patients

  • Stomach cancer patients need a diet low in carbohydrates and sweets and high in protein.

  • Drink extra milk and eat more eggs and cheese to get this protein.

  • Stomach cancer patients need extra iron, calcium and vitamin D from their diets. Sardines, cabbage, broccoli, milk, eggs, cheese and bread provide calcium. Vitamin D is found in margarine, butter, oily fish and eggs. The iron in red meat is more easily absorbed by the body than the iron found in fish, soy, egg yolk, leafy green vegetables and dried fruit.

  • Avoid eating too much of fiber, beans and lentils as they are difficult to digest and may make the patient feel full.

  • To control nausea symptoms A few lemon juice drops can be consumed as and when required. Try and stick to a bland diet (less spicy) for this.

  • Avoid too much of liquid intake before and just after having meals.

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  • Sweets in general are to be avoided.

  • Consume small and frequent meals to avoid too much burden on the stomach for digestion.

  • Consume snacks in between meals when hungry. Some of the examples of the snacks are:-

    1. Two tablespoons of natural peanut butter on banana slices
    2. Guacamole with trans-fat free crackers or pita chips
    3. Greek yogurt (any flavor) plus one cup ripe of melon
    4. Graham crackers with natural peanut butter
  • Juice prepared from Carrot, Beetroot and little ginger will also be very good for consumption.

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