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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ayurvedic treatment of Ulcerative colitis

Ayurvedic treatment for ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is known as "Grahani Roga" in Ayurveda. Many ayurvedic doctors refer to it as "Pitta-Atisaar" , Raktatisaar with imbalance of all 3 doshas.

It's a complicated disorder which can cause complicated diarrheas, abdominal pain, bleeding while passing stool.

Modern treatment focuses on usage of drugs like Mesalazine (Mesacol, Azacol Rwasa Sachets) Sulphasalazine, Immuno supprasant drugs like Azathioprine & Methotrexate ), Corticosteriods like prednisolone ( Wysolone, Predicort ) and entofoam enemas.

These offer immediate relief from the symptoms but can be very harmful in long term use.

The Ayurvedic herbs are natural alternative remedies which can be very good alternative to their chemical counterparts.

The herbs like Daemnocarpus draco ( Khoon Kaharaba) , Kutaz ( Halorrhena anti-dysendrica) Nagkesar ( Cyperus rotundus), Aegle marmelos ( Bilva ) and Jaiphal fruit rind ( Myrstica fragrans ), Vasaka ( Adhatoda Vasica) , Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna), Shankhpushpi ( Convolvulus pluricaulis) are cooling in nature, astringent, stop bleeding and heal the ulcers naturally.

According to Ayurveda, Ulcerative colitis or IBD ( Crohn's disease ) is imbalance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha but mainly Pitta dosha. It is very important to restore the balance of fire element ( Pitta dosha) . It is imperative to balance the Vata dosha ( air element ) in diseases of colon as colon is the seat of Vata as per Ayurveda.

The Ayurvedic treatment of Ulcerative colitis should focus on balancing Vata, Pitta doshas.

If there is bleeding, then we can ignore the Kapha dosha for a while and even Ama dosha for a while because giving hot, pungent, Ama pachak herbs like ginger, Sanjivani vati, Chitrakadi vati and other such hot formulations can aggravate pitta and cause further bleeding.

The principle is first stop the bleeding, simultaeneouly heal the ulcers, restore vata balance and slowly start preventing formation of Ama, once the bleeding stops.

If there is no bleeding, then mild ama digestive can be started in the beginning.

The below mentioned combination of Ayurvedic minerals and bhasmas is cooling in nature. It consists of medicines made from pearls, corals , natural cooling herbs and calcium preparations which are healing, helps in blood clotting, anti-ulcers and prevents fermentation in the intestines, formation of gas and bloating and relieves colon, intestinal abdominal pain.

Nagarjuna ( an ancient alchemist) in 7th century AD developed a unique science called Rasa-Shastra in Ayurveda. Although ancient Ayurvedic texts like Charaka Samhita ( 1500 BC or may be older) and Sushruta samhita ( 1000 BC) mentioned some uses of the various metals and minerals but the science was later developed by Nagarjuna.

Anyway, other than these minerals based combinations, there are certain herbal combinations which should be given along with the minerals based Ayurvedic medicines.

The complete ayurvedic remedy for ulcerative colitis healing is mentioned here

  1. Tab. Kutazghan Vati - 2 twice daily to thrice daily - The main ingredient of this is the herb Halorrhena anti-dysentrica. The name says that it is good for all type sof dysentries and diarrheas. Excessive dosage of this can cause constipation. So adjust the dosage accordingly. The tablets are made from Bark of the tree. They are purely natural, 100 % free from any inorganic matter and are perfectly safe even for kids. They help in ama digestion ( digesting the endotoxins) prevent fermentation in the intestines, stops bleeding as kutaz is astringent in nature, heals ulcers.
  2. Tab. Kutazparpati Vati - 2 twice daily - it's a similar preparation made from same plant kutaz. I use it to augment the action of kutza parpati vati
  3. Vatsakadi Churna - Vatsak is another name for Kutaza. There are about 8 more herbs like Punica granatum fruit rind ( Pomegranate fruit peel powder) and others to provide ulcer healing action.
  4. Bael - (Aegle marmelos) - It's a big fruit like Mango with big seeds. The seed powder of Bael is useful in healing the ulcers and stop bleeding. Vatsakadi powder contains Bael as well.

So here is the final combination

  1. Kutazghan Vati - 2 twice daily
  2. Kutazparpati Vati -2 twice daily
  3. Cap. Pitta Balance - 1 twice daily
  4. Cap. Digestion Support -2 twice daily
  5. Praval Panchamrit - 5 gm, Praval Pishti - 10 gm, Jahar Mohra Pishti - 10 gm, Akik Pishti - 10 gm, Kamdudha Ras - 10 gm, Mukta Pishti - 4 gm, Kaharawa ( Trinkant Mani Pishti ) - 10 gm ( To stop bleeding ), Bol Badh Ras - 5 gm, Bol Parpati - 5 gm, VIjay Parpati - 2.5 gm, Mukta panchamrit - 2.5 gm
  6. Mix all together, make 60 sachets, Take 1 sachet twice daily with Bel Giri Sherbet - 2 teaspoonfuls )

Foods to Avoid

Foods to avoid, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, crohns disease
  • Avoid milk and milk products, ( Plain Yogurt is good though ) Packaged foods, biscuits, fiber rich diet, flax seeds, Nuts, soft drinks, too much sugar rich food, alcohol and non-vegetarian diet.
  • Vegetarian foods and fruits too rich in fiber should also be avoided as they can cause bleeding and rub against the ulcers.
  • Some vaidyas recommend Fennel to be chewed after meals. Rather than chewing fennel, I would recommend it to be boiled and the water should be consumed ( make the decoction of fennel, cumin, Ajwain) so that it doesn't rub against the ulcers.
  • Many Vaidya's recommend Chaach ( Lassi) ( check how to make lassi or mattha over internet) . It's called " Takra " in ayurveda. Takra is a milk product and in Ayurveda it is known to cure "grahni roga" but in my clinical practice I have observed that it suits many people but it does not suit many. So I leave it on patients.
  • Avoid melons, cucumbers and raw salads as they may aggravate the symptoms and cause gas formation.
  • Avoid heavy dinners, alcohol, red meat.
  • Avoid cabbage, Peas and Cauliflower.

Food to be consumed

recommended foods, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, crohns disease

All the food items recommended here does not mean that you should not listen to your gut. The dietary advises mentioned here are my experiences with patients as well as what I studied. The majority of patients respond really well to this diet. Many call us and tell me that they are healed just by following the diet and not even started the Ayurvedic medicines for ulcerative colitis.

There are many items which may suit you and which may not.

  1. Plain Yogurt seems to be doing good in ulcerative colitis patients. Again I would suggest that individual patients should try it. It suits almost every patient.
  2. Banana
  3. Pomegranate Juice- Don't consume seeds, consume 100 ml juice every day.
  4. Avoid citrus fruit juices... Pomegranate juice is ok.
  5. Boiled Potatoes, Rice is ok ( made into decoction of cumin water rather than plain rice)
  6. Sheesham leaves ( Dalbergia sisoo ) tree leaves are good to stop bleeding and heal ulcers. Consume 2 leaves every day. They are also rich in natural iron, calcium and will help to improve hemoglobin.
  7. Soups of green vegetables can be given but it should be very light and free from any fiber rich food.

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