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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ayurvedic treatment for Neuralgia

Ayurvedic remedy for Occipital Neuralgia 

All Neuralgias are basically caused due to Vata imbalance. Sometimes it's not only vata but accompanied by Pitta imbalance. It's very important to balance both vata and pitta. Ghee, Ashwagandha, Bramhi, Guggul are excellent for Vata. Mukta Pishti ( pearls ) and other Pishti's are excellent for Pitta as well as Vata. 

1. Cap. Ashwagandha -1 twice daily 
2. Cap. Bramhi - 2 twice daily
3. Cap. Guggul - 1 twice daily ( for Vata but not good for pitta, that's why low dosage is recommended ) 

4. Here is the Classical Ayurvedic combination for stress, anxiety, fears which is good for overall health and helps in all sort of neuralgias. 

Praval Panchamrit - 5 gm 
Vriht Vat Chintamani Ras- 2 gm 
Bramhi Vati with gold - 2 gm 
Yogender Ras - 1 gm 
Yakuti - 1 gm 
Sangeyashav Pishti - 5 gm 
Mukta Pishti - 2 gm 
Praval Pisthi - 5 gm 
Akik pishti - 5 gm 
Kamdudha Ras - 5 gm 
Giloy Satv - 10 gm 
Trailokyachinta mani ras - 2 gm 
Smriti Sagar Ras- 5 gm 
Vat Gajankush Ras -  5 gm 
Vat kulantak Ras - 1 gm 
-----------------------------------------Mix all together, make 60 sachets, give 1 sachet twice daily with Honey. 


5. Maharishi Amrit Kalash  - 1 teaspoonful twice daily- To Balance overall health and provide nutrition. 

6. Bramhi Ghritam - 1 teaspoonful twice daily or at night - To balance Vata and Pitta. 

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  1. I never tried Ayurvedic treatment yet but after reading this informative post i would love to try this treatment too.