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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Non Suppression of Natural Urges

Non-Suppressible Natural Urges

God created animals as well as humans, but now we see a lot of difference between their behaviors. Humans are provided with brain which is very advance, resulting in extraordinary discoveries to assist in its functions in many ways, but in this process we forgot what our ancient sages wrote in Ayurveda.

We went far away from nature. We are in rush all the time and we dont have time even to respond to nature calls. Yes ! I am talking about attending the natural urges. This has made us worst than animals who have enough time to evacuate atleast.

Ayurveda - the ancient healthcare system of India has described 13 natural urges which should not be retained at any cost. If they are stopped due to any reason, they can lead to various health problems.

Charka- ancient authority on Ayurveda, explains about these 13 natural non-suppressible urges -
That the wise should not suppress the impending urges of urine, faeces, semen, flatus, vomiting, sneezing, eructation, yawning, hunger, thirst, tears, sleep and breathing after exertion.

(Reference Charak Samhita – Sutrasthana – Chapter 7, verse 3-4)

Suppression of urge to defaecate causes colic pain, headache, retention of flatus and faeces, cramps in calf muscles and flatulence. This happens in case of temporarily holding up the urge to pass the stool. This soon turns into a habit due to irregular lifestyle, irregular diet, lack of time and undisciplined life.

The chronic habit leads to constipation which is the root cause of most of the diseases as per Ayurveda.

Passing the stools is the most important of all natural urges. Stool is full of toxins and if it stays in body for long, the fermentation process starts leading to many more problems.

Why people ignore such an important and unavoidable urge ?

The school going children ignore it and they do not go to toilet early in the morning because they are in a rush to go to school and they sleep very late. Their parents have busy lifestyles leading to late night sleep pattern.

The housewives also hold the urge to defaecate because they are too busy to serve the joint families and handling their children.

Men are also busy in travel, business meetings, jobs and achieving the targets so that they do not give attention to the urge. The modern society also plays in role as it looks indecent to many if someone goes to toilet for 10 minutes to evacuate.

Sometimes the urge comes for a few seconds and then goes away. This is the time when one should go to toilet without bothering for anything else. This helps to keep the weight also under control.

Ignoring this leads to constipation. Constipation is considered to be root cause of most of the ailments. Large intestine is the place of 'vata' or air element as per Ayurveda. Imbalance of vata in body is cause of 80 % of all diseases. Major diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, low eye sight among children, skin problems, piles, acid reflux, migraine, headache, back pain, fatigue and restlessness, indigestion are all caused due to imbalance of air element in the body i.e. Vata vitiation. Ignoring the urge to defaecate leads to enhanced ageing because of destruction caused by imbalanced Vata.

So do not ignore when the next nature call comes, attend to it on priority.

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Dr. Vikram Chauhan – MD ( Ayurveda)
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