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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ayurvedic medicines for Low Immunity


Ayurveda has a great role to play in immunodeficient states. The Ayurvedic medicines can be given as an adjuvant to modern anti-viral medicines. These herbs are also given as supportive treatment to AIDS patients. This is not a cure but a support to the system. These herbal remedies are usually recommended in Ayurveda as stamina promotion and health maintenance.

General herbal remedies for low immunity -

1. Cap. Amalaki Rasayan - 4 capsules thrice daily
2. Cap. Ashwagandha- 4 capsules thrice daily
3. Cap. Tribulus Power - 4 Capsules thrice daily
4. Cap. Shilajit - 2 Capsules thrice daily
5. Amla and Aloe vera juice- 20 ml twice daily

These are recommended if the patient wants only herbal medicines and not Ayurvedic bhasma etc.
These are all for generalized immunity support - rest depending upon patients symptoms.
I would use some metal based formulations also if patient is willing. The above are purely herbs which the patients do not mind taking.

The mineral/metal based medicines which I recommend are -
Swarn Basant Malti Ras- 2 gm
Yashad (zinc) bhasma - 5 gm
Heerak( Diamond) bhasma- 300 mg
Raj Mrigank Ras - 2 gm
Swarn Sameer pannag Ras - 2 gm
Abhrak Bhasama (Shahastra puti) - 2 gm
Praval Panchamrit - 5 gm
Mukta Pishti - 2 gm
Akik Pishti - 5 gm
Swarn Makshik Bhasma - 10 gm
kalmegh navayas Loh - 5 gm
Swarn Bhupati Ras - 2 gm
Giloy Satv - 10 gm
All these made into 60 equal doses and 1 dose given once or twice daily, depending upon patient's strength / body weight
-------------- ------------------------------

2. Khamira Gojaban Ambri Jawahar Wala - 1 tablespoonful twice daily
3. Musli Pak - 1 teaspoonful twice daily ( depending upon patient's digestive power, ok to give if he can digest it )
4. Sanjivani Vati - 2 tablets twice daily ( given if the patient has low digestive fire )
5. tablet Punarnava Mandur - 2 tablets thrice daily

These ayurvedic medicines are useful in all immuno deficient states and even in cases of AIDS and HIV when the CD 4 cell count is low. 

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