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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Suvarna Basant Malti Ras - Ingredients, Method Of Preparation & Uses


The medicine which is best used to treat chronic fever which is not treated by any other medication is suvarna basant malti ras. This medication is a classical combination of herbs and minerals which can treat many diseases as it has gold and other ingredients in it. It is a strong formulation which acts fast due to the rasaushadhi in it. It is also helpful in treating auto-immune disorders as it modulates the immune system.

Ingredients Used in Suvarna Basant Malti Ras

Following are the ingredients which are in this formulation:

  1. Swarna bhasma (Gold calx)
  2. Mukta bhasma (Pearl calx)
  3. Darada (Purified Cinnabar)
  4. Maricha (Piper nigrum)
  5. Kharpara (Zinc ore)
  6. Parada (Purified mercury)
  7. Gandhak (Purified and processed sulfur)
  8. Trikatu (Piper nigrum, piper longum, Zingiber officinalis)
  9. Tamra bhasma (Copper calx)
  10. Ayas bhasma (Iron calx)
  11. Kantakari ras (Solanum xanthocarpum)
  12. Dhattura (Datura metel)
  13. Katuki ras (Picrorhiza kurroa)

Description Of Ingredients

All the ingredients in it have many medicinal properties mentioned below:

1. Swarna bhasma

Purified gold is used for making this formulation, It acts as an antitoxin, immunomodulatory, and has antimicrobial or antiviral effects. Taste of the gold calx is sweet and astringent, also it is light to digest, unctuous or smooth in nature. Potency of the gold is cold with a sweet taste after digestion. It is the best Immunomodulatory medicine and helps in balancing all the three doshas of the body with the rejuvenating effect on the body.

2. Mukta bhasma

It is made from the pearl and is helpful in reducing the excessive burning or heat from the body, and also has a cooling effect on the body and digestive system. Helps in balancing the pitta and rakta dosha from the body so can be used in conditions like raktapitta, acidity, burning sensation etc. It has some amount of calcium in it so it is also used for people having low levels of calcium and bone disorders.

3. Darada

It is the compound of mercury and sulfur, with bitter, astringent and pungent taste. It helps in calming down the kapha and pitta dosha from the body. It helps in improving digestion and also helps in tissue growth and rejuvenation. It is very good for treating nausea, skin diseases, fever, jaundice or splenomegaly. It helps in digesting the ama dosha from the body so it removes toxins.

4. Maricha

Maricha is pungent to taste, digested easily as it is light to digest, strong and piercing in nature also sookshma properties due to which it enters the minute channels of the body. Helps in improving the taste and relieving anorexia. It helps in decreasing the sputum production and acts as a deepan pachan agent. It is used in the treatment of recurrent fever. Due to its scraping effect it helps in cleaning the intestines. Peppercorns are used for making this formulation.

5. Kharpara

It is coolant and pungent in taste, can be used for the treatment of eye disorders, anemia, diabetes, cough, sweating and non-healing wounds etc. it can be indicated in conditions such as hair fall, zinc deficiency, diarrhea, to boost the immune system. Zinc helps in balancing the kapha and pitta dosha from the body. It is good for strengthening lungs and the immune system.

6. Parada

Purified mercury is known as the parad, It is the most important mineral in the ras shastra. It is known as the king of the rasas. It has all the 6 tastes and helps in maintaining the balance of all the 3 doshas in the body. It strengthens the body, has a rejuvenating effect and it is known to have miraculous benefits in ayurveda when used regularly. It has been mentioned that regularly consuming mercury can make a man immortal.

7. Gandhak

It is the best uparasa available in the ayurveda as it has a pungent, bitter and astringent taste with flowy properties. Potency of the gandhak is hot and is helpful in digesting the ama dosha from the blood and purifies blood and it also acts as a rasayan (Rejuvenating agent). It is helpful in detoxifying blood so can be used in many skin conditions and auto-immune disorders also.

8. Trikatu

It is a mixture of black pepper, long pepper and ginger. These herbs in combination have been proven to have liver protection activity, have a deepana (Carminative) and pachana (Digesting) activity. It increases the pitta dosha and balances kapha dosha. It relieves anorexia, useful in ama pachan, it is good for treating respiratory tract disorders.

9. Tamra bhasma

It is bitter, astringent, pungent and sweet in taste. Resultant taste conversion after digestion is also sweet. It has mobile action, light in digestion, and has a scraping effect on the body. It can be used for the following disorders such as obesity, worm infestation, healing of wounds, pain after digestion, disorders of spleen and liver, piles, IBS etc.

10. Loh bhasma

It is bitter, sweet and astringent in taste, cool in potency, flowy, heavy to digest and drying in nature. It has a drying effect on the body, increases strength, nourishes the body, Stops aging, increases intelligence and also helps in treating anemia. It is good for balancing all the three doshas from the body. It helps in relieving the body from the accumulated pitta dosha from the hands, feet and intestines.

11. Kantakari

It is bitter, pungent in taste. Light to digest with drying in nature and piercing in nature. It undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion and also has a hot potency. It is helpful in balancing the kapha and vata dosha while simultaneously increasing pitta dosha. It is really good for the treatment of respiratory tract disorders.

12. Dhatura

It is a toxic plant but when used in limited quantity and purified form it will have therapeutic properties. It has light and dry properties with bitter and pungent in taste. Undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion and it is of hot potency. It helps in balancing the vata and kapha dosha from the body. It is good for treating chronic respiratory disorders and its application is useful in relieving fever.

13. Kutki

It is bitter in taste, and has a pungent taste conversion after digestion. It is light to digest and is drying in nature. Potency of kutki is cold which helps in balancing the kapha and pitta dosha. It has a great use in treating liver disorders hence improves digestion, due to its coolant nature it will help in treating bleeding disorders. It helps in treating the fever originating from pitta and kapha dosha.

Method Of Preparation

Following method of preparation is used for making this formulation:

  1. All the bhasma ad herbs are taken and grinded to form fine powder.
  2. This mixture of powder is ground with the juice extract of kantakari rasa, dhaturra rasa, katuki rasa one by one.
  3. This mixture is made into paste form and rolled into pills.

Medicinal Properties

It has the following medicinal properties:

  1. It has rejuvenating properties
  2. Has an antipyretic properties
  3. It is aphrodisiac
  4. Analgesic
  5. Anti-inflammatory
  6. It is a very good antitoxin
  7. It can cause modulations in immune system
  8. It is a good nerve tonic
  9. It has a neuroprotective action
  10. It has a cardioprotective action
  11. Has hepatoprotective action
  12. It is a powerful antioxidant as it reduce the oxidative stress of a person
  13. It helps in treating paralysis
  14. It helps in digesting ama dosha from the body
  15. Acts as antitussive
  16. Acts as an expectorant
  17. Nourishes the body
  18. Increases red blood cells

Dosha Karma

It helps in balancing the vata and kapha dosha

  1. Taste - Pungent and sour
  2. Smell - Rasayan gandhi
  3. Color - Reddish


It can be taken in the dose of 1-2 tablets in a day or as recommended by ayurvedic doctor

Classical Indications

According to bhaishajya ratnavali it can treat conditions such as:

  1. Chronic fever
  2. Intermittent fever
  3. Cough
  4. Cold
  5. Dyspnoea
  6. Tuberculosis
  7. Emaciation


This medicine can be indicated to treat chronic fever, cough, cold, tuberculosis, emaciation, typhoid, chronic fever, malaria, bleeding disorders, generalized weakness, Anemia. It is effective in treating disorders related to the lymphatic system, spleen and liver disorders, diseases of the uterus mainly infections of the uterus. It can also be used to treat goiter.

Suvarna Basant Malti Ras

Side Effects

  • It does not have any side effects known for now but if used in purified form it can cause nausea, vomiting, gastritis etc.
  • Always use after consulting an expert ayurvedic doctor.


This is a medication which is made from gold calx with other ingredients, it helps in maintaining the health of a person and is also good for treating conditions such as chronic fever, general debility, TB etc. medicine is provided by the Planet ayurveda and is really effective as all the ingredients in it are pure and authentic. All the ingredients are purified and processed to give the best results.

Note :- This is pure classical Ayurvedic medicine and should be strictly consumed only after prescription of an Ayurvedic doctor and to be taken under medical supervision only.

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