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Monday, June 24, 2019

Ulcerative Colitis, IBS & Crohn's disease - What is the difference, Symptoms & Ayurvedic treatment

Inflammatory bowel disease is a chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. There are two types of IBD, i.e. Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Both types are differentiated by their location and types of lesions.


Ulcerative colitis is the long-lasting inflammation of the large intestines resulting in ulcers. In this disease there is an inflammation in the innermost lining of the colon, rectum and ulcers are continuous there is no healthy area in between. In this condition, symptoms develop gradually over time.

ulcerative colitis

Its Signs and Symptoms are:

  • Loose stools with pus or blood
  • Mucous in stool
  • Pain and cramps in abdomen
  • Bleeding from rectum
  • Urgency to pass stool
  • Weight loss
  • Fever
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Retarded growth in children


Crohn's disease is a form of IBD in which inflammation and ulcers occur anywhere across the digestive tract, from mouth to anus. In this inflammation is not continuous, there are some healthy areas between the inflamed patches and ulcers and gives the appearance of cobblestone.

crohn's disease

Its Signs and Symptoms are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Fever
  • Pain and cramps in abdomen
  • Blood in stool
  • Sores in mouth
  • Decreased appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Anal fissure or fistula causing pain


Ayurveda can help in IBD, i.e. Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease naturally. There are specific herbal remedies by Planet Ayurveda which are prepared from natural sources under strict Ayurvedic principles to treat Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. All of these remedies consist of herbs which have specific therapeutic action on the cause and pathology of the disease.

Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack

Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack

1. Pitta Balance

As according to Ayurveda IBD is caused due to vitiation and aggravation of the Pitta dosha in the body resulting in chronic inflammation and ulcer formation in the gut. Hence to balance the Pitta dosha, Pitta balance capsules are prepared which consist of natural, cooling and healing substances like Coral, Agate, Jawar pishti, kamdhudha ras, Giloy, and Pearl. These all are naturally cooling and healing substances which cool down the internal heating, soothes the inflammation and heals the ulcers.

Dosage- Take 1 capsule twice daily after meals with plain water.

2. Vatsakadi Churna

This is an Ayurvedic formulation of various herbs like Holarrhena antidysentrica, Aegle marmelos, Foeniculum vulgare, and Coriandrum sativum. It improves the functioning of the digestive system and helps to heal ulcers and inflammation. Herbs used in this herbal churna are digestive, carminative, astringent, anti-dyspeptic, anthelmintic and liver stimulant.

Dosage- Take 1 teaspoon twice daily after meals with plain water.

3. Arjuna Capsules

Standardized extract of Arjuna bark is used to prepare these herbal capsules which is full of medicinal properties and help to treat IBD. It especially helps in controlling and checking the bleeding from the ulcers and fissures. Arjuna capsules have natural healing properties that heal the ulcers in Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and astringent properties.

Dosage- Take 2 capsules twice daily after meals with plain water.

4. Kutajghan Vati

Kutaja (Holarrhena antidysenterica) is the herb of which standardized extract is used to prepare herbal tablets called Kutazghan vati. It helps to control diarrhea and maintains the proper functioning of the digestive tract. Kutazghan Vati also helps to eliminate the ama from the body and checks inflammation, bleeding and abdominal pain.

Dosage- Take 2 tablets twice daily after meals with plain water.


It is one of the most common bowel problems that affects the population worldwide. In IBS there is the over-reactive and hypersensitive reaction of the intestines to mild stimulation. There are no pathological findings or structural changes to be found in any of the laboratory tests. Only the ruling out of other similar conditions can prove to be suggestive of IBS. It can be of three types, IBS with constipation, diarrhea or mixed (alternating both).

Irritable bowel syndrome

It's Signs and Symptoms are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea alternating with constipation
  • Episodes of abdominal pain
  • Bloating or too much gas
  • Stools are harder or looser than normal
  • Mucus in stool


Ayurveda helps to treat Irritable bowel syndrome naturally. There is a combination of herbal remedies which treats the causes, signs, and symptoms of the disease in a very natural way. These herbal remedies are prepared from pure and authentic herbs which specifically target on the pathology of the IBS and hence treats it naturally.

IBS Care Pack

1. Digestion Support

Standardized extracts of various amazing herbs are used to prepare these capsules. These herbs are Emblica officinalis, Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellerica, Foeniculum vulgare, Coriandrum sativum, Piper longum, and Cyminum cuminum. All these herbs help to maintain the normal digestion naturally due to the presence of therapeutic properties like stomachic, antiemetic, carminative and anti-inflammatory.

Dosage- Take 2 capsules twice daily after meals with plain water.

2. Kutajghan Vati

These herbal tablets are prepared from pure extract of Kutaja (Holarrhena antidysenterica). It prevents and treats diarrhea and maintains normal digestion. It also helps to pacify Vata, Pitta and Kapha Dosha. Kutazghan vati reduces the inflammation and helps in restoring the normal digestion

Dosage- Take 2 tablets twice daily after meals with plain water.

3. Pitta Balance

Vitiation of Pitta dosha is the main reason for the development of any type of digestive disease. Hence to treat IBS it is necessary to pacify the Pitta dosha so that the cause is treated. Pitta balance capsules are prepared from Coral calcium, Agate calcium, Jawar Mohra psishti, Kamdudha ras, Giloy stava, and Mukta pishti. These all are naturally cooling compounds which pacify the pitta and relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Dosage- Take 1 capsule twice daily after meals with plain water.

4. Sanjivani Vati

It is a digestive stimulant, anti-inflammatory and carminative herbal tablet which helps to treat IBS naturally. Herbs used in these tablets are potentially digestive and cooling like Embelia ribes, Piper longum, Zingiber officinale, Emblica officinale, Acorus calamus etc. It contains all the medicinal properties that are required to treat the signs and symptoms of this disease.

Dosage- Take 2 tablets twice daily after meals with plain water.

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