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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Natural Ways To Reduce Creatinine Levels

Kidney failure, Renal failure, Reduce Creatinine Level

What is creatinine

Creatinine is waste product of muscle metabolism of our body and it is excreted out our body through excretory system. Creatinine is waste product found in everyone's blood. High level of creatinine in blood indicated that our kidneys are not functioning properly. Normal range of creatinine found in our body is mentioned below:

  • Males - 0.6- 1.2 mg/dl
  • Females - 0.5- 1.1mg/dl

Creatinine is produced naturally in our body and it is stored in muscles. Creatinine play are vast role in the process of production of ATP. Creatinine is eliminated through excretory system and there is no reabsorption of creatinine in blood stream.

Many factors contribute to accumulation of extra creatinine in blood. These factors may include:

  • Dehydration
  • Muscle destruction
  • Chemotherapies
  • Inadequate amount of fluid intake
  • Excessive intake of medicines

Increased level of creatinine may leads to kidney failure. There are some common symptoms that indicates high creatinine level in body. These symptoms may include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Less urine output
  • Dark color urine
  • Frequent urination during sleeping hours
  • fatigue



Both the conditions are very harmful for kidneys. It is very essential to keep your diabetes and hypertension in control. Medication of diabetes and hypertension contribute a lot to accumulation of creatinine in it is very necessary to make you happy and relax. Try to take natural herbs to reduce the risk of renal failure because it is very necessary to control that conditions which disturb creatinine level of blood.


Massage is practiced from ancient times. This process involves rubbing, pressing, movements and pressures. Massage is therapy used to restore the imbalance of vata dosha in body and other benefit of massage is relaxation. Massage therapy clears blocked channels and stimulates the process of purification of blood.

Proper blood supply of blood is very essential for our excretory system.


Many scientific studies proves that certain herbal teas are used to reduce the creatinine level from blood. Herbal tea contains anti-oxidant and stimulate process of purification of blood. 3 cups of herbal tea per day stimulates the functions of kidneys. With the increase in kidney functions there is gradual increase in process of urination. Faster urination flushes out extra creatinine, toxin and other waste products from body. Planet Ayurveda provides various herbal supplements to reduce creatinine level from blood. Our detox tea is a delicious herbal tea with various medicinal herb benefits. It helps in the process of detoxification without any side effects. It reduces cholesterol level and helps to maintain normal blood pressure and sugar level.


Consumption of vegetarian diet also helps to reduce creatinine level. Animal products are great sources of creatine and creatinine. Rather than animal products it is necessary to intake vegetable and plant rich diet like nuts and legumes. Vegetarian diet reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes and kidney failure.


During extra physical activities and exercise our body converts food into energy quickly due to increased metabolism. More creatinine is produced in our body as a result of muscle metabolism. It does not meant that you completely restrict your daily routine exercise. Exercise can give numerous benefits to our overall health but it should be in certain limits.


We all know that sunlight and cod liver oil are very great sources of vitamin-D. Taking sunbath daily at least for 30 minutes will improve the vitamin-D level in our body. This exposure to sun helps in the healthy deposition of calcium level in bones and sunlight also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol level.


Restrict high amount of sodium in your diet. Try to take low amount but high quality protein in your diet. Limit intake of phosphorous and potassium and try to take supplements rich in vitamin-A and C. Biscuits, soft drinks, packed food processed foods are totally restricted. Juices of citrus fruits like lemon, oranges and grapefruits also increases the creatinine level in blood.


Various herbs like punarnava, varuna, shigru, apamarg etc. in our ayurvedic medicine system are used to cure renal failure and to lower down extra creatinine in blood. All the herbs are very effective for inflammation of kidneys and to reduce extra accumulated fluid in body. Planet Ayurveda provides various supplements which contains all the herbs mentioned above. We provide herbal packs for both early and advanced stages of kidney failure. These all herbs works miraculously and reduce the risk of diseases related to excretory system. All the herbs used in ayurvedic system are pure and have no side effects.

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Staying hydrated is very essential for kidneys because dehydration is also one major cause to rise creatinine level. Generally intake 8-oz glasses of water every day. Less fluid slower down the process of excretion. So intake of more water every day is very essential to flush out extra creatinine and other toxin from blood.


Sleep is condition of physical and psychological rest. Proper rest is very essential for our body. When we sleep our metabolism level decreases and it slower the conversion of creatine into creatinine. It is very essential to sleep 6-9 hours per day for every human being. So above mention natural ways help to reduce creatinine level. By managing your diet, regular exercise, healthy sleep and herbs make you relax and give a healthy life.

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