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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer of Stomach- Herbal Cure

Ayurvedic Treatment for Stomach Cancer - Herbal Cure

There are certain ayurvedic remedies which work as wonderful treatment for all types of cancers especially stomach cancer. The treatment focuses on reducing the cancer size, shrinking the tumor mass and preventing the spread of the cancer to other tissues. This treatment works even if the tumor has already spread out to the liver and adjoining organs and also helps patients who are already on chemotherapy. The combination mentioned here can be taken along with chemotherapy as this combination helps to improve overall immunity, overall strength of the person to fight the disease. 

Symptoms of Stomach Cancer 

 1st Stage of Stomach Cancer
•             Indigestion or a burning sensation (heartburn)
•             Loss of appetite, especially for meat
•             Abdominal discomfort or irritation

2nd Stage of Stomach Cancer

•             Weakness and tiredness
•             Bloating of the stomach, usually after meals

3rd Stage of Stomach Cancer

•             Pain in abdomen
•             Nausea and sometimes vomiting
•             Intermittent Diarrhea or constipation
•             Rapid Weight loss
•             Bleeding (vomiting blood or having blood in the stool) is one of the major symptoms of stomach cancer of 3rd stage. The stool or the vomit  will appear as black. This can lead to anemia as well.
•             Pain during  Swallowing  - this symptom suggests a tumor in the upper portion of the food pipe or extension of the gastric tumor in to the esophagus.

 The below mentioned treatment gives excellent results in all types of stomach cancers and at all stages. 

Vriht sutshekhar Ras – 2 gm
Praval panchamrit – 5 gm
Dhatri Loh – 10 gm
Swarn Makshik Bhasma – 10 gm
Mukta pishti – 4 gm
Cancer Gaj Kesri Ras – 2 gm
Praval Pishti – 5 gm
Akik Pishti – 5 gm
Jahar Mohra Pishti – 5 gm
Kamdudha Ras – 5 gm
Giloy Satv – 10 gm
Kalmegh Navayas Loh – 5 gm
Leela Vilas Ras – 5 gm
Chanderkala Ras – 5 gm
Rajat Bhasma – 10 gm 

Mix all together, make 60 packs, give 1 pack twice daily, with Sheet Sudha 

2. Cap. Phyllanthus Niruri - 2 twice daily
3. Cap. Pitta Balance - 1 twice daily
4. Syp. Amlycure DS - 20 ml twice daily
5. Syp. Nirocil - 10 ml twice daily
6. Maharishi Amrit - Kalash -  1 teaspoonful twice daily, tablets 2 twice daily
7. Swamla compound -1 teaspoonful twice daily
8. Cap. Cruel - 2 twice daily
9. Tab. Kachnaar Guggul - 2 twice daily
10. Cap. Curcumin - 2 twice daily

Diet - Alkaline diet is recommended. Coconut water - 2 times a day at least. 
This is a good alkaliser and will improve the resistance power of the body and give nourishment.
Drink vegetarian soups everyday in the evening. 
Bottle gourd, long gourd, round gourds, pumpkin, coconut water, melons, apples, pears ( Tinda), ghiya, kaddu, petha, shalgam, Turnips, radish, carrots are all recommended. 

Avoid - Fried food, Processed food, non-veg food, too much proteins, soft drinks and all that noodles etc. also avoid Yogurt and juice of orange, lemons and mosami.  

Onion, garlic and ginger in very moderate quantity. Too much is not recommended. Turmeric is fine. 
Spicy food is prohibited. 

Contact at (+91)172-5214030 for appointment with Dr. Vikram Chauhan or write at to get the total cost of the medicines and get them delivered at your doorstep. 


  1. Is stomach cancer can be related to prostate cancer? I mean will this method can be used for those men who are suffering from prostate health issue? I would like to try this one for my husband since he was diagnosed last year and he currently using this saw palmetto supplement. What would you suggest for my husband? Thanks in Advance.

    1. Yes can be taken. For better advise, You can mail me at

  2. Sir, suffering from two thyroid nidules in right lobe. 20*17 ,11*9mm size pls any medicine for shrink tumor

    1. You can mail me at to get prescription and dietary recommendations.

  3. Yes, you can take kanchnaar guggul, curcumin cap, pitta balance cap for few months. You can mail me at to get prescription and dietary recommendations.

  4. Sir, my father is diagnosed with signet ring cell carcinoma. doctors are telling after seeing petscan reports and all that it's spread all over the stomach. they are saying it will be even hard for them to decide to even do surgery or not. can you please tell us what all options we have for a better treatment.

    1. You can go ahead with above prescription for a month which is totally safe to use with ongoing allopathic medicines. Keep me informed at

    2. Sir my grandma is suffering from stomach cancer.....her age is 70yrs...she is not eating any food and very often she is vomitting.... Doctor suggested for a bipass operation but I couldn't dare to do it....plz give me a reply ...thnx in advance

    3. Plz reply soon sir there is no very frightened

  5. I heard garlic has excellent properties as killing bacteries related to stomach cancer and also improving the inmune system. however here you suggest to eat garlic just in moderate quantities. I would like to understand why. thanks

    1. Yes Paula garlic is very good to prevent major diseases like cancer but when a person is already diagnosed with cancer, need to give him in moderation to balance pH of the body.

  6. Sir, I'm having grand mother of 90 yrs she is suffering from weakness and severe stomach pain. We took her to hospital doctors refused to do such as endoscopy n scanning as it may cause ill effect seeing towards her weakness n age. But they told it may b a strong case of stomach cancer. What should I do?

    1. You can go ahead for your grand mother with the above mentioned herbal medicines. These medicine are very helpful to prevent the growth of cancer cells. Take them for a month and then let me know.
      For any queries you can call at given landline number - +91-172-5214030
      You can also write your queries at my updated Email Id -

  7. Hi Sir/Madam,

    Peritoneal and stoma cancer is same?
    Suddenly my mother is suffering with primary peritoneal cancer.
    As per the omentum biopsy doctor said it is primary peritoneal cancer.
    And there is no effect in organs like (Ovaries, Uterus, etc..)
    But there is saviour asitics in stomach. We have already taken fluid 5 times from stomach. Currently we are using Ayurvedhic medicine.
    Request you to please suggest.

    1. Hello. Send reports and details of your mother on this E- mail ID - Then I will prescribe you accordingly. For any queries you can contact on this number- +91-172-5214030

  8. Sir my mither is diagnosed with esophagus cancer stage 2 on Jan 12 of this year. Nit dine any conventional treatment. At present last two months taking cow urine therapy and simultaneously graviola fruit.... is thus is cirrect r to go more treatment....? Pls suggest ...

    1. Hello - Yes both treatments can run parallel, juts maintain a gap of 40- 45 minutes between two different medications. As per your mother's problem I recommend to start with the above combination of medicines. take them for a month then update on

  9. Hello dr. Vikram my Grand father has a gastric malignancy. And i am going to treat him as your Ayurvedic advice as you given above. I hope it will work very well.
    God bless you sir.
    I will send you all reports of my Grand father to your mail id. So please if you have some time.. Then please reply me..
    Thank you

    1. Hello - Send all the reports of grandfather in details on
      After seeing the reports, will guide you further with medicines and diet plan.

  10. Hello sir! My dad had esophagus cancer in 2015 and got operated with 6 cycles of chemotherapy. Then he was fine. Now in march 2017 he got stomach cancer according to bangkok bumrungrad hospital. He is suggested to be operated again but we dont want because of his physical weakness. Now we want to start homeopathy treatment. But some people are saying homeopathy makes the disease increased first and then starts to cure. Is it true sir? Thats why they are not supporting for homeopathy for cancer. Since cancer is very hard to control if increased. So please suggest me sir. Thank you.

  11. Hi sir,
    My mother is diagnosed to gastric cancer which also present on GE junction. I have sent you reports on email. please have a look and provide consultation.

    1. Kindly mail all your reports and details on the This time you will get reply as soon as possible from our end.

  12. Dr. Sahib can i know about patient who got cured on 3rd stage of stomach andino carcinoma cell....or with life span of more than 4 year at same stage...please reply....

  13. Dr. Sahib ji. Can i know about patients who gets fully cured or 5 year life span at 3rd stage of adeno carinoma cell stomach....plzz reply....thanks

    1. Yes, there are many patients who got fully cured from carcinoma. But results vary as ayurvedic herbs take time for their actions on body. We can hope for the best. You can share your reports with us on

  14. Hello Sir,
    My father is diagnosed for adenocarcinoma of duodenum. Is it possible for you to schedule an appointment in the coming week? Can I come alone to you with all the reports but without my parents?

  15. For any queries you can call at given landline number - +91-172-5214030
    You can also write your queries at my updated Email Id -

  16. My uncle is been suffering from stomach cancer. Doctors are saying that it has spread to whole stomach, 2nd stage Nd it is non curable too. I have mailed you his reports on your herbal ID. Looking for your suggestion