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Friday, January 25, 2013



Ayurvedic treatment of gout focuses on clearing high levels of uric acid from the blood, dissolving the deposited uric acid crystals, relieving the pain, swelling and inflammation. The herbal remedies for gout mentioned here constist of purely natural herbs without using any preservatives of chemicals or taste maskers. 

Gout affects people having sedentary lifestyle, mainly men who do not exercise and are rich, and have following eating habits and life style

DIET AND LIFESTYLE CAUSING GOUT AND HIGH URIC ACID ---  Eating Salty, Sour, Bitter food,  too much citrus, use of cider and vinegars, wines, beer, alcohol, non-veg diet, high protein diet,  eating food without feeling hungry, eating too much food over previously eaten food, eating 2 food types having opposite qualities for example – drinking beer with warm food, eating ice cream with or just after food, drinking cold coffee or coffee or fresh lime soda along with food, Feelings of anger, stress, frustration, Sleeping during day time.  It affects only those who are leading sedentary life style and their liver becomes sluggish and is not able to process the toxins like uric acid and it accumulates in the body.

Another reason for Gout is not consuming too many bitters.. bitter herbs and vegetables like gourds, bitter gourd, long gourd, round gourd, zucchini, (Tori) , Turnips, Carrots, 

Gout is known as “Vaat – Rakt” in Ayurveda. It is caused by vitiation of “Vata” ( Air element) and impurities in blood. Vata gets vitiated by too much mental stress, anxiety, late night sleep, irregular food habits, non-use of Ghee in food, uncooked or frozen , processed and packaged food, dry food, fast food causes vata imbalance and holding of natural urges like not going to pass stool when there is a natural urge to evacuate. Not going to pass the urine and holding other natural urges and feelings leads to Vata imbalance.

Similarly eating food high in proteins, eating food which has properties to disturb balance of “Fire Element” cause accumulation of impurities in blood (Rakt ). Chilllies, Alcohol, Beer, Curd, Heavy greasy food, Non-Veg diet, too much Spicy food, Eating without hunger and binge drinking and eating leads to accumulation of toxins in the blood and causes “fire element imbalance” .
The blood becomes impure and that’s why the disease is named as “Vaat-Rakt”.

 Important tips about Eating habits
1.       Samshan – Eating 2 types of foods having opposite qualities is called – Samshan. For example – eating ice cream as a dessert just after eating warm food or drinking cold coffee, fresh lime
soda, Chilled beer along with food is called Samshan.
2.       Vishmashan – Eating too much food at a time and without one’s capacity because of taste is called “Vishamashan”. Or eating before feeling any hunger
3.       Adhyashan – Eating above already eaten food. Suppose you took dinner late night and it is still indigested and you do heavy breakfast or vice versa is called Adhayashan
Samshan, Vishashan or Adhyashan leads to dreadful diseases which cause death.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Gout -  The various natural remedies mentioned in Ayurveda consist of combination of various herbs to clear the uric acid from the blood, prevents its further formation and breaking down of uric acid crystals and helping in joint pains, inflammation, swelling etc. 

The best Ayurvedic herbs are 
1. Navkarshik Churna  + Gorakhmundi Churna  - 1 teaspoonful each twice daily 
2. Punarnava mandur - 2 twice daily 
3. Kishore Guggul - 2 thrice daily 

These herbs do not have any interaction with any allopathic medicines and can be consumed with any ongoing treatments. I would however suggest that the long term use of medicines like Zyloric causes kidney damage and also the pain killers cause kidney damage, so its better to avoid them. The above mentioned combination of Ayurvedic natural remedies for gout, help to get rid of the pain naturallly without causing any side effects. 

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