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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Friday, March 8, 2019

Cure Ulcerative Colitis Permanently

Right food in Right Quantity at Right Time with calm and positive state of mind will get you through.

Stress free life is most important. Stress and anxiety haults healing and triggers ulcers. Don't stress out yourself physically and mentally. Stay active and calm and you will come with flying colours.

Remember Ayurveda can help a lot in recovering you from ulcerative colitis completely. The herbal combinations and diet helps to stop bleeding, heal the ulcers and avoid gas formation.

cure ulcerative colitis permanently


1. Do not consume milk and its products i.e cottage cheese, butter milk, lassi, cheese, butter.

2. One can have fresh homemade yoghurt (curd) if it suits with mashed ripe bananas. Only have thick yoghurt, avoid sour water and cream over it. Also avoid packed market yoghurts.

If bowel movements increase or you get diarrhea avoid completely.

3. Cow ghee is best cooking oil as it's free from lactose and casein. Try to avoid reheating the food again and again.

4. Cold pressed coconut oil and rice bran oil can also be consumed but in small quantities. Strictly avoid refined, mustard oil, olive oil or any other oil for food preparation. Olive oil is heating in nature.

5. Avoid cooking your food in aluminium utensils. Avoid too much cooking and avoid raw salads. Raw salads increase vata and cause gas and bloating as they are cold and drying. It's better to steam or light cook them or grill them or boil them.


6. Avoid drinking cold water and having it just after the food. Wait for half an hour and also avoid your food while watching tv or talking. Have it calmly and slowly and chew it properly for good digestion. Don't consume too much water with, before or after food.

7. Use spices fennel (saunf), cumin (jeera), coriander (dhaniya) for food preparation. Make sure you make fine powder of these herbs before using.

Never use them in raw form and also avoid turmeric (haldi), ginger (adrak) and asafoetida (hing) and other strong spices in high quantity.

These can be consumed in a very mild quantity if there is no blood and only mucus.

Avoid green chillies and red chillies in the food at all costs. Also avoid onion and garlic. To balance the vata use only cumin, fennel and ajwain or for ama use black pepper.

8. Add 1-2 tablespoon of cumin powder while preparing rice or khichdi as it will make sure you dnt get acidity or gas after consuming it.

9. One can add 1 tablespoon of raw cow ghee over food or khichdi. It aids digestion, improves strength and weight and helps in metabolism.

10. Add a pinch of black pepper powder over ghee as it will reduce mucus creating property of ghee. Use cow ghee only.


11. Do not consume bananas at night as it leads to mucus preparation. Can have 4 to 5 bananas in a day depending upon digestive power.

12. Avoid consuming tender coconut empty stomach and later in the evening. Try to have it in between meals. Have water of 2 tender coconut in a day.

Don't add ice or sugar in it.

Don't mix it with any other juice. Avoid packaged coconut juice. Don't consume if fresh is not available.

13. Consume pomegranate juice (50 to 100 ml) twice to thrice daily in between meals. Make sure juice is without seeds.

Avoid citrus fruit juices. Don't consume lemons, oranges, or packaged juices.

Juice of squash (petha or pumpkin) is excellent. Avoid cucumbers as salads.

14. Always have your food at right time daily. Having food at irregular time will leads to acidity.

15. Completely avoid late night awakening and late night meals as it leads to constipation and pitta gets increase and it can flare up your ulcers and bleeding may occur. As when you sleep pitta gets calm.


16. Try to sleep by 10 pm and have a difference of 2 hour in between your food and sleep.

17. One can have breathing exercises. Avoid doing vigorous sports activities and exercises.

18. Completely avoid taking any laxative or trying to empty the colon through taking lots of water empty stomach. Just half glass of water before going to washroom in morning is enough. Avoid taking triphala and isabgol.


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