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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Friday, December 14, 2018

Diet Principles & Tips in Ayurveda

This article is based on Ayurveda dietary Tips or Principles. Knowledge about Proper and balanced diet can help us to prevent from spending huge sum of money on various health disorders. It's really very important to mention that we have a lot to learn in Ayurveda and there are no limitations.

Diet Principles & Tips in Ayurveda

You can find thousands of lines and shlokas only in our great master's books like Charak Samhita, Sushrutha Samhita and Astanga Hrudya. Below mentioned lines which are full of knowledge can definitely help you to stay happy and healthy!

1. आरोग्यं भोजनाधीनम् (काश्यपसंहिता, खि. 5.9):

First of all as mentioned in Kashyap samhita, we must know that our health depends upon the diet what we eat. It's all about our diet only! This means, we should not think just to fill our stomach with food, think that what we are eating can have positive or negative effects of the same on our health.

2. एकाशनभोजनं सुखपरिणामकराणां श्रेष्ठम् (च.सू. 25.40):

This means, intake of meal, once in 24 hours can help us to stay healthy because of its proper digestion and assimilation.

3. कालभोजनमारोग्यकराणां श्रेष्ठम् (च.सू. 25.40):

It is always best to take food at the right time!

4. अन्नं वृत्तिकराणां श्रेष्ठम् (च.सू. 25.40, चयनित अंश):

Food is only the right choice for body strengthening.

5. सर्वरसाभ्यासो बलकराणाम् श्रेष्ठम् (च.सू. 25.40, चयनित अंश):

Foods which are filled with all the tasted (sweet, sour, salt, pungent, astringent and bitter) – are best to consume.

6. आमलकं वयः स्थापनानां श्रेष्ठम् (च.सू. 25.40, चयनित अंश):

Indian gooseberry or Amla is considered as a best –anti aging remedy.

7. नाप्रक्षालितपाणिपादवदनो (च.सू. 8.20):

It was mentioned by Maharshi Charak, five thousand years back. Again it was written by Acharya Bag Bhatt during 7th-8th century, as - धौतपादकराननः (अ.हृ.सू. 8.35-38). It simply means that before our meal, we should always wash our hands, feet and face.

There is a research also behind this. London school of hygiene and topical medicine researchers declared that not washing hands before taking food can cause loose motions or diarrhea and other digestive disorders.

8. नाशुद्धमुखो (च.सू. 8.20):

One should always clean the mouth before taking food, which is the right way by our masters.

9. न कुत्सयन्न कुत्सितं न प्रतिकूलोपहितमन्नमाददीत (च.सू. 8.20):

Refrain yourself from spoiled food or food offered by enemies.

10. न नक्तं दधि भुञ्जीत (च.सू. 8.20):

It's very important information about curd. Curd should not be taken at night and also avoid which is sour.

11. पूर्वं मधुरमश्नीयान् (सु.सू. 46.460):

Always prefer sweet things in the beginning. Try to finish your meal with pungent, astringent and bitter tests for proper digestion.

12. आदौ फलानि भुञ्जीत (सु.सू. 46.461):

Fruits must be taken before your meal, taking them later is against the rule.

13. पिष्टान्नं नैव भुज्जीत (सु.सू. 46.494):

One should not prefer heavy foods (e.g. made from grinding rice and black lentils – dosa, idali etc.)

14. भुक्त्वाऽपि यत् प्रार्थयते भूयस्तत् स्वादु भोजनम् (सु.सू. 46.482):

Food that is asked again and again, definitely must be delicious.

15. उष्णमश्नीयात् (च.वि. 1.24.1):

Always prefer warm food. Take care, it must not be very hot as that can lead to burning feeling, thirst, giddiness and other pitta vitiated disorders.

16. स्निग्धमश्नीयात् (च.वि. 1.24.2):

Always prefer bit oily food but that does not mean, you should have very oily as soaked in oil or ghee. Remember, dry food leads to poor complexion and strength but oilier can also cause laziness, fatigue, anorexia and chest pain.

17. मात्रावदश्नीयात् (च.वि. 1.24.3):

Take your meal as per your need. It should not be very less or more in quantity.

18. जीर्णेऽश्नीयात् (च.वि. 1.24.4):

It is always advised to have your next meal after the digestion of previous one.

19. वीर्याविरुद्धमश्नीयात् (च.वि. 1.24.5):

Refrain yourself from anti-foods like taking milk with pickle.

20. इष्टे देशे इष्टसर्वोपकरणं चाश्नीयात् (च.वि. 1.24.6):

Prefer your meal according to your desired place and goods. This helps to stay happy and healthy.

21. नातिद्रुतमश्नीयात् (च.वि. 1.24.7):

Do not eat very fast. You should take time to chew and have your meal.

22. नातिविलम्बितमश्नीयात् (च.वि. 1.24.8):

Also it should not be delayed for a very longer time.

23. अजल्पन्नहसन् तन्मना भुञ्जीत (च.वि. 1.24.9):

One should not laugh while taking food.

24. आत्मानमभिसमीक्ष्य भुञ्जीत (च.वि. 1.25):

One should always think about good/bad qualities of foods having. Always keep in mind about their qualities and properties before having it.

25. अशितश्चोदकं युक्त्या भुञ्जानश्चान्तरा पिबेत् (सु.सू. 46.482):

Do not drink water as soon as you finish your meal. It should be taken after half an hour at least.

26. हिताहितोपसंयुक्तमन्नं समशनं स्मृतम्। बहु स्तोकमकाले वा तज्ज्ञेयं विषमाशनम्।।

अजीर्णे भुज्यते यत्तु तदध्यशनमुच्यते। त्रयमेतन्निहन्त्याशु बहून्व्याधीन्करोति वा।। (सु.सू. 46.494):

Mixing healthy and unhealthy food, eating less or more quantity, eating at right time or wrong time, eating again before the digestion of previous meal…all these can lead to different kind of disorders.

27. प्राग्भुक्ते त्वविविक्तेऽग्नौ द्विरन्नं न समाचरेत्। पूर्वभुक्ते विदग्धेऽन्ने भुञ्जानो हन्ति पावकम्। (सु.सू.46. 492-493):

Do not eat again if your morning meal has not digested fully otherwise it may lead to ama and vitiation of digestive fire.

28. भुक्त्वा राजवदासीत यावदन्नक्लमो गतः। ततः पादशतं गत्वा वामपार्श्वेन संविशेत्।। (सु.सू. 46.487)

Sit straight, after your meal. Later walk for 100 steps and lie down on left side for proper digestion.

29. नसक्तूनेकानश्नीयान्न निशि न भुक्त्वा न बहून्न द्विर्नोदकान्तरितात् न छित्त्वा द्विजैर्भक्षयेत् (च.सू. 8.20):

Sattu – flour of roasted grains, should not be taken without ghee and sugar. It should not even be taken at night, in large quantity, twice a day, or taken with ample of water or chewing very harshly.

30. आहारः प्रीणनः सद्यो बलकृद्देहधारकः। आयुस्तेजः समुत्साहस्मृत्योजोऽग्निविवर्द्धनः। (सु.चि., 24.68):

To stay away from diseases and be healthy, right food is the only key and it can work wonders like medicine also. It means, right choice of food can give you satisfaction, strength, long life, energy, good memory, strong immunity and good digestion power. Food which is clean, healthy, full of nutrients helps to keep one's mind and soul happy.

31. हिताशीस्यान्मिताशीस्यात्कालभोजीजितेन्द्रयः| पश्यन्रोगान्बहून्कष्टान्बुद्धिमान्विषमाशनात्|| (च.नि. 6.11):

Keeping in mind, bad effects of unhealthy food…one must have a good control on senses and should always prefer timely – healthy food

Its True That When We Are Hungry, We Need Food Not Principles. But If We Are Aware Of All These Ayurveda Aahara Niyam (Ayurveda – Food – Principles), We Can Get Rid Of Various Health Issues And Can Stay Happy And Healthy!

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