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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ayurvedic Treatment for HLA-B27 | Herbal Remedies

HLA B27 is the abbreviated form of Human leukocyte antigen B27. This is basically an antigen, which provides antigenic peptides to the cells of the human body. It is associated with various inflammatory disorders, known as the spondyloarthropathies. It is mainly related to the complications like Psoriasis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and Reactive Arthritis. PAIR is the mnemonic, with which this antigen is remembered with. It's also associated with the Reiter's Syndrome. The existence of HLA-B27 varies differently among the population of various regions.

What is HLA-B27?

HLA-B27 or Human leukocyte antigen B27 is basically defined as the protein, which is located on the WBCs (White blood cells) of the human body. The HLA-B27 test is the test, which identifies ad confirms the presence of HLA-B27 proteins in the body of the individuals. Many people can remain free from symptoms for years and even without taking any medicine as well.

Functions of HLA-B27

These antigens help the immune system of the individuals to distinguish between the harmful foreign materials, which lead to infections and healthy tissues of the human body. Mostly, the HLAs protect the body from any harmful reactions. But, HLA-B27 is that protein, which leads to the malfunctioning of the immune system. This situation is known as immune system dysfunction. The HLA-B27 on the WBCs may invoke the immune system to have a negative impact on the healthy cells of the body. And, this situation results in the autoimmune disorder, known as the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, anterior uveitis, which is observed by irritation and inflammation of the middle layer of the eyes, ankylosing spondylitis, swelling of the spinal bones and reactive arthritis, which is characterized by swelling in the joints, eyes, urethra and lesions of skin as well. Thus, the test to diagnose the presence of this antigen is done in order to monitor the progress of these various auto-immune disorders in the human body as discussed above.

Risks involved with the Test of HLA-B27

Many people experience a lot of discomfort, while carrying out the test. The patient may experience pain in the region, where the puncture is done. The pain may vary from the mild one to the throbbing one. The blood test, has a lot of risks and complications involved. There may be difficulty in getting the sample. This may lead to several needle pricks. Too much bleeding may occur in the puncture site. The patient may feel the fainting sensation or light headedness. The patient may experience hematoma, which is defined as the blood accumulation under skin. Also, the individual may get infection, where the puncture is done.

Recommendations of the test during the following conditions

When the patient is facing joint pain, inflammation in the neck, chest or spinal region, spine stiffness or swelling of the joints. Also inflammation of the urethra along with the skin lesions and repeated swelling in the eyes may lead to carry out the test. A doctor may also advise the test, if the patient is going through the process of kidney transplantation or bone marrow transplantation. This is done to check whether the donor's tissues match with that of the recipients.

Ayurvedic Treatment

To treat the various complications related to the HLA-B27, there are certain herbal remedies offered by Planet Ayurveda.

Planet Ayurveda, the leading global manufacturer of herbal formulations is known for its quality medicines. These are completely free from chemicals and preservatives. These don't have any side effects and are safe to consume. Here are some herbal remedies offered by Planet Ayurveda. Have a look.

Effective Herbal Remedies

  • Aamvatantak churan
  • Boswellia curcumin
  • Yogaraj guggul
  • Ashwagandha cap
  • Sanjivani vati

1. Aamvatantak Churna

It is a natural product. It is used to manage the Ama doshas in the body of the individuals. It keeps the bones and joints healthy. The major ingredients of this herbal powder are Ashwagandha, Suranjaan, Methi, Sonth, Haridra and Gorakhmundi. All these herbal ingredients are blended together to form Aamvatantak Churan. The medicinal benefits of these herbs together make it very effective to treat the various complications easily.

Dosage: 1 tsp two times daily with water after meals

2. Boswellia Curcumin

This herbal formulation is used to maintain the health of the individuals. It helps in relieving joint pains, which is major concern of HLA-B27.It is having Shallaki and Curcumin, it is an essential herbal formulation to get rid of pains. The anti-pyretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibiotic properties help in managing the complications easily.

Dosage: 2 capsules two times daily with water after meals.

3. Yogaraj guggul

This tablet helps in maintaining the overall health of the individuals. It helps in balancing the Vata energy of the body. It is completely natural and vegetarian. This medicine is having number of herbs. These include guggul, Nagarmotha, chitrak, amla, bibhitaki, haritaki, long pepper, vidanga, black cumin, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and rasna. All these herbs have wonderful healing properties. These are extremely helpful to manage the complication completely.

Dosage: 2 tablets two times daily with water after meals.

4. Ashwagandha Capsules

Ashwagandha is known for its tremendous healing properties. It helps in alleviating joint pain, inflammation and stress from the lives of the individuals. It is a wonderful treatment for arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia and many more. Its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and other medicinal properties make it extremely effective.

Dosage: 2 capsules two times daily with water after meals.

5. Sanjivani Vati

It's a natural product, purely vegetarian and without any side effects. It is having Aama pachak properties. It removes toxins from the body.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice daily with water after meals.

Thus, all these herbal formulations work synergistically to treat the various risks and complications of HLS-B27. All these medicines are extremely effective, natural and are completely free from side effects. These are beneficial for maintaining a healthy body.


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