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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Diet for Piles, Fistula and other Ano-rectal Disorders

anorectal disorders

Diet has got a very important role in the management of Piles, Anal fistula and other Ano-rectal disorders. So, here are some recommendations –

  • Food items with high fiber are highly suggested. Fiber works by increasing the amount of stools in the intestines. Regular use of high fiber diet can be useful to manage the condition. Examples of high fiber diet are brown rice, brown bread, barley, papaya, banana, pear, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, tomato, onion, apple etc.
  • Have plenty of water to clear the channels and flush out the toxins out from the body.
  • Avoid very spicy, hot food items which may lead to further complications and increases the signs and symptoms. All this may aggravate the condition like pain and bleeding during defecation.
  • Avoid tea, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, chewing tobaccos also.
  • Papaya, bananas help to eliminate the indigestive food which gets accumulated in intestines and stomach.
  • Take small 4 to 5 meals in a day so that intestines have less amount of food to digest at a time.
  • Avoid excessive cleansing of the anal region as it may leads to irritation and itching of the particular area.
  • Sitz bath must be tried and it is mostly suggested by the doctors. Here buttocks are immersed in warm water up to almost 30 minutes at a time. Some analgesic oils can also be added to pacify the symptoms.
  • Diet for Anorectal Disorders
  • Avoid straining too much at the time of defecation. This may aggravate piles. Don’t spend too much time in the toilet. Go only when you feel the urge.
  • Avoid constipation
  • Prefer leafy vegetables, fruits like papaya, apples and pears.
  • Opt more for spinach, cabbage etc.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep bowels clean
  • Avoid fried, much spicy and all kind of junk, packed food items.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting.

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