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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Edema (Water Retention) – Symptoms, Home and Herbal Remedies


Edema means swelling of body parts due to water retention. It mainly effects the lower body part like foot and ankles. It can slow down the healing process which cause skin infection and also affects the blood circulation and it can be pain full. Edema is not a disease but it indicates that something is going wrong in the body.  Acc to Ayurveda edema is a sotha roga, in sotha roga all the three dosha are vitiated.  The ama/vata is responsible for the sotha it caused due to obstruction of body channels.

Edema can be the result of medication, pregnancy, kidney disease, heart failure and liver cirrhosis. Taking too much Steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killer, and certain diabetic drug cause edema. Hormonal imbalance and obesity, diabetes, any head injury and thyroid these are some other disease for edema.  Deficiency of vitamin B -12 is also very important factor for the edema.


  • Swelling and puffiness of particular part of body. 
  • Shiny and steachted skin.
  • Slight color changes in the skin.
  • Increased abdominal size.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Obesity.

Home Remedies for Edema:

  • Try magnesium in edema, it is very effective.
  • Yoga and daily exercise are also effective to reduce the edema. 
  • Opt the food that are easy to digest.
  • Say no to packaged and fast food.
  • Avoid cold and dry items.
  • Do not withhold a natural urges such as burping, urination, and releasing gas etc.
  • Maintain the body weight neither too overweight nor underweight.
  • Improves Irregular sleeping habits and stress. 
  • Avoid Eating too much salt in your daily diet.
  •  Reduce sitting in one position for long time. 
  • Use warm mustard oil for massage, massage improves the blood circulation of the body and reduces the inflammation and stiffness.
  • Take fiber rich food in your daily life.  Diet is very important for edema.
  • Avoid some fruits and veggie which are rich in water content and also avoid to intake of curd.
  • Punarnava is the best Ayurvedic drug for edema, which has good diuretic property
  • Use of amlaki, is good for the edema.
  • Use ample of water to reduces the edema.  
Planet Ayurveda has many herbal products without any side effects. One of the most promising Punarnava Capsules, this is really very good product for patient suffering from edema.  Planet Ayurveda is dedicated to the promotion of natural and totally Ayurvedic herbs. In Planet Ayurveda, we are using 100% veggie capsules. We are using pure forms of herbs and standardized extracts in our herbal supplements.  Punaranava   (Puna means again and Nava means new). Botanical name of Punarnava is (BOERRRHAVIA DIFFUSA). Punarnava has many ravish uses. Punarnava corrects the water metabolism of the body.  The leaves are used as a vegetables and root juice is used to treat many disease like asthma, urinary disorder, and leucorrhea. Punarnava has also anti-microbial, anti – inflammatory, anti -bacterial properties. Punarnava plant is a weed that is found all over India. 

Punarnava plants containes punarnavoside, steroids, retinoid, and flavonoid, amino acid etc.


These capsules help to lighten water retention. 
  • It rejuvenates the whole body.
  • Punarnava works as a diuretic.
  • The flavonoid arbinofuransoide present in the herb that was found to lower the uric acid.
  • It naturally help the body to expel the fluids, so it is best for the Edema (swelling).
  • Relaxs the body muscle cell and muscle spasm.
  • Best natural herb for proper kidney function or kidney failure, it also help to promote healthy liver function.
  • It is very useful in the treatment of cardiovascular disorder.
  • It also maintain the blood vessel and high blood pressure.
  • Used for reliving the abdominal pain.
  • Punarnava is beneficial in  the treatment of obesity . 
  • It is also helpful in treating ascites.
  • The root of plant is help in killing intestinal worm. 
  • Punarnava is also has mild laxative property.
  • Punarnava is a good Rasayana so useful in amavata. 
herbal remedy for edema, herbal remedy for Water Retention

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DOSAGE:  1-2 capsules twice daily.


  1. I really appreciate this article because it focuses on natural and home remedies for something that a lot of people suffer from and may not be comfortable talking about during the course of their everyday lives. The same can be said for folks who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome as they suffer in silence while searching for private, home remedies for gut relief.

  2. Namasthé Dr. Vikram,

    I have had a small kidney stone for a few months now, and began taking Chanca Piedra last week. I have in the last three days or so had progressing edema, today waking up with swollen legs, stomach and puffy eyes, cheeks and mouth. This weekend I allowed high stress into my vata imbalance, which is a contributor to dis-ease no doubt. I had spent 10 days alone up in ontario's north at my cottage, and this weekend my parents joined- a complicated and conflicting dynamic of egos. We returned to Toronto yesterday. I am feeling exhausted and rajas. I am a triathlete and am injured in my ribs. Also suffering gerd and hyperacidity. My god, I'm 25! So hum🙏

    Please advise your expertise if you can, from what you can grasp of this.

    Warmly and with much gratitude,
    Melanie Sakowski