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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to Reduce Cholesterol

Why Heart Rejuvenation Package of Planet Ayurveda is helpful in Reducing High Cholesterol?  

High cholesterol is also known as hypercholesterolemia, is the presence of high levels of cholesterol in the blood. It is a waxy substance that is present naturally in the blood. Normally it is important for the formation of the hormones and vitamin D but excess amount of this can lead to obstructions in the blood vessels and causes stroke or heart attack. Poor food choices also lead to increase cholesterol in the body.
What high cholesterol does to the body?

How to Reduce Cholesterol ?

Excessive amount of cholesterol build up in the arteries that leads to hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis. Usually it is a slow process that get worst as you grow older. Too much cholesterol in the blood causes various cardiovascular diseases which is the main causes of death in the U.S. but here is the good news that people around the world can decreases the increased amount of cholesterol and also of course can lowers the risk of heart diseases or called as cardiovascular diseases by wonderful herbal remedies, made from pure herbs or Ayurvedic medicines well explained in Ayurvedic texts. Diet and life style changes also play very important role among so one should follow carefully expert’s suggestions. The problem of high cholesterol levels responds very well to Ayurvedic herbs. 

What are the causes and symptoms of elevated cholesterol? and How to reduce high cholesterol levels ?

Diet, weight and physical activities all together or alone can affect people. Unhealthy food such as fried food with excessive animal fat, excessive carbohydrate causes high cholesterol level in the blood. Obesity and genetics also plays very important role for the same.
High cholesterol generally does not show any sign and symptom until a catastrophic event such as stroke or heart attack. But sometimes it may present with yellow deposits in the eyes or tendons.

What are the types of high cholesterol?

Two types – 

1) LDL- Low-Density lipoprotein, also called as bad cholesterol.

2) HDL- High- Density lipoproteins, also called as good cholesterol which returns bad cholesterol to the liver by elimination.

How Planet Ayurveda heart rejuvenation pack can be helpful to fight high cholesterol?

We have Arjuna, a wonderful ayurvedic medicine for a healthy heart. Bark of Arjuna contains several important chemical constituents such as tannins, triterpenoid saponins and flavonoids and which are found to have cardio protective actions. Extracts of Arjuna bark help to lower LDL cholesterol, B.P and raise HDL cholesterol.

The combination is available online at - Planet Ayurveda 
(International Site) and Always Ayurveda (Indian Site) 

Ayurvedic medicines have been proven very effective in the treatment of various cardiovascular diseases and related complications. We at planet ayurveda, presents people with a special heart rejuvenation pack which contains herbal formulations, Cap. Total Heart Support, Cap. Arjuna and Arjun Tea. Our products are pure herbal without any side effect and are capable of fighting high cholesterol and therefore improve the heart health.
Herbal Remedies to Reduce High Cholesterol

1) Cap Total heart support – This is a wonderful combination of herbs like Arjun, Ashwagandha, Shankhpushpi etc to support the heart by lowering causative and triggering factors like high cholesterol. It helps to keep the heart fit and healthy and improves heart’s functions. This amazing formulation keeps person free from stress and tension and also lowers the high blood pressure.

2) Cap Arjun – Arjuna is a heart tonic which provides strength to heart muscles. Arjuna is rich in co-enzyme Q10 and as it has a strong antioxidant so detoxifies the blood and improves heart health. The flavonoids and leteilin keep the heart strong. Arjuna has been proven very effective as analgesic and also anti inflammatory too.

3) Arjun Tea – Arjun tea is pure herbal tea to take care of heart in all the ways. It is used for the medicinal purposes. Arjun tea helps to detoxify the blood and therefore removes toxins out from the blood. It gives strength to whole vascular system and as it does not contain any caffeine or nicotin so people can use without any fear moreover this has got a mouthwatering taste as well.

We use high standard organic compounds only. When you are purchasing our products, you can be sure that you are getting pure, high quality products. All ingredients are inspected for both purity and potency. There is no mixing of any chemical or preservatives and products are available at reasonable cost. We hope that our quality, value and promises help you to maintain and regain your health and well being.

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