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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Erectile Dysfunction - Ayurvedic Remedies for Erectile Dysfuncion

Ayurvedic treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Overall Health Rejuvenation, Low Sperm Count, Less Sperm Mobility, Sexual weakness etc.

This is a unique ayurvedic formulation for above listed problems. The formula is very traditional and some of the composition resembles the classical formulation called "kamini Vidravan ras". There is a lot of labor involved in making this formula, as the herbs are very rare and difficult to procure.

Pushpdhanva Ras - 5 gm
Shukravallabh ras - 3 gm
Poorna Chander Ras - 5 gm
Swarn (Gold) Bhasma - 500 mg
Diamond Bhasma - 300 mg
Trailokyachintamani Ras - 3 gm
Navrattan Kalpamrit Ras - 2 gm
Raj Mrigank Ras - 2 gm
Mukta Pishti - 2 gm
Akarkara - Ancyclus pyrethrum - 20 gm
Sonth - Gingiber officinale - 20 gm
Long - Cloves - 20 gm
Saffron - Crocus sativus - 20 gm
Pippali - Piper longum - 20 gm
Jaiphal - Myristica fragrans - 20 gm
Javitri - Myristica fragrans - 20 gm
Chandan - Red Sandalwood - 20 gm
Singaraf - 10 gm
Pure Sulphur - 10 gm
Pure Shilajit - 30 gm

Mix them all well, make tablets of 125 mg each.

If you don't have access to all these, you can just use the TRIBULUS POWER COMBO PACK as mentioned at our website - 


  1. sir please tell me what is singaraf please give its english name

  2. Ayurvedic sex medicines are effective in the treatment of sexual problems of all kinds. Thanks for the important information.


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