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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Failure

Kidneys and its Functions

Kidneys are bean shaped organs located retroperitoneally on either side of the vertebral column. These are the biggest drainage system of the body which flushes out all the toxins and waste products of metabolism that are produced inside the body.

What is chronic kidney disease?

Kidney disease is better known as chronic kidney disease. It is characterized by a gradual loss of function of both the kidneys over a period of time. Initially it may remain asymptomatic after which symptoms of a full blown kidney disease are evident. Chronic kidney disease if left unchecked or unnoticed may lead to permanent loss of kidney function leading to kidney failure which is an irreversible condition.

How diabetes can affect the kidneys?

This condition is also called as diabetic kidney disease or “Diabetic nephropathy”. In people with persistently high blood sugar levels (Diabetics), there is damage to the glomeruli which leads to micro seepage of albumin proteins from the blood into the urine. This is called as “micro albuminuria”. If left untreated it may progress to macro albuminuria or “Proteinuria” in which large amounts of proteins are passed into the urine. This leads to a slowly progressive development of kidney disease. Diabetic kidney disease in fact, is one of the major causes of kidney failure today. It affects both type -1 and type -2 diabetics.

How does high blood pressure affect kidneys?

The kidneys have a dense network of arteries, veins and capillaries around them. The kidneys of a hypertensive patient consistently receive blood at this raised pressure in its surrounding blood vessels. This continuously causes damage to these blood vessels which are not able to function as efficiently and get damaged, and may thicken and harden over time. This in turns affects the blood supply to the nephrons damaging them as well. As a result there is a slow and gradual impairment of the renal function leading to CKD and ESRD in later stages.

What are the other causes of kidney disease?

Besides Diabetes and Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), there are a number of factors and disease which lead to chronic kidney disease and then ESRD. These are listed below:-
  • Congenital malformations of the kidney
  • Poly cystic kidney disease
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Pyelonephritis
  • Illegitimate use of drugs like Lithium, NSAIDs and Aspirin
  • Blocked channels in conditions like renal stones and BPH.
  • Viral infections like - HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis - B, C.

What are the symptoms of kidney disease?


  • Shortness of breath
  • Generalized weakness
  • Lethargy
  • Mental confusion
  • Abnormal heart rhythms - related to potassium imbalance
  • Nausea - vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sleep irregularities
  • Abnormal urine output
  • Frequent cramping in the muscles
  • Persistent itching
  • Chest pain
  • High blood pressure
  • Swelling around the ankles
  • A bad taste in the mouth
  • Feeling cold
  • Pain in laterals/ flanks

What is the Diagnosis for kidney failure?

Various tests are recommended on the basis of clinical findings, signs and symptoms on the basis of which the final diagnosis of kidney failure and the degree of its damage and prognosis are decided. The tests are as follows:-



Stage 1 Hypertension, Urinary infections and abnormal urine analysis 90 or above Normal kidney function
Stage 2 Same as in stage 1 60 - 89 Impaired kidney function with mild
Decline in G.F.R.
Stage 3 Low blood cells, tingling and numbness, bone pain 30 - 59 Moderate decline in G.F.R.
Stage 4 Severe complications like Anemia
Uremia, Anemia, malnutrition
15 -29 Severe damage in G.F.R
Stage 5 Hyperparathyroidism,
Swelling in the hands, legs, eyes, lower back, shortness of breath
< 15 Kidney failure


A serum creatinine level of > 1.2 for women and > 1.4 for men indicates kidney disease. The value rises with progressive renal impairment.


The normal value is 7 - 20. As the disease progresses, the value may rise consistently.



This is a dipstick test which is used to analyze the constituents present in the urine sample such as blood cells, sugar, pus cells, proteins etc. This test is a routine examination carried out in disease like Diabetes, Urinary tract infections, CKD, bladder and kidney stones.


To determine the albumin: creatinine ratio in the urine sample.


To determine the amount of albumin in urine, which is common in diseases like CKD and Nephrotic syndrome.


This determines how much blood is being filtered through the kidneys.



It helps to determine the size, shape and presence of any calculi or tumor in the kidneys.


It is an advanced technique used to determine the abnormal structural configuration of the kidneys and their functional inefficiency.


It is done to ensure the extent of damage and whether a kidney transplant is essential or not.

What modern medicines have for kidney disease?

There is no medicinal cure for a depleting renal function in modern medicines. The line of treatment is based only upon the management of symptoms like High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. In addition, a stage - 4, 5 CKD patient generally may be considered for a kidney transplant.
Once the condition of Kidney failure is established, the only options remaining are Dialysis, Kidney transplant and certain lifestyle modifications. The first two are highly invasive and expensive and lifestyle modifications are an adjuvant therapy that varies from person to person in terms of the degree of response.

What is dialysis?

In people having kidney failure, the kidneys no longer perform their function of removal of excess wastes and water from the body. In such patients the process of dialysis helps by artificially taking over the function of the kidneys. It is done in case of both acute and chronic renal failure. It is done by two ways and hence is of two types:-


It is done by making an intra-venous line through a blood vessel in the arm. The blood from this line, known as the fistula is passed into the hemodialyzer and is filtered off the various toxins and impurities present in it.


In this condition the blood is cleansed within the body by attaching a catheter to the abdominal wall. A fluid called dialysate is filled in the peritoneal cavity and filters out the waste products from the surrounding blood vessels.

Kidney transplant

It is the process of replacing the damaged kidney of a patient of ESRD (End stage renal disease) with a normal working one taken from another individual. This is the best alternative for a patient with total kidney failure, the other one is dialysis, which though an effective procedure but a very tedious one and painful on the part of the patient. Kidney transplantation also has its own demerits as it is also an expensive procedure and requires kidney that has a matching allograft. Unmatched kidneys are rejected by the body tissues resulting in failure of the whole process. Other than this, it is only performed under the supervision of a specialist doctor who is capable enough to carry out the process effectively.

Ayurveda and kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease is a condition of the mutravaha srotas (The body channel that is related to the urinary system of the body and its normal functioning). The damage to the tissues is contributed by the imbalance in the three doshas (body humors - Air, Fire and Ether/ Vata, Pitta and Kapha) mainly the vitiated Vata element and the raised Kapha element which leads to the blockage of various channels of the Mutra vaha srotasa leading to impaired functioning of the kidneys.
In the above discussion, we have thrown light up on the modern methods of managing CKD and ESRD through various techniques. They have their own set of difficulties that they pose on the patient and the adverse effects associated with them. This is where Ayurvedic treatments come to the rescue. They have a miraculous blend of natural medicinal herbs which rejuvenate the kidney tissues and also boost the effective production of urine output. A combination of herbs which are diuretic and rejuvenating is used in the Ayurvedic treatment of kidney disease. Researches have also proved today that Ayurvedic medicinal therapy is very effective in controlling the levels of urea and creatinine in patients of kidney disease and in improving kidney function in general.

Diet and Lifestyle for kidney patients

The first line of treatment described by most ancient Ayurvedic texts is: - "NIDAAN PARIVARJANA" or the modification of diet and lifestyle. It is the most effective and easy way of bringing back a state of health in a diseased body. Following are some of the recommendations that should be followed by patients of kidney disease and kidney failure for an improved renal function and longer and better life.


  • Drink plenty of water but only in ample amounts. Don't overdo it if you don't feel thirsty. Prefer taking Luke warm or just normal water.
  • Don't hold on to your urge to urinate. Keep on evacuating the bladder at regular intervals.
  • Keep the genitalia and pubic area clean to prevent catching any secondary infection.
  • Manage blood sugar levels if you are diabetic. High blood sugar levels are detrimental to the kidney function and may cause rapid deterioration of kidney function.
  • Avoid medications that may be unknowingly harming the kidney tissues, for example, NSAIDs.
  • Refrain from the use of alcohol and tobacco. They both cause kidney damage.
  • Exercise regularly according to the capacity.
  • Manage blood pressure well and try lead a stress free life, maintaining a positive attitude in every situation.


  • Drink fresh fruits and vegetable juices in plenty. Prefer herbal tea instead of the regular ones.
  • Avoid food products that are rich in potassium and sodium. These include table salt, potatoes, peas, nuts, beans, dry fruits etc.
  • Avoid use of too much fat in diet as CKD patients are prone to hypercholesterolemia.
  • Take the right amount of protein in diet. Green gram, lentil, pink lentil are some of the safe proteins that kidney patients should prefer. Avoid meat, eggs and non-veg food as far as possible. Red meat should be completely prohibited. Same goes for packaged and frozen foods and high sugar based artificial products.
  • Include a lot of vegetables, fruits and whole grains in diet such as, Pumpkin, Radish, Carrot, Onion, Eggplant, Cucumber, Lettuce, Turnip etc.
  • Fruits include Papaya, Watermelon, Apricots, Amla, Bael, Grapes, Blueberry, Olives, peaches, pears, figs, and Cranberry etc.
  • Avoid use of spices also if potassium levels are deranged.
  • Vitamin-D is also recommended in such patients.
  • Dont drink fruit juices as they are rich in Potassium. 

Ayurvedic medicines of kidney disease:

Planet Ayurveda is a leading company that creates best herbal medicines that are helpful in treating kidney failures. The remedies provided by them are very safe and are free from side effects and anyone can consume them. They provide a combo pack that contains all the essential elements, which are helpful in curing kidney disorders.

Herbal Remedies for Kidney Disease - REVIVE KIDNEYS PACK

Rencure Formula Varunadi Vati Punarnava Mandur MutraKrichAntak Churna
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Product Dosage
Mutrakrichantak Churna 1 teaspoonful twice daily, with plain water, after meals or boil 1 tablespoonful powder in 400 ml water, boil it until the water remains 50 ml, consume once daily. Make fresh every time.
Rencure Formula 2 Capsules twice daily, after meals, with plain water.
Varunadi Vati 2 Tablets thrice daily , after meals with plain water.
Punarnava Mandur 2 Tablets thrice daily , after meals with plain water.

The elements of Revive Kidney Pack are as follows: 

The Ayuvedic treatment for kidney failure aims to reduce the urea and creatinine levels naturally. Various herbal formulations used in this combination help to maintain normal kidney functions.

1. Rencure formula- this formula works on the ancient principle, which is the best feature of this medicine. It fights with the toxins and the causes of kidney diseases. The herbs present in these medicines helps in avoiding dialysis. The ingredients of this formula are punarnava, varun, palaash, gokshur and kaasni. It is a complete herbal medicine and there are no chemicals in it.

Dose- 2 capsules daily twice with plain water after meals.
2. Mutrakrichantak Churna- it is an effective blend of herbs, which help in curing kidney disorders and painful urination situations as well. It also reduces high urea and uric acid levels in the body and is helpful in kidney stones. Apart from this disease, it also cures prostate enlargement. The contents of this powder are also the best. The elements are trin panch mool, shishir, apamarg, shigru, rakt Chandan etc.

Dose- 1 teaspoonful daily twice with plain water only after meals.
3. Punarnava Mandur- these tablets are the best ayurvedic medicines for reducing water and swelling in the body. These tablets also decreases swelling in feet, joint and fluid buildup. Punarnava Mandur tablets cure liver related problems, which is an additional feature of this medicine.

Dose- 2 tablets thrice daily with plain water strictly after meals.

4. Varunadi vati- these pills are made by using varun and other essential herbs that aid in kidney problems. It reduces pain that is caused by renal stones. It maintains creatinine levels in the body as well as saves from surgeries. Apart from the removal of toxins, Varunadi vati clears the urinary passage and provide a long lasting relief to the patient.

Dose- 2 tablets thrice daily after meals with water.
Kidneys play very crucial role in the proper functioning of the human body. Therefore, instead of giving chemical load to the kidneys they must be cured with ayurvedic medicines.


  1. Sir I am suffering from inguinal hernia. Is it curable without operation. R u giving some medicines for that

  2. Sir I am suffering from inguinal hernia. Is it curable without operation. R u giving some medicines for that

  3. Sir, My daughter having Hydronephrosis (Urine buildup due to blockage and it swells).
    Usually swelling is drained, and a stent is installed for few months. Will these Ayurvedic remedies you have given cure this condition?

  4. hi doctor.. i had lupus nephritis (SLE) because of that i lost my kidneys i had undergone kidney trnasplant operation in 2010.. but now transplanted kidney getting affection now my creatinine is fluctuating from 2.7 to 3.0 sometimes stabilising in 2.7.. is ther any ayurvedic treatment for this and SLE.. please

  5. hi doctor.. i had lupus nephritis (SLE) because of that i lost my kidneys i had undergone kidney trnasplant operation in 2010.. but now transplanted kidney getting affection now my creatinine is fluctuating from 2.7 to 3.0 sometimes stabilising in 2.7.. is ther any ayurvedic treatment for this and SLE.. please

  6. Sir good evening...I am suffering from IgA nephropath my creatinine level 2.23 right now ...what's suggestion for me my contact number is 9897744490

  7. hi sir, my sister, aged 40, is suffering from small sized kidneys now, , creatinine 5.5, and hypertension. is there ayurvedic treatment that can reverse this condition to normal kidneys. we do not want to go for transplant.

    1. Hello

      You can start with Revive kidneys pack for a month and keep me informed at

      Visit -

  8. sir, my sister, age 40, is suffering from what she has been told, chronic kidney condition, creatinine 5.5, hypertension. can this condition be reversed to normal kidneys with the help of ayurvedic treatment ? kindly reply, thank you.

    1. There are herbs which can help her to improve with kidney functions. I recommend Revive kidney pack for her. keep me informed at

      Visit -

  9. Halo doctor, i got sickk... Pls help me

    1. Hello

      What is your health problem? Let's discuss at

  10. Hey doc my mom is diabetic and now she has kidney failure, her creatinine level is 7.5 . Is ayurveda helps reverse her kidney function normal .please respond me as soon as posssibld thank you.

    1. Yes, Ayurveda is boon for kidney patients and creatinine-urea can be reversed with regular use of herbs. You can start with above mentioned herbal medicines for a month. Keep me updated at

  11. Hey doc my mom is diabetic and now she has kidney failure. Her creatinine level is 7.5 and she refuse dialysis. Is ayurve can reverse her kidney normal function. Please let me know.

    1. Yes, Ayurveda is boon for kidney patients and creatinine-urea can be reversed with regular use of herbs. You can start with above mentioned herbal medicines for a month. Keep me updated at

  12. Good Morning sir i am suffering in shrunk kidney issue since five year and my creatinine level after dialysis 9.8 Urea 150 + and Uric Acid also 8-9 between. please recomand treatment

    from pakistan karachi 03072925347

    1. You can start with above mentioned herbal medicines for a month. Keep me updated at

      Slowly dialysis sittings can be reduced.

  13. Hello Doctor, My brother-in-law's both kidney have failed.Dialysis is going on twice in a week. Can you please suggest if it can be cured and any medicines
    Currently creatinine level is 9

    Thanks for your help

    1. You can start with above mentioned herbal medicines for a month. Keep me updated at

      Slowly dialysis sittings can be reduced.

  14. Hello Doctor,
    My Mother is CKD patient detected in March 2016 and till now is on HD before that CA Ovary got detected in October 2015 (3 Chemo and operation is done successfully removed Ovaries)we tried many things but useless,Please suggest.

    1. Hello - Send me reports and details of your mother on this E. mail ID -

  15. good evening sir iam dinesh. acctully my mom got a kidney promblem.1year ago but still not retified the this promblem ueria-158,creatine-5.8,like this happen when this thing will happen that we adimmitted in hospital then reduce the ueria and creatine.but still with out diaysis can u plz provoid ur ayurvada medicine give to my mom and save. thank you sir i hope ur treatment.

    1. Hello....You can go ahead for your grand mother with the above mentioned Revive Kidney pack. Herbal medicines in this pack are very helpful to lower down the urea and creatinine levels. Take them for a month and then let me know.
      For any queries you can call at given landline number - +91-172-5214030
      You can also write your queries at my updated Email Id -

  16. Can these medicines be taken while on dialysis also.

  17. Yes, you can these medicines along with dialysis.


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