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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kidney Failure Alternative Treatment

Kidney Failure Alternative Treatment  

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There are several reasons for kidney failure. One of the most common causes are diabetes, chronic blood pressure, nephrotic syndrome, kidney stones, cysts, drugs like Allopurinol ( Zyloric) and many  inflammatory kidney diseases. Kidneys are basically performing function of a sieve in our body. They filter the toxins away from the body especially the urea and creatinine. If the kidneys fail, the urea and creatinine levels increase and can be life threatening if not treated in time.

The modern treatment of kidney failure is to treat the underlying cause, which is usually diabetes or blood pressure. At present, it is not possible to cure the diabetes and blood pressure using modern medical techniques or methods. The kidneys are prevented from further damage be doing regular dialysis, which is nothing but a machine doing the function of kidneys for a while.

The most important way to tackle the problem of kidney failure is kidney transplant or use of some alternative methods which are actually useful. There may be many people around the world offering various solutions, but  you should be cautious following everything together. Just give time and monitor the levels of urea and creatinine levels regularly. It is very important for a kidney failure patient to know his disease.  Here are some link which can be useful for a chronic kidney failure patient.

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Diabetic nephropathy
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Is there any Alternative treatment for Kidney failure ?

This is a big question but yes, there are some Ayurvedic herbs which can be very useful alternative treatment for kidney failure. The herbs should be taken from a good source and should not contain any impure heavy metals or impurities which may further damage the kidneys.

Remember to monitor the kidneys by doing regular renal function tests and measuring urea and creatinine levels in blood. It is also important to keep records of electrolytes like sodium and potassium if undergoing any alternative treatment for kidney failure.

There are some Ayurvedic herbs offer good alternative to dialysis if used under the recommendations of an experienced ayurvedic practitioner. The herbs like Punarnava ( puna - again , Nava - new),  Phyllanthus niruri, kaasni which are all found in a classical ayurvedic formulation called  Mutrakrichantak Churna. The mutrakrichantak churna is an effective combination of all these rare herbs to improve functions of kidney. When the creatinine level is below 3, then Mutrakrichantak churna alone is sufficient and when it is higher than 3 then it should be used along with Rencure formula, varunadi Vati, Punarnava mandur. 

These all are used in Ayurvedic medicine as alternative to dialysis and help in lowering down urea and creatinine levels. The results are evident within few days. All these can be read in details at the website  If some patient wants to send the reports, he can send at

The combination given along with Mutrakrichantak Churna gives excellent results in chronic kidney failure due to any reason.

 Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure can be continued along with modern drugs or even while on dialysis as it is not having any side effects. The results can be seen initially within 15 days of treatment but the real differences can be observed after 1-2 months of treatment.

The treatment can be continued along with the ongoing modern medical treatments or dialysis without any contradiction.

For more information write to Mr. Ashwani thakur at - or call +91-172-521-4030 or visit -


  1. I've been using such herbs myself for a longer period of time, and I can say that they can actually treat and prevent many problems for which most people would use pharmaceutical products. Fortunately, there are healthier alternatives, and I feel that more people should know about them.

    1. with reference to above statement i would like to know what herbs u r using for kidney failure n where those herbs r available...and they r actually how much effective??

      ur reply means to me a lot so plz reply as my father is 51 years old working person in CKD staze 5.

    2. Dear Mr. Brij Bhushan- There are certain herbs which offer effective alternative treatment for kidney failure and increased urea and creatinine. The kidneys are overburdened in case of diabetes, blood pressure and certain drug overuse ( allopurinol and analgesics) This leads to kidney failure. The herbs mentioned above can be delivered to your doorstep by Mr. Ashwani thakur - +91-9915593604 or write to him at - or visit the website -

  2. Yes, Thanks for the comment. There are definitely Alternatives to lower down creatinine and treat kidney failure. The combination of herbs in the supplement MUTRAKRICHANTAK churna, which is a typically mixture of traditional ayurvedic herbs, is giving excellent result in these cases.

  3. hello, dr. vikram chauhan,my uncle is o dialysis,doctors say that his both kidneys have failed,he is 56 years old,he has diabetes and high blood pressure and recently his uric acid level was very high.doctors are advising to start searching for a new kidney.can this mixture help my uncle.please reply

    1. Yes, the advanced stages kidney failure package mentioned at in the kidney section will definitely help to improve your uncle's condition and reduce urea and creatinine level. The package has helped many dialysis patients to get rid of it but there were 100 % results in overall health of the patients, improving their lifestyle, their health and overall outlook and reducing the frequency of dialysis from twice weekly to once monthly or so on. The herbal remedies described in ayurvedic medicine are excellent alternative treatment in kidney failure.

  4. Hello Dr Vikram
    I would like to know your opinion on the following .
    The use of neem powder pipal powder n lauki juice ...would these brings benefit to those suffering from kidney disease. My question is that wen the kidney is not functioning to remove waste how would these herbs help in removing toxin from your body . I read that neem powder can be a toxin .The information online is so confusing .Some websites says they are good for kidney and some says can be dangerous .
    your herbal formula of M Churna , Punarnava mandur n rencure ..are there any diet restriction while consuming your products.
    Your response would be greatly appreciated .

    1. Kidney failure can be due to imbalance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Depending upon dosha involved, the neem can be useful and harmful. If someone wants to buy over internet, the balanced formula will be useful. Kidney failure is usually due to Blood pressure ( Vata + Pitta) or Diabetes ( Vata + Kapha). Since vata is primarily involved in most of the cases, Neem is usually not useful. Peepal is useful in Kapha related kidney failure i.e. caused by Diabetes.

      The products Rencure, Punarnava Mandur, Varunadi Vati and Mutrakrichantak Churna work together and maintain the balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, therefore benefiting kidney failure due to Blood pressure or diabetes or any other reason. Use of Peepal bark and Neem alone will not be useful in Kidney failure caused by blood pressure as Peepal and Neem are dry, light, Bitter and Astringent as per Ayurvedic principles. So to reduce urea and creatinine levels, the revive kidneys package is a balanced combination of various herbal products- check at

      I do give Neem and Peepal to some patients, where it is required but normally the best is to use the combination of the 4 products together. ( Revive kidneys package - Rencure Formula, Punarnava mandur, Varunadi Vati, Mutrakrichantak Churna ) It makes the best alternative treatment of kidney failure.

    2. Dr Vikram
      Thank you for your reply . What about lauki juice ?
      Recently I came across Baba Ramdev online talking about the use of lauki juice together with Kapalbhati yoga that cures kidney disease. I also read some report that lauki juice can be harmful if its bitter and kapalbhati should not be performed as it can bring more harm then benefit .
      Its really depressing to those suffering from kidney disease and are so desperate and at the same time reading all these conflicting reports. Its though .
      Another question is that while taking your herbal formula are there any diet restriction?
      Thank you very much Dr for your prompt reply .

    3. Yes, the information over internet is very confusing for the patients. The best way is to analyze individual person's prakriti. The prakriti analysis test can be done online at - and then this analysis report should be sent to an ayurvedic doctor... then he can recommend the balanced ayurvedic medicines for kidney failure or recommend any alternative treatment. The diet is also made from 5 elements as our bodies are. "Sarvada Sarv bhavanam Vridhi Karnam principles says if you eat earth + watery diet, you will gain more earth and water. Kidney diseases are caused by imbalance of Vata, Pitta or Vata, kapha.. i.e Air, fire or Air water.. keeping this in mind the diet should be given rather than formulating a set pattern of diet. What I mean to say is the diet will be restricted / advised as per individual's prakriti test analysis report and also history of the underlying disease. Usually citrus fruits, high protein diet is prohibited. I won't be able to write here answers, it is recommended for all the patients to read converesations above and if you want specific answers, then you send me an e mail.
      Thanks for your understanding - Dr. Vikram Chauhan

  5. Hello Dr.Chauhan,my name is Arin,I am from kolkata,my mother is 64 years old & she is suffering from acute kidney failure,where she is undergoing dialysis for da third time,post dialysis her creatinine level is 2.8,can she survive this?Can avurvedic medicine help in this case and help her survive?Her urination level is very low..plz advice what to do?

  6. Dear Dr. Vikram,
    I would like to know which medicine will be effective for creatinine levels of 9.5 and is it possible that by the ayurvedic treatment we can prevent undergoing dialysis. My aunt is 60 year old and is on dialysis. Do reply at the earliest.

  7. Dr Vikram

    My mother is 64 and has had a deteriorating kidney function for over 7 years. She was maintaining creatine at the 6 level through medicines and homeopathy. But it rapidly deteriorated to over 10 last week and now she is in the hospital with fluid in the lungs and around the heart. She had her first dialysis yesterday and is totally freaked out not wanting to do it long-term. She is also a high BP patient and has some irregular heartbeat (which is being treated at the hospital). Is there any hope for her through alternative treatment? We are based in South Delhi. Please respond.

  8. Outstanding post, I think people should learn a lot from this weblog. So much good information on here. Thanks for sharing useful information about kidney failure disease and its alternative treatment. :)

  9. Dr Vikram

    I had a kidney transplant over 10 years ago. My transplanted kidney was functioning very well in the early years. But over the last few years, my creatinine levels have increased and are showing an upward trend. My recent levels were 178. I am 43 yers old and woud like to avoid further deterioration in my function and avoid another kidney transplant in the future. Could you plese advise what I can do?

    Will the ayurveda herbs you mention interfere with post-transplant medication such as Prednisilone ( i take 2.5mg daily now) and cyclosporine (of which I take 100 mg in the morning and 75 mgs in the eveneing).

    I have stared to drink a small cup of Loki juice and have ordered some neem juice but would like to know more before drinking the Neem juice on a regualr basis.


  10. hi....
    even 5mths child can also be cured from kidney disesase from ayurveda medicine???

  11. hello sir
    iam 21 yrs old . i have small cystic reniform in left lumber region and my left kidney is not woring since childhood as per the report of my i v p test . now sir what will i do , please sir give your sugestion

  12. Hello sir
    My father age is 5and he is suffrering from dibetic for 12 years.his creatine is 2.5 and urea is 90mg/ are saying for dayalis.
    Can the kedney be cure from ayurvedic.
    Plzzzz rply.

  13. My wife F52 is suffering from CKD since 9.1.13 .She had undergone dialysis 7-8 times since first diagonisis.till last month her creatinine was 3.2 and now it is 4.4 .The doctor (allopathy) has suggested for transplantation.Please suggest your ayurvedic treatment.Matter urgent
    A K Dutta

  14. Dear Dr Vikram,

    my mother has suffered acute renal failure 10 days back and ia currently hospitalised. Doctor says that there is no kidney treatment and they will recover naturally over next 30 days. She does not have diabetes, bp has always been under control for 4 yrs. Pls help if this can be treated with ayurveda

  15. Hi I m AŃÁŶÁ SoŃĨ . I m 27 years old . my kidneys were failed in Feb 2015 and my operation of kidney transplant is don in month of may 2015 .. I hv gained my weight a lot my height is 5'7" and my weight is 68 I wanna reduce my weight. . and I heard that drinking freash lauki juice twice a day do miracles to loss weight . I wanna knw having lauki juice is it good for me and if yes how I should take it .. Thanks plz reply

  16. Hi I m AŃÁŶÁ SoŃĨ . I m 27 years old . my kidneys were failed in Feb 2015 and my operation of kidney transplant is don in month of may 2015 .. I hv gained my weight a lot my height is 5'7" and my weight is 68 I wanna reduce my weight. . and I heard that drinking freash lauki juice twice a day do miracles to loss weight . I wanna knw having lauki juice is it good for me and if yes how I should take it .. Thanks plz reply

  17. uncle creatinine level was above 3..after taking medicine after 3 months tht becm below 2 around 1.65..suddenly next month his creatinine level increased above 2 so I want to knw tht with alopathic medicine can use herbal drug?

  18. Hello doc. My uncle creatinine level was above 3..after 3 month medication it decreases n it was below 2..after tht next month suddenly creatinine level increased nw his creatinine level is 2.65. Doc I want to knw shall we can use herbal medicine wth alopathic medicine. Please reply

  19. Hello sir,
    My mother has problem of deceased veins & even after undergoing by pass surgery 3 months back she got another heart attack. Doctors say her blood vessels are very thin ( lesser than 1mm) with 100% blockage , but no more surgery can be done. What is your advice for widening her blood vessels.
    Thanks in advance

  20. Alo doc,
    i wanna ask u. HOw to solving problem of gonorrhea?.

  21. You can start with -

    Cap Giloy, Cap Amalaki Rasayan and Gandhak rasayan / Each - 2 twice after meal with water for a month and keep me informed at
    Visit -
    Clinic No. - +91-172-5214030

  22. Hello Sir

    On 27 Dec 2015, my father had problem with anorexia, nausa, shortness of breath with progresssive reduced urine output,found to have Bilateral PUI calculi leading to Bilateral Hydroureteronephrosis with rising serum creatinine(16) with uremic features. Hence he was initiated on Hemodialysis via Right Femoral HD vascath.Subsequently he underwent Left uretefic DJ stenting. However right ureteric stenting failed. Thus right PCNL was done to drain out urine contain from right kidney.Later to this he was operated in order to remove Stone from Left Kidney, after which the Serum Creatinine level came done quickly which is now around 1.9.Currently he is doing good, goes to work and does all his work properly and maintains simple diet which is without oil and spices.

    We are looking for Conventional/Ayurvedic medicine which can improve Kidney functioning for long term.

    Hope this help,please feel free to ask any questions.

    Thanks a lot for the help

    1. Hello

      Yes You can start with some herbal combination for better improvement. You can visit the link and keep me informed at

  23. Hi good afternoon sir

    My father is suffering from kidney failure and he was going weekly twice to dialysis......
    Is there any alternate way to stop dialysis please let me know if any?
    if ayurvedic treatment is taken can we stop the dialysis??
    How many days the treatment should be taken?
    Creatinine is 8
    Blood urea is 140
    Reply please.....

  24. Yes there are wonderful results with herbs in kidney failure. You can start - Revive kidney pack for a month and keep me informed at

    Visit -

  25. Happy to know about your treatment,my father is 67 yrs old and creatinine level is 6.15.can your ayurvedic dava treat my father

    1. Hello- For your father's problem, go ahead with the Revive Kidney Pack. It's complete kidney care pack,herbs used in the medicines are very good to reduce the creatinine levels in a natural way.
      To buy online these medicines visit this link
      Take these medicines at least for one month then update me on this mail ID -
      For any queries contact on this number- +91-172-5214030

  26. Hey doctor
    My friend have the same issue of kidney failures and her both the kidnies are not working now she is icu can please help that what should we have to do now , in her reports her certinian is 8.1 in her body she is just 24 years old please help

    1. Hello - Start with Revive kidney pack for your friend. Herbs used in these medicine help to lower down the elevated creatinine levels and also improve the kidney functions. Take these medicines for one month.
      To buy online these medicines visit this link
      For further assistance or diet related queries you can write us on this mail ID - or call on +91-172-5214030


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