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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Herbs to lower Creatinine - Decoction

take decoction of few herbal mixtures, which can remarkably reduce the creatinine levels quickly.

The remedy is -

Take 5 gm of each of  5 herbs -
Mutrakrichantak Churna (  a herbal formulation for kidneys)  + Tribulus powder (Gokhru Powder) + Chicory leaves (Kaasni Leaves) + 5 Grass roots (Trinpanchmool-5 diuretics) + Ficus religiosa bark ( Pipal tree bark)

Take 5 gm of each of the herbs, put this mixture into about 200 ml of water, boil until the water remains about 50 ml , consume once daily .

For quicker results, add  Rencure Formula 2 capsules twice daily & Varunadi vati

This should help in reducing the urea and creatinine levels.
Along with this, you can also drink Arjun Tea - 1 cup once daily.

Check for further information or contact at


  1. Hello Sir,

    I am Dr.Karan.....can this decoc. reduce the level of s.cre. from 12 down to normal. The patient is on dialysis (twice a week).

  2. Dr. Karan,
    Yes, I have experienced wonderful results with these simple herbs. You can use them for your renal failure patients, who have high urea and creatinine levels.

  3. dear sir,

    my father is diabetic patient and his serum creatinine level was 9 earlier, doctor suggested dialysis after first dialysis it was brought down to 6. can you pls advice to lower the s.cre., we are from gangtok, is the herb available in gangtok


  4. hi, These herbs are growing in nature. I do have all these herbs available in my clinic, which I procured from different places.
    Write at if you need these herbs. They are avilable for very nominal charges.
    Thanks - Vikram

  5. Dear sir,

    My father is diabetic patient and his serum creatinine level was 9 earlier and high urea, doctor suggested permanent dialysis(twice/week). After first session of dialysis (4 time) it was brought down to 6 (It is growing).
    Can you pls advice to lower the s.cre.,
    we are from West Bengal, is the herb available in Kolkata, West Bengal.

    Thank you.

    Subrata Bauri

  6. You can contact me at 0091-98766-43604 . there are some herbs which have been found to be very useful in this condition.

  7. where is your clinic located ? does those herbs at one point liminate the dialysis process

  8. hi, My clinic is located in Chandigarh. These herbs do not initiate dialysis rather they help in lowering down urea and creatinine levels and help in decreasing the frequency of dialysis required.
    Dialysis is a temporary solution to keep the dangerous levels of toxins down so that they do not cause any permanent damage to the system. Dialysis has its own importance. If the urea and creatinine levels go beyond certain limits, then dialysis is recommended but if these herbs are used along with the dialysis process, slowly and steadily the need for dialysis reduces.

  9. Dear Doctor Vikram,
    My mother’s kidneys are working only 12% and doctor said they will be putting her on dialysis any time soon. Would you please please advice me some remedy. What are the steps we need to take. Please make it urgent to response.

  10. Hi Ramasha ! I think for 12 % kidney function, you should continue dialysis as well as start using herbs. The herbs are not going to lower down urea and creatinine immediately. So dialysis can not be avoided immediately. She may have to continue these herbs along with the dialysis. The dosage of herbs should also be less. The levels of urea and creatinine should also be monitored regularly. The herbs act slowly.

  11. Thank You so much for a quick response. What kind of herbs do you recommend and also the amount of dose for this condition?

  12. Thank you so much for a quick response. So what kind of herbs you reccommend and how much dose she should take for this condition? Please advise

  13. I would recommend a combination of herbs like those in the formulation - Mutrakrichantak Churna and Rencure formula.

    Those who do not have access to these above 2 formulations can use - (decoction/herbal tea/infusion/juice etc.) of herbs like Corn Silk, Ficus Religiosa bark (pipal tree bark) , Neem tree bark, Tribulus (Gokhru) terrestris whole plant, Chicory (Kasasni), are also good.

    The products Rencure formula and Mutrakrichantak Churna which contain most of these herbs are available at my site -

    but I would again say that do not expect Miracles to happen overnight. The herbs do take time. You have to continue the dialysis and remain under supervision of your nephrologist for monitoring urea,creatinine levels and dialysis.

  14. hi dear sir
    My mother’s in kidney problem now she creatinine 4.75 & urea 62 now she already taking nature therapy & whet grass . before this remedy my mother creatinine was 5.31 & urea 98 .Would you please please advice me some remedy. What are the steps we need to take. Please make it urgent to response. waiting ur reply

  15. Vineet, The herbs to lower creatinine are described above in the post I have written. Please read. I am glad that the creatinine level has decreased but I am not against use of Wheat grass juice...but I would still recommend you to kindly keep a record of potassium levels as wheat grass is rich in potassium and usually in kidney failure patients Potassium in high. Same is the case with Aloe vera juice. I don't recommend Aloe vera juice to kidney failure patients and people who have high creatinine levels.

    You can continue with Wheatgrass juice if the potassium level is ok. This helps in lowering down urea and creatinine levels.
    Other herbs which you can use can be read at


  16. Hi, Dear sir
    I have a problem with my kidney. A month ago my creatinine level was 4.2 and the urea nitrogen level was 32. As of today my creatinine has increased to 5.0 and urea nitrogen 12. I am on a no salt diet for the past two months, and eating food with low protein,potassium and phosporus. My kidney problem is due to high blood pressure but its under control now below 130 and 80. Can the herbal remedy you discribed above be consumed toghether with the high blood pressure medication that I am on? I have also heard of flax seed oil and tulsi seed. Can they help reduce the creatinine levels? Thanks

  17. Creatinine levels come down if the blood pressure remains under control for a long period of time. So take care of your blood pressure first. It should not go high. Specific herbs to lower creatinine levels are those in mutrakrichantak churna. I don't recommend tulsi adn flax seed to lower down creatinine levels as according to ayurveda , they are hot in nature especially Tulsi. So tulsi is not recommended for blood pressure patients.
    Cooling herbs like Rose petals, Arjuna, Phyllanthus niruri, Pipal are recommended - please read about Detox tea at - This tea contains most of these ingredients.
    The other herbal combination is mutrakrichantak churna

  18. Dr Vikram,
    Thank you for your prompt reply .
    You mentioned about mutrakrichantak churna .Can it be consumed with my blood pressure medication ?Yesterday my doctor had prescribed sodium bicarbonate in addition to my other medication .Are they any restrictions that I should be aware of if I do consumed the herb that you prescribed ?
    One last question , how about cinnamon powder and caconut water ? I believe they are good to lower blood pressure but would they lower the creatinine level too ? As fas as I know coconut is rich in potassium .
    Thank you.

  19. Sodium in any form will cause water retention, so I don't it should be recommended. Yes, Mutrakrichantak churna can be consumed with your blood pressure medication or if someone suffering from diabetes can also have this with the medications being taken. This herbal blend contains herbs which work as natural diuretics and kidney supporting. They do not have any interaction with other medicines rather they aid the kidney function.
    There are no specific restrictions along with the mutrakrichantak churna or Rencure formula I recommended.
    Cinnamon is good for high cholesterol and it is not really specific for blood pressure. Traditionally Cinnamon is used to lower triglycerides levels and clear the blocked arteries. Arjuna is the herb of choice for lowering down blood pressure. We have used Cinnamon, Arjuna and Phyllanthus niruri which is another wonderful herb for liver, kidneys and circulatory system in Detox tea. (check So you can consume arjun tea or detox tea once to twice daily if you have blood pressure, high cholesterol and also suffer kidney failure.

    now about coconut water- yes, it is rich in potassium. It should not be technically as it is rich in potassium and the potassium levels are already high in kidney failure, but it has been observed that the renal failure responds to coconut water. So it should be used in a very tricky way. If the potassium levels are not so high, then one can recommend Coconut water. If there is not much water retention, then one can consume coconut water instead of regular water.
    if the kidney failure is at initial stage and the urea and creatinine levels are not so high then Coconut water is a miracle.
    So it depends how you use it.

  20. Dear Dr. Vikram: Thanks for recommending mutrakrichantak churna for my kidney problems. I am on none salt diet. Even with high creatinine (5.0) and buns reading (45), is it advisable to take yougurt although its high in protein.

  21. For High urea and Creatinine levels, high protein diet is not recommended. Sometimes due to kidney failure there is low albumin in the blood. there is loss of proteins from the kidneys and the blood protein levels are low. Then some protein intake is recommended.
    Since urea and creatinine are end products of protein metabolism, therefore too much consumption of Protein diet is not recommended.

    According to Ayurvedic medicine, these ammonia based end products like urea and creatinine are called "ama" or endotoxins. These are formed more due to heavy diet like Yougrt and other heavy, greasy, sticky foods like Banana, Non-vegetarian diet, eggs etc.
    So according to Ayurveda- yogurt should not be consumed as it produces more Ama and can further increase in Urea and creatiine.

    According to modern medicine, yogurt is rich in proteins, it can not be given to high urea and creatinine patients as the end product of protein metabolism is formation of urea and creatinine. If the protein levels are low in blood, then it can be given in small quantity.

  22. Hello Doctor,

    This is Sathya and am 26 years old.
    I found that my kidney has problem before 2 months. And am continue with the dialysis for the past two months. When i got admitted in the hospital my creatinine was 15.3 and now it's 7.6 & urea is 96. What measure should i need to take for reducing the urea, creatinine level? Kindly confirm quickly

  23. Hello Sathya, Please read the blog post. I have posted some herbal remedies to lower urea and creatinine levels and they are helpful. Dialysis has to be done as your creatinine levels is 15.3 before dialysis. You can use Ayurvedic remedy called Mutrakrichantak Churna , Rencure formula, Varunadi Vati to lower urea and creatinine levels. They assist kidneys in a natural manner. Thanks
    Dr. vikram

  24. I started using soy milk in my coffee latte's and I just had my creatinine level checked and it is 2.0. Could the protein in the soy milk cause the level to go up?

  25. Hello Doctor,

    This is Ruchir. Your blog is very informative and helpful. My father has creatinine level of 5.3 and has a varying blood pressure i.e. sometimes it beacomes normal and sometimes a bit high ranging 140/100 and is NOT diabetic. I read somewhere that Cinnamon ("Dal chini") is one of the herb that can reduce the creatinine level, is that so?

    Also, the formula that have you mentioned in your post, is that available with you or we need to create it by ourselves or is readily available in the ayurvedic medical stores?

    Will appreciate your prompt reply.
    Ruchir Jain

  26. Hello Doctor,

    I'm Ruchir Jain. My father is having the creatinine level of 5.3 and is NOT diabetic. He is also having a varying blood pressure i.e. some times its 80/120 and sometimes its 100/140-150.

    I read somewhere that Cinnamon (dal chini) is also a useful herb in reducing creatinine level, is it true?

    Also i wanted to ask that the formula you mentioned in the post is readily available in the Ayurvedic medical Stores or i need to get in touch with you regarding the same?

    Will appreciate your early reply.
    Ruchir Jain

  27. Hello Ruchir,
    All the supplements are available at our website -
    and if you need others also, we have all that in our clinic. You can contact Mr. Ashwani at 0091-9876643604 to get these and check the pricing.

    Chronic Blood pressure may be the reason for high creatinine levels as it puts pressure on kidneys as well. Cinnamon reduces cholesterol levels and can be useful in reducing creatinine levels but it is not really recommended alone for high blood pressure. It is ok for cholesterol reduction.

    It should be used in combination with other herbs like Arjuna for blood pressure.
    Read about this at -

    The herbs I have mentioned are not really readily available at all ayurvedic medical stores as some of them are rare. So be in touch with Mr. Ashwani.
    Thanks !

  28. Dear Dr.

    I am having problem of deep vein thrombosis with pulmonery hypertension. I am on allopathic medication from six years and now due to side effects of these medicine my s. creatinine & ureric acid levels are increasing day by day. Request you to suggest ayurdedic/herbal redmedies on these problems. My age is 39 ears and I have this problem from six years.


  29. Yes, some medications do increase creatinine levels and also uric acid levels. You should consult your doctor and discuss this and bring this into his notice so that he can reduce the dosage or stop the medicine.

    If you want to know some Ayurvedic remedies to lower down urea and creatinine, then I would recommend some herbal blends like Mutrakrichantak Churna, Rencure formula, varunadi Vati and Punarnava mandur. You can read about them at

    There are various herbs to lower down creatinine and urea levels and work naturally in this problem.

  30. Dr Vikram

    I would like to thank you for recommeding the M Churna for my creatinine level ..I have consumed it for few weeks and my report shows that my creatinine level has decreased from 5.16 to 4.4 .I am still on low protein no salt diet , however my hemoglobin has decreased too from 10.8 to 8.8 .I am wondering if you can suggest anything else .I have checked online about iron supplement with Vit B12 and Folic acid if this would help to increase red blood count ? Thank you

  31. Yes, The Mutrakrichantak Churna or the M churna is an effective ayurvedic remedy to lower creatinine levels and help kidney failure. To increase haemoglobin, it's ok to consume vit. B 12 and folic acid. You can also consume beet root juice- 10 - 20 ml daily and tablet punarnava mandur to improve Hb.

    The other kidney failure herbal remedies include mutrakrichantak churna, rencure fomrula, varunadi vati and punarnava mandur.

  32. Dear Sir,

    Thanks a lot for your reply. As per your advice, I have consulted with cardiologist on dosage of medicine (dilzem 30, dytor 10). As per him, RA & RV dialated and PH is near about 75mmgh so at rather than decreasing dose, it should be increased.He has prescribed new medicine Bosantas which is very costly and I can not afford as well as side effects are also high.

    Sir, further to add, I had jaundice last month (SGPT is normal but S.Billirubin total is 2 (direct .7 and indirect 1.3)as per latest report done on 28th. My hb is very high at 17.

    I am very consfused and not able to understand what is to be done. Request you to suggest -
    1) Is there any ayurvedic / home remedies on pulmonery hypertension so that I can stop allopathic medicines.
    2) I am on anticoagulation and taking warf 5 mg. Due to that hb level is increasing day by day, is any substite availalbe for this in ayurvedic.
    3)I have taken jaundex (sandu pharma) for S. Billirubin and it came to 1.7 from 2.4 but again it is increased to 2. What will be reason of the same?

    I have seen as suggested by you. Website is really very good and content are absolutly excellent. Really like planet. Thank you very much for suggesting.

    Thanks & Regards,

  33. Dear vinay ji,
    Warf does not increases the Hb, it is used as blood thinner. Jaundex is good for S.biliribun but I would recommend you Yakrit Plihantak churna - you can read about this one at -

    For pulmonary hypertension, I would recommend Arjun tea, Punarnava Mandur tablets. you can read about these at planet ayurveda site.
    If you want to get these, you can go to contact us page of planetayurveda site and contact the manager for information about how to get them.
    Do not stop any allopathic medicines at present. Just continue for a while.untill you get response from these ayurvedic medicines

  34. Thank you Dr Vikram for your reply .
    So I could take M Churna with punarnava mandur tablet to increase my HG in addition to Vit B12 and Folic Acid .But how about iron supplement ?Shall I consume that too . However I have been instructed by my Dr to have EPO Therapy ( some injection on weekly basis) to increase my red blood cell ct.
    Thank you

  35. The Erythropoietin - check at is a kind of hormone secreted by kidneys which helps to make blood. In case of kidney failure, there is drop in hemoglobin because this hormone is not available at all. So the Erythropoietin injections or EPO therapy is recommended on weekly basis.
    So this is ok and you should undergo this therapy. This is specific only to increase blood count and does not affect renal failure in any way.
    Vit. B12 also helps in blood formation and so does Iron supplements.

    Our main focus should be on reviving the kidney failure. If the kidneys are working fine, then the body will start making blood on its own. The mutrakrichantak churna and punarnava mandur helps in this condition. Punarnava mandur also helps in improving the hemoglobin.
    Along with Mutrakrichantak Churna and Punarnava mandur tablets, I would recommend you Varunadi Vati, Arjun tea , Yakrit Plihantak CHurna and Rencure Formula. You can get detailed information about all these at - or write to

  36. Dear All,
    Is there any body who is benifitted from Dr Chauhan's medicines for kidney problems. Many homeopathic doctors are claiming the same way, but no one has come up to say that he is benifitted.

  37. Dear Anil, I have published your comment so that people can read this one too. I have put all this on my blog so that more and more people can know about Ayurvedic remedies which have potential to lower down creatinine levels and urea levels. The herbs can be procured from us as well as from any nearby ayurvedic store. I also recommend people to be in touch with your nephrologist or an Ayurvedist nearby.
    A qualified Ayurvedic doctor will definitely agree with me that these herbs if used in a proper manner will help the patients.
    I do not doubt the intention of even those homeopathy doctors who are claiming the same way. we must put try to take things positively by trying whatever may be out there in nature which can be very helpful to mankind.
    Thanks - Dr. Vikram

  38. Hi Dr Vikram
    The punarnava mandur tablets that u suggested , that can increase my hemoglobin level together with M Churna can I get from your clinic in Chandigarh since I ll be travelling fr US to India in a couple of days time , or do I have to get them online ? Thanks

  39. Yes, You can have them from my clinic. You can call at office no. 0091-172-3054840 or my manager 09915593604 when you are in India. You can fix the time and collect the punarnava mandur as well as other herbs to lower creatinine levels.


  40. I want to purchase Your Medicine which will help to reduce Creatinine & Uria level in blood.

    How to purchase these medicine ?? Kindly reply.

    Note : I have described my Father's problem in previous post.

  41. Hi ! You can read more about the purchase procedure at - or contact mr. Ashwani at or call him at (0091-9915593604) or office no. 0172-3054840

  42. Dear Dr Vikram,

    my husband is on hemodialyses after the first kidney transplant failure and now waiting for the second transplant, the first lasted for 6 years before failed.what ayurvedic medicine he should take in order to reduce the dialyses time and frequency - now 3 times per week 4-5 hours every time. very strong weakness after the dialyses every time, very frequently insomnia, somtimes could sleep only one hour, could ayurveda help with that as well? thank you so much

  43. I would suggest you to start the kidney supporting herbs described at
    The herbal supplements for this problem are mutrakrichantak, rencure formula, varunadi vati etc.
    These should not be a immediate and complete replacement for renal transplant but these should help reduce creatinine levels and support kidneys normal function.

  44. Hello,
    How long can one start seeing the result of your arjun tea in lowering high blood pressure and the other herbs for the creatinine?

  45. Hi, It will take about 1 month or so. From now onwards, I may not be able to comment on every comment. Please e mail me at - with your detailed history and problem or visit

    I will reply to your mails :-)

    Thanks - Dr. Vikram

  46. hi dr Vikram,

    im reschel from the Philippines. we just found out that my mother had a kidney disease and now she is diagnosed end stage of renal disease. She was not yet advise on dialysis. we tried already other alternative way like drinking juice of lemon grass, corn hair,green tea, and a Chinese medicine recommended by our alternative med Dr. the kidney wash. we were surpriced instead her creatinine will lower than but it this was already her highest ever 750.21. im so worried dr. is immunocal whey protein isolate good for my mom. i have also no idea where to find those herbal plants here in the Philippines.

  47. Please contact Mr. Ashwani at - He can suggest you where to get these plants and how. Thanks - Dr.Vikram

  48. Sir my name is Ritwiz

    Mrs.Archana Shrivastava the Subject of this case and my mother is a Hypertension patient from around 25+ yrs, and was detected for diabetes from last 15+ years. In year 2007-2008 Subject was detected suffering from "Minimal Change Disease" treated from steroids for around 2 years. From Jan 2012 her cretanine level started to show fluctuating treads which is in general "Increasing". Mean while the subject was admitted 4 to 5 tyms for the following treatment under hear "CKD" cronic kidney disease and was managed with Inj 20% albumin, Inj Neorecormon 500mg, IV SC, Inj. Venofer, Inj Dytor and other supportive measures and was discharged with following advice.
    Advice on Discharge
    *Amaryl 2mg once daily
    *Glarintus 20mg once daily [ insuline inj]
    *Thyroxine 150mg
    *Revelamer 800 2 tab thrice a day
    *Amaryl 2mg once daily
    *Ecosprin AV, Ciploric, Zevit, Matilda Plus A/D
    *Zytanix 5mg 2/7
    *Dytor 20mg 5/7
    *Alpha-D3 0.5mg OD
    *Moxcent 0.3 mg OD
    *Pan D twice a day

    As per her latest report
    Phosphate [ as phosphorus]5.8mg/dl ref point = 2.5-4.5mg/dl
    Uria nitrogen(BUN) 44 mg/dl ref point = 7-25mg/dl
    Creatinine 5.18 mg/dl
    Gfr estimated is 9 mL/min/1.73m2

    Doctor says that probably in 3 to 6 months they have to send her for dialysis and we dont want that to happen
    Docters says there is no treatment in alternative medicine as well. Can you suggest what should we do in this case

  49. hello sir,

    my dad is 47 years old, he is suffering with high BP, and his serum creatine level is 6.2, and urea level is 87, we are using ayurvedic medicine, we bought gokhru powder so my ayurvedic physician is telling that creatine, and urea level may go up if we travel also, or we have cold, constipation, like problems, kindly advice how to use gokhru because i belive in ayurveda because when my father started ayurvedic treatment his serum creatine was 6.0, and it came to 5.5, when he was taking rest in the house, it raised when he started travelling.

  50. Dear Doctor,
    Initially my dad's creatinine level is 10 and he is on dialysis for past 3 months, later we found out he has blocks in heart, so we did bypass and now he is on dialysis, his creatinine level is 5 now, urea 50 and potassium 5.5, his fluid intake is 750 ml and urine output is 1 ltr/day. he is not having any symptoms of CKD, active nw, can u suggest me what can i do further

  51. sir, my mother cretanine level has raised from 3 to 5.5 in past one year... she is also suffering from high bp.... she is not on dialysis rite now... can u suggest some measure for this???

  52. Good Morning Dr. Sir i have my father he is now 64 years his serum creatnine level is 3.3mg/dl . he is an hard worker he daily go to business before six months his creatnine level was 1.89 mg/dl . he did not have diabetiz and not have high blood pressure plz suggest the solution

  53. suggest some medicine for hypothyroidism

  54. My sister's creatn. Is 5.16. Why to do?

  55. Sir, my father has severe lv dysfunction .he is hypertensive. He also has benign hypetrophy of prostate. His creatinin is 2.5. can he use arjuna herb on daily basis for his heart problems?

  56. Sir, my father has severe lv dysfunction .he is hypertensive. He also has benign hypetrophy of prostate. His creatinin is 2.5. can he use arjuna herb on daily basis for his heart problems?

  57. Hello sir....I hav slide ng hiatus hernia known after endoscopy and stay in Bangalore...suffering from gastritis and acidity and takev pan d once 3 days as I stmich burns if I do not consume...I want to stop consuming pan d but my stomach burns and cannot consume food if I don't take....can u pls suggest any alternate ayurvedic medicines for pan d which does have side effects and no added contents, please help and I will buy from ur clinic...and even pay for your suggestion...thank u sir

  58. Will rencure formula alone not bring down high creatinine levels? My father in law is taking gokhru kwath too. He is taking EPO 4000 units injection too. His creatinine is 9 and the cause is diabetic nephropathy.

  59. हेल्लो doc मेरे क्रिएटिनिन .१% के हिसाब से बाद रहे है कृपया हमे मदत करे आप नो जो बताया वो नुख्सा आप के पास तो तयार भी मिल सक्ता है क्या मुझे वो उपलब्ध करा सकते है मै नेपाल से हु

  60. My father has a creatinine level of 3.7. He is taking allopathic medicine for around 4 months. It's increasing with the medicines too. The cretinine level was at 2.9 the previous month and now it became 3.7. His face remains swollen and sometimes his legs too. His urine and stool frequency is low too. What should we do ? He has diabetis and high blood pressure too. He takes insulin.

  61. My father has a creatinine level of 3.7. He is taking allopathic medicine for around 4 months. It's increasing with the medicines too. The cretinine level was at 2.9 the previous month and now it became 3.7. His face remains swollen and sometimes his legs too. His urine and stool frequency is low too. What should we do ? He has diabetis and high blood pressure too. He takes insulin.

  62. Hi.where can I buy here in the Philippines?.badly needed.pls help.tnx


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