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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Ayurvedic Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis 

Liver cirrhosis is a complicated disease in which there is damage to liver cells and there is a huge burden on the remained functional liver cells. Slowly the burden becomes so high that the functional cells also start to die. 

There are many reasons for liver cirrhosis. The most important ones are chronic alcohol consumption and sometimes viral infection leading to hepatitis and complete damage to liver. Chemical based drugs, toxins in food and water leading to hepatitis. 

1. Alcoholic liver disease is one of the major reason for liver cirrhosis. 

2. Hepatitis - Hepatitis is inflammation of liver due to any cause. Damage to liver cells leads to disturbed liver metabolism, release of bilirubin in the blood leading to yellowish discoloration of skin known as Jaundice. Elevation of liver enzymes like SGOT and SGPT. Major cause of Hepatitis are viral causes. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D and Hepatitis E

3. Bile duct Blockage leading to Biliary liver cirrhosis - Bile is a substance produced by the liver to help the body digest fats. Bile is carried from the liver to the gallbladder and eventually into the intestines by small tubes called bile ducts. If these ducts become blocked, the bile backs up and can damage the liver. The liver becomes inflamed, starting the long process of cell damage that leads to cirrhosis. In adults, gallstones are a common cause of bile duct blockage. Surgery to remove the gallbladder also blocks the bile ducts.

There are many other reasons for liver cirrhosis but the above 3 are main reasons for liver cirrhosis and alcoholic liver disease is one of them. 
No matter what is the reason behind liver damage and liver cirrhosis but the below mentioned herbal remedies help to regenerate the liver cells and prove to be an effective treatment for liver cirrhosis. 

       1.       Yakrit Plihantak Churna – 1 teaspoonful twice daily or boil 2 tablespoonfuls in about 400 ml of 
              water , boil until it remains 50 ml. Filter and consume. Add sugar to taste if not diabetic
       2.       Tab. Arogyavardhni vati – 1 tablet twice daily, after meals with plain water
       3.       Cap. Phyllanthus niruri  – 2 capsules twice daily
       4.     Cap. Echinacea ( kalmegh )  – 2 Capsules twice daily
       5.     Pancht Tikt Ghrit   – 1 teaspoonful at night. 
       6.       Cap. Punarnava – 2 capsules twice daily
       7.     Cap.  Liver Detox - 2 twice daily 
       8.       Mix all the following in the below mentioned quantity, make 60 Sachets and consume 1 sachet   
               twice daily with honey.

Praval Panchamrit- 10 gm
Kamdudha Ras –  10 gm
Kalmegh Navayas Loh – 10 gm
Tapyadi Loh – 5 gm
Yashad Bhasma – 5 gm
Mukta Pishti – 2 gm
Trinkant Mani Pishti- 10 gm 
Akik Pishti – 10 gm
Swarn Makshik Bhasm – 5 gm
Punarnava mandur – 10 gm
Jahar Mohra Pishti- 10 gm
Giloy Satv - 10 gm 
Make 60 Sachets of Equal quantity- consume 1 twice daily with honey.


      Liver Transplant-  This is the last option given to liver failure patients who are suffering from severe liver cirrhosis. There are so many hurdles before getting a good liver transplant successfully done. Before going to such an option, Ayurvedic treatment for liver cirrhosis should be done as it can help a lot even in complicated cases of liver cirrhosis and liver damage. The results are excellent and there are many many patients who are cured of liver cirrhosis, who were advised liver transplant. Hepatitis B cases, Alcoholic liver disease patients should do this treatment without hesitation. 

All these can be procured by writing an e mail to Mr. Ashwani at - or by calling him at +91-9915593604 or +91-172-5073604

Or 4 important formulations in this combination ( which are sufficient in most cases )  can be purchased Online using credit cards - here  THE LIVER CARE PACKAGE  or at - PLANET AYURVEDA  ( People from India can call Mr. Ashwani thakur at above nos.  to avoid International Shipping Charges ) 

Dr. Vikram Chauhan -MD (Ayurveda) explaining Ayurvedic treatment of Hepatitis and all types and Liver cirrhosis 


  1. My father was suffered from Hepitis B and liver cirrhosis, doctors advised for liver transplantation as according to their diagnosis the liver was damaged 75 % but when I've consulted Dr. Vikram Chauhan, he gave told me that ayurveda has such capabilities that can recover the liver damage for about 80% and I followed him and now my father is feeling well and quite all right. I am thankful to Dr. Chauhan
    Dr. Shailendra Singh Bhadauria
    Assistant Professor
    Industrial and Production Engg
    NIT Jalandhar- Punjab- India
    Contact: +91-9779030399

    1. Dear Shailendra ji - Thanks for your valuable feedback.. Yes, it is possible to revive the liver using ayurvedic medicines, even after a lot of damage has been done to liver. There are many patients who are doing well and they had severe ascites, edema, end stage liver cirrhosis, jaundice, highly elevated liver enzymes, and unable to digest anything. Thanks for helping others also by posting your comments at my blog !
      Regards - Dr. Vikram Chauhan

    2. Sir,

      I am herewith enclosed Cirrhosis liver problem of my cousin for past 6 months, liver stunt operation also done. But the concerned liver doctors says that liver transplantation to done immediately. In this connection i need your valuable opinion and your ayurvedic treatment. Patient Name : Ravi Kumar and age is 22 years

      Thanking you Sir,

    3. My dad, 52 is also suffering from cirrhosis. How long will it take him to recover from the disease?We have been refering him to ayurveda since one year.

  2. Here are some Questions asked by the Liver Cirrhosis patients -

    1. Will the patient be able to tolerate all these mentioned tablets and capsules , as the patient presently is very weak, unable to walk, still lying on the bed & shivering , even eyes are too yellowish[jaundice sign].

    [with earlier for old few medication prescribed by doctors,he was unable to tolerate, he was feeling drowziness, tired,unable to walk, always lying on the bed , no urine, no motion]

    Answer - Yes, the herbs are purely natural and very good for liver. He will be able to tolerate them all.. You can initially start with a low dose.. half of my recommended dosage and slowly when you see he is tolerating well, you can increase the dosage to full after 4-5 days. These are all natural herbs and natural medicines, so there won't be any burden on liver.

    2. Any food diet do patient follow up during this treatment. - Please check the liver cirrhosis diet -
    (Copy and paste this in the address bar above and press enter)

    It is very important to give this diet , Mooli (radish) juice is very good for him.. 20 ml daily is enough... Coconut water is also important.. give him 40 ml daily.

    3. How long it might take to recover for liver Cirrhosis ? Does the liver recovers to healthy liver after using these ayurvedic medicines ?

    Answer - The outcome should be observed for about 10-15 days. If his response to the medicines is good in first few days and his clinical condition improves, then Yes, he will be able to live a normal life. Usually the response is positive in 80 % of the patients.

    5. How long the prescribed medication need to be followed, is it for rest of his life.

    Answer - No, as soon as he returns to normalcy, we can stop the medicines after 3 months of that. Usually it takes about 6 months to 1 year to recover from liver failure.

  3. Respected Dr Vikram sir i stay at Mumbai and for me it is impossible to take my mom to you at Chandigar. Are u going to visit Mumbai?..any time..please inform

  4. My dad is suffering from liver cirrhosis where in high amount of Ammonia is generated & spreads in mind due to which there is confusion in his mind & sometimes he gets violent as well also he is suffering from portal hyper tension, liver cirrhosis, diabities, high bp thyroid as well can we still use above medicines please provide your inputs in this case & what would be the level of his liver failure & can it be cured if yes in what duration. Please help

  5. Dear Dr. Vikram Chauhan

    Thanks a lot for your medicine support on the internet and you are a god for such patients who are poor. You know very well such type of poor people are ignored by the Govt. Hospitals, whether it is AIIMS, Safdarjung hospital etc. Govt. Doctors are not so careful to poor people as compared to Private Doctors.

    Sir, one of my relative is suffering from Liver cirrhosis due to bile duct blockage and normally he suffers ascites & pain in stomach problems. In such case, please confirm the complete medicines and time period for taking medicines.

    I will wait for your help sir.

    With Best Regards
    Uma Shankar
    New Delhi
    Mob:09810472103 email:

  6. Very useful information specifically the ultimate phase I take care of such information a lot.
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  7. This is such a nice article about the cirrhosis treatment.Please give some more information about the cirrhosis treatment.

  8. Thanks for giving these information to us, it is good blog

    cirrhosis treatment

  9. Respected Doctor,

    Which is the safe drug for cirrhosis treatment on diabetic patients without further renal damage. Please give Name and Manufacturer

  10. This article will help many people out there who suffers from chronic liver disease for this blog gives the information one must have regarding fatty liver such as using ayurvedic treatment.

  11. Hello sir….
    I am Shailendra Singh from Gorakhpur(u.p),my father is suffering from liver cirrhosis from last one year. He get treatment from allopath but there are little improvement and doctor told that to need of liver transplant in next few year. According to the symptom of liver cirrhosis, my father condition is little good b/c no Pale yellowish discolorations of skin, Fever, Swelling of face and extremities, Itching of body, Feeling of depression, Bleeding from pores of body and etc. He is suffering from Loss of control over mind, three times till now and it’s not for long time, only for some hours or a day after that he fine.
    So please suggest me what can I do…….and where we go for best treatment of liver cirrhosis ?.......please suggest me.

  12. Hello sir
    Main fida husain from sindh Pakistan I
    Im patant hpts b delta my splen is en large and change s my liver and more Chang es with time plz sgest me treatment I hope you will comment my request but no free floud seen my apdmen

  13. This blog will help many people out there who suffer from chronic liver disease for this blog gives the information .

  14. Hello Dr.VIkram Chauhan. Iam Vetri Selvan.M from tamilnadu. My father has alcoholic liver disease.. he is suffering from Liver Cirohcis and ascites ... he was treated in several hospitals but there is no improvement.. iam so happy to see that there is treatment for this disease in ayurvedic treatment..
    my father suffering so much of pain.. he has swelling in abdomen, testicle and thigh... we can't tolerate his suffering.. we need him back to normal.. sir please help us... "is it possible to make my father back to normal by ayurvedic treatement??? " and please suggest us some ayurvedic hospital in tamilnadu.. i really wanna meet you for my father's treatement sir but we cannot afford much so please do help me.. i ll be waiting for your reply sir.. thank you..

  15. hello sir,

    My brother is having liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.. all alopathy doc have no treatment.. do u have any solution? Please let me know at earliest , i can share all the diagnosis report with u

  16. Sir, I am from Kerala. My Father is suffering from Liver Cirrhosis with HCC caused by Hepatitis B. We came to know this only before one year. We have done 2 RFA for lesion in liver. Now he is on allopathy medicine like Entehep, Tenmac etc. Allopathy doctors said no other way to cure him as he is 80 years old. I am in search of a way to cure him. Please help me.

    1. Please help me father also in same condition. please contact me by mail or Mob # 00971506715360 (UAE).

  17. With information from the website i have some science and new knowledge, in this article i am very pleased to do with of life understand therefore i much thank you. I will always be waiting recent article you and will often visitors loyal the website.

  18. sir I undergone liver transplant in 2010 july. Now i am under treatment with allopathic advagraf and mofelit 360.Now I want to go for ayurvedic medcal treatment sir please advice me.Will it be suitable enough.

  19. my mother aged 65 yrs has been diagnosed wit h cirrhosis of liver recently. before this she was suffering from lungs disease and asthma.she is also a cardiac patient with disease of lepromatous leprosy. pleses advice me whether an ayurvedic treatment will heal all her problems.i ll be obliged if i get a phone call on 9707193705 or 9864216891.
    sincere regards
    nibaran hazarika
    assam, india

  20. Hello sir,my uncle has damaged his liver by drinking alcohol can u give some advise to join ur hospital

  21. my one year child suffering from paucity of liver bile ducts. we found this after two and half months, now I am taking treatment in jipmer. Though he is under medication, jaundice still persists, bilirubin on higher side around 18. is there any treatment in ayurvedha to treat my child. Please advise Doctor.
    Sheik Yussuf.

  22. Dear Sir,

    I am from mohali, One my relative suffering from Hepatitis B, kindly suggest what to do.????

  23. Hii can this medicine cured cirrhosis caused by hypertitcs reply

  24. Thanks for sharing information
    Ayurveda therapies when applied with skill and care work on both the physical and psychological levels to invigorate, relax and ease pain or tension from stiff aching muscles, boost circulation and alleviate mental stress, soothing the soul and fostering balance and serenity.

  25. Thanks for sharing information
    Ayurveda therapies when applied with skill and care work on both the physical and psychological levels to invigorate, relax and ease pain or tension from stiff aching muscles, boost circulation and alleviate mental stress, soothing the soul and fostering balance and serenity.

  26. Respected sir,my own uncle effected in 4th stage in liver cancer,plzz tel any better choice of treatment sir,waiting for it rply sir..

  27. Hi Sir, my father is suffering from initial stage of cirrhosis. I am very much worried as the allopathy doctors say that he won't survive. Can u please help me? I am from Bangalore and my name is Vijetha. My phone number +919986672070 email

  28. Hi Sir, my name is Vijetha from Bangalore n my father aged 57 is suffering from initial stage of cirrhosis and allopathy doctors tried some steroid treatment and it didn't work so now they r suggesting transplant. Can u please help us? I would like to discuss with u over phone n email as it's very far for us to physically meet u. My number is +919986672070 email

  29. sir,
    my sister got leaver damage and her stomach got paining and swelling(filling water in stomach), voamtting, loose motion, please suggest me the treatment for this to mail ID.
    mail ID;

  30. sir,
    my sister got leaver damage and her stomach got paining and swelling(filling water in stomach), voamtting, loose motion, please suggest me the treatment for this to mail ID.
    mail ID;

  31. Hello doc
    my name is aanal
    I wanna talk about my husband name jeet gajjar age 30
    he is suffering from liver chorisis from may 2016
    rtnw the condition is very crucial
    Doctor suggest liver transplant
    he is losing his confidence and hope for further life
    rtnw hospitalised cos of unbearable stomach pain
    I need your help
    n want to know is it possible to get regenerate the cells of liver by this ayurvedic treatment?
    Pls mail me
    m eagerly waiting for your reply

    1. Well, you can let him start with above said medicines and we hope to see a good change. Also keep giving ongoing allopathic treatment. Keep me informed at after a month.

  32. Dear Dr. Vikram,

    My wife has Liver Cirrhosis. Now her Jaundice is increased (Bilirubin: 18.31 | Direct Bilirubi: 14.72). She was admitted to hospital for 15 days for Acitis. Ammonia increased upto 78, Liver appears enlarge and measures 16 CMS. She had Doctor (MD. Medicine , ) has given medicines for 15 days and suggested USG Doppler test CBC. LFT and other tests. The cirrhosis is at advanced stage.

    I am interested ayurvdic treatment for her for her liver recovery.

    I want to know can we start allopathy and ayurveda treatment at same time?

  33. Thanks for sharing such a great information about Liver Chirrhosis.
    You can also know more about Liver Hepatitis

  34. Hello doctor. My father has liver cirrhosis from last 1 yr. Is there any clinic in mumbai of yours.

    1. Hello - My clinic is situated in Chandigarh and I also provide the online consultation. You can mail reports and details of your father on this E mail Here is complete address -
      Planet Ayurveda,
      Plot No. 627, Sector 82,
      JLPL Industrial Area,
      City - Mohali (Near Chandigarh ) – Punjab
      Clinic No. - +91-172-5214030
      Clinic Mobile Nos. - +91-8427494030 or +91-8427864030
      Kindly call us only between our clinic timings
      (9:30 AM to 6:00 PM IST - Monday to Saturday)

  35. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  36. Hello Dr. My uncle has been adviced for a liver transplant due to liver cirrhosis, hepatitis C and iron deposit in liver. Is there any treatment in ayurveda? He is 58 years of age. Plz reply soo .

    1. Hello - Start above combination of medicines for your problem because herbs used in these medicines restore the functioning of liver cells.
      Take them at least for one month and then update me on this E- mail ID -
      For any queries you can contact on this number- +91-172-5214030

  37. Sir,i'am from kerala. On 2016 MAY my father vomited blood then we realised that he had liver cirrhosis. He is 58 year old. Docters said that liver cirrhosis can't be cured. But by reading your blog i feel confident. Can you please tell me what treatment in ayurveda is good for him

    1. Hello- Indeed, Ayurvedic treatment is very useful to manage the liver cirrhosis. Herbs used in Ayurvedic medicines help in the detoxification of liver and regeneration of new liver cells. For your father's problem, I would like to suggest that start with our Liver Care Pack.
      To buy online these medicines visit this link
      Take these medicines at least for one month then update me on this mail ID -
      Or contact on this number- +91-172-5214030

  38. Hello sir..My mom is diagnosed with liver cirosis ..Doc has asked her for transplant but she is not ready for this.. is their any treatment for her

    1. Hello - Go ahead with our Liver care pack. These herbal medicines help to restore liver functions.
      Take them at least for two month and then write us on this E- mail ID -
      For any further queries or diet plans you can also write on above given E.mail Id or call on +91-172-5214030

  39. Sir,
    Do the above mentioned ayurvedic medicines can be taken along with the allopathic medicines?

    1. Yes, just maintain a gap of 40-45 mintues between both allopathic and ayurvedic medicines.

  40. Respected Dr. Vikram, Is there a cure for Hepatoblastoma in Ayurveda treatment? I know a 2 year old boy suffering with hepatoblastoma. Now it has spread to lungs as well. The child is on chemotherapy and doctor's have told there is only 50% chance for survival. The child and their family stay in Chennai.

    1. Hello send all the reports on this email Id -
      After seeing the reports and medical history of child, I will guide further with prescription.

  41. Sir, My father is diagnosed with liver cirrhosis 4years back n now doctor said its not curable n d kast option is transplant. He is 66yrs of age, we cannot afford transplant, can we have othercoptiob ib ayurveda?

    1. Hello - Herbs in Ayurveda help to manage the liver cirrhosis and also improve the liver functions.For your father's problem we suggest to start with Liver care pack for two months and then write on this E- mail ID -
      For any further queries you can call on +91-172-5214030

  42. Hello sir, my father is suffering from hepatitis b and liver cirrhosis and about 80 to 85 percent of liver alreadybeen damaged.... And doctors from delhi and bombay have advised for liver transplant.

    So i want your opinion that weather it is possible to treat this in ayurveda or we have to go for liver transplant.

    1. Hello - Ayurvedic medicines help to manage the liver cirrhosis. Start taking our liver care pack for 1-2 months. If there will be any noticeable change then you can further continue the medicines or you can go for liver transplant then.


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