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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ayurvedic Treatment for Brain Tumor and Alternative Treatment for Tumors

Brain tumors - Ayurvedic Treatment of Brain Tumor
Types of brain tumors: -

There are many types of brain tumors and so are many ways to treat them. Convention medical advices should not be ignored. The listed ayurvedic medicines are traditional bhasma medicines described in ancient ayurvedic texts as treatment of cancers and various tumours. These can be considered as alternative treatment of tumours. All these should be taken under the supervision or guidance of an Ayurvedic expert and as an alternative treatment for Brain tumors.

In my practice, I have seen wonderful results, with these bhasma medicines recommended in ayurvedic texts as tumor healing traditional medicines. It is better to contact us personally by meeting ( especially if one affords to meet). If the patients are located far off, then atleast talk to Dr. Vikram Chauhan and discuss the case before starting anything.You can call at +91-172-521-4030 and fix the appointment for tele-talk. You can send scanned reports and other documents via e mail.

Gliomas: - Gliomas as a group are considered the most common type of brain tumor. A glioma is a tumor that grows from a glial cell, which is a supportive cell in the brain. There are two types of supportive cells: astrocytes and oligodendrocytes. Therefore, most gliomas are called either astrocytoma or oligodendroglioma, or a mixture of both. Gliomas are graded (how much the tumor appears like normal brain tissue) from I to IV based on their degree of aggressiveness. A grade I glioma is a benign tumor, while grades II through IV are tumors with an increasing degree of aggressiveness and are therefore considered increasingly malignant in potential.

Types of gliomas:
v      Astrocytoma is the most common type of glioma. Astrocytomas begin in cells called astrocytes in the cerebrum or cerebellum. Glioblastoma multiforme (also called grade IV astrocytoma) is a very aggressive form of astrocytoma.
v      Oligodendroglioma is a tumor that develops from cells called oligodendrocytes. These cells are responsible for producing the myelin that surrounds nerves.
v      Brain stem gliomas begin in the glial cells in the brain stem.
v      Ependymomas, which begin in the ependyma (the cells that line the passageways in the brain where cerebrospinal fluid is made and stored.
v      Mixed tumors, which are composed of more than one of the glial cell types.

Non-glioma tumors:-

Non-glioma tumors begin in other types of cells in the CNS, and are described as either benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous).
v     Meningioma is the most common primary non-glioma brain tumor. It begins in the meninges surrounding the brain and spinal column and is most often benign. Meningioma can cause significant symptoms if it grows and presses on the brain or spinal cord.
v     Acoustic schwannoma (also called acoustic neuroma) is a rare tumor that begins in the vestibular nerve and is normally benign.
v     Craniopharyngioma is a benign tumor that begins near the pituitary gland. These tumors are rare.
v     Medulloblastoma, which begins in granular cells in the cerebellum, is most common in children and is most often malignant.
v     Primary CNS lymphoma is a form of lymphoma (cancer that begins in the lymphatic system) that starts in the brain.
v     The pineal and pituitary glands, located near the base of the brain, are the location of about a small no. of all brain tumors.

(2) Risk Factors: -

Age: - Children and older adults are two groups most likely to be diagnosed with brain tumors.

Gender: - Men are generally more likely than women to develop gliomas, while women are more likely to be affected by meningiomas.

Home/occupational exposures: - Occupational exposures to solvents, pesticides, oil products, rubber, or vinyl chloride may increase the risk of developing a brain tumor, although there is no scientific evidence to date. Black hair dye has also been researched as a potential cause of brain tumors, although the data remains inconclusive at this time.

Some genetic conditions: - Some genetic conditions, such as von Hippel-Lindau disease, Turcot syndrome, or neurofibromatosis, increase the risk of developing a brain tumor.

Exposure to infections, viruses, and allergens: - Infection with the Epstein-Barr virus increases the risk of CNS lymphoma. Several types of other viruses have been shown to cause brain tumors in experimental animal studies; however, more data is needed in order to determine if exposure to infections, other viruses, or allergens affect brain tumor risk.

Electromagnetic fields: - Electromagnetic fields, such as energy from power lines or from cell phone use, may or may not increase the risk of developing a brain tumor.

Ethnicity: - In the United States, whites have higher rates of gliomas but lower rates of meningioma than blacks. The rate of malignant brain tumors in Japan is less than half the rate of Northern Europe.

Ionizing radiation: - Treatment with ionizing radiation (including x-rays) has shown, in some cases, to be a risk factor for brain tumors.

(3) Signs and Symptoms: -

    *   Headaches, which may be severe and may worsen with activity or in the early morning.
    *  Seizures
    *  Personality or memory changes
    *  Nausea or vomiting
    *  Vision changes such as blurred 
Specific Symptoms related to Vision                                                                                                                   
Symptoms specific to the location of the tumor includes
    *     Pressure or headache near the tumor
    *     Loss of balance and difficulty with fine motor skills
    *    Changes in judgment, including loss of initiative, sluggishness, and muscle weakness or paralysis (Frontal lobe of the cerebellum)
    *     Partial or complete loss of vision (occipital lobe of the cerebellum)
    *    Changes in speech, hearing, memory, or emotional state including aggressiveness and problems understanding or retrieving words (temporal lobe of the cerebellum)
    *   Altered perception of touch or pressure, arm or leg weakness on one side of the body, confusion with left and right sides of the body (parietal lobe of the cerebellum)
    *   Inability to look upward (pineal tumor)
    *   Lactation, altered menstrual periods, and growth in hands and feet in adults (pituitary tumor)

 (4) Diagnosis as per modern science: -

(a) Imaging tests
  1.      Magnetic resonance Imaging
  2.      Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
  3.      Computerized Tomography
  4.      Positron emission tomography
  5.      Myelogram
(b) Neurological hearing and vision tests.

(c) Blood tests
(d) Lumbar puncture
(e) Electroencelography
(f) Cerebral arteriogram
(g) Stereotactic biopsy
(h) Evoked potentials

(5) Staging: -

Malignant (cancerous) tumours of the brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system [CNS]) differ in several important ways from tumors in other parts of the body. In the rest of the body, the most deadly aspect of a malignant tumor is its ability to spread throughout the body. In contrast, tumors starting in the brain or spinal cord can spread to other parts of the CNS, but they almost never spread to other organs. The dangerous aspect of these tumors is that they can interfere with essential, normal functions of the brain.

 (1) Ayurvedic Treatment for Brain Tumors and other cancers   - The below mentioned combination of classical ayurvedic medicines is given. These can be used along with ongoing conventional treatment like radiotherapy, surgery or chemotherapy. These are Ayurvedic medicines in proper dosage for adult patient. For Children, the dosage will be 1/4th of this. 

Hirak Bhasm 300 mg
Swarn Bhasm 500 mg
Rajat Bhasm 2.5 gm
Swarn basant malti Ras 1 gm
Abharak Bhasm (Sahasar Putti ) 2 gm
Swarn makshik Bhsam 5 gm
Rasraj Ras 1 gm
Bhrami Vati with gold 2 gm
Yogender Ras 1 gm
Shila sandoor 1 gm
Navratan kalp amrit Ras 2 gm
Raj Mrigank  Ras 1 gm
Hemgarbh potli Ras 1 gm
Vaikrant Bhasm 2.5 gm
Vrhit vangeshvar Ras 1 gm
Basant kusmakar Ras 1 gm
Vrhit sutshekhar Ras 1 gm
Dhatri Loh 5 gm
 Kalmegh Navayas Loh 5 gm
Punarva Mandoor 5 gm
Tamar Bhasm 1 gm
Giloy Satv 10 gm
Mukta Pishti 2 gm
Parval Panchmamrit Ras 5 gm
Vriht Vaat Chintamani Ras 1 gm

Mix all the above medicines and make Sixty ( 60 )  equal dose sachets.Take one sachet twice a day with one to two teaspoonful of honey and half teaspoonful of almond oil or with milk.

These should be taken for at least 6 months. The results are evident within first few days of treatment. Along with these Sachets, The following are also recommended -

(2) Capsules Cruel 30- Take one cap once a day with water.
(3) Capsules Cancer Gaj Kesari 30 -  Take one caps once a day.
(4)  Cap. Ashwagandha - 2 twice daily

(5) Cap. Curcumin - 2 twice daily 
(6) Cap. Bramhi - 2 twice daily 
(7) Tab. Kachnaar Guggul -2 twice daily

Check this video on CURCUMIN Capsules - one of the medicine given for tumour treatment in Ayurveda

For Case Evaluation -   Send all the reports by scanning to the Dr. Vikram Chauhan at this mail ID - and we can evaluate your case and coordinate.   Read about Dr. Vikram Chauhan Here  For Medicines Delivery -  Contact Mr. Ashwani Thakur by  writing to him at -  to get all these ayurvedic medicines delivered at your doorstep. SUCCESSFUL REAL TESTIMONIAL ---- CLICK HERE TO READ MORE 


  1. if a person has only 3 months left...then what can be the treatment? what medicine can we apply on a person with brain cancer?

  2. Regarding treatment of Brain tumor in this case, we can still use the above combination of natural remedies mentioned in the above post for brain tumor treatment or treatment of Brain Cancer.
    Sometimes the brain cancer is dangerous but still there is no harm in trying. We have received some miraculous results in brain tumor cases also but the role of Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy in brain tumor can not be ruled out in very complicated. The balance has to be maintained - Natural medicines, Natural treatment as well as medical treatment.

  3. wot is the chance of survival if we have 2-3 months, totatly on bed, only right hand/leg work, thin liquid shallow, already done surgery/radiation/TMZ.

    can you suggest -- Ayurveda medicine show hope in our case??

  4. I have seen miracles happening in Ayurveda, especially in complicated cases. I would want you to use the ayurvedic treatment for brain tumor as mentioned above. Please be in touch with my manager to fix an appointment. His phone no. is 9915593604 (+91)

    Dr. Vikram

  5. sir i m suffring from brain tumor from last 3 years, after 3 major surgeries, radio therepy, nd chemotherepy, still my tumor is recurring, pls tell me how can i choose d ayurvedic trtment

    1. Hello Mehak - I would suggest you to contact Mr. Ashwani with all your details and treatment history. May be we can help you. the above mentioned treatment can be given for brain tumor you are suffering from. In the past, I have seen patients brain tumors who responded very well to ayurvedic treatment. Curucmin is a very promising ayurvedic herb which is successful in treatment of many cancers and tumors. There are many others which are very effective to treat brain tumors. So I ask you and also others who are suffering to write to us with all their details and we will surely get back to you.

  6. hello sir my mother is suffring from brain tumor from last 2 years,once she had a tumor in augst 2011 than we operate it in nov 2011 then after tha biopsy report we know that she had lung cancer then all major surgeries, radio therepy, nd chemotherepy has done bt, still her tumor is recurring,now the size of tumer is 4.2*4.2 cm pls tell me how can i choose d ayurvedic trtment
    sir i need your help

  7. All cancers according to ayurveda are caused by too much "fire energy" i.e. Pitta imbalance. The prakriti ( the body type and mental type + too much stress) is also the reason for Pitta imbalance. Spices and Pitta food is also one of the reasons for cancers. I attribute the stress/ anxiety and anger to Cancers. Anyway, for your mother, I would suggest the cancer care remedies mentioned at - and
    + read the remedies for tumors and cancer treatment mentioned above. Contact Mr. Ashwani for more details - +91-9915593604

  8. A boy of 5 years old diagnosed Pontine Glioma on 26 July 2012,doctors in Hyderabad summarized it as untouchable area and cannot be cured.
    Have you come across such cases earlier?Is there any hope in Ayurveda please suggest

    1. Please contact mr. Ashwani at 09915593604 or

  9. My name is yaseen. my younger brother aged 23 yrs, have a brain tumor with high grade cancer. he had a surgery in august 2012 and recently one week ago he finished his radiotherapy. doctor said come after 3 months after we will do the MRI. then we will watch what is the result. I want to know is there is a treatment available for above mentioned disease in Ayurveda. pls replay me on
    thank you.

    1. Treatment of brain tumor or mainly glioblastoma is done by using various Ayurvedic Bhasma medicines. These medicines give excellent results in brain tumor as well as other cancers.
      Alkaline diet should be followed in all types of cancers including brain tumors

  10. Dear Mr.Ashwani,
    My Mother-In-Law has brain tumor grade 3 and she has given 10 radiotions till now and after all radiations are over looks pretty better and doctor also told us that its a miracle that she recovered a lot and they decided to go for one chemo and atlast a surgery to remove it. But suddenly from last one week she had vomitting, frequent headaches and she is feeling absolutely tired and we cannot the doctor they told us we have no further treatement left for her and only we can give supportive care which looks be a negative sign from them. So if she now takes the herbal medicine it is good for her because I have a fear it will react with thier medicine and cause something harm to her. If it is not a problem for her then we are willing to start giving herbal medicines as early as possible. Please help me out here sir to take a right decision.

    My email id is :

    Waiting for your positive reply as early as possible.

  11. My father has been recently diagnosed with Gliblastome. I want to know is there any cure foe this disease and how to gwt in touvh for the treatment options.

    1. The Ayurvedic treatment gives excellent results in brain tumors and all sort of cancers.The treatment mentioned above contains all types of ayurvedic medicines which have been proven for their role in cancers and are used by most of the senior Ayurvedic cancer specialists for treating their patients. So if you want to discuss further, please send us an e mail with all the reports and we will get back to you. check the mail ID at the top of this blog. ( It's )

  12. My husband, 36yrs, is suffering from brain tumor chordoma.He underwent an operation in march 2011. Now the MRI showing slight growth. He cannot close his eyes completely when sleeping, cannot move his lips, has blurred vision and loss of balance. The surgeons have suggested a second operation. But right now, he is under an Ayurveda treatment. Do you think this can help? Please reply

  13. wot is the chance of survival if we have 2-3 months, totatly on bed, only right hand/leg work, thin liquid shallow, already done surgery/radiation/TMZ.
    metastatic brain cancer stage...primary in breast

    plz plz sujjest something...we want to fight but in right direction

  14. sir what time after remove the brain tumor through ayurvedic treatment

  15. meri ek sister h,jise brain tumer,age 14 years hai.treatment btaye sir....

  16. meri sister ko brain tumer hua h,sir uska age 14 years h,treatment btaye sir

  17. Does tumeric work on low grade oligodendroglioma? Does it pass the blood brain barrier? Please advice.
    Are the above formula stated is safe with diamox, can this be compounded or mixed by you? could you state some successful stories in curing brain tumor?

  18. Is Tumeric is safe for 14 year old boy. Is there any documented cases that it helped low grade glioma?

  19. My friend is also suffering from this disease. It has been 3 years ago since she was diagnosed in brain tumors. For i have known now the cure for this kind of diseases, i will surely be able to recommended this alternative treatments to cancer to her. Thank you for sharing this post.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. sir,my real brother is suffering from brain tumors and multi spinal tumors from past 10 yrs.he is now totally deaf as the tumors are in ear nerves.he has been operated 6 he is totally bedridden and having problems in eyes also.we have tried so many medicines in past 10 yrs but not 1 has affected him.can u help us.he is 23 yrs old

  22. Hello Sir,

    My Grand father is suffering from brain tumour. I have also noticed that his left arm and left leg is not fully functional. We showed him to the doctors and they have done MRI scan. According to reports, doctor said that the tumour is in critical stage now and he needs to get operated for it because this is the only cure according to them.

    My grand father is 82 years old. And i think that getting operated in this age could be very very critical as doctors have also told us that anything could happen on the OT table. So, i was thinking for an alternative in Ayurveda.

    So what you could suggest me on this? and what are the chances and probabilities that exist in this??


    With Regards
    Aman Thakur

  23. Sir, my neighbour was diagnosed with CA oesophagus and she was operated in the year 2011(january).After that the doctor advised her for chemotherapy and she did that.Now that 2 years had passed,she is having pain and loss of apetite,breathlessness etc . during her recent usg, it shows metastasis in liver.Is there any medicine to cure her as Doctor has given her 6 months.Pls advice,; is it curable by ayurveda


  24. Dear sir
    My father is suffering frm gliolmastoma multiforme grade 4. As per doctors its urgent to get it done his surgery. Do u hav ne treatment if aperson is at this stage and don't hav much of time left of life as per doctors. Plz let me know a early as possible as v don't hav left much timevto take decision. If possible today only date is 11/08/2013, as operation is planned tomorrow.

    Thanks nd regards
    9414277255, 9314011980

  25. Sir My Mom been suffering from Breast cancer and had surgery 1 year ago and she is feeling sleepy and diziness and CT scan shows there is a mass of 12*10*8 mm in brain , doctor suggesting for chemo how many months left for my mom?

  26. Dear Dr. can you please suggest the alkaline based food diet for us Indians ? We eat lot of carbohydrates like rice and rice based cuisines, and as per some theory such diet will thrive the disease progression.

    Please help to understand, how can the diet be switched to Alkaline..


  27. Dear sir, I am HANIFA from HYDERABAD, ANDHRA mother is 44yrs old she is suffering with Anaplastic astrocytoma grade3 she under went IMRT and TMZ 100mg tabs were given along with IMRT. we have take MRI after 15 days for radiotherpy the tumour size has increased 0.1mm when compared to size before radiation . now doctors says that the tumour may recurre after 2- 3 months what should we do know please sir help me out .one of the doctors suggested to go for ayurvedic treatment so with lots of hope and trust i am posting this.. do reply as soon as possible.

  28. Dear sir, my father is suffering from brain tumor (4th stage) and was operated and undergone a radio therapy three years back and now the tumor is growing again and the symptoms like tiredness, joint pains etc are there .....doctors said that these 3 months will be critical and i dont know what to i heard about ayurvedic treatment (cow urine therapy) if we go for ayurvedic treatment is there a possibility of increasing the life span.............sir pls reply soon.

  29. Sir, my mother has been diagnosed with a tumor in the head during MRI. The doctors beleve this is meningioma (benign). We had been to I-AIM for ayurvedic treatment as my mother does not have the energy to go through surgery etc. The doctors in I-AIM have given her medicines. I want to take your second opinion. We are based out of Bangalore. Can you guide us on how to reach you please.


  30. Do you have any medicine for Acoustic Shwanoma, pls reply if yes pls tell the cost, how long need to take the tumor size is 11X9 elongated

  31. Sir, meri Mother 75 years old hai, doctor ne unko brain tumor bataya hai or immigiate operation karne ko bola hai, kya aap ki medicine se meri Mother fine ho sakti hai ?

  32. myelf raj kumar from patna. actully mere maa 2 sal se brain ke dard or bhari pan se problem me h. bahut doc. ko dikhaya. par ko faida nhi h. sare report normal hai. par MR ka report me kuch h jo mai aapse share karna chahta hu.

    1. mild generalized cerebral atrophy with prominent sulcul spsces and exvacuo dilation of ventricles. mild periventricular white matter hyperintensity seen.

    2. a small (1cm) anhancing dura; based nodular lesion seen along the right falx with associated enhancinh dural tail with another nodular lesion along the left posterior falx.


  33. myelf raj kumar from patna. actully mere maa 2 sal se brain ke dard or bhari pan se problem me h. bahut doc. ko dikhaya. par ko faida nhi h. sare report normal hai. par MR ka report me kuch h jo mai aapse share karna chahta hu.

    1. mild generalized cerebral atrophy with prominent sulcul spsces and exvacuo dilation of ventricles. mild periventricular white matter hyperintensity seen.

    2. a small (1cm) anhancing dura; based nodular lesion seen along the right falx with associated enhancinh dural tail with another nodular lesion along the left posterior falx.


  34. myelf raj kumar from patna. actully mere maa 2 sal se brain ke dard or bhari pan se problem me h. bahut doc. ko dikhaya. par ko faida nhi h. sare report normal hai. par MR ka report me kuch h jo mai aapse share karna chahta hu.

    1. mild generalized cerebral atrophy with prominent sulcul spsces and exvacuo dilation of ventricles. mild periventricular white matter hyperintensity seen.

    2. a small (1cm) anhancing dura; based nodular lesion seen along the right falx with associated enhancinh dural tail with another nodular lesion along the left posterior falx.


  35. Helloo doctors,

    I am an 18th year old studying mechanical engineering at Pandit deendayal petroleum university,…..
    I am feeling tumours nearer my nack and below the nack from one to twi year i feel clearly….
    It’s not give me any pain from 1to 2 year but now a days i feeling this with pain….
    Sometimes its very painful but sometimes it’s not….
    There is long chains of tumors at Both side of my nack….
    Left side are bigger in size as compared to small….
    This tumor are under the skeleton( bons)nack…when i push it it comes out raw of tumaor on my chiks side……
    Pleas share me what disses with me as it’s throat cancer or any thing else……
    Please reply me i feeling world is ended next door…

  36. Hello,Thank u for giving opinions all of u.....A brain tumor or intracranial neoplasm occurs when abnormal cells form within the brain.There are two main types of tumors: malignant or cancerous tumors and benign tumors.
    acupuncture in dallas

  37. Hi Doctor,
    This is in regards to my mom's condition who was diagnosed of GBM. We got the surgery done 2 months back & currently undergoing radiotherapy & chemotherapy. Can you pl suggest if this can be cured with your medicines. Pl help save my mom. She is 47yrs.

    1. Hello Parveen, I will try my best. Please check a testimonial at the website of the brain tumor patient. He was treated with my ayurvedic remedies. You can check at page 5 of testimonials page -
      You can write to me your mother's detailed history at -

  38. Sir, my friend is suffering with gbm multiforme. Did surgery on Aug 4th not much successful, continued radiation and two cycles of chemo. A CT 15 days before shown there is a regression in tumour. However, yesterday MRI shown the gbm transferred from left to right side of the brain. Drs advise to shift to home as hencefourth no medicine will help him. Advise in this situation.

  39. Dear Sir

    Is there any treatement option for Schwannoma IN Ayurveda.


  40. Is there good treatment for my brother who is having anaplastic oligodendroglioma for few years. Tumor has grown recently and doctors have said they cannot do much as its in sensitive areas of brain and have given a short time frame of life expectancy. It is affecting his speech, ability to remember names, and saying words. Has suddenly got worse. Would appreciate any advice.

  41. Respected Sir,

    Nice to meet you. . i had one doubt. .My elder brother son undergone surgery for excess of CSF secreted in ventricular region. Doctors done VP shunt surgery for removing the excess of CSF. my question is there any ayurvedic or sidha treatment to treat this type of CNS disorders? i need your help sir. Thanking you.

  42. I ve been diagnosed with schwannoma. It is large and should be removed surgically. Is there a possibility to treat it using ayurvedic methods? Thank you for your answer.

  43. Sir
    My uncle has having brain tumor ,one wee before he has been surgeoried now doctor has adviced him radiotherapy for 6 week after tht they call for chemothraphy and then mri scan.I want to know ayurvedic treatment for tht.

  44. I am from Bhutan, I have my daughter brain tumour and got operated in 2013 at Kolkatta medica superspecilities hospital which made her to normal life. After 6 months I took her for review and MRI, the MRI report says there is still tumour which was not removed completely in the vental side. Therefore, I would like to request Dr. if there is any herbal medicine to treat her tumour completely. My e-mail id is Plse suggest me.

  45. Sir my mother is 58 years old & diagnosed as high grade glioma (large illdefined mass in left frontal lobe 6×4.7×4.1cm) by last 4 months she is taking cruel cap. twice a day (by dept. of ayurved bhu varanasi along with some bhasm) she is also taking allopath's medicine laviecitam500,dexamethasone,gabapentine,pregabaline ,glimpride for abnormal sugar level diagnosed later. is there possible good treatment please suggest me Symptoms seen first time at earlier diagnosis is calm down the activities but after treatment she is normal in activities but doubt is here that she is OK or not due to physical appearance. Please suggest me.

  46. my mother is 58 year old and she diagnosed as high grade glioma in left frontal lobe as 6*4.7*4.2cm and taking cruel caps. with some bhasm and also allopathic medicine laveititam500, dexamethasone 4mg, gapine ,gabapentine , etc.but it is doubtful cureness of disease due to physical appearance plz sir suggest me in detail about your pathy. earlier the symptoms is slowdown of all activities but at this time she is normal with abnomal sugar level glimpride is taken for that.

  47. Dr. Vikram Chauhan,

    Sir, I have ankylosing spondylitis. age 32, stiffness bad in the morning, lungs not breathe fully. taking sazo 500 mg for last 4 years. Please suggest me something ayurvedic


  48. You can mail me at I will advise some natural supplements which will help you to have better control over your problems.


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