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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wheat Allergy Alternative Treatment- Flour for Wheat Allergy

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There are many Wheat Allergy patients who visit me and come to my clinic and ask me what they can eat other than wheat. Though there are many gluten free foods available in the market, but still I have come up with an idea of a flour which can be made at home without any wheat content in it.
The combination is as followed -

Take each of the ingredients in the below mentioned ratio,  make powder of them and you can use it as a flour to be used instead of wheat flour.

1. Rice flour ( 1 kg)
2. Soyabean flour( 1/2 kg )
3. Corn flour( Makki) - 1 kg
4. Black gram flour ( Brown Chickpeas) - Kale Chane- 1/2 kg
5. Jwar flour  ( Barley or Jow) - 1/4 kg
6. Bajra flour ( Millet ) - 1/4 kg
7. Rye ( Raagi ) - 50 Grams

The combination can be made at home easily and can be given to those who are suffering from wheat allergy.
This is about treating one aspect of wheat allergy by avoiding wheat, but the wheat allergy ayurvedic treatment combined with this preventive flour can give excellent results.
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