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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dosage - Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies to Lower Creatinine and Urea

Herbal Remedies for Kidney Failure
Cap. Rencure formula – 2 capsules twice daily, after meals with plain water
Varunadi vati – 2 tablets twice daily, after meals with plain water
Punarnava mandur tablets- 2 tablets twice daily , after meals with plain water
Mutrakrichantak Churna- 1 teaspoonful twice daily 

You can take all the herbs together, along with other medications which are being taken.

How to make decoction-
Boil all the herbs, make decoction and consume 20 ml twice daily.

What is a decoction – when some herbs are boiled in 8 times the quantity of water ( i.e. 50 gm herbs in 400 ml water) and they are boiling until the water remains 1/8th. i.e. if you put 50 gm herbs in 400 ml water, keep it boiling until it remains about 50 ml.
Filter the decoction and consume twice daily, after meals with other herbs like mutrakrichantak churna

Take 2-5 gm of each of the herbs

Mutrakrichantak Churna -- yo u can also add these if you have -  Maize Hair (Cornsilk) + Tribulus powder + Chicory leaves powder + 5 Grass roots ( Trinpanchmool-5 diuretics) + Ficus Religiosa bark ( if you don't have then call at 0091- 9216770165 )

Take 5 gm of each of the herbs, put this mixture into about 400 ml of water, boil until the water remains about 50 ml , consume once daily .

This should help in reducing the urea and creatinine levels.

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