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Dr. Vikram Chauhan - MD (Ayurveda)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Diet for Ovarian Cysts

This is a dietary recommendation for ovarian cyst patients by my wife - Dr. Meenakshi , her profile can be seen at

hi there
well about the ovarian cyst..i will suggest u to take alkaline diet
so to start with the following

Drink lot of coconut water, barley water, wheat grass juice, aloe vera juice . all these will help u in number of ways to have healthy uterus and ur cyst will disappear forever.
You should drink almond oil, 1 tsp in hot milk every day ..this helps a lot.
Also twice a week drink 1 tsp of turmeric in milk or buy curcumin capsules at If you don't have turmeric at home. Curcumin is an effective, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory spice and very effective to dissolve all unnatural growths in our body.

you should avoid ---all yeast based products like cakes, pasteries, patties and pizza, heavy and frozen food etc. take wheat , brown bread or whole meal bread. Take more of oats .

Avoid all cold drinks, curds , yakult etc just one week before your all this is acidic,, You should take hot tea , no lemon in that ....but tea or coffee during ur menses. this will help u to flush out completely , will remove all swelling in ur uterus and will dissolve the ovarian cyst . Increase the quantity of Aloe vera juice during the mensturation or you can also take Aloe Vitals Capsules  -2  twice daily during menses.

Ayurvedic medicines to dissolve ovarian cysts permanently  -- i will suggest u that you should switch over to the following. There are many patients who benefited using this combination. You can also write to us in detail if you have something specific and other problems along with ovarian cysts.

The below mentioned combination helps to get rid of the cysts completely after few months usage. You can write to us to get these delivered at your doorstep. If you don't want to use all of these, you can at least use the Anti-Ovarian Cyst Package as mentioned at my website -

If the cysts are stubborn and don't go after 3-4 months of treatment with the above mentioned -anti-ovarian cyst package, then you can use the following combination -

1. Tab. Kachnaar Guggul- 2 twice daily 

Trailokyachintamani Ras - 2 gm 
Loknath Ras - 5 gm 
Abhrak Bhasma ( Shastraputi ) - 2 gm 
Tankan Bhasma - 5 gm 
Tapyadi Loh - 5 gm 
Godanti Bhasma - 5 gm 
Sutikabharan Ras - 2 gm 
Giloy Satv -10 gm 
Swarnmakshik Bhasma - 5 gm 
Navayas Loh - 5 gm 
------------------- Make 40 sachets of above mentioned ayurvedic bhasmas of equal dosage. Consume 1 twice daily with honey. 

2. Female Health Support - 2 twice daily
3. Hyponidd tablets - 2 twice daily 
4. Pradrantak Churna -1 teaspoonful twice daily 
5. Ovutoline tablets -2  twice daily 
6. Boswellia-Curcumin Capsules - 2 twice daily

All the above mentioned ayurvedic medicines are able to get rid of the ovarian cysts.

For getting more infromation about all these and get these delivered at your doorstep, call Mr. Ashwani at +91-9915593604 OR Write to to know how you can get all these delivered at your doorstep or you can just buy online the anti-ovarian cyst pack at

Wish you best of health, happiness and peace


  1. really helped. thank a ton! :) god bless you

  2. thanks for the medicine but how to take these medincines.
    please help

  3. I want to ask you is it safe to take these medicines without consulting any docter

    1. Yes, they are all safe.. they don't have any side effects or do not cause any hormonal imbalances.

      You can get these ayurvedic medicines and get them delivered at your doorstep by calling Mr. Ashwani thakur at 09915593604 or writing to him at - and get the price / shipping/ delivery options/ payment method etc. If you want to ask anything else, you can always write to me at -

  4. Chanderprabha vati - 2 tablets twice daily x 3 mnoths with plain water, after meals
    kachanar guggul - 2 tablets twice daily x 3 months with plain water, after meals
    Hyponidd tablets Or Stholyantak Churna- 1 tablet twice daily or 1 tablespoonful twice daily with warm water, after meals x 3 months
    Pushyanug Churan ( Pradrantak Churna)- Just like Stholyantak Churna
    Ashwagandha ghrit - 1 tablespoonful twice daily , after meals, with warm water or milk

    1. Hello Sir , Im 29 years old and i have Ovarian Chocolate Cysts in both ovaries. Right-95x82x70mm and Left-45x35x32mm. Already i had a large surgery for it in 2010. Im married and we are trying for baby past two years..i do pranayam and yoga like butterfly, gaumukhasan.

      Please help me that i can cure this disease and can have a baby...

  5. i am 46 yr. women having removed uterus and one overy on 6 may .with in 15 days i suffering with cyst in my remaining right ovary .also suffring with lipoma and thyroid 6.3 .so please advise me can i take all above described medicines to cure my ovarian cyst ? can all medicines described above take all at a time? please give me answer

  6. one question....i have been reading everywhere that nearly all breads are acid-forming i the body. am real confused about this. what about brown rice:?

  7. Yes, breads are all acid forming in the body. Fruits and vegetables are alkaline. Rice is also full of carbohydrates and therefore acid forming. Brown rice are not too much polished and therefore have more fiber content. That does not have to do anything with acid forming or not. Usually all Carbs, all proteins are acid forming.. So what to eat then ?
    everything in moderation is ok. Do not be on one type of diet all the time. Everything consumed in small quantities and diet changed after few days gives you all nutrition and maintains the balance.

    Imagine earth when human beings just originated. What they were eating ? They were eating everything made by nature, but now what we are eating...everything packaged, sprayed, refrigerated, preserved and artificial and too much cooked.

    This is what we need to understand to get rid of all the health problems.
    Thanks for asking !

  8. you say that your treatment will be effective after 3 months. what about after 3 months? it would be smart to think that one would have to make dietary changes along with the treatment would be best, right? what are some second chakra meditations that can be done to help the healing of the cystic ovaries? thank you so so so so much for responding back to these postings. i can't thank you enough and have ordered the herbs!!!

  9. hi there,
    I have ovarian cyst measuring 5.4 X 4.6 cms,,,since one month,plz suggest me some medicine as i m under treatment of gynac doctor..if you can tell me from where i will get these ayurvedic medicines? and what herbs i can take which is available at home?

  10. Various Ayurvedic remedies for ovarian cysts are described in ancient ayurvedic texts. One of the most important is Kachnaar Guggul tablets. Another one is Chanderprabha Vati. Take 2 tablets twice daily or consult with a nearby ayurvedist. If you want to discuss with us, please write to and send in your detailed reports.
    There is another wonderful herbal remedy for ovarian cysts. it is combination of Aloe vera juice, Sanjivani Vati - 2 tablets thrice daily and Pradarantak Churna.
    All these 5 Ayurvedic medicines are recommended in ovarian cysts.

    Herbs for ovarian cysts available at home are fenugreek - 1 tablespoonful twice daily and turmeric - boil 1 tablespoonful in about 100 ml of milk and 100 ml of water. Keep boiling until it is 50 ml then strain it and consume once or twice daily. This makes it effective herbal remedy for ovarian cysts.

  11. hi
    I am 17 and I have a functional cyst on my ovary, it isn't very big (about 3cm). I have had it for quite a while now. It is causing my period to be extrememly irregular, and it often lasts for over a month. The cyst isn't painful at all. What remedies do you suggest I take that I can make at home?

  12. For ovarian cysts, I would recommend some ayurvedic remedies listed at

    These herbal remedies are described in Ayurveda and are quiet useful in treatment of ovarian cysts of all types. You can also read the comments above of various people on ovarian cysts.

  13. I have a question regarding the ayurvdic herb Chandraprabha Vati. I took it in conjunction with kachnarr guggul and pushyanug churna and the VATI caused painful urination. I know it was the VATI because I experimented with taking only one herb at a time and the others didn't hurt. Should I continue to take the VATI or should I just take the other two as directed? I am Vata dosha.

  14. It is good to take these 3 formulations for Ovarian cysts. The Chanderprabha is also anti-vata so it should not cause any problem technically. It's ok to leave it if you are really facing a problem with Chanderprabha vati. You can continue with other 2 supplements. You can also add Sanjivan vati. Although this is not usually used for ovarian cysts, but I have a good experience of using Sanjivani vati - 2 tablets thrice daily for ovarian cysts.


  15. thank you very much

  16. I have been taking the chandrapraba vati, pushyanug churna, and kachnarr guggul for one month. Seems to be helping. My question is: what EXACTLY do these herbs do on a physiological level to help make ovarian cysts go away? Are the merely natural ways to balance hormones? and if so, won't the imbalance come back after the three month treatment of the herbs?? i have completely changed my diet, is the diet change a way to maintain hormonal imbalance? (combined with yoga) JUST wondering WHAT the HERBS do IN MY BODY. THANK YOU!!!

  17. Hi ! Thanks for using the herbs I recommended. Well, They do help by inducing hormonal balance. They do help directly by reducing the size of the cysts by acting on the cysts or any other extra growth of tissue in the body. Kachnaar Guggul is used in cancers , tumors as well and not only cysts. So These are really not working only on 1 pathway of balancing the hormones but also correcting the pathological process going in production of disease.

    It is good that you have changed your diet and things are improving.

    yes, things will deteriorate if you again change your diet to old one. In Ayurveda Diet and life style should be maintained. if you don't maintain them the diseases will prevail,otherwise one will remain healthy.

    Once the physiology of cyst formation is corrected, then the cysts wont come back again as long as your diet and life style remain good.

    Ayurveda wants us to live a healthy lifestyle rather than correct a problem temporarily and then again start moving astray with our dietary habits. I hope you got what I want to say... Yoga is also good..

  18. hello doctor. im 25 mother of a one and a half year pld daughter. recently for last three days i was having mild pain in right side lower abdomen. it increased gradually and i went to see doctor. after some ultrasound and other tests he confirmed that i have a 5X4 cms cyst. now, could you please tell me is it cancerous or what are the chances of having cancer. secondly please advise me medicines to get rid of it. i will be thankful to you.
    u can mail me at

  19. The ovarian cysts are very common. Please read about them at -
    or simply

    Since it is very common problem among women to have ovarian cysts, the most important reason is irregular menses, painful menstruation and hormonal imbalance.
    There are not much chances of cysts to be cancerous so do not panic yet. Just start some Ayurvedic treatment as I mentioned at and there should be improvement. You should ge them checked again after 3 months through ultrasound.

    If you are in India, you can contact us at for shipping within India.

    Along with the medicines I have recommended, please also add Aloe vera juice- 30 ml twice daily.

  20. is it safer to take the herbs for longer than three months if cyst is still there?

  21. hi! i have visited a ayurveda specialist in our country and had ask me to take herbal medicines. I have a 16x16cm ovarian cysts/ tumor and has been asked to take herbitars, herbo-sulph, and IOB somethig and 4 other herbal meds that doesn't have a name on it. Along with it, i take neem leaves and 4 other native vegetables and should drink it fresh from a juicer. would that be ok? do u think that a 16cmx16cm cyts would also disappear by changing diet and the herbal meds i mentioned? I change my diet with no animal substance and no artificially made products. i have heard that chemicals such as polyparaben can immitate estrogen and the herbal meds i mentioned contains polyparaben. please help me if i am doing the right thing. thanks.

  22. I would say this is a too big ovarian cyst.Please don't mind about this, I do not believe in those doctors who do not give prescriptions or disclose what they have given. It is good if he has given you some medicines with labels on them.
    It is good that you are not using anything artificial.

    Keep monitoring the size of the tumor. Polyparaben is not good for health. You are doing right by not using any artificial products.

    The cysts may or may not disappear by the above medicines.. so I want you to add - Kachnaar Guggul, Curcumin, Sanjivani Vati and punarnva mandur tablets.. check them at
    I won't be able to write further on this blog on this topic, so please write to me at mail ID -

    Keep in touch with your doctor and keep monitoring the size every month.

    Thanks - Dr. Vikram

  23. My cyst is gone now thank you. But I need to know how to help my hormones and prevent them I have breast tender and burning and cramping and need to prevent such cyst again, I seem to have hormone imbalance still taking place.

  24. I am glad that your ovarian cyst is gone now. Just continue the herbs which we recommended last time for about 3-4 more months. Do not eat acidic diet, hormonal pills. Do regular breathing exercises like Pranayam and kapal bhati. You won't get ovarian cysts again. If you need further help, please read at

  25. Hello there,

    I,m 32 old woman from italy and suffering from ovarian cyst. what ayurvedic medicine shuould I take, since I'm also suffering from cronic kidney disease since I was 18yrs old.

  26. Hello Sir,

    Iam 25 yrs.Got married 6 months before. I've polycystic overy cyst of 4 cm in left overy and unilocular cyst in right.Can you suggest me which treatment I can go further? one said english medicine is good...some one said siddha is best..I prefer siddha medicine.Can you tell me how long itwill take to cure? what foods i can have to cure this?

  27. Please contact Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan at 0091-9872817204 for further discussion about Ovarian Cysts. There is already too much information which we have given at and if someone finds something lacking, he can contact Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan.

    Thanks - Dr. Vikram Chauhan

  28. Please contact Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan at 0091-9872817204 for further discussion about Ovarian Cysts. There is already too much information which we have given at and if someone finds something lacking, he can contact Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan.

    Thanks - Dr. Vikram Chauhan

  29. I'm 24yrs I have 5x 4.8 cms left ovarian Cyst, taking hyponidd but suffer from conti bleeding please advise

  30. I have ovarian cysts and I want to take you "anti ovarian treatment" (Chanderprabha,Kachnaar Guggul ,Pradarantak Churna) but I don't know when I can start. Can I take right now or I have to wait for my period ? Tkank you for your help.

  31. hi ! Please contact with full history and other vital information about yourself so that we can recommend you how to take these and what to do and what not in case of ovarian cysts and which diet to follow in ovarian cysts.

    If any other visitor wants more information about Ovarian cysts, please write to us at our e mail ID in detail. We may not be able to publish all the comments or respond to everyone.

    Thanks - Dr. Vikram

  32. Sir, I today visited doctor and after ultrasound doctor told that there is a cyst in between Uterus & Ovary of size 8 x 6 cms. Is this a ovarian cyst (as doctor told it's outside ovary. Sir, as suggested above by you or what else needs to be done for remedy. kindly tell from where i can get these ayurvedic medicine.
    Sir please help me, waiting 4 ur response.

  33. please check replies above.. contact

  34. Hi , I was taking the anty ovarian cyst medication(Chanderprabha,Kachnaar Guggul ,Pradarantak Churna) because i had small 2 cysts and after i visited my doctor he check me and told me that my ovary looks good and there is no cyst on my ovary. But i still have problem with my period which is irregular and i don't have ovulation . what should i do?

  35. Hi - I am glad that the ovarian cysts medicines have worked and now you do not have any ovarian cysts. The menstruation will take about 1-2 months and the normal functions will restore very soon. I would suggest you to continue the anti-ovarian cysts remedies for about 1-2 months. You can purchase them at in the female health section.

  36. I have a question If it safe to take the ovarian cysts medicines and a the same time trying to get pregnat. Does this medication help to get praegnat?
    thank you

  37. Hi. These ayurvedic medicines for ovarian cysts are going to restore the normal functions of the body. These ayurvedic remedies for ovarian cysts are going to restore normal function of reproductive organs. SO there is nothing to worry. these are going to help get pregnant also without any side effects.

  38. Hi.I want to ask you if its a good idea to take Chanderprabha,Kachnaar Guggul ,Pradarantak Churna if I have pcos (i have prblem with LH to FSH, and I have hair growing on the body(face, belly))?Is these can help me to get pregnat and be healthy? Thank you

  39. For Ovarian cysts, these remedies are good. you can continue them. Also add aloe vera juice but do not continue it during pregnancy. Aloe vera promotes menstruation so it is not advised during pregnancy.

  40. what kind of treatment you would suggest for a 32 year old unmarried (getting married next year)having polycystic ovary.Please also suggest a good diet.Thank you.Eagerly waiting for your kind reply.

    1. Please check the medicines listed at for ovarian cysts. Or contact at

  41. Thanku so much for this blog Dr. Vikram.

    I am 32 yr old ,married since 7 years and diagnosed with endometriosis cyst around 8 yrs.had 2 laproscopy and IVF's to get conceive.But No luck.
    Now my doc suggested Hypponid and Shatavari and guggulu as you also mentioned,still no benefit as this i m taking last 1 year.
    Please suggest me good diet to remove cyst and to conceive.
    When should i take turmeric milk during Periods? or should avoid during ovulation till period.Please suggest.I'll be highly obliged.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hello - Thanks for visiting my blog and your belief in Ayurvedic medicines. Regularly consuming specific ayurvedic treatment and diet for ovarian cysts gives excellent results in getting rid of them and restoring the health. You mentioned you are taking Guggulu and Hyponidd and Shatavari, which are very basic things we suggest in ovarian cysts. There is a very specific treatement mentioned in my blog here ( search the google bar at the top of this page for - Ayurvedic treatment for Ovarian cysts and you will come to know. I am now updating this post also so that people can buy the ovarian cyst package also.
      Regarding the diet, I would suggest consume more alkaline diet, usually in Ayurveda we recommend more spices like black pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, garlic to increase heat in the body and to induce periods. Aloe vera is also recommended, but all depends upon patient to patient. It's better you send your detailed history via e mail to you. The e mail address is mentioned at this blog - (Put attention- Dr. Vikram in the subject line )

  42. hi doctor, i hav two ovarian cysts of size 4.5*4.1 and 3.0*2.9.., these cysts are causing more pain during mensions nd also after mensions, doctors suggested me to go for some surgery but i donn wann dat,, pls i want some natiral medicines, please suggest me doctor.. iam very glad if u suggest me some medicine, thanQ doctor..

    1. Dear Divya - I would suggest you the Anti-ovarian cyst package. You can just read this one at the website -

      Today I received this testimonial in my mail box from USA -

      Hello Dr. Vikram Chauhan:

      I am writing this note to let you know that I have been taking your ovarian cyst pack for about 2 1/2 months now. I recently went back to my physician for a follow up sonogram to check the status of my cyst. I am happy to inform you that my cyst has disappeared. I am planning on continuing to take chadrantrak churna and the other remedies which were included in the ovarian cyst pack.

      I have noticed that the severe back pain and breast tenderness that I had experienced monthly is GREATLY reduced - not sure if this is a result of the remedies above - but I am feeling much better.

      I thought you might be interested in these results. I have since ordered another supply of the ovarian cyst pack and plan to re-order when that supply runs out.

      Thank you for your help.

      PS. I have also been taking the additional "curcumin".

  43. Hello Dr Vikram,

    My wife is 7 week pregnant and ultrasound detected 7cm ovarian cyst. I am aware that my wife is a prominent Pitta dosha (she gets heartburns, etc quite often). For that we are told to stay away from heat inducing foods including spices and fatty oily foods to prevent issues with pregnancy.

    From reading your artical it also seems like the cyst is cause of the Kapha dosha. Now what ayurvedic regimen should we follow?

    Thanks for the noble help..

  44. Sir, can these medicines and diet plan used to treat chocolate cyst?

    1. Yes, these medicines are good for chocolate cysts also. Same diet plan is recommended

    2. Dr Sir.
      I have chocolate cysts, a large one at 8cm.

      Can I take the ovarian cyst pack of Ayurveda herbs to shrink these chocolate cysts while I am taking medicine from doctor.

      He has me taking provera to try to contain the growth of these cysts.

  45. Dear sir ,
    I am pregnant with 12 weeks and during ultrasound it come to know that I have a cyst of 6cm on my right ovary does it affect my pregnancy or baby and shall I take the above medicine for the ovarian cyst during pregnancy please help.I am very much thankful to you if you answer my query as soon as possible.

  46. Sir, i am going through infertility treatments due to of my reports are normal but even after taking fsh injections i hardly ovulated..had miscarriage 2 times and now taking ayurvedic medicines alos compound, shatavari, tab these medicines helps in ovulation

    1. I would suggest - Aloe Vitals - 2 thrice daily, Punarnava mandur - thrice daily, Shatavari Capsules- 2 thrice daily, Konciv -2 twice daily, Aloes compound -2 twice daily, Naari Kalyan Churna -1 teaspoonful twicedaily - Get all these from Mr. Ashwani thakur by calling him at 09915593604 or write to him at-

  47. respected sir ,
    i wanted to knw three things
    1. Does boiling cynodon dactylon (grass) that grows in our garden , and drinking that decoction helps in resolving ovarain cyst
    2. raw beet root and carrot juice is benificaial for curing cyst
    3. how to tke aloe vera juice

  48. respected sir,
    Iam 40 years old suffering from endometriosis choclate cyst,three years back cyst problem strted. i had choclate cyst in left overy . It resolved and cyst appered in right ovary (8 cms), ca125 value is 178. from past three months the ca value is coming down it has come to 74. i was taking beetroot carrot juice, almonds, walnut, sprouted and alkaline diet and lot of water. This month the i went for scan the right side cyst size is 5cms but left again 4cm cyst has appered. My CA value again is 174. Very much worried.
    What is the tratement i should tke. please suggest how can i get it cured.
    respected sir
    1. Does raw beetroot carrot apple juice helps as a treatment for ovarian cyst
    2. Does Cynodon dacylon decoction helps in curing ovarian cyst
    3. does intkae of raw garlic helos to resolve cyst.
    please help me by your suggestions. Shall i go for hysterectomy

  49. Helo doc..iam 27 ys old trying to conceive past 3 yrs.but due to my anovulatery cycles i hardly ovulate..i have no pcos and my all reports are normal..after taking1 year alopathic medicines now my cycle has disturbed badly. Earlier i used to get my periods every month although irregular but after hormone replacement therepy i dont get my periods on my own..recently i have started taking ayurvedic medicine to regulate my cycle but its almost 2 monts i didnt get my taking aloes compound and stavari regularly nd even took 'regulin forte' on the advice of my doc but still didnt get my periods..can u suggest me something to induce periods as i dont want to take hormonal pills..

  50. hi doc.. i'm 23 yrs old, i have endometrial cyst on my right ovary. i need help. please... i am so depressed, i dont know what is the right to drink, to eat. i searched a lot, about alkaline diet, raw foods diet, and i came up here in your site. the doctor that i consulted said that i need a surgery, but i dont want to, i dont want to remove my right ovary.. please help me doc. thanks

  51. I am an unmarried girl and suffering from irregular and unusual menstruation tat started just after 10 days of my normal period. I went to a Dr. due to abdomenal pain and after sonography I came to that I have. cyst in my both ovary that z of 6 c.m. Dr. told me for surgery but I dnt want that. please help me what should I do. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

  52. hi doc m 24 years old and suffering from ovarian cyst in both my ovaries the size of the left ovary cyst is 7/5 cm and the hard fact is that i did not get any symptoms nider heavy bleeding sumtimes abdominal pain but that was due to gastric issues i guess for improper food,evn my CA-125 test results 124.4 doctors are suggesting for laproscopy but dey don guarantee ne kind of future reocurence nd mite hve birth related issues later,can u suggest if it can b removed through ayurveda and its treatement,if yes then do i need to tak sumthing else along with the cyst pack.thank you

  53. from where can we have theses medicines? can we get it from a chemist shop??

  54. Hi doc....
    i am 32..... unmarried
    having ovarian cyst (endometriotic) measuring 10.5 X 6.0 cm (left)
    can it be cured?
    i am too much worried and want to cure it naturally.........
    please guide me....

  55. can one have non veg when diagnosed to have ovarian cyst?

  56. Hi Dr. Vikram Chauhan , I just want to ask, what should i do, i have an endometrial cyst in my right ovary 6.6cm, doctor told me to have another surgery, but im scared. last 2011 i got my operation in my left ovary. now im worried maybe i lost my right ovary since thats the only chance to get pregnant.i want to know what altrnative medicine to take. Because I want to get pregnant I'm 30 yrs old now. thank you and GOD BLESS

  57. Hello sir,
    I have been daigonsed with multiple cyst in both oavry. I am 25 yrs old. What is the prize for your anti-ovarian cyst packagein india? Can Kachnaar guggual alone solve the purpose of dissolving cyst and hormonal imbalance i.e. testosetrone increased which has caused hirsutism and hair loss? please reply.

  58. I am 31 year old, having try to get pregnant many years but no luck. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis for 3 month. My period become irregular and is very heavy and painful for last 2 years. I found Preist Hallifat Email from the internet , someone got pregnant with his help. When I came to see Priest. Hallifat , I was on 24 hours delayed. I am overweight, and have weak digestive system. Priest. Hallifat checked my Details and . He gave me 1 week supply of herbs, and did acupuncture treatment. I got my period right after I took herbs, and surprisingly got pregnant that month. I was so happy that I became pregnant naturally. During my whole pregnancy I was doing well. My daughter was born in Aug 2006

  59. my mother is 44 years old. she have post hysterectomy status and
    UTERUS - 6.5*6.1*6.6 cms sized pelvic anechoic cystic lesion with internal thin septum and no solid components within and seen in the mid line and slightly towards the left. plz suggest some medicines or treatment.

  60. Hi Vikram,
    I am pregnent with 2 months & I have 300 cc Paraoverian cyst & I also removed a cyst of 1000 cc just 4 months back so I am scared of having thi cyst so do your have some suggestion for me so that this cyst can be disappiar by taking some naural things.

  61. hi Doctor,
    My mother is 47 years old. She had an acute abdominal pain and was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst of dimensions (.2x 7.4x 8 cc a few days back. the doctors have suggested for a surgery but we are too scared to go for a surgery .I read positive reviews about the medicine that you are providing and would like to try the same for my mother. But my only concern is that since the cyst is quite big will it be safe to wait for 3 months for results because it might cause complications. Please advice as soon as possible. Thank you

  62. I am 33yrs old n hve been detected with uterine fibroid measuring 4.1x3.8x3.8 cms. I donot want to undergo any surgery or uterus removal as suggestd by one gynaec which I found was unneccesary advice. I donot have any strong symptoms, my menses r regular. However I have frequent urination problem which existed before I got the fibroid

  63. I live in mumbai. Kindly advice the centres of availability of your herbs as per my location

  64. Hi m raman,35 yrs frm patiala..a day before i got to kno i hve 38×36mm cystic lesion is seen in left ovary with thin septations...i hve get faith in ayurveda n nature..i want to b healthy n ged rid of this my ryt ovary is healthy...suggest me with best advice with all diet plan.....waitin fr ur reply

  65. M 35 yrs 38×36mm cystic lesion in left ovary with thin septations...hve grt faith in ayurveda...plzzzz suggest me the best diet n treatmnt....thnks

  66. i have got 12 multiple cycts in my both ovaries from 1 year..i am married from 5 years,been trying to get preqnent from 3 years but I couldn't.i suffer from really bad back pain,abdominal pain and tenderness in my breast.can you please help me out?

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  68. I am 24 years old. I was detected with chocolate cyst in left ovary 8 months back. Due to ovarian torsion my surgeon removed my cyst along with my left ovary 2 months back. After that I have been taking ayurvedic medicines viz. Hyponid and gulmakalanal ras . what are the chances of endometriosis to attack my right ovary too? Will I be able to save my right ovary with these ayurvedic medicines??

  69. I am 24 years old. I was detected with chocolate cyst in left ovary 8 months back. Due to ovarian torsion my surgeon removed my cyst along with my left ovary 2 months back. After that I have been taking ayurvedic medicines viz. Hyponid and gulmakalanal ras . what are the chances of endometriosis to attack my right ovary too? Will I be able to save my right ovary with these ayurvedic medicines??

  70. I am 24 years old. I was detected with chocolate cyst in left ovary 8 months back. Due to ovarian torsion my surgeon removed my cyst along with my left ovary 2 months back. After that I have been taking ayurvedic medicines viz. Hyponid and gulmakalanal ras . what are the chances of endometriosis to attack my right ovary too? Will I be able to save my right ovary with these ayurvedic medicines??

  71. i am 30 years old. i had PCOD problem and a cyst in one of my ovary. Ovary drilling and cyst was removed by my lap surgeon. She said that a huge bacterial infection is spread all over my uterus and ovaries i.e PID. Please suggest treatment to get out from all these problems PID, cyst re-formation and PCOD.

  72. Hi, I am 25 years old. and i am detected with a chocolate cyst(left ovarian endometrioma) of size 3.5 * 4.5 cm. However when i had got a scanning done just a year ago did not show any problems in my report. In how much time the cyst would have formed?? and what is the solution to it??
    Can it be cured by medicines, or is surgery the only option :( ?
    What are the medicines to cure it?? And how long would it take?
    Will this cyst be a problem to conceive? What are the chances?

  73. Dr Vikram

    I am 39 years old and I have been suffering with below condition since last 7 years now.
    Feel irritable all the time.
    stressed due to daily life routine
    Dull pain in lower left side of abdomen all the time.
    After eating meal severe gas , I feel heavy in lower belly.
    I have to use some prune juice or Milk of Magnesia ( available in USA) to pass the stool if I don't drink these liquids I feel pressure in my lower abdomen with constipation.
    Stool is not in form of diarrhea but when it pass I feel burning close to anus.

    It is also affecting my mental health as well, I can not focus, concentrate , remember things, feel dizzy, lack of interest in daily life and depression, I can not think clearly and logically all these symptoms go away for a while once I pass the stool and empty bowl. I am now isolated from social activity stay home all the time alone.

    My medical results came as follows:
    Colon scope was normal and no ulcer was found they could only see some gastric pressure and put me on some antibiotics.
    Upper biopsy came with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease midland I am on non wheat diet form quite some time.

    Please advise me some Ayurveda medicine which can heal me from this illness.

  74. Hello sir I m 25 years old and unmarried. From last 4 month there is a constant pain on the right side of stomach.after diagnosis it was found that there is a choclate cyst of 5cm . From the last few months mc period is also reduced to just two days which earlier was 4 to 5 days
    Pls suggest me some thing to make it normal
    Really stressed


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