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Friday, March 7, 2014

Treatment in Ayurveda for Anal Fistula

Anal fistula is a troublesome, disturbing disease which affects many people. It is also called fistula-in-ano. It is an abnormal passage between peri-anal skin connecting it to the anal canal or rectum. There is often presence of anal abscess. The fistula results often in people having peri anal abscess earlier. In many patients, the abscess is not visible or not diagnosed and directly fistula is seen. There is oozing of pus, infected fluid and sometimes blood from the fistula. The anal abscess generally develops after a small anal gland is infected and abscess is formed there. Unhygienic lifestyle, constipation, long sitting hours, consumption of non-fiber rich diet. Sometimes the anal fistula can develop as a complication of surgery as well.

Main symptoms of Anal fistula are

1.   Pain around anal region ( Throbbing and worsens while sitting)  
2.   Pus discharge from the external opening
3.   Bloody discharge
4.   Pain during the passing of stools
5.   Discomfort during sitting
6.   Frothy, foul smelling stools
7.   Swelling, redness and tenderness in the anal region

There are various ayurvedic remedies which are very effective in treatment of Anal fistula. These herbal remedies are 100 % natural and does not cause any side effects.

Treatment in Ayurveda and home remedies for Anal fistula

Fistula is an abnormal passage from anal canal to outer skin. It can be very very painful in severe conditions. It’s very important to maintain the hygiene of the fistula and the adjoining area. There are certain ayurvedic herbs and natural remedies which can be very useful to heal the fistula and correct the anomaly. These remedies give instant results which can be visible within first 2 weeks of usage.  

Role of High Fiber Diet in treatment of Anal fistula-

High fiber diet has a big role to play in treatment of anal fistula, piles and fissures. The constipation puts a lot of burden in lower anal canal leading to its stretching, painful defecation and swelling. This leads to more abscess formation, stiffness, redness and aggravation of pain. Fruits are rich source of natural fiber. Papaya, Cabbage, Pears, Apples, Melons, Grapes are all good for relieving constipation. Vegetable soups are also very important part of diet.
What is Ama and it’s role in Fistula
“AMA” is the term used in Ayurveda for endotoxins. The “Ama” are endotoxins formed in the intestines due to faulty digestion. The low digestive fire leads to formation of fermentation inside the intestines and that in turn can increase the formation of pus and mucus. The formation of “Ama” is increased if the food is rich in fast foods, packaged food, burgers, pizzas, non-veg diet and other heavy greasy items. Cheese is also not good in this case. Milk and dairy products should also be avoided.

Sometimes if the abscess is too much, it may be drained out physically by a surgeon but this does not heal the fistula completely. Antibiotics are also of temporary help. So Ayurvedic herbs should be used to heal the fistula completely.

Yes, there are certain Ayurvedic medicines which work like natural antibiotics. One of the reasons behind the development of fistula is an improper lifestyle and unhealthy eating. Many people have a habit of regularly eating food that prepared from flour with lots of sugar, spices and oil, which are very harmful for your health.

Healthy eating habits are very important to get rid of this disease permanently. White bread, Pasta, refined flour should be restricted. Bread with grains is recommended. All grains are good source of natural fiber. So they are fine.

Fistula Care Package –
Fistula Care package is a combination of Ayurvedic medicines which are tried and tested several time by many Ayurvedic experts world wide.  The combination is made up of
1.   Tab.Triphala Guggul  - 2 twice daily  ( 1 bottle )
2.   Cap. Curcumin – 2 twice daily ( 2 bottles )
3.   Vara Churna – 1 teaspoonful twice daily ( After meals with warm water) – 2 Jars of 100 gm each
4.   Nirgundi Oil – Apply locally after defecation ( inside the anal canal)


These are ayurvedic medicines which help to reduce the swelling, pain and dry the pus. The results are permanent and have been proved to be successful in many patients who were suffering from anal fistula.

The herbs are anti-inflammatory, natural antibiotics, rich in natural fiber and nutritive in nature. Nirgundi oil is natural antiseptic.  In Sitz Bath, We recommend Neem leaves decoction to be used rather than chemicals. Neem leaves or neem capsules can be procured at Neem capsules can be opened up to use the extract to be boiled in water and made into decoction and used for the Sitz Bath.

Consuming radishes, carrots, beetroots, cabbages, broccoli is very important to provide necessary natural vitamins to your body. This helps in healing.

Drink warm water and consume all the above mentioned Ayurvedic medicines for anal fistula together, about 30 minutes after meals. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to Reduce weight naturally


In this fast pace world everyone not only wants to be fit, but they want to be fit and fine. Fitness is all about staying slim and smart, people who are fat or obese generally feel left behind and feels difficult to match with the pace of life.
Medically OBESITY is termed as a medical condition in which excessive accumulation of fat takes place.
People are considered to be obese or overweight when there BMI (BODY MASS INDEX )  that is obtained by dividing persons weight by the square of the persons  height , person are considered to be overweight if there BMI is more than 25, to be more specific  females with BMI 28.6 and males with 30 or more are referred to be obese.


The main causes   of Obesity include:
1)    Excessive intake of fats.
2)    Lack   of   exercise.
3)    Sedentary  lifestyle
4)    Hereditary  predispositions
Obesity is the disease that predominately occurs in the middle age, but can occur at any age.


Obesity increases the chances of many diseases,
·        Heart diseases
·        Type 2 diabetes
·        Obstructive sleep apnoea
·        Osteoarthritis
·        Breathlessness
·        Gallbladder stones
·        Skin diseases

People   go for various measures to lose weight, they often try dieting and vigorous exercise but what they get is short term results.
On   contrary, there are some natural and herbal weight loss supplements, which helps in reducing weight without any inconvenience   , they are the easy way and can be the part of your regular regime.

 Ayurvedic herbs have their miracle effects on weight loss, herbs mentioned here are combined to make a package called ‘ The Thinner You Pack’ . The combination can be purchased at – ( Indian Site) and ( International Site )



VRIKSHAMAL (Garcinia cambogia)

It is a drug which  helps in reducing the weight , the active ingredients in Vrikshamal is HCA  that is  Hydroxycitric acid  which helps  in suppressing the  appetite ,  while it helps in blocking fat storage.

MUSTAK (Cyperus rotundas)

An ingredient of the powder form of herbal formulation called - Stholyantak Churna. It is commonly called as “nut grass “, it helps in breakdown of lipids and helps to eliminate them from the body. It   also has wound healing properties, and other relevant anti –obesity effects.

KATUKI (Picrorhiza kurrao )

An ingredient of the powder form of herbal formulation called - Stholyantak Churna. It is best known for liver and lung diseases, it helps in blood purification, it is an anti- asthmatic, immune modulator. Its function on the liver is to improvise its metabolic function which helps in reducing the body fat. 


An ingredient of the powder form of herbal formulation called - Stholyantak Churna. Triphala   contains Amla, Haritaki, and Vibhitak . Triphla detoxifies the whole body. It helps in enhancing the functioning of the digestive system. It is   a known colon toner; Triphala acts as a mild laxative and have been shown to reduce cholesterol.


It is a flowering plant also known as Commiphora wightii , it is a shrub  , that is generally found in central Asia , and north-west India.
Guggul contains Guggulsterones, which have lipid lowering properties, it even helps in speeding up the degradation and excretion of cholesterol. Guggul has it effects on thyroid hormones, which helps in reducing weight.


·      3 gms of Triphala powder with honey at bed time three times a day is a well proven  remedy to reduce weight
·         Trikatu ( Sonth , Mirch , Pipali)  powder  1gm with honey after meal twice a day .
·         Guggul with 1tsp ginger juice  and equal amount of honey  three times a day.
·         Aloe vera juice  everyday empty stomach
·         Mint tea or green tea twice daily
·         Plain carrot juice empty stomach
·         Increased amount of ginger and garlic in the meals helps in reducing the weight.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ayurvedic Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis

Ayurvedic Treatment of Ulcerativecolitis

Ulcerative colitis is also termed as INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE which occurs in large intestine. There is basically an ulcer formation that takes place specifically in large intestine. There are other inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease and others but ulcerative colitis mainly affects large Intestine.

Ulcerative colitis is also termed as the inflammation of the lining of large intestine , or the colon.
It is disease in which patient generally suffers with diarrhoea mixed with blood which is scientifically termed as melena.

It is a type of IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) which is why it is sometimes confused with CROHN’S DISEASE but CROHN’S DISEASE can affect the whole intestine whereas ULCERATIVE COLITIS remains constrained to large intestine

The disease is most commonly found in the Northern/Western countries of the world, Western diet and sedentary lifestyle enhance its chances of prevalence. Stress and anxiety also plays an important role in bouts of bloody, explosive stools. There are sometimes 30-40 times a person has to go for evacuation. This not only affects the person physically but also drains him mentally.This disease sometimes can be linked to genes.

Sign and symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis

1)    Diarrhoea  mixed with blood and mucus
2)    There is gradual loss of weight
3)    Anaemia  is present due to loss  of blood along with stools
4)    Abdominal pain (varying degrees )
5)    Painful bowel movements
6)    Fatigue, Weakness, Tiredness
     Sometimes there can be some extra intestinal symptoms (symptoms that occur outside the  intestine) they are as follows :
1)    Ulcers in the mouth often termed as aphthous ulcers
2)    Ankylosing spondylitis
3)    Deep venous  thrombosis
4)    Clubbing (a deformity of feet and fingers )


 ·         Blood Test  :- Haemogram , TLC ,DLC , Platelet Count, ESR and others
 ·         X-RAY (ABDOMEN)- Barium meal exam
 ·         Stool Culture
 ·         Urine Test


Ulcerative Colitis is generally confused with Crohn’s Diseases. This is another type of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.   


Ulcerative Colitis Cure Pack by Planet Ayurveda

Visit our International Site - 
Visit our Indian Site - 

1)    Kutajghan vati – 2 tablets twice daily, 1 hr. After meals
2)    Vatsakadi churna -1  teaspoonful twice daily
3)    Cap. Pitta balance -1 capsule twice daily
4)    Cap. Arjuna- 2 capsules twice daily

KUTAJGHAN VATI ( Made from the tree bark of Halorrhena antidysentrica) 
LATIN NAME: HOLORRHENA Anti- DYSENTRICA  , commonly refeered  to as in english as kurchi bark , conessei bark  , And in hindi it is termed to as  GIRI MALLIKA, SHAK

It  is a tree which is almost  4 to  10 feet tall ,  kutaz is one the best herb that is considered worldwide for  diarrhoea, fermentation going on inside the intestines, acid formation in intestines and frothy, mucus rich, bloody stools.
Kutaz is even prescribed to  a patient  suffering from  T.B  along with diarrhea. It is very effective in treatment of ulcerative colitis and diarrhea of any type.
Kutaz ghan vati promotes  dipan and pachan (Digestive) which cures indigestion. Due to its Kashaya ras ( astringent properties) it is used as an astringent that helps in decreasing the frequency of motions of the patient suffering with diarrhoea
It  contains standardized bark extract of Terminala arjuna tree bark.
LATIN NAME of the Herb  : TERMINALIA  ARJUNA ,  it is commonly called as Arjun or koha
It is a tall tree, it’s bark is most predominately used for making formulations. This herb is used for strengthening the inner lining of the  large intestines which  gets affected in the  ulcerative colitis , Arjuna also has magnificent wound healing properties  and is best prescribed for heart diseases, injuries in the internal lining of arteries, small blood vessels and intestines. It helps to maintain the blood pressure and is cooling in nature. It also helps to stop the bleeding.

 Pitta means fire element. The fire element is disturbed in case of ulcerative colitis. It is very important to restore the balance. This is a classical ayurvedic formulation to restore the balance of the “Pitta” i.e. the fire element.
It contains  cooling substances like Praval Pishti ( Coral calcium), Mukta Pishti ( Pearl calcium) and others like Akik Pishti ( Agate), Kamdudha Ras and Giloy ( the herb- Tinospora cordifolia)

Praval pishti used in this formulation is well known natural Calcium supplement which is used to manage the the pitta and kapha imbalance in body. It also helps in improving immunity.
Mukta pishti  hepls in stopping  diarrohea with bleeding and  is also used  for the treatement of excessive burning sensation. It acts on rakt dosha and pitta dosha ( Bleeding disorders ). Giloy is known as the wonder drug which is helpful in detoxification and also helps in boosting the  immunity.
 It contains ingridents like Kutaz ( Halorrhena antidysentrica), Saunf (foeniculum vulgae ), Bilva (aegle marmelos), choti elachi  ( elletaria cardamomum ), and jaiphal  (mystrica fragnas ). All these herbs are having wound healing, ulcer healing, anti-diarrheal, anti-infective properties. They work together to give excellent results in ulcerative colitis.
Some herbs like saunf and choti elachi  helps in improving appetite and help in digestion of food and gets rid of flatulence. Choti elachi is also used as an antiemetic . Bilva used in  this formulation is   also known as  golden stone apple , and it helps in providing strength to the intestines and rejuvenating . This herb is  considered to be one the  best medicine for patients suffering with gastrointestinal diseases like Ulcerative colitis. The herb Jaiphal used in this formulation is a helpful as a powerful anti-inflammatory and having ulcer healing capabilities.

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